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Oct 24, 2011
Frank will u continue making miui better? I think our miui development is not finished. We can continue making the last version even better in terms of battery smoothness mods and other stuff...

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    Hello guys!
    I must say that there were no negative comments in my direction, I in no way what I do not want to assign either the development itself, I'm just going to update every Friday MIUI and produce language pack, gm007 approved this thread.
    All thanks for MIUI porting to gm007 and his thread

    Read FAQ before posting
    -[11.03.12]MIUI_V10(gm007 Goodbye Release)

    •Deleted many no need files for MIUI in bin, lib, xbin (This no need bin's for MIUI from CM7, deleted files on 10mb)
    •Added missing MIUI xbin files
    •Optimized framework.jar (Added missing files for work bluetooth, fm and camera)
    •Fixed Long obtaining ip adress in Wi-Fi
    •Added modules from UC kernel
    •Clean in lib's - 7mb
    •Added missing codecs from CM7
    •Big cleand in etc
    •Add folders usr and vendor from CM7
    •Add wallpapers from MIUI V4
    •Optimized ROM size
    •Impover speed in open app's
    -MIUI updateds to 2.4.20
    -Add Skip Track via volume button
    -Latest changes in tweaks
    -Add max priority to Laucher (For smooth)
    -MIUI Update 2.4.6
    -Bluetooth headphones work
    -Small changes in tweaks
    -This all.
    -Add UC Kernel by Ganesh
    -Add net speed tweak
    -Add Smartrass tweak
    -Mic Fixed (Thanks to dhiru)
    -Add Gtalk app
    -Add Voice Dialer
    -Add Google Play
    -Updated to MIUI 2.3.23
    -GPS optimized
    -Add Virtuous OS script's
    -Add missing app's (Compass, Email..)
    -MIUI v4 Icon's
    -Vurrut V1
    -ICS Window Animation
    In Sleep: Governor: conservative, min:300, max:600
    In Wake: Governor: SmartrassV2, min:300, max:1000
    -MIUI Version updated to 2.3.16
    -Included Vurrut V4 Kernel
    -Add VMdirty
    -Change sysctl values
    -Add Priority to Laucher, phone, statusbar
    -Add extended status bar settings
    1-You need KPE or KPQ or KPU.
    2-Flash CF-Root or any Kernel (Vurrut or UC).
    3-Go to recovery, factory reset, wipe data cache, dalvik cache and battery stats.
    4-Install the rom.
    5-Reboot and leave the phone for 5 minutes alone then reboot again.
    What is working:
    -2G & 3G
    -BLN (Light buttons Notification)
    -All sensors
    -USB tethering
    -Video and Audio
    -Calls and Sms.
    - Internal and external SD
    -All MIUI UI and APPS
    -Hotspot (Use this)
    -Radio (Use This)
    Don't work:
    -Video Record
    -Some users are facing a Black light issue but here the solution: [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=23019431&postcount=2746"]Click[/URL]
    -Bravia Engine
    -Sony Xloud
    Flash in CWM!
    Follow my developement on facebook
    I don't know:), wait...

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    Sorry guys I was busy at work but the update tomorrow for sure.
    MIUI V10.5​
    -MIUI updateds to 2.4.20
    -Add Skip Track via volume button
    -Latest changes in tweaks
    -Add max priority to Laucher (For smooth)
    thanks JP.... were all very sad because you will leave making great rom for us....
    well if its not a big thing to ask.... maybe you can PM me... some pointers, instruction, guidelines on how you port the rom.... would really appriciate that..PLS... then ill research also... so then i will have a lot of pointers... thanks again for everything...

    I will post later how I ported miui ;)
    Good luck and if you need any help send me PM ;)
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