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[ROM][FROYO SENSE EXPRESSO] J("a)so.nExo Rom v0.22 *BLUE update + minor FIX* [20/07]

You guys wish the next build (button, etc..) on BLUE or current default Green Theme??

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Sep 12, 2008
Buangkok Green
[ROM][FROYO SENSE EXPRESSO] J("a)so.nExo Rom v0.22 *BLUE update + minor FIX* [20/07]

NEW J("a)so.nExo Rom v.22 Blue is here!!!...


integrated with my name, Jason.. and nExo represent updating as fast as nexus and based on Exo = Expresso Sense Rom.. =)[/COLOR]

Hi all,

This is my first time creating or you can say cook a rom for the Android Community.

Before this, all I do is to flash other people roms whenever there are new updates.

Today I decided to try out 1 for myself.. Constructive feedbacks are welcome.. =)

Based on DJ Droid rom I had come out with Android 2.2 Froyo (HTC SENSE EXPRESSO STYLE UI)

Thanks to the devs who created DJ Droid.
Thanks n Credits goes to lincore for his Expresso Sense work.

Look at below thumbnails for ROM SCREENSHOTS detail..

New J("a)so.nExo v0.22 *BLUE* Update (without wipe for both FULL/LITE ROM)

Current v0.22 Changes (edited by marcdau) :)

- edited build.prop (done by marcdau market fixed)
- minor graphical fix added (Thanks to marcdau for the edited icons :))
- French translation fixed (done by marcdau)
- market updated to v2.0.6 version (requested by marcdau) installation almost immediate no more stuck there..
- added market enabler (for those who cannot see paid apps)
- re-edited VPN app should be able to sync more than 1 company mail (still need tester to confirm)
- added custom bootanimation (lite rom update)
- no more bootsound for those who have not apply the fix.
- lots of icons changed to become make the rom become more sleek.. (eg: gmail icon is colored now)

This is a NO-WIPE UPDATE.. You need to flash v0.12 FULL/LITE before apply this update without wipe

New to this rom? FULL WIPE FIRST, followed by Flash v0.12 FULL/LITE, J("a)so.nExo v0.21 and lastly old APP2SD(if you need the old app2sd) respectively. Then reboot your phone and wait for it to start..


Previous v0.12 FULL changes

- added back footprints
- added back car panel
- removed brut maps (user will have more choice to either download default map or brut's version via here)
- added voice search fix (as per request)
- custom animation added (replacing stock animation)

Screenshot of Boot Animation:


Previous v0.12 LITE changes

- added voice search fix
- removed teeter
- removed quick office
- removed pdf reader
- removed App Sharing
- removed facebook app (can install via market)
- removed brut maps
- removed Sim toolkit (i believe i done soo....)

J("a)so.nExo v0.22 (no-wipe + minor fixes) download link: http://www.multiupload.com/QIJ9PITQZ1 (new link re-uploaded fixes done)
Full Version v0.12 download link: jsonengMod_ExpressoFroyo_v0.12FULL (multiupload link)

Lite Version v0.12 download link: jsonengMod_ExpressoFroyo_v0.12LITE (multiupload link)


Teaser for v0.3 browser: browser.apk

There is a newer Radio that has been just floating around since 15/07/2010, feel free to flash the radio and try on this rom. Signal definately improved. Battery wise will have to test again.
Download link: Radio_32.42.00.32U_5.09.00.08.zip (Official via HK HTC)

To disable HTC bootsound for v0.12 and below, flash this file without wipe: bootsound_disable-signed.zip

Rom Base Details:

* Android 2.2 Froyo (FRF-85B)
* Kernel
* New Radio
* New Base v2.04
* 720p Video recorder
* Native APP2SD
* App Sharing
* Brut Google Map ( more info on: Brut's Thread
* Titanium Backup v2.9.4
* Wi-Fi Hotspot
* ..and much more!

Pre-Installation check:

- Rooted phone
- ClockWorkMod Recovery (fakeflash)
- latest radio installed via Radio_32.41.00.32U_5.08.00.04.zip(leaked) or MostLatest_Radio_32.42.00.32U_5.09.00.08.zip (Official via HK HTC)
- Those who wish to have the old APPs2SD do download via: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=721447

Rom Installation Steps:

- Enter recovery (press volume down then - keeping it pressed - press power button) and make all the WIPES available, with the procedure you like the most.
- After WIPES have been done, use Fakeflash to install ROM file on your SD card.

- THOSE WHO DOWNLOADED OLD APP2SD, do continue to install the file without wipe after ROM installation.

- After installation procedure is over, reboot your phone (first reboot will take some time to complete (like 5mins?), do nothing meanwhile and do not off your phone).
- After first boot, complete first time phone configuration and YAY!!! you got your sense with Expresso style running...


total space after using OLD APP2SD is 139mb free.. see screenshot..

Must I have a paypal donation link too? lols.. those interested can just send it direct to my paypal account instead: [email protected]


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Sep 12, 2008
Buangkok Green
All previous versions:

v0.11 Details:

v0.11 download link: jsonengExpressoFroyo_v0.11 (multiupload link)

- some script edited..
- removed car panel
- removed plurk
- removed footprints
- Samsung live wallpaper fixed -no more forced close.. (thanks to liamstears)
- Lock screen & battery icon (by Fightspit link here) changed. (thanks to lincore)

v0.10 (jsonengExpressoFroyo) Details:

v0.10 Download link : jsonengExpressoFroyo_v0.10 (mediafire link)

- optimization done, almost no auto forced reboot. (do report again)
- removed Google maps
- added bruts maps (latest)
- added titanium backup
- added Samsung Live wallpapers (if the wallpaper force closed pls reinstall the apk via: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=719452)
- Circle Mod Battery icon with %
- Most things are keep to as stock as possible..
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Nov 8, 2007
I know why your samsung live wallpapers are force closing and how to fix them, its simple just add the file in my attached zip to your /system/lib folder on your rom's update.zip :-D


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Sep 12, 2008
Buangkok Green
I know why your samsung live wallpapers are force closing and how to fix them, its simple just add the file in my attached zip to your /system/lib folder on your rom's update.zip :-D

Thanks.. will try that out and do some further minor fixes later in the day..=) appreciate everyone kind help as I am still quite new in these. Thanks for those who test the Rom too. gd nite all. Be back later..


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Apr 27, 2010
Great. I was waiting for something like this. One question: how do I remove stock apps I dont need like plurk etc.? Thank you!

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