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Rom-Full/Lite version-OS 8773-Full Language-07/04/2012-Discontinute#Sold Htc Mozart#

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Mar 20, 2009
To install HSPL when u are using 4.06:
- Flash back your correct mozart shipped nodo Rom build 7004. (the oldest shipped).
- HSPL. Check Hspl installed correctly in bootloader mode.
- Flash my Rom. + Flash the lastest Radio Rom
- Now your Mozart is up to date. :D

To: diboze & kacper1275: Could you please tell me which mango Rom works fine with Advanced Config Tool and touch Explorer? I really want to know that because maybe Im wrong. Thanks.

I am planning to flash your ROM to my phone. Can u quick check if everything is correct?

1. I am on 4.x SPL, so first i flash a NoDo or pre NoDo ROM to downgrade SPL.
2. Next i will RSPL and HSPL my device.
3. Then i flash your ROM in this thread here.
4. Finally i have to flash radio ROM, can i take this: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1287062 ?



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Dec 5, 2006


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Mar 20, 2009
So in finally downgraded my Bootloader to 1.32, RSPL/HSPL'ed and then flashed your ROM.
You write "After flash, your radio software version looks like above picture." - nope, still had the 5.65... had to flash the radio rom to update it!


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Dec 5, 2006
Sorry, I forgot to edit the first post. Version 8.1 full and version 8 lite are not included radio firmware 5.71.
Download radio firmware 5.71 in above link, then flash it. Note that, choose task 0 for flash radio without hardreset your Mozart, this means all your data will not be erased after flash radio firmware.
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    First, I would like to say thanks to Barin, Andim for Rom tools, Mwang from (DFT) for DFT_CORE, Ultrashot for his great working and many xda members for sharing us so much things.

    There are 02 version Full version is in post 1 and Lite version is in post 2.

    Screen shots were created by Jerry Works application - Thanks so much.


    Rom feature.
    - Base on Ship Rom for HTC Mozart Europe 5.13.401.01.
    - OS 7.10.8773.89
    - My custom Roms flash package (the RUU_signed.nbh) is included OS only.
    - Newest Ultrashot Full Unlocked, IExapinstaller, Opera Mobile works, System apps work.
    - Multilanguage: WWE, Ελληνικά, Svenska, Português, Norsk, Suomi, Dansk, UK English, Nederlands, Čeština, Русский, Magyar, Español, Français, Deutsch, Italiano, Polski, Português (Brazil), Korean, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Indonesian, Malaysian, Turkies ---Thanks @pdaimatejam for language package.
    - Applications included in Rom: Sound Enhencer, Connection Setup 1.13, attentive phone, ultrashot WMDC, Search key, wAppstore.
    - Google.com is default in IE searching.
    - Add more tweaks, more my custom theme.
    - Not support for update cab.

    Instructions to flash my custom Rom.
    1. To flash my custom Rom, your HTC Mozart has to got HSPL first, HSPL can find HERE. If not, please dont flash my Custom Rom.
    2. Battery has to be more than 60%.
    3. Turn your phone OFF TOTALLY.
    4. Put you phone into bootloader mode by press and hold volume down button then hit the power button.
    5. Plugin usb data cable and wait untill USB word appear on you phone.
    6. Now run ROMUpdateUtility.exe in my Custom Rom package and follow the ROMUpdateUtility.exe requirements.
    7. The flash process will take you about 5 minutes.
    8. Enjoy.

    htcfanboys, thanks to htcfanboys.com
    Rom-8773/8765-Fully Unlock-Version V11 & V11.1 Lite-24/03/2012


    - Very compact because this is the Lite version.
    - Removed all no needed things.
    - Base on shipped Rom Mozart Europe 5.13.401.01.
    - V11 ---- OS version 7.10.8773.98 (with one language: English United Kingdom and English UK + Spainish keyboard.)
    - V11.1 ---- OS version 7.10.8765.89 (with one language: WWE and full language keyboard.)
    - Rom file is included OS partition only. No Radio, no SPL.
    - Lastest fully unlocked from Ultrashot + IExapinstaller.
    - Applications included: HTC Connection Setup, HTC Sound Enhencer, HTC Attentive Phone, Search Key settings, wAppstore2.0, WMDC.
    - Perform hardreset aftet flashed Rom.


    Hi guys,
    New update V10:
    - Add more themes.
    - Add more tweaks for good performence.
    - Keep DFT unlock method.
    - Add ultrashot WMDC, ultrashot search key, photo studio, bazaar.
    - Remove Htc hub, plz get it on market.
    Cheers and thanks to ultrashot for his great working.
    Enjoy the Rom
    It is the best one now because of the following:
    1. Very beautiful black splash screen and I hope the next version 8710 will have the same splash screen.
    2. Few homebrew apps and this is good as each one has his own favorite apps.
    3. Fast Rom with no lag at all.

    Thanks developer for your amazing Rom. I am waiting for the next release 8107.
    Thanks mate.
    Im using my custom Rom with os version 7.10.8107.79 about 3 days. Seem its smoother than 7740 and some good features, but the new build still dose not support full language. I will release new version when full language come.
    I flashed your ROM but I can't find the advance config.. ?
    plus when I'm debugging an app (VS2010), the fps and stuff still there.
    Hi mate, I forgot to edit the first post.

    Advance Configa & Registry are not included in Rom.

    Look at the attatchmen, you could using your Mozart to download and install them.