[ROM] [G3] Flyme Android 5.1.1 for All Variants 丨 Repair Camera

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Apr 12, 2009

I really wish I would have went through this forum for a mirror! I literally went through that Chinese app without it translated for like an hour and got it to download lol...

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The bootstacks I thought were custom flash files for modems etc for specific Android types. Like the 24b bootstack is for lollipop and the 35b bootstack is for marshmallow. To get service working. By no means is this a solid answer this is what I just thought they were for.

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Jul 20, 2012
LS990 version not installing, i get stuck in aroma installer at 1% and then it finally completes but only installs kernel and phone does a bootloop

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    Flyme 5 blends a high design standard with unique innovations to achieve maximum usability based on the proven operation style of its predecessors.
    Flyme 5 integrates a full range of new features to meet different user demands. These functions have been designed solely to deliver a superb user experience in every detail.
    Flyme 5 is faster, more stable, and saves more power.We have introduced multiple leading technologies to optimize system stability and speed, and lower power consumption to provide a better user experience.



    Flashing Instructions:
    FIRST revert theme to stock theme before flashing (just to be safe)!
    Make a nandroid backup!
    Clean install recommended, manual wipes of cache/dalvik REQUIRED!
    Flash Bootstack + ROM + gapps
    warning:ls990 us990 and d851 need Flash WIFI Patch
    ·Reboot and ENJOY IT!
    ·If updating from older version of FlymeOS 5, you need only wipe Dalvik / ART Cache.

    Download Links::
    China website
    Legal channels double card version download address:China website
    WIFI Patch

    Android Developer : Bise
    FlymeOS Open Source Project Link
    All users!

    1. There are several bugs due to the official sources, they will be fixed gradually.
    2. Do not repost this ROM to other site without my permission.
    pls waiting i added link :)
    Download moved?
    I see the OP states it is for all variants. But...is it also for D855? This variant and other ones haven't received official Lollipop 5.1.1.

    Since its on 5.1.1 I believe its based on CM, not on the official rom.
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