[ROM][G920/5] [12/5] XtreStoLite DeoMod Edition 3.3.1 MM [DPDP] [F/FD/I/T/W8/K/L/S]

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Jun 13, 2012
I had a SM-G920T with stock 5.1.1 on it and after many failed attempts to flash TWRP, the bootloader, and modem I ended up softbricking my phone. I used Samsung Smart Switch emergency reset and now I'm on stock 6.0.1 with stock Google recovery

I don't wanna brick again though. Can someone please explain the sequence that I should do the following:
1) root
2) install TWRP
3) flash bootloader and modem
4) flash XtreStoLite ROM

No need to root your phone installing the rom will automatically root it

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Feb 25, 2009
No need to root your phone installing the rom will automatically root it

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When I try to flash TWRP via Odin I and then try to boot to recovery mode, I get an error "Recovery is not SEANDROID enforcing" and its stuck in boot.
How do I install TWRP on 6.0.1?

and is it OK if I try to install the Bootloader, Modem, and ROM if I already have 6.0.1?
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Dec 9, 2015
let me explain in sequesnce what I have done:-

  1. I had stock ROM 6.0.1.
  2. Flashed using ODIN Arter97 recovery 3.0.2, AND, flashed Arter97 kernel 14b5 then zip SU2.71 (Now my phone was rooted).
  3. Flashed XtreStoLite 3.3.1 main ROM followed by 3.3.1 add-ons.
  4. But my rooting is gone, though I see in my application tray SU2.72. Which I presume the ROM has done.
  5. I have seen there exists busybox as well as SU2.72 in the XtreStoLite ROM package even then No rooting??? surprising!!!
  6. I again flashed thr arter97 kernel 14b5 and SU 2.72 but, now the icon of SU has vanished from the app-Tray and no rooting..
What am I missing???
Reflash the rom and kernel bot make sure you do it in order: 1° the rom with the add on if you want, then the kernel you like using and finally the supersu.


May 20, 2012
Going to ask this question again...

How do I activate/enable extra quick-toggles? I am missing air gesture, smart stay, smart pause and a couple more. Do I need to flash add-ons or something? I went through the list, but could not really find anything to do with these toggles.
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May 11, 2011
3.3.1 has been awesome so far. I had really bad battery drain on 3.3.0, I dirty flashed to 3.3.1 and my battery life is much better about 2% per hour, compared to the 8%+ i was getting before.


Aug 15, 2010
If I'm trying to upgrade from a previous version of Xtrestolite (on Marshmallow), and I need to also update the bootloader and modem, can I flash them through TWRP, or does it need to be via Odin?


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Apr 1, 2012
I chose to install Google Photos instead of stock and now I need the stock Gallery again. How can I reinstall it ?

You need to flash rom zip. Stock samsung camera is in that package, not in aroma addons.
That's why flashing it you don't get it back.

You could try to extract it from rom zip, but i don't know if you need only apk or also something else.


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Jul 7, 2014
Hi there,

First of all, I've been using 2.4 as a daily with great pleasure.
I did a clean install of 3.2, now calling does not function. I have the issue that the call sound totally distorted, all kinds of weird noise, both on speakerphone as on earpiece. This makes the ROM unusable to me. Does anyone recognise this issue on S6 Edge SM-925F? Is there a way to fix this?

Same here, does anyone know how to fix this? Thx


Jan 22, 2013
Vibration of the back key

Hi guys.. I love this rom so beautiful but i have a problem with the vibration of the back key... All the other vibration is perfect also the keyboard but also if i put at the max level the back key is low.... Did u help me??? Is the right section???? Sorry sorry sorry fot my bad english xD

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    Presenting my Extremely De-bloated, Deodexed & Modded G920/G925 F/FD/I/T/W8/K/L/S (Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge) TouchWiz ROM:


    This will be the lightest S6 Marshmallow TouchWiz ROM you ever will see! Just 640MB

    See post #1 (this post) for the latest Marshmallow 6.0.1 ROM
    See Post #2 for the latest Marshmallow 6.0.1 Aroma Add-on Package
    See Post #3 for the old XtreStoLite 2.4 Lollipop 5.1.1 ROM
    See Post #4 for the old XtreStoLite 2.4 Lollipop 5.1.1 Aroma Add-on package
    See Post #5 for the latest Marshmallow bootloaders/modems

    XtreStoLite 3.3.1 FINAL Marshmallow Android 6.0.1


    - One ROM for 15 different S6 models: Normal S6 / S6 Edge F/FD/I/T/W8/K/L/S

    - Based on the latest Samsung Stock G925F XXU3DPDP Marshmallow 6.0.1 firmware (Base build date: 22-APR-2016)

    - Deodexed Mod Edition: Deodexed & Mods!

