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[ROM][GT-N8013 & GT-N8000] AOSPA 3.99-RC2 (Paranoid Android) FW:4.3.1

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Dec 16, 2009
Don't know if this is related, but on my GS3 I installed a 4.2 gapps on a 4.3 CM 10.2 rom and had wonky problems like that. Make sure you are using a 4.3 gapps. Especially F/C keyboard issues. Only problem I am having with this rom is the battery percentage not working.

Yep same here with the battery display. Any idea how to fix that?


Feb 25, 2009
N8000. Wired headset microphone does not work ( same with CyanogenMod builds). Gotta go back to stock...

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    Android 4.3.1 - ParanoidAndroid 3.99 RC2
    I just wanted unaltered Paranoid Android for my tablet like I have on my phone, but it wasn't available. So, after some hair pulling, and some very gracious guidance from HumberOS and Androguide.fr I built it from source. I've been running it for 3 days now, and haven't noticed anything except the menu soft-button doesn't appear on some apps, but that is an app issue not the ROM, so without further Ado:


    Screenshots Attached

    And here is are the download links for both devices (make sure to download your device):

    AOSPA 3.99-RC2 FW:4.3.1

    older build: AOSPA 3.69 FW:4.2.2 no GT-N8000 - MIRROR

    GApps - MIRROR 1 - MIRROR 2
    GApps are not my work, I am merely listing them here for convenience.

    Everything so Far including the S-pen (hence the use of the word Everything).:silly:


    MANY MANY THANKS got to:
    ParanoidAndroid Team
    CyanogenMOD Team
    (hopefully thats all if I forgot anybody whose work got rolled in, PM me and I'll add you)

    ..and of course thanks to anybody who chooses to hit the donate button!!!:highfive:

    my source code is here
    ParanoidAndroid source code

    I am also building for th GT-N8000 before anyone asks it will be at the above link in a few days.

    If you like to play with "developer options", go to "About Tablet" in settings and tap build number 7 times to unhide the option,
    but it is not necessary for any normal function.

    ALL SOUND ISSUES FIXED!!! Now compatible with Awesome Beats v5+

    I will be updating ONLY for security updates and version updates. There will be NO NIGHTLY builds. I want to stay married! LOL

    Updated to latest version as of 10/27/2013
    THIS FORUM IS FOR ANSWERING QUESTIONS and the other users can and often will answer your questions faster than I will. Also I ONLY have the GT-N8013 so asking me if it works on any other version of the note 10.1 is futile. I support the N8013 and N8000 because there is official support at Cyanogenmod for them which is what most of PA is based on. any other N80xx device may or may not work. Try if you want it is your risk. If it works I am glad I could give you PA as well and others would love to know SO POST.

    sorry for my ignorance , i could help not to ask , why is this download so small 161 mb , most note 10.1 ROM'S are around 1gb thanks

    AOSP based roms are generally much smaller than roms that are heavily modified by manufacturers/carriers such as the stock rom for the note 10.1 (which is based on Samsung Touchwiz UI). For the most part, anything Cyanogenmod, AOKP, Paranoid Android will be considerably smaller than stock roms, except for devices such as the Nexus 10/Nexus 4/etc, which are mostly AOSP from the getgo.

    Or something like that ;)
    Battery display issue

    I am experiencing the same issue with the display of the battery..

    As you mentioned that this is a kernel issue, will it be a workaround to flash another kernel or am I wrong ?

    Cheers !

    BTW : testing the ROM, so only this little glitch noticed for now... SOUND IS WORKING (in case people still do not know...) ;)
    Installed it on my n8010 and works perfect !! No errors or what ever ! thanx :)
    sorry for my ignorance , i could help not to ask , why is this download so small 161 mb , most note 10.1 ROM'S are around 1gb thanks