[ROM][FINAL][7.0]UlTiMaTe NouGaT S8+ Full Port V3.1 [G920/5-F/I/T/W8/S/K/L][ARC1]

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Aug 5, 2019
nope switch to aosp touchwiz is dead for s6

Why no update, everybody knows that to be on TW EnzenSun kinda tweaks the sound, Not to mention the S6 is the only device given to the world for what those guys in the back that have those brains have been using for the last 10 years ahead haha... I just laugh... Enzensun2002 Rom is the best Rom on the S6! :laugh::laugh::laugh:


Sep 13, 2019
you need to add your own csc

Flashed your [20190624][STABLE]Ultimate+Nougat+v5.1 ROM just yet on my G925F. The random reboots that I wanted to get rid of are still there.

I found something strange when checking the CSC by means *#1234#. In my case it is N920COJV4CRB3 which is a bit of a surprise to see on a G925F. I found your remark about adding my own CSC. Is that connected?

How do I proceed?



New member
Jul 24, 2010
The only ROM that works best all-round on my Galaxy S6

Thank you so much for this ROM. I have tried a lot of other ROMs, this is the only ROM that doesn't drain my battery over night in addition to extreme stability. Goes to Deep Sleep fast and consistently. Awesome!


New member
Mar 13, 2021
hello om from iran in 4g doesnt work for me and i have g920fd
i must flash my own csc? can you give me instrouction? or give iran csc file to flash via twrp?


Jun 9, 2018
Buenos aires
very good rom, after a few months of use today it did something VERY strange to me, (the phone randomly hangs, and turns off or restarts but it happens every day for a while, that's another issue), hyo happened to me that it hung and when it suddenly restarts, the desktop of the cell phone is clean, like it was reset, it does not let me open any application, they all give the same error, I can't see what error because everything closes very quickly ...

Sry for my english, i use google translate :p


Jun 9, 2018
Buenos aires
I think I broke my s6 g920s. I flashed 4 times this ROM because I had a WiFi problem. ( wifi goes off when screen off, even the setting is set to always) yesterday I flashed noble note 8 port. the same thing happened. so I thought to go back stock. shocked the problem still there. using this phone since August but never faced this problem. so the stock ROM doesn't fix the problem. I'm on this ROM again with aldeon kernel.

wifi goes off like 30mins after the screen off.

WiFi is so important to me please someone help me out
i have the same problem, could you solve it?

Ab rox

Senior Member
Jun 25, 2017
guys please help me
it is not about the rom but i found nothing on whole internet so that is why i am posting here i bought s6 g920f recently but it has a strange isssue with mobile network sim card works ok but when i connect mobile data or make a call it just the whole service


New member
Jun 9, 2021
How can I change the csc code? I want to change "XXV" to "TUR" to use voLTE


Oct 23, 2018
Samsung Galaxy S6
I have a problem with the calling app. Sometimes I call someone and it's calling but I can't hear the calling voice. If the person I call answers I can't hear that too. It was worse before. I turned off the edge lightning and it's a bit better but still bothers me.

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    [COLOR="DarkOrange"][SIZE="3"]* This ROM is made for Only S6 and S6 Edge!
    * Flash it at your own Risk!
    * Your warranty is VOID Knox flags 0x1
    * I'm not responsible for damage to Any dead equipment or loss of warranty![/SIZE][/COLOR]


    Based on official Samsung Galaxy S8+ Nougat Firmware with February Security Patch ARC1
    Busybox by @osm0sis
    İnsane Smoothness
    Great Gaming Performance
    Good Battery Life
    Highly debloated
    Mobile Data In Power Menu
    5 Way Reboot Menu
    Outdoor Mode In Settings
    Touchkey Light Duration
    Fingerprint After Reboot
    Face Unlock
    Quick Face Unlock Support Thanks @Grouxho for this great mod
    Spam Proctection For Calls (Smart Call Provider)
    Floating Messages
    Dual Messenger
    Fast bootanimation
    Screen recorder enabled in notification panel
    Aroma İnstaller Support
    Supersu And Magisk İn Aroma
    Debloat Options İn Aroma
    1120+ Font And Light Font Package Selections
    More Than 5 Emoji Option Available İn Aroma