    The Mods that are included with this version:
    ★ 5-Way Reboot Menu
    ★ Removed High volume warning message
    ★ Enabled Multi-Window for all apps
    ★ All 3 animation speeds at 0.5 at default
    ★ No auto SMS -> MMS conversion with the Samsung messaging app
    ★ Enabled Display Scaling in Settings -> Display
    ★ Enabled Touch button light duration option in Settings -> Display
    ★ Outdoor mode for display
    ★ 12 Toolbox (from S5)
    ★ Optional: 3Minit battery MOD
    ★ Optional: Remove Gray statusbar when using the Power Saving mode
    ★ Optional: 'Good Lock' brand new SystemUI interface by Samsung!

    - Latest Samsung stock kernel as default kernel

    - Integrated Fix for the 'No deep-sleep' bug!!
    (thanks to @HomerSp & @Chainfire)

    - All the standard features of Stock Android will work, so it's nearly even light as an AOSP ROM but then with the TouchWiz launcher, SystemUI & some Samsung apps

    - ROM still includes the original Samsung Keyboard, Gallery, Camera, Dialer, Messages, Music, Alarm, File Explorer & Calculator apps

    - Deleted more than 1.5 Gb from the ROM (in comparison to the stock firmware)

    - Latest SuperSu & BusyBox binary's integrated

    - Sqlite3 3.12.2 binary and optimization script

    - KNOX fully removed

    - 100% Clean and correct installation script (hand-made by me)

    - Native Call Recording

    - At every boot the FsTrim command will be excecuted, to keep your Phone smooth and the internal memory fast!

    - Updated Google Play Services, Play Store & Webview to the latest version that's available

    - 'Allow 3rd-party app install' enabled at default

    - Working Private Mode (available as an add-on in post #2)

    - (Optional) CSC tweaks, like:

    ★ Add secondary symbols to the Samsung Keyboard (only works with US English language)
    ★ Native Call recording
    ★ LTE data icon, instead of 4G
    ★ Camera shutter sound button in the Samsung Camera app
    ★ App lock on recents panel
    ★ Mobile data usage counter on notification panel
    ★ Enable camera during call
    ★ Disabled Auto-correction for the Samsung Keyboard at default
    ★ Filming with the Samsung camera app no longer pauses Music (if you're playing music)
    ★ Messaging time stamps to it's original time
    ★ Enable Call Button in call log list
    ★ Call/Message blocking Settings entry
    ★ Message 999 recipient limit
    ★ Exit button in the Samsung internet Browser
    ★ Vibrate on call answering
    ★ Extended Smart Manager (2nd page) with: App lock, permission/notification manager & call/message block

    - A few (optional) build.prop tweaks, like: Fewer WiFi scans, Faster Boot animation speeds, Disabled call ring and Proximity delay.

    - Unique separate Aroma Add-on Package which includes all the removed Samsung 'bloatware' apps, so that you can flash at any time your missing app back... (see Post #2)





    • First boot up (after doing an clean flash) can take up an long time (around the 5 minutes), this is because this ROM is deodexed!

    • Settings -> Wallpaper FC's!? That's normal... because you have to flash the Samsung Wallpaper picker add-on with the XtreStoLite Aroma Add-on Package for this (see post #2)

    • To enable 'Okay Google everywhere', you need to follow this guide

    • Heart rate sensor not working in S-Health? Then make sure that you have installed S-health via the Aroma addon package, and not via the Play store or the Galaxy App store.

    • Use ONLY this Xposed framework version for this ROM (arm64 sdk23 for Marshmallow and arm64 sdk22 for Lollipop)

    • If you're experiencing ANY issue, then first make sure that you're on the latest bootloader/firmware (see post #4 for latest one for your model), and that you've done an clean install (data/factory reset before installing the ROM).

