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[ROM][GB][GRK39F] Nexus One 2.3.6 stock v2 (deodexed, rooted, busybox)

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    Nexus One GB 2.3.6 GRK39F stock v2
    HTC Passion (mahimahi)

    cooked with dsixda's Android Kitchen

    my other ROMs:

    Nexus 4 ROM
    Galaxy Nexus ROM
    Nexus S ROM

    - deodexed
    - zipaligned
    - rooted with ChainsDD's Superuser
    - insecure boot
    - DarkTremor App2SD
    - BusyBox
    - BusyBox run-parts (init.d scripts support)
    - Trackball Alert framework
    - flash_image binary
    - sysro/sysrw scripts
    - HSDPA icon
    - SIP over 3G

    *supported partition filesystems: EXT2 and EXT3 (with stock kernel), EXT4 (with custom kernel)

    - rebuilt from original OTA files
    - merged App2SD and normal versions
    - removed dalvik cache to SD by default
    - readded TrackBall Alert framework support
    - update Superuser to v3.0.4
    - fixed pinch-to-zoom in Gallery
    - first release!
    - built from official GRK39F OTA update


    GRK39F v2:

    MD5: 09B79739243A35548AA67A70D5F01862

    GRK39F ROOT (stock - odexed, rooted):

    MD5: 6F925A909A7E5EBC2208A52C7C09702C

    GRK39F OTA (stock vanilla - untouched):

    MD5: 35C8B4B9FD22DD4CA19C5D026E74411D

    GRK39F SYSDUMP (boot.img + system.img):

    MD5: 019F48AC03838648EAD648E28E44586F

    download any file from default browser:

    View attachment 629051 by fireb33
    2.3.6 (GRK39F) is out, please let me know if all is ok!

    Same features of 2.3.4 ROM, but I removed Trackball Alert framework so framework files are almost untouched now (you can always add it using smali patch options in Trackball Alert app). I've added stock odexed and rooted version too.

    No wipe needed, just flash it over and enjoy :D

    EDIT: I confirm that wireless tethering still works :D
    GB Battery with %

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    I just installed this firmware in place of the latest Cyanogenmod nightly. I am very impressed! This seems to be perfect thus far. best of all is the 2-3 second call delay does not seem to be present.

    The things I am missing from the Cyanogenmod firmware are: quiet hours and an option to show battery percentage in the status bar. What would be really nice is if we could get the SuperCircleBatteryMod for this. Overall though this is a great daily driver.


    As for quiet hours, try using the app Sweet Dreams, works like a champ and for the battery status, you can use the one posted or make your own here. Just follow the directions, you'll need to unzip the ROM and extract SystemUI.apk found in /system/app folder and framework-res.apk found in /system/framework folder.

    As always, remember to do a nandroid backup.
    You mean 2.3.4?