[ROM]GingerJane 1.3 - Sense 2.1/Gingerbread 2.3.4 - FixedSh*t Edition


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Feb 20, 2010
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Due to potentially dangerous problems with the Gingerbread leak radios, I have pulled my download links and suggest you go back to froyo.

As many know, I don't do real custom roms, just repacks of stock/leaks for users. Due to the bugs in the leak this is based on, I am unable to stay stock. I will do my best, and will list any modifications I use.

Wanna report a bug?
Did you do a data/cache wipe before installing? If no, please don't report.
Can you provide logs if it is a crash? If no, please don't report.
Did you do any modifications? New kernel? If yes, please don't report.

Otherwise please PM me details, with a log if available.

Community attributed fixes:
imoseyon kernel v2.5.3GBtest2 - Fixes Camera
PSCII.apk (chingy) - fixes usb mounting with custom kernels
HTCSetupWizard.apk (aiccucs) - No more activation of death
(if I missed you, please let me know)

To revert to MR1 Froyo (stock +ota) see http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1082114

Stock Kernel
For those wanting to undo the Camera Fix kernel

Usb Mounting
Activation Hang
Missing Market Apps
Bluetooth issues - Should be fixed, please report back.

Broke: (thanks arcanexvi)
Alarm Clock (for some) UPDATE Fix coming on next update
Wifi Tether ??? - Need details + logs before I look into it
Data loss after callls ??? - Need details + logs before I look into it
Extremely Slow charge - [COLOR="DarkOrange""]Need details[/COLOR] + logs before I look into it
Slow 4G performance - Disputed, no LTE where I live, need massive details
Unable to download new HTC widgets - NOT BROKE, server side issue, like in 2.1 leak for Eris.
Uninstalling an application causes it to "freak" - Need details + logs before I look into it

Gingerbread leak is alpha software, it is buggy. All roms based off it will be buggy. If this bricks your phone, it is your fault not mine. If it causes any harm, your fault not mine.


Radio flash is not needed if you are upgrading from another Gingerbread Sense rom. Data/cache wipe is recommended.

Installation Instructions:
Download both the ROM and the radio.
Rename PG05IMG_gingerradio.zip to PG05IMG.zip and drop it onto the root of your SD Card.
Put mecha_gingerjane_1_3.zip onto the root of your SD Card
Boot into recovery
Do a Nandroid Backup!
Perform a factory reset
Flash mecha_gingerjane.zip, DO NOT REBOOT
Using ADB, reboot to bootloader
adb shell
reboot bootloader
If in fastboot mode, switch to bootloader mode and allow the updated radios to flash.

Since everyone wants screenshots, here it is. It looks ...like...stock.
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Mar 23, 2011
Just out of curiousity, what would happen if one were to just flash this in the normal manner, w/o the additional ADB work.

I'm asking because I'm at work, where I can't connect to a computer, but I do the majority of my phone play. ;-)