[ROM] [G.E.] [4.2.2] [AROMA] [VZW] GoogleEdition.v6.0 09/11/13


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Mar 12, 2013
**Update about the future of this project. We will continue to update and support this port until the majority of users are running our new project.** http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2432621 it is not ready yet at all. But I thought id post a heads up well in advanced so nobody freaks out.

This is a port from the 9505 Google Edition system dump that was posted. It was originally meant as a proof of concept build but no one picked up the project so I am supporting it.

@hlxanthus has been continually working on mods and feature updates within the ROM. I have a shared folder where we can both access current files for the project. Be sure to thank his posts :good:

Current Build: 9/11/13
Google Edition v6.0 Aroma Deodexed
Aroma package with lots of options built and pieced together by @hlxanthus.
Aroma scrolling fixed
All apps updated (I think at least... G+ updated right as I went to upload so I had to kill it and update and re-up)
Aroma permissions changed to hopefully fix all the random FC issues
Big update for xposed framework.
- in the installer it now lists all modules and their versions. I did not update all the modules because of this. Honestly I would only install the framework now and pick the modules separate. I still use theme engine, xblast, and gravity box personally.
I was working on new builds of systemui and framework-res but kept getting FCs so I reverted those changes. So carrier label is still screwy but you cab change it with the xblast module. :good:
Overall this update is minor besides the xposed framework. But the weird FC people were getting MAY BE fixed.

Please report any bugs. With bug reports please include a syslog log or adb log. It is also helpful to include the aroma log. To get this just before the last continue there is a save log button in aroma. Thanks.

A Lot
Wipe or dirty flash
One aroma for both pure and tweaked now
Browser selection
Gapps selection
Launcher selection
Clock options
Navbar options
Extra useful apps options
Phone_Info(a shortcut for the already built into android hidden menu *#*#4636#*#* this can do no wrong, it is just a link to a universally built in android feature)
Keyboard options
Battery options
Quick reply mms option
Viper4android option
TW camera option
Watchon app
TricksterMod app
Xposed framework and modules to be able to change quick settings, carrier label, colors and placement, and also fully theme using xtheme
Lots of kernels to choose from (I'm using my tweaked audism kernel)
Init should be installing properly with all performance options if so desired.

Reboot to recovery(I prefer and HIGHLY recommend using only TWRP- will include flashables in next post)
Backup your current ROM(if you want)
Install and select your options

If people want to donate it is appreciated but not expected. My pp Addy is in my profile or click here
Thanks to all who have already. My wife is slightly less irritated by my android obsession lol.


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Mar 12, 2013
[ROM][G.E.][4.2.2][AROMA][VZW]GoogleEdition.v5.6 8/11/13

Me7 folks:


[RECOVERY LOCKED/ME7] Safestrap Recovery v3.5x


[RECOVERY LOCKED/ME7] Safestrap Recovery v3.5x [WIP DISCUSSION]


Roms that work with safestrap

Like all Roms... Mine installs a kernel at the end... Since this project actively supports MDK... It installs an MDK kernel. Which is covered in the three threads I linked to above(which you should have already read). Hint: flash the provided kernel fix from the SafeStrap O.P.

Just a tip for ME7 Safestrap users:
Install this ROM in custom mode in aroma with only minimal apps installed, including Google apps etc.
I tried the install many different ways and kept getting issues, hard and soft reboots, etc.
After install with just nova, only Google play store, and just a few other minimal things, everything is amazing and smooth. Then just manually install everything you need.
For some reason safestrap and the me7 combo causes issues with something.
Just my two cents. Thanks a million to @Dubbsy - beautiful ROM - matter of fact, if I didn't have this ROM combined with gravitybox, I would have returned this device (I'm still within the 14 day grace period)...

Thanks to

ALL my generous donators. I do this as a hobby for fun. It's always greatly appreciated to get those emails. :good:
@buckmarble for kernel and rom/project discussion
@Treken for help and rom/project discussion. TeamTrek for ChaOS project
@hlxanthus for being a great partner on this project. We are easily twice as far along as I would have been alone.
@MrMuzik for the help on the banner
the 9505 people for being the first to get everything,
Rujelus22 for his AIO and the knowledge I've gained by digging through BluKuban for VZW

Actual Bugs:
**don't mess with the network settings. If you do, use the phone info app choose CDMA/lte auto prl.
**Carrier label is still screwy and shows up a jumbled mess for half the people.

