[ROM-FroYo AOSP+CyanogenMod] DeFroST 6.1a 12/12: HAVS/FM/MODS/OTA

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Feb 1, 2010
What's in the package:

Froyo AOSP FRG83 & CyanogenMod Framework/Packages
Kernel 2.6.35 OCUV (Big thanks to Kali- and deovferreira)
CFQ scheduler

  • OTA update/mod/kernel flash tool (DeFroST Setup)
  • WiFi(802.11n too!)
  • Portable hotspot (wifi tether)
  • Bluetooth
  • Camera (Video recording 720p)
  • Lockscreen Music Control
  • Trackball wake/unlock
  • Status Bar configurable
  • Apps2SD (Google + A2SD+)
  • Headset button
  • Latest Google Apps
  • Titanium Backup
  • Superuser
  • Gallery3D (highres Gallery3D optional)

Credits and Thanks go to:

Kali- (2.6.34/5 kernel)
deovferreira (2.6.34/5 kernel)
CyanogenMod Team (Framework/Mods)
Cyanogen (kernel patches/720p)
ChainsDD (Superuser.apk)
IntersectRaven (HAVS)
Psy-Blade (Bug Tracker)
Judison (DeFroST Setup)
rveupen (For hosting)
l1nuxfre4k (For hosting)
All People that donated

BUG Tracker: Click Here

Before posting any question please read the: FAQ (credits go to ajanu and martinlong78)

linpack score: 42+ (if using setcpu.txt on sdcard)

Do a factory reset before you install.


Wipe before installing Full Rom !

Use new radio if you want a working camera :):



Or this one:

Full Rom:

DeFroST 6.1a FRG83 + CyanogenMod Full Rom (SVS max [email protected] locked 245-998) (thanks to rveupen)

backup link 1:
DeFroST 6.1a FRG83 + CyanogenMod Full Rom (SVS max [email protected] locked 245-998)

DeFroST 6.1 Apps Addon

All kernel updates (undervolt/overclock) and mods are downloadable with DeFroST Setup (made by judison)

Version history:

Version 6.1a (reuploaded):

  • *fixed flashlight
  • *New Market (flashable)
  • *New Youtube
  • *New Gmail
  • *couple of cyanogenmod fixes (camera)
  • *new base kernel 6.1se svs 1113 CFS (reuploaded all flashable kernels + new nosleep wifi module)

Kernel 6.1 (flash with defrost setup):

latest fixes:
  • Revert "futex: Restore one of the fast paths eliminated by 38d47c1b7075bd7ec3881141bb3629da58f88dab"
  • Revert "net: wireless: bcm4329: Enable KEEP_ALIVE feature"
  • Revert "mm: page allocator: calculate a better estimate of NR_FREE_PAGES when memory is low and kswapd is awake"
  • net: wireless: bcm4329: Add CONFIG_FIRST_SCAN option
  • net: wireless: bcm4329: Fix memory leak in case of dhd_bus_init() failure
  • usb: gadget: Fixed Android gadget function discovery & product matching
  • usb: gadget: Multiple ACM gadget instances
  • net: wireless: bcm4329: Fix memory leak in case of dhd_bus_init() failure
  • sched: Drop all load weight manipulation for RT tasks
  • Add smartass governor
  • cpufreq interactive governor save/restore IRQs around cpumask spinlocks
  • fuse: fix attributes after open(O_TRUNC)
  • net: wireless: bcm4329: Fix driver 'start' retry ability
  • net: wireless: bcm4329: Fix watchdog syncronization during start/stop
  • bravo(c): mahimahi: cleanup after ATAG read consolidation
  • bravo: bravoc: implement perflock
  • bravo: bravoc: audio: Fix gain range for audio devices
  • n1: desire: lcd tearing fix

Version 6.1:

  • *Kernel changed to 6.0c again (no drain please).
  • *Launcher Pro 3D drawer working again.
  • *Update GenieWidget
  • *CyanogenMod 6.1
  • *New wallpapers from Prash (flash apps addon)
  • *camera: Use "classic" autofocus mode by default.
  • *Make sure overscroll isn't applied in views it shouldn't be
  • *Add setting to hide notification pulldown after clicking a power widget button
  • *Add state storage for Torch
  • *Clean up torch code, make it consistent with other torch widget
  • *FM: Handle audio focus gain correctly
  • *FM: Disable radio on AUDIOFOCUS_LOSS

Version 6.0k:

  • Changed base kernel to BFS (complete rebase)
  • CyanogenMod fixes:
  • *Lockscreen gestures color setting
  • *Camera:CAF Continuous Autofocus
  • *Gallery3D: Add depth component to icon animation
  • *Fix HTTP redirect for 303 and 307
  • *audioflinger: Nasty hack for adjusting BCM FM volume
  • *Desk Clock can launch a user-specified application
  • *Bluetooth : Add a Android service to register FTP as a profile in SDP database
  • *Optimize MediaThumbRequest RAM usage
  • *Fix broken logic in SettingsProvider.parseProviderList.
  • *GPS: Fix return value of native_inject_xtra_data
  • *Add Torch app handler to lockscreen gestures
  • *Add flashlight button to gesture creation screen

