[ROM][FEB 09]L26LEOv4.5|GER|FRE|ITA|NLD|SPA|WWE|21891|Manila 2_5_20113030_0|[ONLINE]

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Nov 22, 2005
Laurentius26_LEOV4.5 Ultimate serie GER, FRE, ITA, NLD, SPA, WWE

OS version 5.2.21891 (21891.5.0.88)
Manila version 2.5.19211619.0
ROM version 1.66.707.1
Radio version
Memory 37% after softreset

The roms are not available anymore, development is discontinued.



The need to knows:

  • Sense 2_5_20113030_0 FULL Landscape supported plus Footprints and Twitter tab (only V4.5 WWE atm)
  • This rom has a mixture of packages from latest T-mob 2.02 rom and HTC 1.61 rom.
  • The Opera I've used is Opera 9.7 Build 35627 as I found it more stable as Opera 10 beta 2
  • WLM is updated to latest version
  • NETCF 2.0 plus 3.5 both are included in rom
The following extra's I've added to optimise user experience:

  • BsBTweak
  • Dotfred's Advanced Taskmanager
  • Capsure (screen capture utility)
  • Enter boot (skinned by InsecureSpike)
  • Softreset button
  • Notepad
  • ET9mywords
  • Keepass (a very handy digital wallet)
  • Autocall record
  • VOIP drivers
  • SIP Config tool
Tweaks applied:

  • A heavy patched XIP for more rom speed
  • Opera with Zoomslider and more tabs
  • HTC Album real closes to save mem
  • Dialerpad no keypress sounds
  • Ezinput no haptic feedback
  • Several camera tweaks
  • Many more I can't remember
Removed apps:

  • Sample music
  • Copilot
  • Bing
  • MS Facebook
The following people I like to give a special thanks:

Adam1890 for the friendship and support,!Aman! thanks for all your help and friendship bro, Ameet my other XDA brother, Anja31 thanks you your kind help, Beasty a very good friend thanks for your help, Bepe thanks for the awsom kitchen and HSPL, Cotulla thanks for HSPL, Chainfire great stuff you are doing man thanks, Dannche thanks for beta testing, Faraz thanks bro for your support, Miro my Slovak brother thanks, Noonski for your help bro thanks, Camro thanks for your tips and solutions, Cerato another Guru and good friend,Cracing also a very good friend, Da_G for the awsom sources and goodies he brings to this community, Epiphany, MasterG and Timmy my webmasters/Gurus and friends, Hmoroni thanks for your support, HorstDCC thank you for your help, JuglerLKR and Jcespi thanks friends for the kitchens you make and support, Mach2003 for the GPSModDriver, Maarten0031 thanks for all your support, Makeveral for BsBTweak, Mskip for the romflash tutorial, Orb3000 a friend I know from HTC Universal forum thanks for your help, Satscan my right hand and very good friend, Spike and Tkalli from Moto Modding US thanks for all your help and the cool stuff Spike creates, Tboy2000 for the tips collection, Xmoo for the tips and friendship, my moderators Remko and X-Layer thanks for your support, Ultravox a very old friend thanks for your support, Bouloama, thanks for your help.

I'm sorry if I forgot someone, please let me know if I did.

Grtz leo :)

The rom is available at Laurentius26.net for registered users.

[FONT=andale mono,times][FONT=andale mono,times][FONT=andale mono,times]No mirrors please, thank you.[/FONT][/FONT][/FONT]
[FONT=andale mono,times][FONT=andale mono,times]

[/FONT][/FONT][FONT=andale mono,times][FONT=andale mono,times][/FONT][/FONT]Do you like the rom and appreciate the time I'm spending creating it for you, here's a oppertunity to give me something back.

(If you decide to donate please pm me your nickname so I can add your nickname to the thank you list at Laurentius26.net.)

Thank you very much! :)

[FONT=&quot]>> Intro[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]>> Applications and updates[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]>> Beta Team
>> CAB Collection
>> Benchmark results
>> Romflash instruction
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Nov 22, 2005
Februari 2010 HD2 Leo beta team members in alphabetic order:

  • Adam1890
  • Asci
  • Bouloama
  • Cerato
  • Zaharakis
  • Hmoroni
  • LoveIsMe
  • Maarten0031
  • Satscan
  • Savagemari
  • Spike
  • Tkalli
  • Xmoo

Together we have achieved yet another kick ass rom, fast and stable with minimal bugs!

Thank you all for your awsome support, testing, suggestion's and patience!

How do you become a beta team member:

If I like your post and you help frequently with resolving bugs or have usefull tips here at the website I will ask you if you
are interested in joining the beta team. You can try to pm me with a request, but I can't promise that I will reply to
all the requests...Thank you for your understanding!

Beta team rules:

  • From a beta team member I expect that he helps me frequently, so I can trace bugs fast and fix them
  • People that only download the rom and don't help me, I will contact and replace with someone else
  • I like to keep the beta team at 10 members maximum, otherwise it will be too much work for me
  • Everything discussed in the hidden section for beta team members you promise to keep secret from the public
[FONT=&quot]>> Intro[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]>> Applications and updates
>> Beta Team
>> CAB Collection
>> Benchmark results
>> Romflash instruction
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Nov 22, 2005
Romflash instruction:

In order to flash this rom you need to flash HSPL or use SSPL.

More info you can find at the following locations:

>> Tutorial, flashing your first rom, thanks to Mskip

>> The complete HSPL Video Guide, thanks to

>> HSPL, thanks to Bepe and Cotulla

>> Graphical FAQ for HSPL, thanks to Rzasharp

This rom is tested many times and I take no reponsibility incase something goes wrong with your device.

[FONT=&quot]>> Intro[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]>> Applications and updates
>> Beta Team
>> CAB Collection
>> Benchmark results
>> Romflash instruction
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May 20, 2007
Great to see its live! This rom is amazing and fast!.. Look at the benchmarks!

Thanks Leo.. big ups and hopefully you will get your repaired device asap :D
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