[ROM][GPL] CELB Froyo 4.4(Plain CM Rom)3-22-11

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    This is a Pure Cyanogemod rom built from source.
    My kernel source
    My CM Vendor tree source
    The rest of this rom is compiled by Cyanogenmods source.

    I want to say thanks to JCase, Vinylfreak89, and Decad3nce for all the ideas they have been throwing around with me to get some of this stuff working. Thanks to Darchstar for some of his libs from the hero to get some other stuff working in this rom.
    I also want to say thanks to Grdlock for his free rom hosting site.
    Final Cm source for froyo
    Removed CPUBoost(I still recommend downloading from market lol)
    Removed link to cpuboost in settings
    Notification lights should now override the battery charger light when the screen is off
    Added bftb0's undead call fix(Awesome work bftb0)
    CELBFroyo4.4 Download Here
    Mirror link
    Resynced with cm source 1-21-11
    Fixed broken link in settings to cpu settings
    CELBFroyo 4.3
    Change settings link for cpuboostpro and remove cpuboostlite with this.
    Resynced with cm source.
    For those cpuboost pro usersChange settings link to cpuboostpro for celbfroyo4.2
    Resynced with cm's latest source
    updated to CPUBoost
    Download CELBFroyo 4.1 here or at my folder on Grdlocks site.
    If you've purchased CPUBoostPro from the market you can flash this to remove cpuboostlite and change the link in settings to use the pro version ChangeSettingsToCpuboostpro
    Resynced with cm's latest source
    CM added rotary lock screen option
    upgraded to CPUBoost v1.5
    Download CELBFroyo 4.0 here or at my folder on Grdlocks site.
    Resynced with cm's latest source (timestamp bug fixed)
    using cfsv9 kernel
    updates to cpuboost include screen on/off profiles
    Download 3.9 Here
    Mirror link for 3.9
    Resynced with cm's latest source
    Added custom cpu settings in phone settings.(Written by me since i'm trying to teach myself java)As of now the settings do not stick on reboot but you can change the governor and cpu speeds.
    Removed CIFS support from kernel as it was causing a boot error for a few people
    Download 3.8 Here
    Resynced with cm source to get the new lockscreen controls and whatever else has been added. I'm busy so I'm gonna call that one sentence a changelog.
    Download 3.7 Here
    Since were changing kernels here a dalvik-wipe is a good idea. Data wipe should not be needed.
    Resynced with cmsource as always
    added new CFSv8 kernel which has lots of improvements mainly the "smartass" governor
    also some updates to the interactive governor.
    loop support added in without breaking froyo apps2sd.
    "smartass" governer set as default
    Download 3.6 Here
    Mirror Link Thanks eklipze
    Google appsThanks again eklipze
    Resynced with Cyanogen source....their were some changes to email.apk...hopefully fixes the problem please report...cm changelog says to wipe email app data one time and re enter your account info...Download 3.5 Here
    Fixed wifi I broke in 3.3(sorry i'm getting sloppy here)
    Download 3.4 Here
    Here's another link till Grdlock's site is working again http://www.multiupload.com/5G1HKKXWX1
    I forgot to change wlan.ko for new kernel if you have already flashed 3.3 you can just flash the CFSV6Decafuct kernel from my same folder on Grdlock site to fix it.
    Resynced with cm source
    Widget toggle bar added in notifications drop down screen
    Added my new CFSv6 kernel
    Kernel should fix camera freezing when backing out of gallery
    GrdLock's site back up so download V3.3 HERE!!!!
    Fixed soft key lights that i stupidly messed up in 3.1...if on 3.1 just flash the fix CELBFroyo3.2 Mirror Link
    Gallery to camera freeze fixed(worked fine on my limited testing)
    3d gallery rotation improved greatly(can't promise no problems but pretty stable now)
    Resynced with cyanogen source(which pulled the fixes for the above problems)
    Grdlock's romhosting site is down so I had to put this one on multiupload Download CELBFroyo 3.1Here
    Bone head move...messed up the softkey lights flash this to fix http://www.multiupload.com/FCIN8R6M0R
    Flash this to replace 3DGallery with 2DGallery
    Flash this to replace ADW with Launcher2
    This is a NO wipe update. Please flash the google apps package after flashing the rom update.
    Resynced with cyanogen source(Cyanogen incorporated the 2.2.1 update into thier source)
    Graphic glitch on status bar fixed
    LED Notifications menu cleaned up to only show the colors that our phones support
    Finally broke down and went with 2d gallery. 3d just doesn't cut it at this point.

