[ROM][GT-I9300][KK 4.4.4]🌟S5 Sensation ROM™ v11.0🌟[AROMA][OTA][MAY05,2015]

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Jul 9, 2016
Hi I have samsung s3 i9300 and am new to this so I did everything, root the phone, put rom to my sd card and when I flashed it my phone won't boot up again, I only get to samsung s3 screen, ??? What do I do now???
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Nov 6, 2011
Hi there ive tried installing this rom 3 times, everytime it stops boot at the samsung logo, waited an hour. flashed using latest TWRP, wiped everything, and during the installation process. tried both kernals.
no luck, any ideas? Thanks. tried searching this thread, others seemed to have some problem couldnt see a fix. thanks.


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Apr 8, 2015
Amazing rom. But i have to uninstall for it have a lot of bugs. samsung account not work, and automatic time zone not work for me too :crying:


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Feb 25, 2010
i'm installing this rom using twrp.
after flashing it, i wipe the cache. the problem is that my s3 stay always with the galaxt s3 splash loading logo....and won't load this rom.
what can i do?

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    [ROM][GT-I9300][KK 4.4.4]🌟S5 Sensation ROM™ v11.0🌟[AROMA][OTA][MAY05,2015]


    I'm PROUD to present this ROM to all of you guys..this is ULTIMATE TRANSFORMATION of your GALAXY S3 into GALAXY S5..Now ENJOY, FEEL and EXPERIENCE GALAXY S5 in your hand with S5 Sensation ROM™.

    -based on latest Arter97 back-to-n00t ROM here.And DN4 ROM here.
    -Stock Android KitKat 4.4.4
    -Knox Free



    JustArchi, Kryten2K35 and qaraqumus for porting Note 2 KitKat 4.4.2 ROM for our beloved S3
    Arter97 for porting KitKat 4.4.4 ROM for our beloved S3
    Arsaw and Albe95 for porting S5 and Note4 features and apps
    ETeam member for inspirations and DN4 ROM
    Amarullz for Aroma Installer
    Chainfire for SuperSU
    Lord Boeffla and Arter97 for Amazing Kernel
    Aonja and Romancy for his awesome work in modifying Settings app
    Anindya JV and for porting S5 mini apps
    bulldog74ts for providing S5mini resources and fixing ND3 ROM rotation bug
    Vishnu PV for great help and some suggestions
    Kik0o for some hint and suggestions
    Ayoubadri & thereassaad for compiling S5 apps
    Xperiacle for UPSM and Toolbox Manager
    supergrobi94 for Android Lollipop themes
    Amirbadi,MOKIAAA,angello2299,efevelasquez, xpmode, cool.gautam & boyheadkick for FAST creating Mirror
    Daniel Kng,Zedomax and savadam for video review
    jamespanget19, SignetSphere & igomyown as one of my Answering Machine;)
    Samsung for the device but not for the OS:p
    XDA community and Sensation users

    Please SUPPORT this PROJECT for more update and builds to come guys.
    Just press DONATE TO ME button under my Profile name.and its really highly appreciated.THANKS

    no0b26 ☆☆
    Morten Torstensen
    Bertram Műller-Myhsok
    Andrew Tennett
    Ivan Jimenez
    Edgar Mendieta
    Damien McPadded
    -tell me via PM if i forgot you,and to appear your name here.;)
    Change log

    Please read instruction on 3rd post

    Version 11.0 - May 05, 2015
    -improved performance
    -updated interface
    -removed sound option in power menu
    -replace Flipboard Briefing to S5 Magazine
    -added Clock in Notification panel
    -S5 Lollipop style notification
    -reduce Ram consumption

    Version 10.0 - April 01, 2015
    -base on latest Arter97 port back-to-n00t ROM
    -upgraded to Android KitKat 4.4.4
    -update to latest Android Lollipop interface
    -initial release.