    • All the Google Play Store apps are NOT included in the ROM (or Aroma add-on package), you can download those by yourself in the Play Store.

    [B]DPDP V.3.3.1 Deodex MOD Edition FINAL:[/B]
    - Updated SuperSu to 2.72 (SocketListener logcat bug is finally fixed now)
    - Updated Google Play services
    - Updated Samsung Music 
    - Re-added liboemcrypto.so lib file (fixes Smart view / All Share, and fixes some logcat messages/errors)
    - Corrected permissions for exyrngd bin file
    - Installation script excecutes e2fsck on all partitions now (automatically fixes partition errors if there are any)
    - Fixed Dual sim messaging when choosing the 60+ Messages CSC tweak option (thanks to @aggression22)
    - Misc. optimizations (probably better battery life & smoothness than previous versions)
    [B]DPDP V.3.3 Deodex MOD Edition FINAL:[/B]
    - Re-based to fimware base XXU3DPDP (build date April 22nd)
    - Android security patch: May 1st.
    - Updated Sqlite3 binary to 3.12.2
    - Updated Google WebView
    - Optimized the su.d Busybox/sqlite install script (better custom kernel compatibility)
    - Optimized mount points
    - Installation script also sets the right permissions & SE context labels for the internal memory now
    - Misc. fixes & optimizations
    [B]DPD8 V.3.2 Deodex MOD Edition FINAL:[/B]
    - Re-based to the XXU3DPD8 firmware (build date April 4th)
    - Android Security Patch April 2nd.
    - Deodexed and mods done with the latest tools
    - All apps are Multi-language again
    - Removed 'Totally hide passwords' CSC tweak (It's already available as an option in Settings -> Security)
    - Re-Added 'Ultra Power Saving Mode' quick toggle
    - Updated Samsung Keyboard
    - Updated Video Trimmer
    - Updated Samsung Music
    - Fixed Netflix sreaming for T/W8 models (those models will have an G92xF model name now under Settings -> About device, to fix this)
    - Many more misc. fixes & optimizations
    [B]DPCS V.3.1.1 Deodex MOD Edition FINAL:[/B]
    - Added G920/G925 W8 & T support (including new in-call audio fix & T/W8 Stock Kernel)
    - Updated TouchWiz launcher to v.2.1.15 (from the G92xT MM firmware)
    - Updated Samsung keyboard to v.1.1.16 (from the G92xT MM firmware)
    - Updated Samsung My Files to v.3.1.05 (from the G92xT MM firmware)
    - Updated Samsung Gallery to v.2.1.22 (from the G92xT MM firmware)
    - Updated WiFi/Bluetooth firmware (from the T/W8 MM firmware)
    - Updated Sqlite3 to 3.12.1
    - Updated Google Play Store to v.6.4.13.C-all [0] 2754070
    - Re-added LTE data icon option 
    [B]DPCS V.3.1 Deodex MOD Edition FINAL:[/B]
    - Re-based to DPCS firmware (build date March 24th)
    - Down-graded SuperSu to 2.68 (due to SocketListener logcat spamming in 2.70 & 2.71) (Better battery life!)
    - Updated Busybox & the symlinks of it
    - Updated WebView
    - Updated Play Store
    - Updated Samsung Music
    - Updated Samsung Game service
    - Optimized the way system & rootfs gets mounted
    - Fixed permissions of all the symlinks
    - Fixed Busybox/sqlite installation when using the Hacker custom kernel
    - Optimized the 'Disable SPCM' build.prop tweak
    - Optimized the default build.prop tweaks
    - Added 'Outdoor mode' to display settings (sunlight screen mode toggle)
    - Added mod to Disable apk signature check & possibility to install older version of apk over new version
    - Fixed su.d script permissions
    - Many more minor optimizations & fixes!
    [B]DPCA V.3.0 Deodex MOD Edition FINAL:[/B]
    - Added 'Display scaling' option under Settings -> Display
    - Added 'Touch key light duration' option under Settings -> Display
    - Added 'App lock on recents panel' CSC tweak option
    - Added 'Mobile data usage counter on notification panel' CSC tweak option
    - Updated Sqlite3 binary to 3.12.0
    - Updated SuperSu to 2.71
    - Updated Google Play Store
    - Re-added TCP4 connection build.prop tweaks
    - Re-added Disable SPCM build.prop tweak (SPCM app killer)