    Bixby Voice FC (Don't install Bixby in aroma till i find some fix)

    How To İnstall ?
    1. Flash Rom
    2. Reboot Your Device And Enjoy Rom

    Download Links

    User Support
    Ultimate Nougat Telegram Group

    Kernel Source


    @Noxxxious For Kernel
    @ananjaser1211 for helping me always
    @AlexisXDA For Sound Mod and For His Helps
    @thereassaad For Wallpaper Zooming Issue Fix
    @Grouxho For Quick Face Unlock
    @osm0sis For Busybox
    @ridwan.sn For His Great Ideas And Helps
    @Winb33 For 1120+ Font Package
    @Daniiiik49 For Aroma Theme
    @AntonioMartitos for helping me always
    @bunty_parona for his helps
    @enesuzun2002 me for rom
    Universal Team
    V3.1 Online

    Fully Rebased Rom Again With Same Features
    Fixed Dual Apps Port (Should fix freezes)
    Fully Ported Private Mode @zain.ahmed for tutorial
    Improved Smoothness
    Fixed Freezes thanks @palaych
    Fixed Freezes and Reboots
    Fixed GameTools (Works With Both Navigation Bar And Without Navigation Bar)
    Added S9 Wallpapers thanks @ananjaser1211
    Fixed Strange android has force stopped error
    Fixed Video Call FC
    Cleaned Up CSC Mods
    Added Reboot To Recovery Mod thanks @ridwan.sn for new cool icon

    Download Link

    Ultimate Nougat S8+ Port V3.1
    V2.0 Online

    Updated All Stock Kernels To September Base
    Added Aldeon Kernel 3.4 For All Model @minealex2244
    Fixed Bixby (Not Recommended With Aldeon Kernel)
    Added Secure Folder To Aroma (Not Recommended With Aldeon Kernel)
    Added Busybox by @osmosis
    Added GearVR Support
    Fixed Bluetooth Fully
    Added My Own Csc Files
    Added MID Csc (just stock csc no mods)
    Added INS Csc (just stock csc no mods)
    Removed Some Useless Stuff
    Fixed Volte For Csc That Supports
    Added Supersu And Magisk To Aroma
    Added Some Fixes For Camera
    Fixed Keyboard Language Downloading
    Added Note 8 Apps
    Note 8 Gallery
    Note 8 Keyboard
    Note 8 Live Drawing
    Note 8 İncallUI
    Note 8 Sounds
    Note 8 Fingerprint Service
    Note 8 Messages

    Download Link

    Ultimate Nougat S8+ Full PORT V2
    V3.0 Online

    Rebased Rom To S8+ Latest Firmware With February Security Patch ARC1
    Switched to NOG33K POS44 Kernel thanks @Noxxxious for giving me permission to use his kernel
    Removed Aldeon Kernels
    Fully Support For Bixby
    Secure Folder Now Works Without Any FC
    Fixed Notification Count İssue
    Full Support For Dual App
    Updated Magisk To Stable V16.3
    Fixed Wallpaper Zooming Issue Thanks @thereassaad
    Battery Life Improved A Lot
    Game Black Screen Issue Fixed
    Added Quick Face Unlock thanks @Grouxho
    Added GrxTouchWiz v8 Mod In Aroma thanks @josete_1976
    Alexis Surround Sound Mod In Aroma thanks @AlexisXDA
    Removed Multi User
    Redesigned Aroma Options
    Updated Busybox to 1.27.2 by @osm0sis
    Added Material Green Theme To Aroma @Daniiiik49
    Updated Full Font Package 1120+ Fonts @Winb33
    Added My Own Logo In Settings
    Updated Apps
    SystemUI Has New Grid Options
    Fixed Navigation Bar (Now Selectable In Aroma)
    S8+ Camera 1080p60 Fps Videos Fixed
    S6 Camera And S8+ Camera Both Selectable In Aroma
    Thanks @ridwan.sn For His Great Ideas

    Download Link

    Ultimate Nougat S8+ Port V3.0
    reserved upload gives errors sorry