    Fixed Trackball notifications(You can now choose between green led, orange led and the white trackball for notifications. For the trackball just choose white in the notification settings under settings/cyanogen settings/user interface/led notifications.)
    Resynced with google source
    More updates to the camera from cyanogen(including continues autofocus)
    Wifi Fixed that I broke in 2.7
    Lots more cyanogen improvements
    Updated to my CFSV5 Kernel
    Increased bitrate for video recording in attempt to improve video quality(still not sure it helped at all cause I don't do much video'ing)
    Resynced with Cyanogen source
    Updated to my latest CFS kernel V4
    Camera with touch to focus as well as video camera with touch to focus(credits to cyanogen)fixed
    Fixed wifi I broke in 2.4(Sorry)...If you don't want to download 2.5 you can flash this to fix the wifi. Its the same kernel in this rom and will fix the wlan.ko for wifi too.
    Upgraded to CFS kernel with lots improvements(Thanks Decadenc3 for all the help)
    Resynced with CM Source

    Run these commands from command prompt
    adb shell rm data/data/com.android.providers.telephony/databases/mmssms.db
    adb shell rm data/data/com.android.providers.telephony/databases/telephony.db
    After that reboot to recovery, flash the 2.3 rom with no wipe, flash the google apps as usual, then reboot.
    Fixed MMS that i broke in 2.2
    Reverted to camera.apk that worked in 2.1(no touch screen to focus)
    resynced with source as always
    V2.2 (WIPE NEEDED)
    GPS fixed
    Touch screen to focus in camera(enable in camera settings)
    resynced with Cyanogen source(a few new settings to play with)
    This rom is pretty stable now. I'm not getting any random reboots and all major functions are working.

    Google Goggles working with new google apps package...be sure to download it from link below
    resynced with google source
    optimized png's
    Led notifications can now be set in cm settings.(You can only use the green and orange colors because that is all the hardware supports.) Credit to Darchstar who wrote this in for our hardware. I did have to change the file to make softkey lights work but Darchstar did all the hard work on this.
    New boot animation from cyanogen

    usb tether fixed(adb and mounting to computer will not work after usb tethering without a reboot)
    resynced with cyanogen source

    Fixed market that I broke in 1.8
    Camera work at 5Mp with Preview screen!!!! (Credit to Cyanogen for fixing camera and Darchstar for his libs till I can make my own.
    Resynced with source
    Audio improvements

    Metamorph working
    Resynced with cyanogen source
    Audio Equalizer added by cyanogen under cyanogen settings
    Disabled trackball and led notifications till i can get them to not stick
    A few minor speed tweaks
    Led does not stay on.
    Trackball flashed for notifications. Trackball will get stuck on if you get a notification while the phone is asleep. Using notiled app from the market will turn it off for now.
    Resynced with Cyanogen source
    Fixed rotation problems in gallery

    Fixed Froyo apps 2 sd
    Resynced with Cyanogen source

    Fixed su that I broke in 1.3
    Market fully working
    Camera partially working with Darchstar's camera libs(Thanks again)
    SuperUser app downgraded to working version

    Market mostly fixed(still missing handcent but showing most others)Please report any missing apps.
    Please wipe data/davlik and flash the updated google apps for froyo in my folder for market to work.
    Possible GPS fix. Feedback on this would be appreciated. Ran for 30 minutes no problems for me.

    Stock MMS fixed thanks to Dec3dance for lots of help with this one
    Wifi fixed
    Resynced with cyanogen source
    As per Grdlock's request I'm going to put a link to my folder on his site and then you can just scroll down and choose what you would like to download.

    Conap's Folder Download 3.0 HERE

    Please flash the googleapps for froyo after flashing rom. This google apps will fix the google goggles issue...
    Google Apps Make sure you get the mdpi file.

    Thanks to Darchstar for helping me with a lot of stuff on my 2.1 rom and I have used a few of his libs that I was using in that rom for this one too.
    Also Thanks to Decad3nce for helping me with learning more about making my own vendor tree and his help here in this thread too....

    If you want to use the old 2D Gallery I have made a flashable zip file that will remove the 3D Gallery and install the 2D Gallery...just flash in recovery. Download 2dGallery.zip here.

    A simple thanks is just as good but if your inclined to do more feel free to

    Ok long time coming guys but here's an update....

    Final Cm source for froyo
    Removed CPUBoost(I still recommend downloading from market lol)
    Removed link to cpuboost in settings
    Notification lights should now override the battery charger light when the screen is off
    Added bftb0's undead call fix(Awesome work bftb0)

    This will probably be final unless i missed some major bug or something....happy flashing this sub par UNOFFICIAL cm rom lol.....
    I got a failed installation with that new openGLS1.1 zip file you posted. Anyone else having this problem?

    hmm...ok i'll have to take a look at that.

    Edit: Sorry about that guys looks like I forgot to edit the updater-script when i moved the files. I tested this one and it works ok...sorry again for the trouble.

    Fixed the link for cpu settings and updated with cm source. I will keep updating this rom till cm releases their final version of cm6 which I have no idea how long that will be.
    hey guys I threw together a little app to change the Verizon Wireless carrier name on the status bar/lock screen for those who want to put something else there. It should work with any rom and also probably other rooted phones(have only tested eris and inc) check out the thread here