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[ROM][G95X][BRE5] Project CnC S9 Port

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Mar 1, 2017
Mexico city
Thanks for fixing bugs mate really loving how smooth this rom is compared to the others, new bugs discovered the screen saver keeps turning off the option when being turned on secondly camera live emojis crash the camera app and lastly is the device gets warm on normal use and noticed this only on version 5.0 and the always on display is sorta broken in terms of brightness and double tap doesn't work, and lastly the phone has a sudden crash and reboot which broke google accounts,these are the bugs so far mate and a million thanks for the rom it's just soooo smooth hope this post helps, cheers.
Live emoji had never worked but giving them a look , AOD and the heating seems to be the CRED base will make a test buiñd with CREF and check it out , phone is google or Samsung ?
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Mar 1, 2017
Mexico city
<b>Project CnC s9 Port 6.0</b>
<*>Rebased to lastest BRF3/CREF firmware </*>
<*>Added quick apps in settings </*>
<*>Added misc apps section </*>
<*>Fixed double tap on AOD </*>
<*>Updated NX kernel</*>
<*>integrated goodlock (it can be found on quick apps section)</*>
<*>Updated modded hosts</*>

Telegram support

And yeah I realize BRF8 was just released will work on it once I finish note 8 and s8 ROMs :)
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Aug 9, 2013
I installed this beautiful rom. Very impressive. It s so smooth. Let s see about battery life. Thank you dev! :))
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Sep 14, 2016
Mate i found out what is causing the YouTube video lag it happens when a video is played above 480p without earphones or headphones plugged in the video stutters and i dont mean buffering i mean stutter so yea once headphones is unplugged the video starts to stutter again this happens only on video quality above 480p

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    Well after working on my first project CnC Rom ive decided to get in the train of S9 Ports so after a lot of learning and fails ive finally gotten myself to make this S9 Port for you guys

    this shouldn't do anything bad to your device but im not responsible form anything that may happen to it, Remember to always backup your efs

    • Based on s9+ ARCC firmware with march security patch
    • debloated a lot of samsung apps
    • 30+ options to debloat apps
    • Option to choose between some google apps or samsung apps
    • mod to remap bixby button to google assistant (this will make it recognizable for other button remmaping apps)
    • added viper4android
    • Reboot to recovery
    • Dolby Atmos
    • option to choose between SuperSU or Magisk
    • NX kernel included
    • build.prop tweaks
    • OMC csc selection with all omc csc
    • CSC features added
    • option to choose Ios or Samsung Emoji
    • option to choose between stock touchwiz launcher GRX touchwiz, lawnchair or Pixel P Launcher
    • Adaway
    • option for Zeormod camera
    • 1120 fonts mod

    • s9 Camera not working
    • intelligent scan not working
    • AOD not reading touches

    Lastest Version link

    Telegram Support

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Project CnC S9 Port, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S8

    ROM OS Version: 8.x Oreo

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 4.0
    Stable Release Date: 2018-05-12

    Created 2018-03-21
    Last Updated 2018-03-20
    <b>Project CnC 5.0</b>
    <*>Rebased to lastest BRE5/CRED firmware </*>
    <*>Added outdoor mode </*>
    <*>Fixed issues users were reporting </*>
    <*>Added google framework when installing phone </*>
    <*>Internet tweaks</*>
    <*>Updated baseband to lastest CRED</*>
    <*>added hosts installation to adaway option</*>
    <*>Updated CsC selection </*>
    <b>Project CnC 2.2</b>
    <*>added reboot to recovery</*> thanks to grouxho and ambasadii
    <*>included fix for headphones in rom</*>
    <*>added fingerprint after reboot</*> thanks to ASC 1996
    <*>Updated NX kernel</*>
    <*>added camera modes</*>

    Telegram support
    Tested the rom out yesterday and this is one of the smoothest s9 port I have ever tried but one major bug when I go to register my irises the phone completely crashes for 5 secs and then turns on meaning I cant use my iris scanner is this a bug other people are facing too? Or is it just me. The version I faced this problem is 4.0. Otherwise this rom is quite stable and extremely smooth and please, please could we get a google drive link for the rom because android file host is super slow, and thanks for such a great rom dev,And pls update viper4android to

    Yeah , found what caused the issue , it is fixed now , new 5.0 will be available in an hour or so
    <b>Project CnC 3.0</b>
    <*>Rebased to ARD1 base </*>
    <*>Added mods to settings app</*>
    <*>added flash with low battery mod </*>
    <*>Updated NX kernel</*>
    <*>Updated viper to</*>

    telegram support link