Kernel changes 6.0m:

Complete rebase (most important changes):
  • *bravo: bravoc: audio: Fix gain range for audio devices
  • *lcd tearing fix (Kali-)
  • *New 'interactive' governor
  • *zen tunings thanks to IntersecRaven (http://zen-kernel.org/)

Complete Changelog: changelog.txt

Kernel used: http://github.com/richardtrip/cm-kernel (Credits go to Kali-, deovferreira)

As of version 3.0 DeFroST is based on AOSP + CyanogenMod changes 100% compiled from source. We need that for the 720p camera, MusicMod, , DFParts (cmparts of course) and other stuff.
You can find the vendor/device and modified cmpart files at my github: http://github.com/richardtrip/


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Feb 1, 2010
Credits for next guide go to: martinlong78 and ajanu

If you don't see your question here, search the thread. There is a handy drop down menu, or you can use this link. http://forum.xda-developers.com/sear...hreadid=690477

  1. Do I need to have the recomended radio?
    Richard recomends the latest radio for which he has included the RIL(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radio_Interface_Layer). Most radios will work, which radio is best for you requires testing each one.
  2. Where can I get old versions of Defrost?
    Everything you need should be here: http://xda.b42.nl/richardtrip/ Note that from here you can download files that may not be compatible with your ROM version.
  3. How do I fix my flash and or market issues?
    Clearing the cache is the first step for market or other app issues. Settings->manage applications->Download manager for market, the app in question for other apps. If you still have market issues, check that the market is actually available in your country right now, sometimes it goes down. If you have flash problems, uninstall and then re-install from the market. This should solve all of your problems.
  4. Why is my battery draining so fast?
    Signal strength and data usage play a big part in battery life. If you are constantly switching from 3G to Hspa+ or 2G, or your losing cell signal often, this wil drain your battery faster. Often big battery drain is due to an app not working as you expect. Either it is running all the time, tying up the processer, or it is accessing data frequently or constantly. The rom itself is not likely to be the problem. Note that the battery often needs to be recalibrated after a full wipe.
  5. What is the difference Between HAVS and SVS?
    HAVS changes the voltages used for each frequency, SVS has fixed voltages. HAVS should give better battery life, SVS should be more stable. Using lower voltages or higher frequencies can make your phone unstable, flash with caution.
  6. Do I need setCPU?
    If you want to overclock or use a govener other than ondemand, then yes you need it. If not, you don't. No SetCPU means no overclocking, regardless of the kernel flashed.
  7. Do I need to wipe?
    If you are having no problems with Defrost and are updating to the current version, no you don't need to wipe. If you are coming from another AOSP ROM, you may need to wipe. If you are coming from a Sense ROM, or from any 2.1 ROM, you need to wipe.
  8. Why am I getting force closes/why are my settings weird?
    Did you restore settings from Titanium Backup? This causes all kinds of strange issues sometimes, especialy if coming from another ROM. Wipe, don't restore settings just apps, see if the problem goes away.
  9. Can I get X that I had on a sense rom?
    You can get the keyboard, long press a text box and chose the HTC keyboard. You can use the FM radio, select the app. All other HTC apps and widgets are tied together and can not be installed individually.
  10. Can I use an old theme on the newest version?
    Generaly no. The framework has changes almost every version, flashing the wrong framework will cause a bootloop.
  11. Why doesn't the camera work?
    You need a new radio (made for 2.2) for the camera to work.
  12. Why do I have 2 battery percentage #s?
    You need to turn off the battery percentage in cyanogen settings, user interface.
  13. What Kernel do I have?
    If you have not flashed a new kernel, you have SVS 1113. If you did, you have what you flashed.
  14. Why does launcher Pro lag?
    Some people say you need a 32mb heap size. This is in performace settings of cyanogen settings. Others say they have no lag after wiping launcher Pro and setting up again. Others say 24mb heap works best. Still others say Live Wallpapers slow them down.
  15. How do I get rid of system apps I don't want?
    The easiest way is to use a file manager to explore the rom.zip file, and just deleate the files you don't want. They will be in system/app or data/app. Do not extract the zip, you will need to re-sign it when zipping if you do.
  16. I tried to change my autobrightness settings but they are not sticking. Why?
    Change the # of levels to 5 then save. Now you should be able to change levels and values as you wish.
  17. Why does 3G or MMS not work?
    You probably have bad or missing APN settings. Google APN settings for your carrier and make sure they are correct.
  18. Circle Battery mod is not in Defrost Setup, how do I get it?
    Visit the online kitchen. http://circle.glx.nl/
  19. Can I use modified system partitions since I have S-OFF?
    Yes this rom works fine with S-OFF and modified partition tables, though if you have issues it is recomended to revert to stock to be sure the patitions are not the problem.