    - Fixed Quick reply for the Samsung Messaging app
    - Fixed Gear VR
    - Added automatic Busybox/Sqlite install su.d script (automatically installs BusyBox & Sqlite3 when needed & automatically recognises if it can be installed in system-less mode or in system-mode)
    - Optimized the installation script
    - Misc. changes & optimizations
    [B]DPCA V.3.0 Deodex MOD Edition RC1:[/B]
    - Upgraded to DPCA firmware (build date March 11th) (with Android security patch 2016-03-01)
    - Re-added 'Remove high volume warning' mod
    - Added 'Universal Multi window mod' (all apps supports the Multi window function now)
    - Re-done the 5 way reboot menu (you don't have to tick two times on reboot anymore)
    - Added Galaxy Labs app (from Galaxy S7) (this allows you to remove the app drawer in Touchwiz, and test out more beta features from Samsung in the future)
    - Changed to another BusyBox binary (that's compatible with Synapse)
    - Added BusyBox cleaning su.d script 
    - Updated Sqlite3 binary to 3.11.1 & optimized the sqlite3 su.d script
    - Updated SuperSu to 2.70 RC
    - Updated Samsung Music & Samsung Game Service to their latest version
    - Updated Google Play Services, Play Store & WebView to their latest version
    - Added various CSC tweaks, such as: 'disable sms to mms auto conversion', 'extra screen capture quick toggle', 'enable Sava/restore of messages in Samsung messaging app'
    - Fixed 'Hide password' CSC tweak
    - Device name shows now the correct name
    - Corrected battery information for both S6 & S6 Edge models (under Settings -> about device -> battery information)
    - Added Multi-user build.prop tweak option
    - Removed Ultra Power Saving mode menu entries (they will come back when you flash the Ultra Power saving mode add-on from the Aroma pack)
    - Disabled Context survey mode (The survey mode sends anymous information to Samsung)
    - Enabled Message sheduling in the Samsung Messaging app
    - Enabled Split view mode in the Samsung Messaging app (when holding your device horizontally)
    - Enabled Message notification reminder in the Samsung Messaging app
    - Enabled Meta edit in Samsung Music app
    - Disabled the motion/gesture features at default (made an add-on for these in the Aroma pack)
    - Enabled floating keyboard for the Samsung keyboard
    - various fixes & optimizations
    [B]DPBK V.3.0 Deodex MOD Edition BETA 3:[/B]
    - Added G920F & G925F DPBK Stock kernels (Stock kernels are now compatible again with SuperSu 2.68 Beta)
    - Updated to SuperSu 2.68 Beta 
    - Added latest HackerKernel (v13-Fixed) for G920F & G925F by (@thehacker911) and removed the Space X kernels
    - Made many optimisations to the Sqlite3 & Log cleaner su.d scripts (removes much more log files now, and Sqlite3 runs on every boot up now)
    - Set the correct SE Context label for app_process64 in installation script (IMPORTANT!)
    [B]DPBK V.3.0 Deodex MOD Edition BETA 2:[/B]
    - Updated to DPBK firmware base (many new app version numbers in this firmware compared to DPB8)
    - Added option for Space X G920F kernel
    - Choose between system-less or system-mode SuperSu (only for Adam kernel)
    - Added G925F Edge kernel (Space X) (when selecting the Edge model this kernel gets automatically flashed) (also SuperSu get installed in System mode with this kernel)
    - S/L/K Korean G920/G925 models should also work now (Not tested out)
    - Re-added 5-Way reboot menu mod
    - Re-added default 0.5 animation scales mod
    - Removed the warning in the Aroma installer under the Fingerprint scanner option (about the 5.1.1 bootloader, becuase it isn't relevant anymore with 6.0.1)
    - Updated Google system WebView & Google Play Services to their latest versions
    - 'Add secondary symbols to Samsung Keyboard' CSC tweak fixed partly (works only when using Engish (US) language on keyboard)
    - Added ScrollCapture apk file to the ROM, to get the Smart capture function working
    DPB8 V.3.0 Deodex MOD Edition BETA 1:[/B]
    - First Marshmallow beta build!


