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[ROM] FULL DEODEX | QQ ONE UI 2.5 | N960FXXS7FUA1| 17-January-2020

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Jan 13, 2011
I can't explain it because I am also confused about why it happened, I can only tell what I did with my note 9

first I flashed the last stock rom note 9 with Odin, then I rooted, installed twrp and magist and updated it, then I created a user by setting up build.prop I tried Samsung Pay there then I tried Samsung Pay in the secure folder too, I also hid everything Magist system application, I remember doing that.
"then I created a user by setting up build.prop, I tried Samsung Pay there then" can you guide me this?


Sep 3, 2014
"then I created a user by setting up build.prop, I tried Samsung Pay there then" can you guide me this?
I use root explore
in the final line of the build prop I added
Screenshot_20210121-150253_Root Explorer.jpg Screenshot_20210121-150233_Root Explorer.jpg Screenshot_20210121-150401_Settings.jpg Screenshot_20210121-150405_Settings.jpg
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Senior Member
Jan 27, 2016
This rom is very nice.
I just need to solve an issue on the volume during a call, the ear pins are still loud no matter how I low the volume, it doesn't get low enough, those near me can still hear, any solution to this?

Thank you


Jun 27, 2008
I installed your rom today and since this morning I am with and honestly I admit that it is a good and excellent job. Hats off for this magnificent work, a thousand thanks.


New member
Jan 3, 2021
Rom can't flash system.. it only flashes vendor, kernel and apps on N960N.. any solution please

Husen muizz

New member
Jan 21, 2021
Anyone knows how to make outdoor mode to be the default screen mode? It disabled it self every 15 minutes but i really want to use it always..


  • Screenshot_20210126-042621_Settings.jpg
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Jun 27, 2008
Please where is this option on options développement ?


  • Screenshot_20210129-154541_Samsung Internet.jpg
    Screenshot_20210129-154541_Samsung Internet.jpg
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Senior Member
Jan 27, 2016
Any fix for the call volume please?
It doesn't increase or decrease, or no matter how it's decreased it's still loud.

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    New Update version 2.6 is online !

    Changelog :

    <*> update new base N960FXXS7FUA1 january patch security
    <*> disable samsung security
    <*> fix samsung account login and lockscreen security issue
    <*> fix safetynet
    <*> fix script for korean (N960N) variants (install only what u need!!)
    <*> fix battery capacity wrong display
    <*> update more apps OneUI 3.1 from S21
    <*> add new bootanimation style from S21
    <*> add clock font OneUI 3 style
    <*> add YouTube vanced in aroma
    <*> add GoodLock in aroma
    <*> add Google Camera in aroma
    <*> Vivid mode screen
    <*> reworking contact/call phone from oneUI 3.1 with call background video
    <*> boosted dolby sorround config from S21

    link download : press hit thanks button!

    "You're Not Allowed To Take Files From My ROM Without My Permissions"
    *i will allow it if you ask me*

    Warning!!! 'I am not responsible for bricked devices after Install This ROM!'

    ROM Information:

    - Base on Galaxy Note9 N960FXXS6FTK3(DBT)
    - Rooted / Deodexed / Busybox / Deknoxed
    - Multiple csc support
    - Android Q Samsung One UI 2.5 Native features
    - Multi variants support N960 F/DS/N

    ROM Features:

    -Fully deodexed rom. Say Good Bye to oat folder.
    --Aroma feature installation with theme selectable(white/dark mode).
    -Enhanced dark mode(ported from OneUI 3.0)
    -Debloating apps features (selectable in aroma)
    -Enable dolby in game and booster dolby sound
    -OneUI 3.0 apps (selectable in aroma)
    -S9 Infinity Wallpaper(selectable in aroma)
    -Note20 ringtones(selectable in aroma)
    -Custom emoji pack(selectable in aroma)
    -Font pack options(selectable in aroma)
    -Hastag feature
    -Sidekey panel
    -Bixby routines
    -Bixby touch
    -Enable Samsung Secure Folder
    -Bypass SIM2 and MicroSD tray lock
    -Disabled signature checking
    -Modded Biometrics unlock after reboot
    -Fast and smooothless


    - Knox Void 0x1
    - ?


    1. Make sure OEM is unlocked.
    2. Installed TWRP version
    3. Reboot to recovery mode(press volume up+bixby+power)
    4. Wipe System is required for fix space of system
    4. Wipe vendor
    5. Wipe data
    6. Wipe cache&dalvik
    7. Flash Rom.zip
    8. Reboot system wait 5-10 minutes

    DOWNLOAD: New update is online. here all notes https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/...-9-december-2020.4200629/page-3#post-84305621

    Credits & Thanks:


    Screenshot_20201209-222301.jpgScreenshot_20201209-222346_Settings.jpgScreenshot_20201209-222359_Wallpapers.jpgScreenshot_20201209-222455_Settings.jpgScreenshot_20201209-222607_Settings.jpgScreenshot_20201209-222621_One UI Home.jpg
    sorry for the silly question, but what is " GoodLock " ? thx
    Samsung's Good Lock is a software suite that lets you unlock the full customization potential of your Galaxy phone. Basically, Good Lock contains a series of modules designed to tweak every facet of the user interface, including the lock screen, notification panel, recents menu, and so much more.

    Dari namanya kaya ok punya nih
    Lets install and dont forgot to hit thanks gan 👌
    Pls remove s9 wall papers and add note 20 ultra theme and wallpapers. And also remove note 20 boot logo. It lloks nice in note 9 boot logo.
    sorry guys late to update because my time and in behind i try to make oneui 3.0 port..
    i will update this rom to jan patch in some days or tommorow or tonight. cheers