[ROM-FROYO AOSP] OpenDesire v3.6.1 (720P | SVS KERNEL | 1305mhz) (26/08)

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Apr 15, 2009
1st of all... thx for great ROM's. They run super, and the HD video recording is among the greatest, as far as between which I've tried.

I have 2 minor problems though, but I guess it is me who is doing something wrong, cause it was an issue in 3.6.x for me too

I realise you have removed facebook, so obviously I won't get it to sync contacts, then I try installing facebook for android via market, but it says the file isn't probably signed, so it wont install. What to do? :confused:

2nd - when I fake provider with marketenabler to get access to paid apps, my market totally f's up. Won't install anything, and is just hanging by "downloading..." and never gets any further, when I try to restore settings, it is still the same, but I can see all previously installed apps are downloaded and installed from market, before I use market enabler. Is there a new version of market enabler? I used it for a long time, and don't have any problems with other ROM's

I would really like to continue using OD, as it is the most stable and fastest ROM I've tried


Sorry for the long post


Removing vibrate feedback from lockscreen

Ok, now I have tried to look for an answer, but without any luck..
I want to get rid of the vibrate feedback from the lockscreen - would any of you be so kind and tell me if I am able doing so and if: how?

Best regards
from Denmark
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    not bad with all the apps i have running :)
    the idea of this rom is to be stock, standard and clean android. not to have hacks because people like the look of other elements.

    does not contain any user modifications/themes/bloatware
    GPS works fine for me (in GNav and Maps), and I don't use FB
    Hey all,

    Just tried this ROM and I reckon its the best yet. Just wanted to know though, are people noticing reduced battery life? After a days use I'm not quite sure, but it seemed it might have gone down a bit quick.

    Either way I think I'm sticking with this ROM, beautiful work!

    I did notice a drop in battery live. With a previous release I had about 1% per 2 hour drop, now I have just over 1% per hour. Same config as before. Although it might as well be some program running in the background using to much power.

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    How to set Autobrightness

    Since some folks requested it, I thought I'd explain what I did:

    The autobrightness settings are under Settings->OpenDesire Settings->User Interface->Automatic Backlight.

    "Light sensor filter" -> Disabled
    Under "Light levels":
    -> Use custom -> Enabled
    -> Screen dim level -> Set to 10
    -> Allow light decrease -> Enabled

    Now for the fun part, the settings under "Edit other levels...":

    (see attachment)

    At the top of that screen is the light level currently being reported by the sensor (the raw one). The light sensor is at the top of the screen underneath the black bezel, just to the left of the HTC logo. Move you hand over it to make the light change and see what readings you get. With my phone, my sensor reports only 7 discreet values. Those values (for me) are 10, 225, 320, 640, 1280, 2600 and 10240.

    So I set the number of levels to 7 and used those values as the "Lower" boundaries. Next, I set the screen brightness I want for each of those levels. I used increments of roughly 45 to give fairly even steps. Notice also that I set "buttons" to 0 for all levels so that the key backlight is always off.

    That's it, in a nutshell.