[ROM][G988U/U1/W]SamPWND.R.Official 1CTKH

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Aug 1, 2020
Hi, I've got a factory unlocked g988u from ATT. Attached is the information on my phone. I don't know enough to be able to determine whether or not my particular phone is compatible with this rom. Please advise. Thank you.


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Hi, I've got a factory unlocked g988u from ATT. Attached is the information on my phone. I don't know enough to be able to determine whether or not my particular phone is compatible with this rom. Please advise. Thank you.View attachment 5183835View attachment 5183835

factory unlocked i assume you mean sim/carrier unlocked.. if so then that is not the same as being BL unlocked.

that said, if you unlock your bl then yes, its compatible. You can check out my bl unlock thread on here or go to the website https://www.sampwnd.com for further info.


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Aug 26, 2022
Hi, is sampwnd still unlocking locked bootloaders? I tried his website but it looks to down already. thanks.

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    sorry for posting here late haha.. but if you want rom before i update the main post then check out https://www.sampwnd.com/roms to download the latest version.. latest version was updated to official R base/release

    Please forgive me as it's been a long time since I made/posted a stock based ROM as I have been mainly doing security research and dealing more with source code last few years.

    Most seasoned Samsung users on here probably already know me and work that I have done so I won't waste time posting any "about me" stuff.


    This ROM is still WIP (although fully functional) and based on Android R Beta 1ZTJG for G988U/U1/W. An unlocked BL is required to flash this ROM! This ROM contains bootloader files specific to U/U1/W so likely will NOT WORK on hk/china/exynos/any other models that are not U/U1/W so don't ask. If you do decide to flash it and try it out and if your device blows up then that is your own fault.


    - Based on Stock R Official Build aka 1CTKH.
    - This is a full ODIN flashable tar (got tired of messing with update zips.)
    - Disabled vbmeta
    - Pretty heavily debloated
    - Deknoxed
    - Removed pesky recovery-from-boot.p which could cause boot loops.
    - Currently only has SPR csc mods (will mod others in next build)
    *Native call recording
    *App Lock (forgot to push the app though so will fix in next build)
    *Few others.. will post more specifics and give creds since I used the csc mod for exynos as a basis..
    - Probably forgetting something but thhis is an initial build so will add more as time goes..


    - Backup your data if you must since this will wipe device!
    - Put phone in dl mode and extract zip to pc somewhere.
    - Open ODIN and in AP slot navigate to SamPWND.R.Official-G988U.tar and flash it.
    - Device will reboot into stock CTKH recovery where you will wipe data and reboot.
    - Set up device and win?

    Root Steps (optional):

    Note: Custom kernels can be used since source code for R is released.
    EDIT: There is now a working recovery which will be available in post 2.

    - After you have flashed rom and everything is set up reboot back into DL mode.
    - Open included ODIN and in AP slot navigate to the 1BTHD_BL_and_Recovery_For_Root.tar. Make sure auto reboot is NOT selected. Flash it.
    - Once thats flashed hold vol down and power until screen turns off then immediately hold vol up and power until LOS recovery loads.
    - However you want to flash magisk (I included Magisk.v21.0.zip) flash it.
    * I do adb push magisk.zip /... Then select Install Update then install from root and select magisk zip...
    - Reboot back into DL mode.
    - In ODIN, select AP slot then navigate to 1ZTJG_BL_and_Recovery.tar and flash it.
    - Device will boot back into ROM and you will now be rooted!

    - Download listed below
    - I suggest you follow all the steps above and make sure it's up and running before installing TWRP.
    - Basically extract the twrp download below, create it into a .tar file using 7zip or something and flash it in ODIN.
    - adb works
    - file manager and other tools work
    - If follow above steps first as recommended, data will be decrypted.
    - mounts work
    - flashing works
    - backup/restore works
    - no issues found so far?

    Steps are really quite simple if you have ever used ODIN.

    Latest ROMS can now be accessed here:

    I will create a Telegram ROM support group soon where you can ask all the questions you want there (I am not at liberty to discuss unlocking bootloader on XDA so any questions directed towards this or the ROM itself then join the Telegram group for questions and ROM support.)



    Shout Outs:
    @topjohnwu for Magisk of course
    @jesec for LOS Recovery
    @afaneh92 base TWRP
    @Mentalmuso for direction on how to get TWRP to work on R!

    More shout outs coming soon!

    Downloads will be in post 2.
    i running this but waiting on ui 3.1 update <3 elli ilu lol =x :p

    dont update to 3.1 if it becomes available.. wait until a custom rom is made
    I want something for smg9860

    i dont own that model.. i dont like releasing for devices i cant test or troubleshoot issues on.