[ROM][G7102][TW-6.0.1][BETA] Touchwiz Marshmallow Porting For Grand 2

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    Touchwiz Marshamallow Porting For Grand 2

    TW-MM for Grand 2 has a long story. From Dyneteve(SoUnD001) originally making it and giving up to ppl who made direct ports with his kernel and having issues with permissions of kernel and stuff and many more leading to many dead projects. My ROM is trying to bring TW-MM with my own Kernel Source and as many bugfixes as i can possible do can!!.


    - Touchscreen
    - H/W Keys
    - Offline Charging
    - Sensors
    - Vibration (Motor)
    - Sound
    - Mic
    - Time Service
    - Storage (Internal/External)
    - RIL (MMS/SMS/Calls/Data)
    - H/W acceleration (720p playback, animations)

    - Bluetooth
    12-02 23:04:17.289 E/bt_hci  (23321): [BTCORE] hci layer timeout waiting for response to a command. opcode: 0xfd53
    - Camera(Kernel Related)

    Beta 3.5: Mega.nz
    Bootloop fix

    Disable Auto-Brightness as its as buggy as f**k
    Warning: I claim zero responsibility if something happens. Flash carefully!!!! Complains of bootloop because of kernel mods or mods in general will be ignored.
    You have to be on TWRP 3.1+ and have done full wipe before flashing!!!
    Itll take 15-20 minutes to boot up and maybe vibrate. Dont get worried
    If you get stuck on splash screen, just reboot(Long Press Power Button). Its a MDSS fail :b

    Changelog(Beta 3.5):
    - Updated base (G800HXEO1CQB1 Apr 2017 update)
    - Minor debloat instead of heavy
    - Old installation method (No sparse_dat flashing)
    - I9300I ril fix injected into installer
    - Fixed location services
    - Grand 2 Support (Very Experimental)
    - Secured ADB again (Fixed ADB)

    Sources and Extended Info:
    Kernel Name: ms013g_eur_6.0.1_tw
    Kernel Version: 3.4.0
    Kernel Based: s3ve3g_eur_6.0.1_tw (OLDER REVISION)
    Compiler: Google GCC 4.9
    Firmware Based: G800HZTO1CPJ2
    Firmware Version: 6.0.1 (SDK23)
    Firmware Required: KITKAT
    Recovery Required: TWRP

    Kernel Source

    Me: Kernel, Port, Bugfixing
    Qualcomm MSM8226 community (Device Tree and Kernel Patches)
    Thargorsson (For His Work on MM and N for S3 Neo)
    ms013g-common Team (For their work on MM and N for Grand 2)
    OSRC (S5 Mini MM Kernel Source)
    Galaxy S5 Lineage Team (Non-DVFSed Touchscreen Drivers)
    Samsung (For terribly programmed but nice UI)
    BETA 3.5!!! RELEASED

    Plz test it on Grand 2 and give results back. Disable auto-brightness as the code in kernel is messed up.

    Links and changelog in OP

    Στάλθηκε από το d5110 μου χρησιμοποιώντας Tapatalk
    Hello everyone. Sorry for the delay's.

    I was experimenting with different things for fixing camera and failed. Im also working on misc devices. I completed Beta 3.5 finally, now uploading sources and finally the ROM remains.
    It finally booted :good:. With this rom, Grand 2 suffers some bugs such as: rotation sensor, ril, wifi and when i tried to turn off my phone or reboot it, it always freeze with a blank screen. With J2 Hybrid Rom, there's just one problem that i care is that wifi doesn't work, ril and rotation sensor work normally. I'm still using it now so if you know how to fix wifi, i can test it right away.

    Ok, Ill rebuild Grand 2's kernel with its sensor drivers and also add prima drivers to get Wi-Fi to work. RIL issue might be due to Dual-SIM which I9300I also has but can be fixed with just 2 lines
    Ok, Ill rebuild Grand 2's kernel with its sensor drivers and also add prima drivers to get Wi-Fi to work. RIL issue might be due to Dual-SIM which I9300I also has but can be fixed with just 2 lines
    Yes...ril can be fixed with build.prop edit....but if u are building a kernel for grand 2 with its sensor drivers then probably camera will work....
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