Data Fix for those that went into network settings:
Going into the built in network settings automatically sets your preferred network to WCDMA. Meaning, no service. The only way to get it back without jumping through a bunch of stupid hoops is to use the built in hidden dialer code *#*#4636#*#*... Or just use the app icon called Phone Info(does the same thing)

To fix:

Go into mobile network settings.
Verify that your CDMA subscription is set to RUIM and not NV.
For good measure go into the rest of the options and set it to CDMA/LTE, automatic, and allow data roaming.
Back out to your home screen.
Then go into Phone Info app.
Scroll to bottom and tap radio off.
Open the drop down list and select CDMA/LTE auto (PRL).
Turn the radio back on.
Upon reboot open Phone Info again.
Verify it is set to CDMA/LTE auto (PRL)
** you should have full service now * *
** if not * *
In Phone_Info(*#*#4636#*#*):
Try CDMA auto (PRL)

If those still don't work then your nv_data needs reset. The only way to do that is in the hidden menu dialer codes in a touchwiz-stocktype rom :good:
If you destroy your nv_data and cannot get data back via the above you need to (stop screwing with your network settings)flash back to a TW ROM, enable hidden menu, and do a NV data reset via dialer code. After doing that make sure your phone is not in modem mode under diag dialer code. Until I update this section Google is your friend. And it is available information, verified. Your lack of searching skills doesn't mean pester my inbox...

"Bug" Fixes:
Reboot when hit volume up or down:
-Open gravitybox and deselect the 2 items that are checked under media tweaks
Carrier Name is a jumbled mess
-Install XBlast xposed module, enable it, open carrier section, edit it to what you want it to say.
WiFi doesn't turn on at all
-user error, check the download's md5 number
-user error, dirty install, do a full wipe prior and see if that was the issue
-kernel error, not likely if the above 2 have been done properly
GPS doesn't work
-user error, check the download's md5 number
-user error, dirty install, do a full wipe prior and see if that was the issue
-AOSP bug in general. TW writes something to a partition that stores your GPS location and area. AOSP roms don't edit it or write it. So you need to get a GPS lock in a touchwiz rom, then flash back to this. You can make a backup of your current AOSP/GE install, flash a TW rom, get a lock, and restore your backup. This has been a continued known issue with all ROMs that aren't fully TW.

Changes/Old versions:

