[ROM] Google Pixel Experience for J320A/J320AZ/J320AG

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    Today we have the first custom rom for our device... Google Pixel Experience.

    WiFi fix
    Flashlight fix
    Hotspot fix
    Android O fonts and emojis
    Pixel boot logo and animation
    Pixel launcher
    Pixel sounds
    Google Assistant
    Google dialer
    Google contacts
    Google messages
    Install from unknown sources by default
    Various build prop, init.d and csc tweaks
    An ugly method used apply a color scheme and preferred status bar layout

    Shouldn't be any bugs left

    Once your up and running swipe right and setup your Google app. And make sure you have a weather card setup so your weather widget works.
    This is a little more battery unfriendly than stock, but this phone is so good it's still not bad.

    @linuxct - Pixel Launcher port
    @Pranav Pandey - Pixel Live Wallpaper port
    @Setialpha - GoodLock smali edits
    @tdunham - TouchWiz mods index (and all devs that contributed)
    More to come

    To do:
    Theme settings menu similar to Pixel
    Proper icon overlays
    (Might take a while for these)

    Flash with FlashFire, and do complete wipe.
    Installer will reboot a few times while it sets everything up, please don't touch the screen until it's fully booted.


    Change log:

    8/27 - Changed Pixel launcher to @amirz's launcher
    Added auto csc installer
    Added proper list view settings
    Updated base files to AQG1 (July/2017)
    Updated Google apps
    7/27 - Updated Pixel launcher to DP4
    Updated apps
    Fixed Google app detach script (no longer auto updates)
    Changed settings back to original category view (temporary till I figure out errors with the list view)
    7/16 - Themed remanning apps with round icons
    Fixed Xposed permissions (you can install new modules again)
    Changed power menu to "americano" style (need to change font color)
    7/13 - Downgraded Google app (to enable Assistant)
    Added Assistant enabler (Xposed module)
    Added my personal wifi to auto connect (enjoy if you're in the neighborhood)
    Added ability for a "runonce" script in system root (executes before init.d and automatically deletes itself)
    Changed settings to list view (more pixel-like)
    Updated apps
    Moved dialer fix to init.d (safe to wipe now)
    Switched to square notifications (more pixel-like)
    6/11 - Fixed Google Camera
    Fixed Google Dialer
    Activated Google InCallUI
    Updated Pixel Launcher
    Added Google Contacts
    6/4 - Added frp disabler
    Added statusbar and recent apps mods
    Added round icons
    Added live wallpapers
    Added Google clock
    Updated a few Google Play apps
    Updated camera app (still fc)
    Removed one bad init.d script
    Updated SU binaries
    6/2 - Initial release
    TWRP for J320A?
    Xposed error. And what version is the Google app you downgraded to? I accidentally let it auto update

    Dang it, looks like I messed up Xposed permissions.
    Clearing Xposed data thru settings will fix it, but you'll have to reenable all modules... And while your in settings just uninstall updates for your Google app ;)

    ...btw I'll post a fixed zip by the end of the weekend.
    New version in op now, shouldn't have any Gmail issues.
    Added Google Assistant (used old Google app and Xposed module)
    Changed the settings to a list view (not pixel like yet)

    It reboots a few times now during install, and it's best to not touch anything until it's fully booted.
    And if you want to keep Google Assistant you need to disable updates for Google app in play store. (Or use the init script from op)

    My only attempt at theming updated Google apps with round icons failed this time, not sure what changed but I'll straighten it out

    Just noticed that the notifications settings FC ( hope you like the default) :(

    FYI I'm unhappy with the sloppiness of this release, but it's been so long I felt the need to push it out to you all in it's current form.

    I'll update the description in the AM

    ...I want to figure out the hotspot issue but haven't had a chance yet. Hopefully next time
    Hello, congratulations on the beautiful work. Could you tell us how you modified the action panel/Quick Settings?

    Samsung's replacement systemui, goodlock.
    And I borrowed some features from this mod