SetCPU - Battery life

If you are experiencing battery live issues, then you should probably set up SetCPU.

1. Find SetCPU in your programs.
2. If you are asked to choose a device, choose the bottom item "Custom Frequencies..."
3. You may be asked for root access. You should allow this.
4. Tick "Auto-refresh" and "Set on Boot" and ensure CPI Governor is set to "ondemand"
5. No profiles are needed. I'd say you need a good understanding of how processes and threads work, and what the impact is to do any use here... and if that's you, then you won't be reading this guide.
6. Confirm your settings against the image (attached).

APPS2SD - Install apps on your SD card.

First of all... this is not APPS2SD. It is a new feature build into FroYo. Secondly, yes, it does work... just it hasn't been enabled in many apps yet by the developers (see the background posted below).

Some background

The Android platform now allows applications to request installation onto the device's external storage media (such as the SD card), as an alternative to installation onto the device's internal memory.

Application developers can express the preferred installation location for their applications by means of a new attribute of <manifest> in the manifest file, android:installLocation. The attribute supports three values: "internalOnly", "preferExternal", and "auto". At install time, the system checks the value of android:installLocation and installs the application .apk according to the preferred location, if possible. If the application has requested external installation, the system installs it into a private, encrypted partition in the external media. Once an application .apk is installed externally, the system lets the user change the storage location of the .apk and move it onto the device's internal memory if needed (and vice versa), through Manage Applications in the user settings.

By default, the system installs all applications onto the device's internal memory, except for those that explicitly request external installation. This means that the system will always install legacy applications onto internal memory, since they do not have access to the android:installLocation attribute. However, it is possible to configure and compile a legacy application such that it is installed internally on older versions of the platform and externally on Android 2.2 and later platforms, if necessary.

Note that requesting installation onto the device's external media is not suitable for all applications, particularly because the external media may be removable and unmounting/remounting may disrupt the user experience and system settings.

For more information about setting a preferred install location for your application, including a discussion of what types of applications should and should not request external installation, please read the App Install Location document.
Note: By default, your application will be installed on the internal storage and cannot be installed on the external storage unless the developer defines this attribute to be either "auto" or "preferExternal".

Install ALL apps to SD

However, it is possibly to force everything to be installed on external SD.

There is a Util DeFroST Setup where you can set the preferred attribute to External to install the apps to SDCARD (already installed apps you have to move by hand).



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Nov 5, 2007

I Love you both (ahmgsk + richard)

You forgott the DL-Link xD
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Dec 25, 2008
Can we use the rooting guide method for flash it, just replacing the desireupdate.zip by yours ?


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May 7, 2009
put SD in a usb adapter
get all ur stuff off it with linux (apps)
format it to FAT
put the .zip on it
get the ashgsk_mod recovery
use recovery-xxx.sh as u do befor
flash the rom
get the apps to sd fix for all apps to SD
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    Version 6.1a:
    • *New Market
    • *New Youtube
    • *New Gmail
    • *couple of cyanogenmod fixes (camera)
    • *new base kernel 6.1se svs 1113 CFS (reuploaded all flashable kernels + new nosleep wifi module)
    Richardtrip can you confirm if you are working on bringing 2.3 to defrost?

    Sent from my HTC Desire using XDA App

    If CyanogenMod updates to gingerbread i'll update defrost. Currently we have an almost working aosp version but with a graphic bug. We have to wait for an updated proprietary lib from htc (nexus n1 ota maybe).
    Hi Richard.

    Does this mean that we should expect an Gingerbread Defrost!? Or those of us that want to switch should go for Ginger Villain!?

    Thanks for your work.

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    There will be a gingerbread defrost.

    Version 6.1a (reuploaded):

    • *fixed flashlight
    • *New Market (flashable)
    • *New Youtube
    • *New Gmail
    • *couple of cyanogenmod fixes (camera)
    • *new base kernel 6.1se svs 1113 CFS (reuploaded all flashable kernels + new nosleep wifi module)
    Power drain is still horrible. From all my tools, it still shows "SYSTEM" as most draining.

    Now can anyone answer this, is it possible that one app I have open is using a "SYSTEM" component while sleeping so it shows up as "SYSTEM" in partial wake rather than the actual app? If this is the case, it'll be impossible to figure out.

    I did manage to pull up what "SYSTEM" includes, can anyone tell me if they know any of these components could be the cause of my 4-5% drain while sleep?

    Account and Sync settings
    Android system
    Defrost settings
    Google backup Transport
    HTC Radio Info
    Network Location
    Settings Storage
    VPN Services

    can you provide this info:
    adb shell
    dumpsys batteryinfo > /sdcard/batteryinfo.txt

    and post the batteryinfo.txt? (as an attachment please :))