    @Winb33 - For the Mega 1032 fonts & Emoji font packs!
    @Chainfire - For SuperSU
    @aggression22 - For finding/fixing the Dual-sim messaging bug in the CSC tweaks

    And ofcourse all the Beta testers!!

    How-to Install:

    Install Marshmallow bootloader & modem and install custom recovery:
    - Install the correct MM bootloader & modem for your model with Odin (see post #5 of this thread)
    - Make sure that you have an working TWRP custom recovery installed
    (This trips your KNOX warranty counter!)

    Install the ROM
    - Copy the ROM & Aroma add-on package zip files to your internal of your Phone
    - Reboot to recovery mode (TWRP)
    - Do an Data/Factory reset first in your recovery
    - Start the installation of the ROM
    - Optional: flash the Aroma add-on package, to install missing components or extra add-ons (You can do this anytime!)
    - Reboot
    - Enjoy the Rom! :D

    See Post #2 for Aroma Add-on Package 3.3, for most of the Samsung apps and functions that got removed from the ROM & some more customization options. So that you can choose which feature/app you want to have back!

    Download links for:

    XtreStoLite 3.3.1 FINAL
    G92xF/FD/I/T/W8/K/L/S Universal Deodexed Mod Edition

    ROM DPDP V.3.3.1 FINAL Marshmallow: (640MB)



    MD5: 6ec38e839642eeb319715f60f1a43872

    (check the MD5 of your download before flashing)


    See Post #2 for the Aroma Add-on Package 3.3 (Marshmallow version)

    See this post for the latest Flashable Odin Modems/Bootloaders for the G920F/I & G925F/I models.

    If you like this rom, feel free to donate.
    (or use the Donate button in my signature)

    XDA:DevDB Information
    XtreStoLite Universal Deodexed Mod Edition, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

    ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Marshmallow
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 3.3.1 MM FINAL
    Stable Release Date: 2016-05-12

    Created 2015-05-27
    Last Updated 2016-05-12
    Aroma Add-on Package

    XtreStoLite Deodexed Aroma Add-on Package 3.3.1 FINAL
    Marshmallow 6.0.1 G920/G925 F/FD/I/T/W8/K/L/S version

    Choose which Samsung App or feature YOU want to have in the XtreStoLite ROM

    Aroma Add-on Package 3.3.1 FINAL Details:

    - You can use this package to choose which Samsung app or feature you want back on your Phone!

    - You can flash this package at any time after flashing the rom, so you can first use the rom, and look what exactly you want to have back

    - Only choose what you will use, every option that you will install, will 'bloat' your system more and more.

    - ONLY the things that you select are being installed with this package, it's only for the add-ons that are listed below (you have to flash the ROM from post #1 first!)

    - TIP: When flashing this package hold the list bellow besides it, so that you can see the special notes about every add-on.
    Aroma Add-on Package Contents:

    The following Apps & Features are included in the XtreStoLite Aroma Add-on Package:

