[Rom][G920/5 F/FD/I/S/L/K/T/W8]CRISSCROSS GOES MARSHMALLOW V7.0[18/6/16][6.0.1][DPF1]


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Apr 15, 2012

Working only on G920/5 F/FD/I/S/L/K/T/TW8

Model SM-G925F
Model name Galaxy S6 edge
Country United Kingdom / Ireland
VersionAndroid 6.0.1
Changelist 7884513
Build date Thu, 26 May 2016 02:55:11 +0000
Security Patch Level 2016-06-01
Product code XEU

- Removed Alpha Channel from status bar icons
- led indicator settings in settings/display
- option to deactivate systemapps
- Increased number of favorite apps in settings from 9 to 12
- Disable Signature Check for apps
- activated mod for installing Old App Versions Over Newer
- added Toolbox with 12 Apps support Thx @daxgirl
- Wifi CallingSupport
- VoLTE Support
- extra toggles for Toolbox, MultiWindow and Screenshot
- Private Mode fix
- removed Low Battery Warning Notification
- rounded recent panels
- "only once / always" to select when the task application "Open With"
- Open all toggles in the Quickpanel with swipe from on right side of the screen (without double swipe)
- next alarm on lockscreen on crisscross statusbars
- outdoor mode in settings-display
- removed grey statusbar color if battery safe mode is activated
- set default animation speed of all three values to 0,25
- Touch key duration time (Settings-display-touch key duration time)
- Display scaling options in settings (SETTINGS-DISPLAY-DISPLAY SCALING)
- RomControl app (GitHub Sources here)
- Disabled EndCall Screen
- 6 toggles in a row in expanded statusbar view
- Disabled wake up by plug in/out of usb
- Removed high volume warning by using headphones
- All apps multiwindow
- 5-Way reboot menue
- screenrecord and screenshot to reboot menue
- Deodex file system
- Busybox V1.24.1 included
- Custom boot- and shutdownanimation (thx @pas2001 for his great work)
- Aroma manager (thx @amarullz)
- SamsungSans Light Edition V2 with 21 fonts (thx @Winb33)
- CSC feature to enable second site to smartmanager
- CSC feature to enable call block menue in settings
- CSC feature to enableshuttersound option in camera settings
- CSC feature to enable callrecord
- CSC feature to disable SMS to MMS converting
- CSC feature to show NFC Icon if on in statusbar
- CSC feature to enable Auto Data connect to send and recieve MMS without Toogle Data
- CSC feature to enable Black list in Stock Message settings
- CSC feature to enable Save/Restore in Stock Message
- CSC feature to force smartmanager secure to save
- CSC feature to enable Support Recent App Protection
- CSC feature to show Data usage in expanded SystemUI near brightness auto check
- CSC feature toenable LTE only mode
- build.prop tweak for a faster boot- and shutdown animation
- build.prop tweak to remove ring delay
- build.prop tweak for power saving
- build.prop tweak to remove Knox from About Device info
- build.prop tweak to remove no sim card in phone message
- build.prop tweak to fix black screen after call
- build.prop tweak for google DNS
- build.prop tweak for 3G signal optimization
- build.prop tweak for internet speed enhancement
- build.prop tweak to fix app issues
- build.prop tweak to improve voice call clarity
- build.prop tweak to disable android device check in
- build.prop tweak for faster scrolling
- build.prop tweak for Wifi fix that dont forget passwort

No Kernel in Rom !!! Install your own !!!


