[ROM-FROYO AOSP] OpenDesire v3.6.1 (720P | SVS KERNEL | 1305mhz) (26/08)

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Jun 14, 2007
About OpenDesire
OpenDesire was made with made purely for the HTC Desire and is compiled from a variety of public repositories, OpenDesire is NOT a port of any HTC ROM, it is compiled from source purely with the exception of the Google Apps for which the source code is not publicised.

OpenDesire was built with stability and reliability in mind and therefore does not contain any additional applications. Since version 3.x some community maintained repositories from CyanogenMod have been included in the release.

You MUST have your Desire rooted in order to use this ROM, I like to try and help all users but I will not be expanding further on this. (use search if you really need help)

  • Built 100% from source (with the exception of Google Apps)
  • 2.6.34.x kernel
  • Google Apps
  • Superuser by ChainsDD
  • Legacy A2SD with Cache2SD
  • Busybox
  • 720p camcorder support
  • FLAC / WMA / WMV media support
  • Deodexed & Zipaligned
  • many more mods/tweaks & hacks

  • See 2nd post.

  • Ensure you have a custom recovery image installed
  • Download the zip file from the link below and copy it to your SD card
  • Restart your device in recovery mode
  • Select the option to apply an update zip, and select the zip file you copied to your memory card

OpenDesire v3.6.0

OpenDesire v3.6.1 patch (wont install if you dont have v3.6.0)

!!!make sure you have a 5.x radio installed or the camera will not work!!!

No wipe is explicitly required in order to use this ROM, however if you do encounter issues of any kind, it is recommended that you wipe your device and reproduce the issue before raising it here.

  • dnlgee (testing new releases, finding bugs)
  • defer (kernel work)
  • st0kes (getting me interested in community android roms)
  • CyanogenMod Team (packages and contributions)


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Jun 14, 2007
3.6.1 patch
removed chrome2phone
updated proprietary libs

Updated apps/framework/kernel

Removed Facebook/Twitter (both can be downloaded from the market)

Reverted OC to 1305mhz (most phones can handle this and I would rather concentrate on making the rom more stable than just trying for performance gains)

(NOTE: for those that tried the pre-release that was available, I listened to everyones comments and removed all additions, OD is back to stock and 100% source compiled and will remain this way.)

(NOTE 2: OpenDesire/DeFroST use the CyanogenMod community framework base. OD/DF/CM roms are all individual and are completely different, OD is a minimalist ROM and as close to a stock bare base as possible.)

To save everyone from another lame flame war I'm not listing fixes/updates for 3.6 due to claims of ownership, Android is licensed under the Apache license and is opensource and nobody owns anything in my opinion, below is a quote from the Apache License wikipedia page, interpret it however you wish.

"Like any free software license, the Apache License allows the user of the software the freedom to use the software for any purpose, to distribute it, to modify it, and to distribute modified versions of the software, under the terms of the license."
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Jun 21, 2010
Very nice work. I do still have white noise on the receiving end though, no echo as far as I can tell. Any way you can dial down the mic's gain?


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Jun 29, 2004
Maia City
Waiting for superuser to try...

I hope my bluetooth problems with froyo are solved with this version.

Keep the good work!

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    not bad with all the apps i have running :)
    the idea of this rom is to be stock, standard and clean android. not to have hacks because people like the look of other elements.

    does not contain any user modifications/themes/bloatware
    GPS works fine for me (in GNav and Maps), and I don't use FB
    Hey all,

    Just tried this ROM and I reckon its the best yet. Just wanted to know though, are people noticing reduced battery life? After a days use I'm not quite sure, but it seemed it might have gone down a bit quick.

    Either way I think I'm sticking with this ROM, beautiful work!

    I did notice a drop in battery live. With a previous release I had about 1% per 2 hour drop, now I have just over 1% per hour. Same config as before. Although it might as well be some program running in the background using to much power.

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    How to set Autobrightness

    Since some folks requested it, I thought I'd explain what I did:

    The autobrightness settings are under Settings->OpenDesire Settings->User Interface->Automatic Backlight.

    "Light sensor filter" -> Disabled
    Under "Light levels":
    -> Use custom -> Enabled
    -> Screen dim level -> Set to 10
    -> Allow light decrease -> Enabled

    Now for the fun part, the settings under "Edit other levels...":

    (see attachment)

    At the top of that screen is the light level currently being reported by the sensor (the raw one). The light sensor is at the top of the screen underneath the black bezel, just to the left of the HTC logo. Move you hand over it to make the light change and see what readings you get. With my phone, my sensor reports only 7 discreet values. Those values (for me) are 10, 225, 320, 640, 1280, 2600 and 10240.

    So I set the number of levels to 7 and used those values as the "Lower" boundaries. Next, I set the screen brightness I want for each of those levels. I used increments of roughly 45 to give fairly even steps. Notice also that I set "buttons" to 0 for all levels so that the key backlight is always off.

    That's it, in a nutshell.