    Version 9.0 - XXX

    Version 8.1 - March 23, 2015
    -added all updates from previous version
    -updated to Galaxy S5 Lollipop user interface
    -flat style colored bars Xposed modules included
    -modded S5 Lollipop TW Launcher w/ quick Camera launch features
    -all apps updated
    -improve stability
    -fixed some minor bugs from v8.0
    -corrected Rx_Tx_Configurations
    -added Boeffla Kernel v6.5 (Recommended)
    ● Implemented new equalizer profile "Flat", which resets the equalizer in Boeffla-Sound to neutral settings
    ● Toolchain change back proven to gcc 4.7
    ● Implemented new Boeffla-Sound equalizer profile "Googy-Max"
    ● Internal kernel busybox updated to version 1.23.1

    Version 8.0 - January 23, 2015
    -base on latest qaraqumus port NL1
    -added Dolby effect
    -updated all apps
    -added Boeffla Kernel v6.3 (Recommended)
    ● Kernel sources of n7100 kitkat kernel (update1) merged in
    ● Update zzmoove to version 1.0-beta5 for a bugfix
    ● Charging when device is switched off
    ● Internal Boeffla-specific hardening and bug fixes in startup- and controller scripts
    ● Update internal su to version 2.35
    ● Update exFat driver to 1.2.9
    ● Update the flash binary in the boeffla-kernel-reset recovery script, bump to version 3.1
    ● Rare issues with mounting external sd card for some users fixed
    ● New reset script V3 in boeffla-kernel-data folder, which does a more complete settings wipe
    ● Numerous internal optimisations and fixes

    Version 7.0 - September 7, 2014
    -FINISHED..view progress here.
    -included all update from previous versions
    -updated Category header TEXT & COLOR to S5 +1
    -fixed Aroma
    -fixed Lockscreen Weather info not showing
    -fixed Manage Accessibility FC
    -fixed Bluetooth sensitivity
    -fixed Cropping FC in PhotoEditor
    -added option to Add/Remove Keyboard Symbols in Aroma
    -added Roboto font - Thanks to KikOo
    -added Init.d & build.prop tweak option in Aroma - Thanks to Aonja
    -added Kernel options in Aroma
    ● Stock QS Kernel
    ● Boeffla Kernel - Thanks to Lord Boeffla for permission
    -Boeffla Kernel v6.1 beta4 +1
    ● Support for ppp widget app (allows external modems connected via OTG to work, e.g. 3g or LTE modems)
    ● Improvements for OTG-connected LAN adapters (DNS resolution now working)
    ● Configuration interface /proc/config.gz enabled
    ● Boeffla-Kernel startup script redesigned and improved
    ● Boeffla-Kernel internal busybox deployment now working completely fine
    ● Implemented security patch "futex-prevent-requeue-pi-on-same-futex"
    ● Added two more fixes (one on mempolicy tmpfs and one on CPU hot plugging)
    ● Removed some build tweaks to ensure higher stability
    ● Default zRam set to 600 MB if you start with fresh config
    ● Complete rebasing with n8000 KK kernel code
    ● Mali drivers updated to GT-N8000_SEA_KK_Opensource code drop
    ● Kernel code merged with Samsung n8000 kitkat kernel code
    Fixed Graphical glitches +1
    Fixed Wifi direct +1
    Fixed Screen mirroring +1
    ● Battery life significantly improved
    ● Udate to zzmoove 0.9-beta4 - Thanks to ZaneZam
    ● SSupport for external OTG connected webcamsadbd daemon fixed
    ● Ramfs updated
    -and many more...