-v1 was to see if I could get any data on the 9505
-v2 was fix reboot issues on v1. It is still the half odex half deodex
-v3 deodexed, s-voice, watchon, tw camera, tw wallpapers, build.prop tweaks, no native superuser preinstalled. https://copy.com/1Ce0m
-v4 was to update the google apps but didn't work out well so I reverted to the old apps and
-4.0.1 removed the tw apps. Added the lte on off app.
https://copy.com/A1Uk3 Deodexed
https://copy.com/xBVJe Odexed
-PureG.v1- deodexed, no tweaks, no native superuser, ktweaker removed, no tw apps
-4.5 deodexed. If prompted to fix su just ignore. The latest su is installed.
My own build with all my gapps replaced with team blackouts and their updater
https://copy.com/8qUi4 & http://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=13858085825318748450
4.6 deodexed
GoogleEdition 4.6 Odex
GoogleEdition 4.6 MyWayhttp://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=13858085825318748482 & https://www.copy.com/Nc2uM
GoogleEdition 4.6.1 MyWayhttps://copy.com/qElJ9
GoogleEdition 4.6.1 Deodex - tweaked version https://copy.com/zGtWF
PureG.v3 - stock Google no tweaks https://copy.com/DgNvPvFAhcib
Test pure version with No CSC data https://copy.com/CDdtj
GE 4.7
https://copy.com/pKKuZ with KToonsez Kernel
https://copy.com/p6TxM with stock Kernel
GE 4.7.5
Updated all Google apps, fixed permissions, installed new supersu with new dependencies and permissions, signal bars are fixed
Google Edition 4.8.xx deodexed
Updated all Google apps, fixed permissions, installed new supersu with new dependencies and permissions, a couple more minor framework changes, fixed signal bars from 4.7.5, included es file in data/app, and it is using the latest(7/24) KT kernel. No SODs that I have been able to see.
Google Edition PureG.v5 - Stock google, full deodex, no performance tweaks, and the only additions to the Google Experience I added was a reboot menu(stock was just power off), and SuperSU
Md5: 9e845492078d938327176bd7f5bef3c9
md5: 9eab755335ced6597642b02e5b25296c
Google Edition 4.9 CleanBuild deodexed
Md5: cca28f4582838b14fa4cae26e72a629c
Google Edition Odex'd 4 me
Md5: 0bacda0d4fa15bb8f4379a5f249eab3a
Google Edition 5.5
md5: e914058bd08cc0f129154309c1098a5e
Google Edition 5.6
md5: eefcfa2e85fe1c2d6d4f5ab6990ed15a
Google Edition v5.7 Aroma Deodexed
Aroma package with lots of options. Built and pieced together by @hlxanthus.
Added 4 new kernels (agat, abyss, deviant, insecure stock ge, and my "badassery edition-audism kernel v2"), updated 2 others(KT, audism), updated all apps in installer (to cut back on stuff being installed to data using your precious space), added all xposed modules individually selectable with descriptions (you need to select xposed in system mods then it will open up the next sub menu), I added missing data files (potentially HELP with the random data issues), I didn't fix carrier label but I'm 80% sure I know where everything is now
Google Edition v5.8 Aroma Deodexed
https://copy.com/hfwtp ICS themed aroma
https://copy.com/aQDCs MIUI themed aroma
54b1a889e5da6668da31eab9ae2967cd ics
dc9088367ba8047873a7b0a5135c4b63 miui

Sprint proof of concept(for sprint not vzw):
**I would strongly suggest using and supporting the developer who is working actively on the Sprint version. If I find any specific fixes for things I will forward my info to him to continue helping others.** LINK HERE
https://copy.com/pIaix -my p.o.c. build before the one above was made available
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Mar 12, 2013
[ROM][G.E.][4.2.2][AROMA][VZW]GoogleEdition.v5.6 8/11/13

Dubbsy's Extras, Tools, and Resources:(this will be updated as I make or gather more)

Don't change a recovery from within goomanager or rommanager or romtoolbox or any app installed on the phone while on my GE rom.

Download a flashable recovery or manually Loki and push it from your computer.

Recoveries that are pre-loki'd and ready to be flashed in your current recovery are posted below.
I personally only trust and use TWRP is buggy). I've seen too many "issues" with ROMs totally disappear when people stopped using cwm in favor of twrp. But cwm recoveries are included below regardless.


Dubbsy's MiDarkness Theme for TWRP 2.5-2.6:
Preview: http://db.tt/2zc9uFt2

*Black and Orange TWRP theme based off of the black theme by z31s1g's black theme.
*To install the theme:
1. Rename the zip file to "ui.zip"
2. Make a folder in your TWRP folder called "theme"
3. Paste ui.zip into theme
4. Reboot to recovery
~ Download ~


Phil Z Recovery

(*Hit the thanks button if you use these tools.*)

Mods included in the aroma package:

TW camera for Google Edition ROMs v1 7/12/13(included in aroma)
*Note: not all functions work yet. Gallery icon is still linked the SecGallery. No more work will be done on the camera until both my other projects are in a stable condition. This was only done because at least one person posted or messaged me for it every day. I will ignore all requests for more camera work until the other 2 projects are "complete"
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Sep 3, 2010
New Jersey
hahaha... probably not. reminds me of playing socom on ambien.... i was hiding in the bushes waiting for someone to come by.

Good times
I remember halo on that ish, crazy times.

I'm in for a flash, already backed up. Anyone know if this requires a kernel flash or if this is V3 of Op's words? nvm I see V3


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Mar 5, 2009
I remember halo on that ish, crazy times.

I'm in for a flash, already backed up. Anyone know if this requires a kernel flash or if this is V3 of Op's words? nvm I see V3
thought a kernel was added to it but dont quote me on that. id flasha kernel just in case. dont want to be on ambien and go through that mess