    ★ S6 Edge features
    ★ Samsung AllShare/WiFi-Direct/S-Beam/Screen-Mirroring
    ★ Samsung Baby Crying Monitor
    ★ Samsung E-Mail app + Exchange support
    ★ Samsung Extreme Power Saving & Emergency Mode
    ★ Samsung Finger Print Scanner support
    ★ Samsung Gear Manager & ANT+ support
    ★ Samsung Gear Fit Manager & ANT+ support
    ★ Other Smart Watches/bands support (ANT+)
    ★ Samsung Multi Window full-support
    ★ Samsung Quick Connect (available from the Notification panel)
    (Also needs the AllShare add-on to be flashed)
    ★ Samsung Wallpaper Picker
    (This fixes the FC's in Settings -> Wallpaper etc.)
    ★ Samsung SBrowser (internet browser)
    ★ Samsung SCloud
    (to get the Scloud backup/restore function working you need to also install the Samsung E-Mail app)
    ★ Samsung SFinder (available from the Notification panel)
    ★ Samsung SHealth app
    ★ Samsung SMemo
    ★ Samsung SPlanner
    ★ Gear VR (virtual reality) support
    ★ Smart Switch (to copy over things from your previous mobile device)
    ★ Theme Manager
    ★ Samsung SPrint support
    ★ Samsung SVoice app (flash also the TTS add-on to get voice feedback)
    ★ Samsung TTS and Google TTS voices
    ★ Samsung AccuWeather Widget (including the Weather daemon)
    ★ Samsung Fonts (Nearly 1000 different system fonts, thanks to @Winb33)
    ★ Samsung Flipboard Briefing (My Magazine)
    ★ Samsung App Store + Samsung account support
    ★ Samsung SmartRemote (IR app)
    ★ Samsung Voice Note (voice recorder app)
    ★ VPN connection support
    ★ Samsung Clock Widgets
    ★ Samsung Gesture features (that are normally under Settings -> Advances features)
    ★ Samsung Assistant Menu (floating buttons for different functions)
    ★ Samsung Smart Manager (extended version with 2nd page, and App Lock!)
    ★ Samsung Easy Mode (+ Easy Mode widgets)
    ★ Samsung Headphone shortcut notifications in the notification drawer
    ★ Samsung MirrorLink
    ★ Samsung Live Wallpaper Picker
    ★ Samsung Test Mode applications (which you can access with secret codes from the dialer)
    ★ Samsung Private Mode
    (Works ONLY with the Stock kernel!!)
    ★ STK (Sim Toolkit) app
    ★ ColorBlind (Settings -> Accessibility -> Vision-> Color adjustment)
    ★ Google Search/Now system app (to give you the 'OK Google everywhere' function in the Google Search app)
    ★ Hearing Adjust
    ★ 9 Extra Camera Modes (from the Galaxy App Store), The apk's get copied to your internal memory, so that you can install them manually!
    (including the new YouTube Live Broadcast camera mode!)
    ★ NFC Smart Card Services
    ★ Samsung Help function
    ★ Samsung Dictionary
    ★ Samsung Magnifier
    ★ Beep 'n Go Barcode Beaming Service & app
    ★ Samsung SideSync
    ★ Samsung Video Editor & HighLight Video service
    (Also needed to play the recorded slow motion videos)
    ★ Miscellaneous Accessibility functions
    (This addon contains: Access Control, Import/export accessibility settings, S-Talkback & Virtual Softkey)
    ★ Smart Manager (Junk cleaning tool & Anti-virus)
    ★ Video Telephony
    ★ Smart View
    ★ S-View cover support
    ★ S7 Game launcher plugin
    ★ S7 Wallpaper picker (stock S7 wallpapers)
    ★ S5 Toolbox add-on
    ★ S7 System Sounds

    Customization add-ons:

    ★ Viper4Android + Dolby Atmos (sound optimization)
    ★ Android Marshmallow 6.0 Launcher (original Android Marshmallow launcher)
    ★ 3 different Emoji system fonts (iOS, Samsung & Stock Android KitKat emoji's) (works with Google/Samsung/SwiftKey etc. keyboards)
    ★ Enable/Disable system-wide Ad-blocking
    ★ Option to choose between the Google Messenger app & Samsung Messages app

    Theme options:
    ★ 'Good Lock' New Samsung SystemUI interface!
    ★ 3Minit Battery MOD
    ★ Remove Gray statusbar when using the Power Saving mode

