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[ROM][Final][v3.2][Desire Z] BeatMod BlissSense Hybrid | Sense 3.5 | 2.3.5

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Jan 10, 2011
Los Angeles

How come i only have 70mb free from flash with no additional apps installed? It seems to be slowing down my hone considerably. Is there anyway to solve this issue. I already have swap enabled. Also, if there a way to delete the FB and other apps that comes with the ROM? thx in advance.


Senior Member
Sep 2, 2008
Running the final build of this rom, with no swap...and WOW is all that I can say! I never thought that a Sense 3.5 rom could run so smooth with no swap! Good show Sir, good show!


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Dec 6, 2009
alarm sound problem

Great rom!!.. just one little problem.. cant change alarm sound! ;/ not a big deal but someone hav a way to fix this?


Senior Member
Dec 6, 2009
Yep, i know where.. i got a full wiped install.. but still the same.. cant change alarm sound, i actually can change, but comes back to the default
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    G2 users must change to the DZ hboot

    Thank you for over 30.000 downloads of BeatMod BlissSense Hybrid

    << New Support Thread is online. Please have a look in it before posting and and here you can find the link to my Homepage >>

    Hey Guys
    BeatMod is created from me since i got a HTC Magic. I had there some project like the first Honeycomb port and some stable builds. This is a rom port of a HTC Bliss wwe leak. All Bug reports are welcome, just post it in the thread. Yeah that'll do. The ROM is a work in progress, so it wouldn't hurt if the thread get some touch ups here and there too. I have to put a huge thanks to capychimp, virtuous, evo4g team and sbryan who allways help out and give tips. This port is my biggest from now and thank you for all your nice posts :) It took me over 100 hours work to get it like that (v3.1) If you want to donate you can do it, i will safe it for a paid homepage or a new dev phone ;) .

    << Thanks todk2000zx >>

    • In First post you find a Hybrid version of bliss and runny
    • In Second post you find all mods and adds for that rom

    • Based on the latest europe release with crosst framework from runny
    • Cleaned up
    • BeatMod Tweaks
    • Speed tweaks
    • Ext4 Support
    • Rooted
    • Busybox
    • Fully Ad-Free
    • Spareparts
    • Fully Zipaligned
    • Deodexed
    • Dr.Dre Beats
    • Beatmod Bootanimation
    • Removed unless things
    • Multilanguages
    • OC Daemon
    • Added some apps
    • Good Support ^_^

    Known issuse:
    • You Tell me :)

    Questions and Answers:

    Q: I come from a other rom do i have to wipe ?
    A: Yes you always have to wipe. I also recommend to wipe before you flash a update.

    Q: I am having troubles with this rom but i cant find someone who have this problem too.
    A: Make a full ext4 wipe and see if it is solved - otherwise post it in the thread.

    Q: I am having troubles with my wifi - i cant find my router.
    A: Set your SSID router configuration to visible

    Q: My pc doesn't find my sdcard when i enable it in the rom.
    A: When you are using swapper you have to disalbe it first.

    • Download Rom
    • Make a Full Ext4 Wipe
    • Flash the rom
    • Reboot
    • For best performance use swap
    • Have fun with BeatMod BlissSense


    BeatMod BlissSense Hybrid All Versions
    (Please remember to hit the "Thanks" button if you download the ROM)


    [U]Changelog v3.2:[/U]
    -Superuser fix
    -Wifi fix for all devices (should reconnect now all the time)
    -New sensation xl widget
    -System apps update
    -Market update
    -Rommanager update
    -keylight fix
    [U]Changelog v3.1:[/U]
    -small mms picture fix
    -remove swapper app
    -mt4g signal fix
    -rar wifi signal fix
    -720p playpack fix
    -changed to supersmooth rosie
    [U]Version 3.0:[/U]
    -camera effect fix
    -trackpad fix
    -720p playback fix
    -added the last missing widgets and apps
    -ultra smooth rosie
    -navigation fix 
    -updated to a new runny framework
    -updated all apps 
    -big cleaning up (about 40 mb smaller)
    -kernel update for all devices to Unity v10 (thanks to virtuous)
    -random reboots fix
    -fastest and stablest version ever

    • David Pina (xda name unkown)
    • Markus Schweizer (xda name unkown)
    • Unkown
    • packman
    • maddog497

    • Major thanks to Capychimp
    • Virtuous (spezial thanks to chrisch)
    • Romanbb
    • sbryan
    • Evo 4G Team
    • Samuel
    • HTC
    • goapk
    • And allways the main developers here :) (capychimp, mike1986, virtuous etc)

    If you like my work:
    • Hit the Thanks Button and
    • Rate this Thread or
    • Donate Me a Beer
    Hi @all

    here is TrackPad-Wake for new v3.0
    the best rom with sense 3.5!absolutely! one only thing: INSERT THE TRACKPAD WAKE plz :)


    i have a little played around with the libui.so and
    an operating Trackpad-wake for this rom (v2.0)
    has arisen now.

    Just flash via Recovery.
    New version 2.0 is online. Full wipe needed


    -google search fix
    -updated base to latest europe ruu release
    -fully deodex new base
    -android 2.3.5
    -added more lockscreen styles
    -updated keyboard (without arrows)
    -weather live wallpaper fix
    -weather app fix
    -removed daemon script
    -added andrev_oc script
    -zipaligned some apps
    -ffc fix glacier
    -saga music fix
    -added transfare app
    -htc watch update
    -fastest version for now :)