[ROM]GLAMOURS5™ | Version 8 | KK | Latest S5 TouchWiz | 3. Nov

Does GlamourS5 ROM need more apps?

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Feb 27, 2014
No. Not at all I guess! :)
Phone ringing delaying depends on IncallUI.apk. Never greenify that!

Just removal of useless apps(for you) needed!

Yaah. I have said what I have done with V8!

And ROM is simply Awesome :D

thank you very much my friend
hope it say smooth with you :good::D
thanks again
and thanks for the developer too :good::good::good::good::good:;):)


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Nov 30, 2013
thank you very much my friend
hope it say smooth with you :good::D
thanks again
and thanks for the developer too :good::good::good::good::good:;):)

Welcome :)

Anyway! Make sure that you do a mega wipe(Including internel system,preload,sdcard.... you can do so by going to mounts and storage section in recovery) before flashing the ROM to avoid any type of bugs! ;)
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Feb 27, 2014
I have one problem!!!!
Any time any where I'm trying to change any ringtone for MSGs emails or anything it gives me an error!!!
Plus, anytime trying to sign in your samsung accounts the wifi stops working and needs to restart then everything is working!!!!
And if there any way to make unlocking the phone faster will be great as I'm hitting the unlock button and it takes up to 4 seconds to 8 seconds to open !!!
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Feb 27, 2014
i have another problem hope someone help me in!!
when my phone is locked and i recieve a phone call it takes up to 15 seconds to
the screen to turn on and gives me a ui for the call!!
beside the ringtone cut off and on with annoying way
can some one help ?!


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Dec 16, 2013
first thank you for your hard work ... but !!
the rom is very very very laggy , bugs , etc ...
why that ? I flashed your ver7 rom and ver8 prev over it
but the device is responding very very very late
I tried (Revolutionary S5 , S5SensationROMv7.0 , Blekota Note4 Lite I9300 V2 Aroma) and all is running smoothly , but your rom is very buggy , why man
by the way !! I am android pro user , and nowadays taking some android programming courses , the i9300 is my wife own
I own i9505 with the lovely last Imperium_v14.0 rom , everything is nice with no bugs , but with your rom on i9300 I can confirm that is very laggy
I know how to flash the roms , kernels , even modifying the build.prop , as I told you I am pro...
so please fix your rom ,,,,, thank you our pro dev
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Feb 27, 2014
I THINK The thing that makes this rom perfect
Is the agni kernel nothing more!!!
I tried to change to another rom but this rom does something
That prevents doing so!!!!
No matter, I try to open my phone after flashing the new rom
And it stuck on the logo
Tried every thing wiping every thing
The same, but with the official firmware
So I flashed the official software with mobile Odin
And changed to another s5 ROM
And works better in terms of ram and response!!! With Agni kernel!!!
Please developer make more improvements to your room
Like these messages that appear to advice to close the USB port or battery to prevent water problems!!!!!
Or the FC when changing any ringtone etc.
Thank you developer and I just wanted to share my experience with this room
May be some one make use of that
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Oct 15, 2013

No, I don't think is goning to develop any further on this because soon we will have a port of TW lollipop :) :) :).
And I think that lollipop is going to be more stable than ever and will continue developing that till no bugs are left :D
Thanks to all developers that keep our phones alive!


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Aug 10, 2013
No, I don't think is goning to develop any further on this because soon we will have a port of TW lollipop :) :) :).
And I think that lollipop is going to be more stable than ever and will continue developing that till no bugs are left :D
Thanks to all developers that keep our phones alive!
I don't think that it's possible

Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 3G with official Kitkat ;)


Jun 18, 2012
Just installed V7 of the S5 rom.

Huge battery drain on pure agni kernel (on default settings) and well as laggy ui due to LMK kicking in every few seconds. (Free RAM 50mb). Had to insta uninstall it and move back to CM 10.1

Any suggestions for the above problems?


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Jun 9, 2014
Just installed V7 of the S5 rom.

Huge battery drain on pure agni kernel (on default settings) and well as laggy ui due to LMK kicking in every few seconds. (Free RAM 50mb). Had to insta uninstall it and move back to CM 10.1

Any suggestions for the above problems?
Use boeflla kernels. They are stable and work good for me.