    Version 6.0 - August 28, 2014
    -FINISHED..view progress here.
    -base in qaraqumus port NG4 - QSPNG4
    -added all updates from previous version
    -permanently removed Note 3 Settings app
    -enabled S5 Translucent statusbar
    -flashed this View attachment Patch.zip in recovery to removed Note 2 Phone app
    -fully ported S5 Shutdown menu
    -fully ported S5 Framework
    -fixed Aroma script
    -fixed Key Behavior option in Aroma
    -fixed Wifi Direct FC in Settings
    -fixed changing custom ringtone FC in Settings
    -fixed adding custom apps FC in lockscreen
    -fixed Lockscreen Custom app overlap Carrier text
    -fixed Lockscreen Wallpaper FC in Settings
    -fixed Lockscreen SPlanner widget
    -fixed Lockscreen Pin/Password alignment
    -fixed Screenwrite FC
    -fixed S5mini TouchwizLauncher issue
    -fixed Blank icon in Launcher after flashing
    -fixed Samsung sync
    -fixed Assistant menu FC
    -fixed Statusbar icons spacing (flash this to revert back to S5Layout)
    -fixed Optical Reader FC
    -fixed Alert Dialog button
    -fixed Alert Dialog divider
    -fixed Video player blury icons and buttons
    -fixed TextToSpeech
    -fixed Polaris Office FC
    -fixed SNote not working properly
    -fixed OTA Updater ROM ID
    -fixed Smart scroll for tilting device toggle icon thanks to efevelasquez
    -fixed S5 Photo editor not working properly
    -fixed Gallery slideshow not working properly
    -fixed Alarm clock not working when UPSM enabled
    -fixed Color adjustment FC
    -fixed Report button in Settings/AppManager/Running not showing correctly
    -fixed Group Play and Group Camcorder not working properly
    -fixed Clock FC when select ringtones -Thanks to Anindya JV
    -enabled Emergency mode in Shutdown menu
    -enabled Volume seekbar animation
    -enabled Download booster toggle
    -enabled Noise Suppression option
    -enabled Call recording
    -enabled Font in Settings app(Click 3DotMenu/EditQuickSettings and thick font)
    -enabled Homescreen Themes option in Settings app
    -enabled system and notification Volume seekbar in Settings app
    -added option to Add/Removed Data network mode in Shutdown menu in Aroma
    -added Touchkey light duration in Settings/Display
    -added Samsung Cloud in aroma
    -added ART from my previous version."EXPERIMENTAL"
    -added Polaris Office 5 in Aroma
    -added Adapt Sound
    -auto backup Efs
    -changed Lockscreen wallpaper to fullblack in UPSM
    -renamed SE for Android status "disabled" to "Enforcing"
    -updated Framework theme to S5 mini Framework
    -updated All apps to latest versions
    -and many more...

    Version 5.0 - August 3, 2014
    -base on latest NE2 build
    -added link for ArchiKernel v1.4 here. with STweak support.
    -fixed Aroma script
    -fixed Screen Mirroring
    -fixed white background in Stock S3Style key behavior w/ 3Dot Menu
    -fixed Samsung account
    -fixed Smart pause
    -fixed Sound Alive - Thanks to Anindya JV
    -fixed Alert Dialog - Thanks to Vishnu PV
    -fixed some applications icons in S5mini Launcher
    -fixed Lockscreen Particle effect size
    -fixed Lockscreen Carrier location
    -fixed read/write sdcard
    -fixed Kids mode installer
    -fixed S5 and S5mini Touchwiz Launcher
    -enable S5 Shutdown menu +1
    -enable Tinted Statusbar in Stock S3Style key behavior
    -added S5 Key behavior options in Aroma READ THIS FIRST LINK
    ● S3 stock key layout
    ● S3 stock key layout with 3Dot menu in all apps
    ● S5 stock key layout with 3Dot menu in all apps
    -added Modem option in Aroma (preserved baseband option included)
    ● I9300NEUGND1
    ● I9300XXUGNA8
    -added Stock S5 Touchwiz Launcher in Aroma (permanently removed swipe to MyApp features)
    -added Stock S5 mini Touchwiz Launcher in Aroma
    -added S5 mini Music player w/ working Allshare
    -added S5 mini Phone app w/ videocall support
    -added S5 mini Clock app
    -added S5 Clock widget in Aroma
    -added S5 STranslator in Aroma
    -added Car mode in Aroma
    -added AirCall Accept app in Aroma
    -added Gear support
    -removed Private Mode
    -themed Download application to S5
    -updated Aroma theme
    -updated theme on EasyOne Hand features
    -updated S5 theme
    -updated All Google apps
    -updated All Samsung apps
    -updated SuperSU v2.01
    -updated Samsung Apps now "GALAXY Apps"
    -updated Playstore to v4.9.13
    -and there's many more..

    Version 4.2 - July 15,2014
    -update patch for v4.0 up
    -Multitasking tweak
    -speedup performance
    -around 500~600MB RAM +1
    -400-500MB in normal stage +1
    -dual Note2+S5 Settings THANKS to Aonja
    -enable Network restriction toggle
    -7 lockscreen effects
    -added Oil paint lockscreen effect
    -added Torch menu on settings
    -added LED indicator option on settings
    -added App ops
    -added AirCall accept app
    -fixed facebook app sync
    -add 10 Toolbox apps shortcut in default
    -No random reboot at this moment
    -update notification toggle
    -update S5 wallpaper
    -OTA support app included
    -update OTA Updater app icon