- Wipe menue
---- Option to Wipe Data

- Model menue
----- Choose your model

- Choose CSC from a list menue
---- Choose from 68 CSC

- Debloat menue
---- Choose from 33 Debloat options or dont debloat for all apps like stock rom

- Rom mods menue
---- Add Multiuser to rom

- Sound mods menue
---- option to add ViperV4A to rom
---- option to add sound boost 12,5% up for headphones and speaker if using ringtones or media

- Choose statusbar menue
---- option for stock statusbar
---- option for CrissCross statusbar with many many mods

- Choose from ported apps
---- option to add S7 wallpapers (replace S6 wallpapers)
---- option to add S7 ringtones and notification sounds (add only the new ones which not exist)
---- option to add S7 Galaxy labs (you find in advanced features in settings menue
---- option to add S7 Games launcher
---- option to add C5 Smartmanager

- DPI Changer
---- option to choose between 640, 560 and 520 dpi

- Statusbar icon changer
---- option to choose different signal icons
---- option to choose different wifi icons
---- option to choose different wifi/data arrow icons
---- option to choose different data icons
---- option to choose different alarm icons

- Bootlogo changer
---- option to choose between 46 boot logos

- Boot- and Shutdownanimation changer
---- option to choose between 14 bootanimations
---- option to choose between 27 shutdownanimations

OPTIONS IN RomControl:

Many many features in Rom Control App coming with rom
Features see in attached screenshots

Changelog V7.0 and discussion starts here

If you on a MM rom or firmware do the following steps:
1. Download latest Rom Zip from Download Area
2. Put Rom Zip on SD-Card and a custom kernel of your choice if not already installed.
3. Press Install in TWRP and choose Rom Zip file. Aroma starts. Follow the steps there.
4. Install custom kernel if not already installed.
5. Reboot and setup your rom.

Dont select install su on twrp when it asks! NO TIME !!![/SIZE]


Working TWRP from @arter97 for all models

Redistribution, modifying files used within this project's file or integrating with other projects are prohibited with no exceptions other than my projects.
Making mirrors, re-uploading to another servers are also prohibited with no exceptions.
If you will do something which prohibited ask me for permission. If you do without my permission i will report you

@amarullz for Aroma installer
@Xda For this great platform
@pas2001 for his great work. He build my new boot and shutdown animation. THX THX THX
@gharrington for 3MinitBattery
@stangdriver44 for boot and shutdown animations
@Chainfire for Superuser
@Winb33 for 1032 fonts
@zhuhang for viber4
@mrRobinson for AdaWay
@chamonix for BetterBatteryStats
@tdunham @daxgirl @DaOldMan @tamirda

If i forgot someone, sorry, pm me and i add you

Feel free to keep this work alive and if you want support me with a coffee


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Sep 24, 2014

ok , I'm sorry I did not read well. I am now on MM 6.0.1 with baseband g925FXXU3ZPA1 , After you install your rom , I have to install sboot.tar ? thank you


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Apr 15, 2012
ok , I'm sorry I did not read well. I am now on MM 6.0.1 with baseband g925FXXU3ZPA1 , After you install your rom , I have to install sboot.tar ? thank you
You didnt read post1 right.
If you coming from 6.0.1 flash the twrp which you can download here. It works with 6.0.1 bootloader. Its modded by chainfire. After that you only have to flash rom.

Please people read how to install. Its important and i dont want to explain how to install everyone !!!

Gesendet von meinem SM-G925F mit Tapatalk


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Jan 15, 2011
Flashed the Rom. However there are few problems :
1. The moded TWRP won't recognized my OTG drive, so I had no other choice but Flash the old BL and old TWRP and install the Rom
2. Some Samsung Apps disappear : email app, Galaxy Store etc.

All the rest works OK


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Nov 25, 2006
asc1977 my friend this is empty rom? not moded nothing?
(i saw only boot custom and debload)
i want to know cause im now on diffrent rom that was port to g925f ...so will this fits beeter to our phone or will be same? whats your opinion?
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Jul 10, 2008
Maybe it's a simple and stupid question but I've looked everywhere on twrp and couldn't find the option of ticking the "do not install su". Where is it? Plus please tell us in mounts the cache and delvick are ticked but system is not. Should we leave it like this? Thanks. Good to see crisscross on mm BTW
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