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Oct 30, 2012
Sorry for to many question.
Succesfully install this rom
But cant record video and view video. Have some fix?
Will tell more if have some other bug
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    [ROM]GLAMOURS5™ | Version 8 | KK | Latest S5 TouchWiz | 3. Nov





    How to flash guide!
    First I'm not responsible for your phone getting bricked or explosion in your pocket - whatever things could happen
    1. Do NANDROID and BACKUP of your important things
    2. If you're coming from 4.1.x then FULL WIPE is highly recommended!
    3. Always check MD5 of your downloaded zip file
    4. You will get this installed in three easy steps
      • Go to CWM based recovery by holding HOME- POWER - and VOL UP BUTTON
      • Choose "Install from sdcard"
      • Now click on GlamourS4 zip, work till installer finishes and you're done!


    Please respect my hard work and don't copy my work!


    Credits to:
    Mike1986 - for script in the initial release and partial in v3
    arsaw - giving basic help, lockscreen flare animation fix
    titooo7 - for motivating me to do something like that
    wanam - for aroma script
    Donators - motivating me by their contribution
    Samsung - for software :p
    Ricky310711 - for [SPEED]AgressionV2-RC1 Samsung Based 4.3 Speed/Performance Mod
    Gharrington - for android_policy mod
    Chainfire - for SuperSU(root)
    daoudedy - For keyboard
    And anyone who kept me motivated :)


    XDA:DevDB Information
    [ROM]GLAMOURS5™ | Version 8 | KK | Latest S5 TouchWiz | 3. Nov, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S III I9300

    ROM OS Version: 4.4.x KitKat
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.0.x

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 8.0
    Stable Release Date: 2014-01-26

    Created 2013-12-26
    Last Updated 2014-11-03​

    Changelog of 7.0
    • Added S5 system UI and Settings
    • Added all fixes from ArchiPort included Rotation fix
    • SystemUI false reports and icons fixed
    • Updated all apps to latest
    • Added my S5 theme, some elements still from Kiko0
    • Added Smoothness engine scripts
    • Added newest ArchiPort kernel from v5
    • Fixed S5 sounds
    • Added some more widgets
    • Reapplied kernel tweaks
    • Added Custom bootanimation support
    • Fixed build.prop
    • Added hovering menu button like on S5
    • S5 Task Manager tweaks
    • Boot should be faster now
    • Fixed Gallery FC
    • Added all S5 framework functions like bouncing Volume bar
    • Sound output should be better
    • Added Bravia Engine
    • Added Quick Connect etc
    • And some more things I couldn't remember

    Changelog of 6.0
    • Fully based on ArchiPort preview 3
    • Completely new base, from Note II (XXUFND3)
    • All S5 Settings options work, which means working toolbox, ultrasaving etc. :)
    • All Note 3 apps replaced with S5 apps, list later...
    • Complete S5 theme overlay - thanks Kiko0
    • Added Air Commander with compatible apps
    • Pull up app for quick shortcut, useful with aircommand :)
    • Continuing

    Changelog of 5.0
    • Fully based on MK6
    • Settings Brightness/Volume FC fixed
    • S Health FC fixed
    • Samsung Keyboard FC fixed
    • Corrected kernel installation
    • Corrected modem installation
    • Corrected EFS backup
    • Added possibility to install Note 3 quicksettings ( you will get false report of saving screenshot, not installed by default)
    • Added Googy Max 2 kernel
    • Fixed Note 3 camera install issue
    • Removed Christmas stuff from Aroma
    • One handed screen for all apps with swipe
    • Changed many values for tweaks and added some new scripts
    • Zipaligned everything
    • Resized weather widget from Note 3
    • Added option to choose between Note 3 and S3 Browser
    • All 4.4 Google content
    • Updated modem to MK1
    • Launcher FC's elliminated
    • Batterylife increased greatly
    • All Samsung Apps updated to Latest
    • Added Lenovo SuperCam
    • Choosable Browser and Launcher selection added!
    • S Health fixed
    • Fixed Apps tab's to Note3-like
      Much other things also.