    Version 4.1 - July 5, 2014
    -added OTA Update support (you need to download here to get v4.1.download and flash in recovery)
    -Using stock i9300 power profile values in framework-res.apk
    -Using ArchiKernel as default (which enables ZRAM and SWAP, Linaro 4.9.1 ArchiDroid optimised)
    -Enabled 256MB ZRAM on boot (/system/etc/init.d/01ZRAM (remove to disable)

    Version 4.0 - June 30, 2014
    -now in Aroma installer
    -added Ultra Lite ROM Options in Aroma
    -added S5 Camera in Aroma
    -added Air Command in Aroma
    -added "Android L" keyboard in Aroma
    -added 4x5 5x5 5x6 Touchwiz Launcher in Aroma
    -added S5 theme Easyonehand in all screen
    -added Full wipe data option in Aroma
    -added option to install SFinder and Quickconnect shortcut in Aroma
    -quadview Multiwindow
    -fixed some icons in 48dip
    -fixed smartscroll icon toggle
    -fixed Aroma
    -my personalize Aroma theme
    -disabled signature lock
    -speedup performance
    -Optimize RAM
    -build.prop tweak
    -updated SuperSu v2.0
    -updated all Apps in latest version
    -updated to latest ArchiKernel v1.2
    and a lot more...;););)

    Version 3.3 - June 15, 2014
    -update zip for version 3.2 only (no need to wipe data)
    -fixed lag issue
    -fixed statusbar GPS icon
    -fixed notification text after taking screenshots
    -added SFinder & Quickconnect notification shortcut

    Version 3.2 - June 14, 2014
    -backup your apps and do full wipe (recommended)
    -GPU & Performance tweak
    -updated apps
    -fixed WiFi hotspot
    -fixed WiFi Direct
    -fixed notification toggle
    -hide SuperSU & UPSM Manager by default
    and a lot more..;););)

    Version 3.1 - June 8, 2014
    -update zip for version 3.0 only (no need to wipe data)
    -removed note 3 setting icon in launcher
    -revised some tweak to enhance speed and increase free RAM
    -added Theme Chooser option in settings
    -added touch key light duration option in settings
    -added Action Memo
    -added S5 Radio (forgot to include in v3.0):D
    -fixed Samsung Apps not sync
    -fixed SketchBook FC
    -fixed build.prop
    -fixed Smart Network icon in settings
    -you can now select up to 9 apps in Toolbox
    and a lot more...;););)

    Version 3.0 - June 3, 2014
    -base on XXUFND3
    -ART (Android RunTime) - EXPERIMENTAL
    -init.d & build.prop tweak
    -RAM & Battery Tweak
    -gradient statusbar on all Samsung Apps
    -totally replace menu key to recent app
    -3 dot menu in all apps
    -fixed changing ringtones on settings
    -fixed auto rotation - Thanks to bulldog74ts
    -fixed S5 Calculator
    -fixed dropdown menu background ,now change to white on some apps
    -shortcut key on keyboard is now visible
    -onehand operation in all screen
    -added S5 BackUp app
    -added S5 Baby Craying Detector
    -added S5 SHealth
    -added S5 Memo
    -added S5 Calendar & Widget
    -S5 MultiWindow
    -S5 Toolbox
    -S5 Ultra Power Saving Mode w/ UPSM Manager
    -disable adjusting Volume tone
    and a lot more...;););)

    Version 2.0 - May 28, 2014
    -base on Preview 5 XXUFNE1 ported by JustArchi
    -build.prop tweak
    -"OK Google" Hotword detection
    -fixed auto rotation
    -fixed all Lockscreen Bugs including notification
    -fixed white dropdown menu
    -added UPSM Manager
    -removed Software update
    -removed SFinder and QuickConnect notification shortcut
    -removed SNote
    -removed Toolbox
    and a lot more.....;);););)

    Version 1.0 - May 22, 2014
    -first release
    -base in Preview 4 XXUFND3 ported by JustArchi
    -S5 Interface
    -S5 Launcher - go here for more modified launcher
    -S5 Settings
    -S5 System UI
    -S5 My Files
    -S5 S Voice
    -S5 Lockscreen
    -S5 S Note
    -S5 Story Album
    -S5 Accuweather Widget
    -S5 Kids mode
    -S5 Voice note
    -S5 Radio
    -S5 Studio
    -S5 Photo editor
    -S5 Music player
    -S5 Calculator
    -S5 Contacts & Phone
    -S5 Keyboard +1;)
    -S5 Messaging
    -S5 Toolbox
    -S5 Ultra Power Saving Mode
    -replace H/H+ to 4G/4GLte (to revert back to H/H+ flash this View attachment S5SensationROM-HH+.zip )
    -added Xposed Framework
    -added MenuBeGone Xposed modules
    and a lot more......;););)