    [B]DPDP XtreStoLite Aroma add-on Package 3.3.1 FINAL:[/B]
    - Updated SuperSu to 2.72
    - Updated Google Keyboard
    - Updated Google Music
    - Updated Google Photos
    - Updated Google Search
    - Updated Good Lock SystemUI
    [B]DPDP XtreStoLite Aroma add-on Package 3.3 FINAL:[/B]
    - Updated all add-ons to firmware base XXU3DPDP (build date April 22nd)
    - Updated S-Browser to latest version
    - Done the mods with the latest Apktool
    - Added 5 more Google apps (installing these will remove the Samsung equilevant app)
    - Added Easy Setup apk to 'Quick Connect' add-on
    - Added Easy One hand mode apk to the 'Different accessibility' add-on
    - The Google Now launcher add-on removes the TouchWiz launcher now
    - Misc. fixes & optimizations
    [B]DPD8 XtreStoLite Aroma add-on Package 3.2 FINAL:[/B]
    - Updated all add-on to firmware XXU3DPD8 (build date April 4th)
    - Deodexed and mods done with the latest tools
    - Fixed Kerberos Exchange E-mail connection with Samsung E-Mail add-on
    - Fixed Gear (fit) Manager add-on installation (this add-on didn't got installed when selected with previous version)
    - Fixed *#0*# dialer code in Service menus add-on (should work on all models now)
    - Added option to flash back the latest stock kernel (including system-less SuperSu)
    - Added SystemUI mod option to disable the gray status bar when using the Power Saving mode
    - Added option to flash Viper4Android without Dolby Atmos
    - And added option to remove Viper4Android + Dolby Atmos, and restore stock Samsung sound optimization files (Sound alive)
    - Disabled pop-up about 3rd party apps when installing the Smart Manager
    - Updated Good Lock SystemUI
    - Updated Samsung (Internet) Browser
    - Updated Google Search
    - Updated Samsung Store
    - Updated Samsung Billing service
    - Updated S-Memo
    - Updated S-Voice (and added S-Voice Weather service)
    - Updated Samsung TTS
    - Updated many more add-ons to the latest ones (from the latest G92xI EPD2 firmware)
    - Updated AOSP Emoji font to the Android N DP2 one
    - Updated iOS Emoji font to iOS 9.3 (includes all emoji's now!)
    - Added iOS 9.3 Flat Emoji option
    [B]DPCS XtreStoLite Aroma add-on Package 3.1.1 FINAL:[/B]
    - Updated Smart Manager 
    - Updated Samsung E-Mail app
    - Updated Samsung Memo notition app
    - Updated Samsung Push service
    [B]DPCS XtreStoLite Aroma add-on Package 3.1a FINAL:[/B]
    - Fixed permissions of symlinks for the following add-ons: AllShare, VPN, S-Voice, Baby crying monitor, Hearing Adjust & S-Print
    IMPORTANT: Re-download & re-flash aroma add-on package 3.1a if you have flashed one of these add-ons with Aroma add-on package v.3.1.
    [B]DPCS XtreStoLite Aroma add-on Package 3.1 FINAL:[/B]
    - Re-based on DPCS firmware (build date March 24th)
    - Modded the S5 Toolbox add-on to show max. 12 apps in the toolbox (instead of 5)
    - Updated S-Health
    - Updated Flipboard briefing (previously My Magazine)
    - Updated Peel smart remote
    - Updated Gear Manager
    - Updated Google Search
    - Updated Google Messenger
    - Updated Samsung Store
    - Updated Samsung Theme Store
    - Fixed VPN add-on (Added IPSec compatibility)
    - Fixed Edge features add-on (no black screen anymore)
    - Re-added Good Lock System UI option (and updated to the newest version)
    - Optimized installation script to be better compatible with Xposed framework (you don't have to re-flash Xposed after flashing this package anymore)
    [B]DPCA XtreStoLite Aroma add-on Package 3.0a FINAL:[/B]
    - Removed 'Good Lock' SystemUI option (doesn't work good on the S6, gives an black screen at boot sometimes)
    - Updated Adblock hosts file (to Apr. 1)
    - Added FireWallM.apk file to the Smart Manager to enable/fix the Call/message block option in the Smart Manager
    - Updated Google Messenger app to v.1.8.034
    [B]DPCA XtreStoLite Aroma add-on Package 3.0 FINAL:[/B]
    - Added Viper4Android + Dolby Atmos sound optimization add-on
    - Added 'Good Lock' new SystemUI interface option (brand new interface by Samsung for: lockscreen, statusbar, notification panel & recent apps screen)
    - Added S7 System sounds add-on
    - Fixed su.d scripts permissions in installation script (IMPORTANT!)
    - Fixed Story service FC
    - Updated Theme store
    - Updated S-Browser
    - Updated SideSync
    - Updated Galaxy Store
    - Extended the Smart Manager add-on with an second page with the following things:
    [LIST][*] App lock
    [*] Call/message block
    [*] App permission manager
    [*] Notification manager
    [B]DPCA XtreStoLite Aroma add-on Package 3.0 RC1:[/B]
    - Updated all add-ons to firmware base XXU3DPCA (build date March 11th)
    - Added S7 Game launcher add-on
    - Added S7 Wallpaper picker add-on
    - Added S5 Toolbox add-on
    - Added various motion gesture features add-on (Settings -> Advanced features)
    - Updated S-Health
    - Updated SideSync
    - Updated all extra camera modes
    - Updated Google Search
    - Updated Samsung S-Memo
    - Added Gear Manager to the Gear VR add-on
    [B]DPBK XtreStoLite Aroma add-on Package 3.0 Beta 3:[/B]
    - Re-added 3Minit Battery Mod
    - Fixed deletion of Samsung messaging app (when selecting the Goolge Messenger app)
    - Fixed SE context label of /system/bin/app_process64 (IMPORTANT!!!)
    - Changed 5-Way reboot menu title to 'XtreStoLite Reboot menu' 
    [B]DPBK XtreStoLite Aroma add-on Package 3.0 Beta 2:[/B]
    - Updated all add-ons to DPBK firmware base
    - Re-added and updated 1060+ system fonts mod
    - Re-added and updated iOS & AOSP Emoji's
    - Re-added Samsung Push service to the S-Cloud add-on (this add-on should work again now)
    - Updated Google Search app
    - Re-added Private Mode add-on (Stock one, install Xposed framework to get it working)
    - Combined the 'Kies' & 'Smart Switch' add-ons, this fixes the Smart Switch desktop app support
    - Added Tasks panel to Edge features add-on
    - Added some missing apk's to the S-cloud add-on
    [B]DPB8 XtreStoLite Aroma add-on Package 3.0 Beta 1:[/B]
    - First Marshmallow beta build