    Changelog of 4.0
    • Framework and libraries based on MK6
    • Added MK6 Kernel and Modem
    • Completely changed Aroma, now over 40 customization options!
    • Smoothness engine, init.d scripts by Ricky
    • Changed OTA service
    • Added Call Recording
    • Added many-many apps to Aroma
    • Fixed SystemUI
    • Fixed recovery loop issue
    • Initial release of Note 3 Settings
    • Greatly stabilized performance
    • Readded X-Reality from Honami
    • All apps are based on latest Note 3 dumpfiles
    • Added Note 3 camera
    • Added CRT effect, on by default (who would dislike this o_O)
    • Sound Engine (AC!D)
    • Added Photo Editor
    • Launcher with hide option (thanks to Arsaw)
    • Watercolour effect!!! Enabled Flare effect in settings (thanks to Arsaw)
    • Disabled scrolling cache, etc. such tweaks
    • Note 3 Settings app for sure
    • And many-many more improvement in terms of battery and smoothess, it's really fast.
      Some other things i forgot, will be added here as I find out

    Changelog of 3.0
    • Completely new base
    • All S4 apps updated with Note3 ones
    • init.d tweaks
    • Lag eliminated
    • Superb batterylife
    • Tweaks
    • New Note3 apps
    • Removed unnecessary stuff
    • Polished builds.prop
    • Updated TouchwizUX
    • New Gapps added
    • Removed some apps, which were in previous builds
    • Service management changed
    • Added Smart Scroll and so on
      Look features for more stuff, this list is very long
    Changelog of 2.9.5
    • Fixed FC's
    • New Wallpaper added in Wallpapers from Note III
    • S-Translator fixed
    • Lag eliminated
    • Good battery life
    • Tweaks
    • Fixed aroma, now installs right things
    • Removed unnecessary stuff
    • Polished builds.prop
    • Added new S Planner

    Changelog of 2.9
    • Fixed E-mail app
    • Should boot faster
    • New X Reality engine - better than bravia engine
    • Added XPERIA Honami keyboard
    • Based on XXUFME7
    • Effects/Filters in camera app now work
    • All apps updated to latest
    • Added lots of scripts and optimizations
    • Scheduled zipalign
    • New wallpapers in wallpaper picker
    • Removed S4 settings app
    • Custom bootani support
    • Updated SuperSU and busybox
    • Added xperia framework for fast installation of apk from xperia series
    • Resized Optical reader
    • Removed unnecessary stuff
    • Fixed brightness and volume sliders FC
    • Added Sketch app from Honami
    • A bit more improved governors
    • Newest Kikoo framework-res.apk mod
    • Voice recording by default
    • Modified CSC
    • framework2.jar tweaks
    • Tweaked build.prop
      few things more which i couldn't recall

    Changelog of 2.5
    • Galaxy S3 camera by default
    • Lockscreen wallpaper shortcut fixed
    • S4 Settings app
    • New wallpapers
    • More tuned framework-res.apk
    • Removed Interactive tutorial
    • Added all S4 sounds
    • Added perfectly resized weather widget
    • Added SRadio
    • Added Keyboard
    • Added AROMA installer script by wanam
    • S-translator fixed
    • Greatly improved bootup time
    • Added all widgets
    • Added S Memo from S4
    • All apps updated, content from latest MEA dump
    • New additions in Settings like crispier text
    • New WM audio drivers
    • E-mail, Exchange app from S4
    And some other things I can't remember

    v7.0 bugs
    - Might random reboot (kernel problem)
    - Apps might close with no error sometimes (kernel problem)
    - When phone is off phone will turn on without pressing a thing (kernel problem)
    - In call when Air Gestures are ON you might get Gesture Services stopped working then simply delete GesturesService.apk
    - For some Wi-Fi hotspot doesn't work?!

