[ROM][G610] Klaxosaur Gaming ROM v1 [OneUI 2.0 Core - Android 10]

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Jun 30, 2020
Cannot mount the vendor partition in g611f, it says "Failed to mount '/vendor' (Invalid argument)". Is there any fix to this? I flashed the "Exynos7870_CreateVendor.zip" from Project Spaget. Was I supposed to flash any other file along with it? I didn't found file named "Create Vendor2.0" there in particular as it was stated in OP.
if you have Exynos7870 Then This Is The Right File


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Sep 19, 2021
J7 prime 2 is Exynos7870. But it looks like it requires different partition file to create vendor. Now, I have created the vendor and installed the rom successfully but it is bootlooping :(
I also have J7 Prime 2. Should I install it? I was planning to do so but after reading your reply i don't want to. Is it working?
I also have J7 Prime 2. Should I install it? I was planning to do so but after reading your reply i don't want to. Is it working?
I didn't tried this rom again but when I tried last time it was bootlooping so I suggest you not to install this. You can only install Pure rom v11 because thats the only rom probably with sm-g611f support. I have been using that rom in fact. You would need different vendor creation script though from here : https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/port-twrp-g611x-orangefox-recovery-project-11-0_1.4297691/


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Oct 2, 2021
Need help! My phone keep restarting itself automatically when using this rom
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Aug 28, 2021
Is there a way to disable recent and back buttons when gaming? Im using game plugins. Gameplugins dont have that option game launcher too


Feb 21, 2022
I can't install this ROM, it brings me back to the Download Mode, I followed all the steps correctely, what I'm doing wrong?


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Mar 27, 2022
Hi @TheRealModder, I have a problem with this ROM, Volume Key is a bug every time I press the volume it immediately makes the phone locked, aka the lockscreen. is there a solution for this?

I am a member of the Samsung J7 Prime group on Facebook and I like to listen to you when you write threads about the new ROM. Continue good work, I hope God bless you.
hola buenas noches, tengo un problema veras instale esta rom siguiendo todos los pasos al pie de la letra y todo salio perfecto..pero por alguna razon no puedo realizar videollamadas es decir si las hace solo que la otra persona no me puede ver. probe muchas app .. whatsap , zoom , meet , y ninguna me muestra mi rostro y le eh concedido todos los permisos y aun asi la otra persona no puede verme por favor si alguien tiene una solucioin estaria muy agradecido. Ah tampoco puedo sincronizar mis contactos. Gracias excelente trabajo.
You can try go to Setting-Device care-Battery-Powermode . You select other mode, such as high, optimized, medium, maximum. When i change that it fix button volume make phone locked, and i call video is normal. :D:D:coffee:(y)

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    1. Enter to recovery Mode and have atleast TWRP 3.2.3-0 or newer, other recovery can cause problems with AROMA.
    2. After reboot, install “CreateVendor v2.0” from project spaget and wait for the automatic reboot.
    3. Go to wipe tab, then go to Format Data, type yes and then press the tick on the keyboard.
    4. Go back to Wipe tab and select CACHE, SYSTEM, VENDOR, then swipe the bar.
    5. Now go to the Folder icon, then search for the Klaxosaur-by-Gonic-TheRealModder_v1-Q_on7xelte.zip file and flash it
    6. Select your language
    7. Now select some apps and features that you want to be installed.
    8. Install Magisk zip file
    9. Now, reboot and wait 5 minutes for the first boot
    10. At finish the setup, go to Magisk app and enable Magisk Hide option on the settings
    11. Done!
    Sin título-1.jpg

    This ROM is based on Galaxy M10 Q Firmware (SM-M105M)
    It supports Galaxy J7 Prime devices
    It's very optimized for multitasking and games, giving 1.7GB of free RAM


    • Galaxy M10 SM-M105M Q Full Firmware port
    • Android 10
    • OneUI Core 2.0
    • Fully debloated (Zip size: 925MB)
    • Ares Kernel 7 reborn by @bien2004official
    • Face Recognition
    • Patched Samsung Themes (install paid themes for free)
    • Call Recording and other OMC tweaks
    • Speaker Volume increased a little, Secure Flag disabled
    • All other OneUI2 Features and more that i forgot
    • VoLTE & VoWiFi Supported for Indian and some Latin American countries users
    • Perfect battery backup
    • Very optimized for gaming, you can run heavy games without lags or FPS Cuts.
    • Game Plugins (can be installed through Galaxy Store)

    Youtube [Review may be different than the actual release]
    It has Spanish subtitles, but you can set the auto-translation to your language.



    Klaxosaur ROM by Gonic, Ported by TheRealModder
    Google Drive : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hyZAYQs09T6iCX8yRAP-HLoV5HfKjy2K/view?usp=sharing
    MEGA : https://mega.nz/file/RHhTjaLR#V9StzdD5B8QJcXhjFC3swFFVQK-2HA89P3U92jdYIvE

    CreateVendor v2.0
    XDA : https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/treble-arm64-aosp-g610x-project_spaget-x.3953461/

    Github : https://github.com/topjohnwu/Magisk/releases

    Known bugs
    • NFC (J7 Prime does not have NFC)
    • FM Radio
    • Bluetooth calls (like all ROMs)
    Extra information you should to know
    If you need extra Samsung Apps, download them from Galaxy Store. I leave some APKs here if you haven’t install the Galaxy Store.
    Samsung Calendar: https://bit.ly/2KX3Yum
    Samsung E-Mail: https://bit.ly/3qksGFg
    Samsung Internet: https://bit.ly/36DfpQt
    Samsung Music: https://bit.ly/39BZRhP
    Samsung Notes: https://bit.ly/36D89Eg
    Samsung Voice Recorder: https://bit.ly/2IeIQyY
    1000+ Fonts for Samsung (installable APK by DRATEM): https://bit.ly/2JLfsk0
    AFH Folder with more apps: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=318798

    I want VoLTE
    So, if you want VoLTE, select “VoLTE Related” on Aroma installer. Remember to insert your SIM Card after install. At first boot, a message will ask you to perform a factory reset to apply new customer settings. Tap it and wait. After some minutes it will show the start screen other time.

    Problems & solutions
    Message from SIM Services that ask for a Reboot

    This message appears only if you selected VoLTE Related feature in AROMA installer. To solve, you can reinstall the ROM without wiping anything and without select VoLTE function.

    @GonicTEAM for this ROM
    @soulr344 for display fix
    @ananjaser1211 for cam patch
    @SPARTANICUS and @bien2004official for AresKernel

    And the others. I DONT KNOW what files Gonic used to fix his ROM at first place. I Just ported his ROM to G610X. So, if you feel you owning something there, ask him. not me.
    Hello sir. Im a new user of Custom rom. Can magisk affects our gaming ? If magisk can remove lags ? Thank you for the answerr.

    Magisk in itself does nothing. It only works as a platform, aside from the root access you get, for modules that you can install via Magisk. Now these modules might be able to improve performance or it might not. Some can even crash the phone if not meant for the device. As far as I know, there are modules like KTS Reborn, GPU Boost, RAM Management Fixes, and other similar modules. Just test it to see if it plays well with your ROM and device.