    Download links for:

    Aroma Add-on Package 3.3.1 FINAL:

    G920/G925 F/FD/I/T/W8/K/L/S Marshmallow 6.0.1 version

    Aroma Add-on Package V.3.3.1 FINAL for DPDP: (1 GB)



    MD5: 114e0de36f59bf9baa8095e561f68953
    (check the MD5 of your download before flashing)


    If you like this rom, feel free to donate.
    (or use the Donate button in my signature)


    (flash with Odin under the BL button)

    (flash with Odin under the CP button)

    (flash with Odin under the BL button)

    (flash with Odin under the CP button)

    (flash with Odin under the BL button)

    (flash with Odin under the CP button)

    (flash with Odin under the BL button)

    (flash with Odin under the CP button)

    (flash with Odin under the BL button)

    (flash with Odin under the CP button)

    (flash with Odin under the BL button)

    (flash with Odin under the CP button)

    (flash with Odin under the BL button)

    (flash with Odin under the CP button)

    (flash with Odin under the BL button)

    (flash with Odin under the CP button)


    DOWNLOAD LINK FOR THE CORRECT G920/G925 F/I/T/W8/K/L/S TWRP 3.0.2: (works with above bootloaders)
    DOWNLOAD (thanks to @arter97
    (flash with Odin under the AP button)
    (T/W8 users can also use the FI TWRP version)

    @edgarf28 :
    Model SM-G925F
    Model name GALAXY S6 Edge
    Country Poland
    Version Android 5.1.1
    Changelist 5758468
    Build date Mon, 07 Sep 2015 11:26:52 +0000
    Product code XEO

    Yep, already started development of v.2.4 based on this firmware, since yesterday. ;)

    Edit: oh and btw, it will include an fix that prevents that apps gets killed automatically in the background (SwiftKey, Viber, SetCPU etc.)

    See attached screenshot, all my apps are running for 13 hours in the background... Including SwiftKey.

    So SwiftKey (and all other keyboards) will always pop up instantly with the next update!
    Is the developer dead? No updates, no answer, no feedback.

    No, I'm (& the ROM) is not dead...
    I only took an break from Android developing, did go on vacation to Greece 2 weeks ago, and was sick for an week after my vacation...

    Now I'm waiting on an new G925F un-branded OIx firmware, before I start working on v.2.4.
    (QOI7 is an branded and older firmware, and COI1 is only for the G920F right now)
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