    How to flash this ROM
    -make sure you have Galaxy S3 I9300 rooted device
    -click Dowload icon above
    -download files and put on your SD card
    -turn off your device
    -go to recovery by pressing and holding "Volume up"+"Home button" then Power On your device and you will automatically enter recovery mode.
    -wipe data/factory reset
    -wipe cache partition
    -wipe dalvik cache
    -now locate your file on SD Card then flash.
    -flash "File 1" first for Version 1 only.after flashing "File 1" flash "File 2" and wait to finish installation.
    -for Version 2 and Up.Flash file and wait to complete installation.
    -then reboot device

    Video installation Guide Special Thanks to savadam

    Replace Menu key to Recent app & have 3 Dot Menu
    If you want to appear 3 Dot Menu in all apps. Applicable for Version 1 & Version 2 only.
    -open Xposed app
    -go to Modules
    -check "MenuBeGone" (also replace Menu button to Recent app)
    -go to Framework
    -then install update
    -then reboot device.;)

    Eliminate Touchwiz Launcher redraws
    Guys Touchwiz Launcher redraws is always the issue since we are on JB 4.3..now here the instruction on how to eliminate launcher redraws.
    -download "Xposed" & "App Setting" module here.extract and install.
    -open Xposed app
    -go to module and check "App Setting"
    -open "App settings:
    -search for TouchwizHome and open
    -click "resident" and save
    -then return to Xposed app
    -go to framework
    -then install update

    Fix Wi-Fi issue
    for those who are facing WiFi issue..follow this instructions
    -open Root explorer
    -go to /data
    -add file and rename to .cid.info
    -then open .cid.info file with text editor
    -type semco
    -save and set permission to rw-rw-r--
    if not working replace "semco" to "murata"

    For S5 Key Behavior Clink Link Below - NO MORE UPDATES TO COME

    S5 Sensation ROM Official Banner
    Add this image code in your signature
    Banner 1

    Banner 2

    Please do nandroid backup just in case.

    VERSION 11.0 - MEGA
    MD5: 67a1c54efb1a2e6c539541638b68d069
    VERSION 10.0 - MEGA 4Shared
    MD5: 5d8de24eb0e1b219f136a146678f0aaa
    VERSION 9.0 - XXX
    MD5: adb94d9e8b4ed0c7d5db45068ff7d68a
    MD5: 2113374c51c513b63fc7441dd039d414
    VERSION 7.0 MEGA 4shared
    MD5: dbc95af00f04509a25f6c2649f8308f4
    MD5: cd7c0103a2fc60e5fb26f748bca07333
    VERSION 5.0 MEGA AndroidFilehost DirectLink
    MD5: ff04ec5e5d83e53b994e0c38d4513acd
    VERSION 4.2 MEGA Patch for v4.0 & v4.1
    MD5: 20d63e423bc2708ef17586d896b5ea0d
    VERSION 4.1 Over The Air Update
    VERSION 4.0 MEGA Filemup Dev-Host
    MD5: 0ae6a7c6d420a8a1ba12836fe0d7c01c
    VERSION 3.3 MEGA Dev-Host Patch for v3.2
    VERSION 3.2 MEGA Filepmup
    VERSION 3.1 MEGA Patch for v3.0
    VERSION 3.0 MEGA Filemup Flashdrive
    VERSION 2.0 MEGA Filemup
    VERSION 1.0 MEGAFile1 MEGAFile2

    Password: Amir
    Note: Patch link file is for older version only.

    -Please verify MD5 after downloading ROM.zip..to avoid error in flashing;)

    -guys in v6.0 dont select Touchwiz Launcher with 48dip5x5 and 48dip5x6 in Aroma i recommend to used S5 or S5mini TW Launcher..then after flashing you can manually extract any TouchWizHome.apk layout you want from my Rom.zip then manually move to system/priv-app dir set permission to rw-r--r-- then reboot.and Please Delete SecSettings.apk in ROM.zip inside sunajkram23/Touchwiz/48dip5x5/system/priv-app to avoid conflict in Settings.then Flash this View attachment Patch.zip to removed Note 2 Phone app.Thanks
    Please read some of my post below
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