    Conclusion: Samsung didn't give us KitKat and developers compiled a kernel by themselves and yet it's booting so we have to bear those bugs when we want KitKat :/
    Try this: http://forum.xda-developers.com/devdb/project/dl/?id=6522
    Should be more stable

    v6.0 - updated
    Every ROM have also few or many bugs:
    • Rotation doesn't work (ArchiPort bug)
    • Homescreen might flicker sometimes (Also ArchiPort bug)
    • Wi-Fi might not work for all (again due to port)
    • Quicksettings got bug when turning off Mobile Network
    Be continued...

    But yeah overall it's stable and smooth enough for everyday use.

    Fix for perfect use:
    I now have a fully functional v2.9 ROM which is light and without fc or overheating after 2 days of playing around with the ROM. These are the steps and perhaps someone may also find these steps useful. First of all make a copy of the zip you downloaded so you don't have to waste your time downloading this big file should you mistakenly delete what is important. Do a nandroid backup of your phone as usual. Download Ultimate Kernel Cleaning Script for GS3 and CrossBreeder and transfer to your external card.
    1) Replace SecSetupWizard in Apps folder of the zip with the functional one provided earlier in v2.5
    2) Replace the SecLauncher3 in the Apps folder of the zip with the one provided by Henry in the TW fix.
    3) Copy the sws jar file from the TW fix by Henry to the framework folder of the zip.
    4) Replace the SecContactsProvider.apk and SecContacts.apk in the Apps folder of the zip with the ones from v2.5
    5) Transfer your zip to an external card
    6) Boot to Recovery and flash Ultimate Kernel Cleaning Script for GS3 followed by a Full wipe (data, cache and dalvik or a Megawipe)
    7) Flash your zip
    8) Reflash Ultimate Kernel Cleaning Script for GS3
    9) Flash Crossbreeder and reboot. Done

    Optional to make the rom lighter before flashing. Please be sure of what you are doing.
    10) Delete unwanted apks from the Apps folder of the zip
    11) Delete unwanted language stuffs from the sipdb folder. Please know what you are deleting stands for. en is En = English, fr = French e.t.c
    12) Delete unwanted sounds from the subfolders (alarms, ringtone and notifications) in the media folder. Do not touch the UI folder (User interface folder)
    13) For transparent weather: Delete weatherwidgetdaemon and accuweatherphone2013 from the zip and then copy the accuweatherphone2013 for XXUFME7 mod by Arsaw to the Apps folder of the zip.

    Hope new members who are new to flashing and starting with HLv2.9 Rom will find this useful. :fingers-crossed:


    And his MODPACK: http://d-h.st/1n4

    Those are FAQ for old versions, new ones will be up soon :)
    Q: Getting Status 7 error in recovery?!
    A: Try to redownload, probably md5 mismatch, therefore something is corrupted in file

    Q: Getting many Force Closes after install ROM, what to do??
    A: Try to wipe data, could fix those

    Q: MEGA won't run on phone?
    A: Here you go: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.flyingottersoftware.mega&feature=search_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwxLDEsImNvbS5mbHlpbmdvdHRlcnNvZnR3YXJlLm1lZ2EiXQ..

    Q: Enormous battery drain, what to do?
    A: Try to uninstall unnessary apps, keep monitoring them with Better Battery Stats, reflash ROM?

    Q: Smart Scroll not working...
    A: Yes a lot of users reported that, will be fixed in next version

    Q: No mirrors?
    A: Will be added in 2 days

    Q: Couldn't set lockscreen wallpaper
    A: Yes this is to unknown framework related issue, workaround is to set from Settings -> Screen -> Wallpapers

    Q: Videorecording doesn't work
    A: Yeah it's known bug, this camera is in experimental phase, will be flashable from Aroma next version
    There's a way to restore stock app: Open system/app in Root Explorer you will see there 2 SamsungCamera files.
    The one you need to modify is SamsungCamera.apkk change it to (.apk) , put extension .bak to SamsungCamera2.apk if you want to get S4 camera back. You can't have more than one app with same resources.

    Q:S Health is force closing
    A: Remove S Health from multi-window manager

    More will be added soon :)

    Wifi FIX:
    add this file to system/etc/init.d using root explorer http://www44.zippyshare.com/v/76014834/file.html
    Some screenshots, this theme is 99% completed, ported from S5, started it from scratch!