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Features: bold = unique for HenseMod
  • based on latest RUU 2.14
  • Root, Su, Busybox
  • Zipaligned
  • Removed all sense widgets except clock, for replacements, download "widgets" attachment
  • Removed crap like twitter, stocks, flickr and other apps you can find in market
  • Fully deodexed
  • Faster GPS
  • Beats Audio
  • Extended Quick Setttings
  • Ultimate HTC Keyboard (swype/ultimate prediction/customize UI)
  • Fully themed or stock UI
  • Custom wallpapers
  • Custom ringtones and alarms (CM7 / sense mix)
  • No annoying boot sound
  • Sense 3 lockscreen and sms (bubble style)
  • Newest market and htc flashlight
  • No recent apps in notification bar
  • OC Kernel
  • EXT4 Link2SD support, click here to partition your SD card to get more memory for apps (1GB)!
  • Press volume buttons to wake the screen
  • Advanced reboot menu
  • Circle Battery
  • Flying transitions
  • Ubuntu font
  • CM7 Calculator
  • Smooth scrolling app drawer
  • Updated google apps (maps, youtube, search, market)
  • CM7 Voice Dailer
  • Faster SD read speed
  • File Expert, the best file explorer and app manager
  • More memory, even without Link2SD, due to the debloating and partitioning zip
  • Nexus bootanimation
  • ROM Manager support, install from there if you don't use the partitioning and check all the options!
  • Build.prop tweaks

How to install
  • Charge phone up to 100 %
  • Make titanium backup
  • Backup your sms list with sms backup and restore from market
  • Put rom on SD card
  • Reboot in recovery
  • Make nandroid backup
  • Format system
  • Factory reset
  • Wipe battery stats
  • Install rom zip
  • Reboot phone
  • Follow Setup
  • Launch No-Frills CPU Control: smartass2 / 200 Mhz / 768 Mhz, check set on boot
  • Set up Link2SD, see topics over here
  • Reboot for safety
  • Restore titanium backup and restore sms
  • Go to a typing box, long press and choose input type, then HTC_IME mod
  • Enjoy!

Credits to elf2009, fuss123, jikanturu, jmztaylor, dsixda, crypted, 0McD00 and others I forgot.​


  • old-versions.txt
    335 bytes · Views: 1,194
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Made a second version, will update start post and will add screenshots.
Some simple mods: ubuntu font and percentage circle battery.

I would say, stay tuned! After the update, I wont post updates because I've got exams.

But feel free to change systemui.apk, htcresources.apk and framework-res.apk.
Google is your friend!
Post your working mods then in themes section.


It's already in themes section, check it there, but it's a bit slow.
I wont make a new rom for just a boot animation lol.


Senior Member
Aug 4, 2008
I have just install HenseMod 2 and i must say it looks smooth
New battery icon looks great i hope this rom won't slow down after a day.
Keep modding but not too much XD, Nice job.
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  • 4
    Data works, so does WiFi. Everything is great besides gps not working.

    Edit: tried d33ps1x fix and gps still doesn't work :(
    Sent from my HTC_A510c using XDA

    gps works perfect i am not having any issues with it yet ...but still then

    modpunk gps fix:All the current HTC phones have a Qualcomm GPS chipset. The firmware running on the radio processor handles SUPL support. You just need to tell it the SUPL server and port. So the config should look like this:

    If SUPL is set it will automatically get the gps fix from the SUPL server. There is no need to install and run the 'gpsfix' tool.

    Newbie over here :)
    So I just swapped rom from Jikantaru XE to your's, I am very happy with my choice... But I have a problem.

    I am used to the 900 mb storage tweak from the XE rom... how can I get this on your rom, I desperately need it.
    How does link2sd work, and what is the difference between that and the data2sd/data2whatever tweak?

    Please, please explain!
    Here's some tutorials on:

    Setting up CM9 with lots of extra space
    Setting up LINK2SD to use with it
    Setting up so Rom Manager works with it for NANDROIDS

    LINK2SD's benefits over Data2SD are covered in two of those threads.


    Fully deodexed!!

    what does that mean?
    thank you, but there are only 65 Mb internal memory :(

    it is safe cpu 801Mhz ?
    You won't need more than that if you use Link2SD on your apps.
    Well it didn't work again after following your instruction. the screen stuck at quietly brilliant for about an hour. It's weird how it's only with Sense roms though...

    EDIT: it boots up but the it keep hanging and I can't get past the setup screen.. have you already overclocked it from 600MHz? Or is it 600MHz when you start?
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