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[ROM][G950U/W][V2/V5_Bootloader][EDL_Method][7.0] DREAM ROM BRB1 V1.0[Mar 08, 2019]

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    Welcome to the DREAM ROM!

    Disclaimer1: Your warranty is now void!
    I am not responsible if you brick your phone. or kill your sd card!
    I cannot be held responsible for smoke, fire, water, or other natural disasters.
    So please READ the entire OP!

    Disclaimer2: Always make a backup first!! Flash at your own risk!
    Clean install is always recommended, but at minimum make sure you wipe!

    - Based on G950USQS2BRB1.
    - Fully De-odexed.
    - Rooted.
    - BusyBox.
    - Little Debloated.
    - Samsung Knox Removed.
    - Safestrap v4.08 B02

    1. Make sure phone is plugged into computer and run Reboot_EDL.cmd phone will reboot to a black screen.
    2. Make sure device installed on computer as Qualcomn 9008 device as EDL.jpeg shows and note the com port number.
    3. Run Recover_System.exe you will have to input your com port number it should tell you the com number in command prompt dialog at the top.
    - If it does not tell you you are probably not connected correctly.
    4. Enter the number when it ask you not the COM letters just the number.
    - The process will take awhile and may seem to hang for a few minutes just let it go unless it hangs for hours.
    5. When process complete on command window force reboot to Download Mode using combo (Bixby + Volume Down + Power @ Same time).
    6. In odin flash BL_ENG_BOOTLOADERS_G950U_V2/V5.tar.md5 based on your bootloader version.
    7. Boot into safestrap and wipe data.
    8. Reboot.

    1. Extract the system.img from the EDL 7z file and push to sdcard.
    2. Reboot to safestrap recovery.
    3. Go to install section and select img, choose the system.img from the file picker.
    4. Flash to system.
    5. Wipe data.
    6. Reboot.

    Android File Host

    Thanks to:
    @jrkruse & @klabit87 for all kinds of stuff.
    @Kamrys for the V5 EDL files.
    @SuperR. for SuperR's Kitchen
    @Chainfire For SuperSU.
    @Stericson For BusyBox.
    Samsung for the locked bootloader.
    Last I remember he still had the arm folders in his Rom he gave me the info on assays kitchen(Not sure if I spelled it right). I've also seen s8+ roms(cough cough) that were fully deodexed and no arm folders even ran it on my s8 once but the resolution was too small for me lol.

    Also got your pm but nothing was in there lol
    Its been doing that. Said i was gonna try it sometime this weekend. Been having weird no signal issues i believe is related a baseband issue if i reboot be3n taking upto 5 min to get signal. I did a lot of blind tweaks after my last weeks reset and thinking i did something wrong

    ---------- Post added at 06:16 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:10 PM ----------

    Um i know we dont really talk about telegram much any more but i got a semi private group with a few well known fellars but if any of you where to join you could probably ask cyborg or a few others for tips. It can be off topic a lot. And be quiet but the idea i had was to pretty much gather up as many devs and legit sources on unlocking and other mobile related services and have a big collaboration group. We all talk dev related everynow and then
    But if any of you want to join your more than welcome
    Do we have to follow from step 1 and then flash rom?
    Or we can boot into safestrap and flash TWRP as I already have EDL safestrap as per Jrkruse post

    folow from step 1.
    if you want flashable zip from safestrap recovery its uploading and will post the instruction when finished.
    Sounds cool, just when things was getting boring for the s8, OP, just curious how did you deodex your framework, I have been able to deodex with assyad kitchen but will only boot with the boot folder in framework?

    I made this ROM long time ago, I remember that I used superR's kitchen!
    Will check later.