[ROM][H910|H918|LS997|US996|VS995|H990*] UNOFFICIAL LineageOS-16.0 for LG V20

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Jul 26, 2018
Greetings, everyone. Today I'm seeking your wisdom about not always receiving incoming calls.

I was running official Lineage 17.1 on my h918. It was my daily driver. It was running well except for two items.
1) Making calls on Android Auto would not work. The screens would say the call is working, but no audio incoming audio would play on the speakers and who I'm talking to on the other end can't hear me. Playing music (Newpipe / Youtube Vanced / Spotify) would work fine.

2) I sometimes would not receive incoming calls. There were multiple times I would receive voicemails from calls I have no missed calls from. There are multiple times I would talk to people or see people and they bring up the times they called me and felt I ignored them. I legitimately do not have any missed calls from them.

In order to try to fix 1 and 2, I flashed x86cpu's unofficial Lineage 16.0. It fixed issue #1 and am pleased tunes and calls work in the car. I am dealing with sporadically working incoming phone calls. Is this an OS-level issue and should I move to rooted stock? Is it a matter of going into Settings | Mobile Network | Preferred network type? It is currently set on 'GSM/WCDMA/LTE'.

Any advice is appreciated. I cannot function without getting phone calls.

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Navigation not working in google maps, here maps, whenever we start navigation, a blue dot shows and doesn't move with vehicle which i am traveling(moto/car mode). But in walk mode navigator work normally. Plz resolve this issue

Your post doesn't tell us whether it used to work prior or if it started to malfunction with these unofficial builds. I have daily driven x86cpu's unofficial 14.1, 15, 16, and 17.1 builds and did not have this GPS issue when it previously worked.
However, I do own multiple h918 phones and one of them from Swappa did not have GPS working. I found this guide and it fixed it perfectly.


Dec 19, 2013
So I rooted with dirty santa a long while ago and i realized ive been using the non ds version of 16.1 for my US996. Can i go from the non ds version to the ds version just with a cache wipe?

Jesus is God Almighty

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Aug 19, 2016
Can someone give me a quick overview on the Lineage area?

I looked in 3dMark and I saw that people with A10 and A8.1 had a boost on about 700 points which is nearly 1/3 boost for performance. And I was thinking it must be people on Lineage that made those test. At least it could not be stock Rom.

Anyone knows if they get a boost on Lineage on performance and give me a quick review or sum up on this area, 16, 17.1, 18.1 seems to be around. 17.1 seems to be official??? and not the other two???

So... any difference??? Thanks.


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Aug 8, 2010
Verizon LG G3
LG V20
I would like to install this on my vs995. How do I ensure everything that's supposed to work will work? Do I need to install an older version and upgrade to this? Do I need to install the "to-x86cpu.zip" first? What?

Thank you


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Sep 17, 2015

These are my UNOFFICIAL builds of LineageOS-16.0 for LG V20 variants.
ROM: UNOFFICIAL downloads (Note date)
@x86cpu - Downloading this ROM from the provided link does not work anymore. Please examine the issue and provide the downloads for your ROM(s).

O Tet

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Jun 5, 2022
can you port it to lg k11+??
LG said that this device supports android pie, but it not updated yet

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    WARNING: BETA BUILD. There are numerous issues still.


    Your warranty is now void.
    I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.

    Nougat firmware needed for fingerprints to work correctly : https://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=79342931&postcount=939


    LineageOS is a free, community built, aftermarket firmware distribution of android, which is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock android for your device. More info.

    These are my UNOFFICIAL builds of LineageOS-16.0 for LG V20 variants. I did NOT create this ROM. I am helping to contribute to this ROM. Thanks to all other coders who contributed to LineageOS.


    • BACKUP! These are UNTESTED builds. Please be ready to recover your previous ROM. If it kernel panic, boots into bootloader, etc... grab as much info as you can.
    • Builds are done periodically (see download below)
    • Do NOT be rude.
    • Respect all users.
    • Any and all users, please help each other. I have a us996 variant, so other variants might have some issues.

    For broken issues see 2nd post


    • us996 static on boot: Unlock bootload from LG, using dirty Santa causes static on boot, will not fix. (Flash the us996-DS version)
    • WiFi or Bluetooth MAC is "00:00:00:00:00:00" - You wiped the misc partition, you'll need to fix: https://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=70474540&postcount=12 (Should be fixed by static hax thanks for @Blaises)
    • 5Ghz tether not working due to "error"
    • H918 - ARB1 .. flash the 10p version, ARB0..flash the PRE10p. (10p is where the ARB got tripped to 1)

    • You can upgrade from 15.1 (UNOFFICIAL) to 16.0. If you are not on my UNOFFICIAL yet, flash the to-x86cpu.zip first (and reboot recover before upgrade, not reboot into system).
    • I would suggest the TWRP from Phoenix591 (See Thanks section below)
    • Flash to-x86cpu.zip if needed. (See Downloads below)
    • Wipe cache, and dalvik cache
    • Magisk if you choose
    • Flash GAPPS (I use nano)
    • Reboot and wait....

    (Copied from OFFICIAL thread)
    To enable Developer Options go to Settings, About Phone and repeatedly press Build Number.

    If you encounter issues/bugs that are not known, please report. This is not the OFFICIAL ROM, but I can help to get any issues fixed. I use the us996 variant. If I can replicate your issue then I can track it down. If I cannot, please provide as much detail as possible. Logcats are great.
    Please indicate what v20 variant you have (h910, h918/p, ls997 us996, vs995, h990/ds) athe dated version. Any mods (no judgment) as well.
    I am aware people run mods or change things. I am not against it (as I do myself). However, if needed I may ask you to data wipe (you can say no), or remove a mod that might be interfering. I will do the best I can.


    ROM: UNOFFICIAL downloads (Note date)
    Gapps: arm64 nano 9.0


    UNOFFICIAL downloads

    WARNING: This build is running in permissive mode.

    What is working:

    What is NOT working:
    • VoLTE and WiFi calling do not (and most likely never will).
    • 5.0 Ghz Hotspot (still)
    • Bluetooth will fail if you wipe (clean flash).
    • NFC
    • IR
    • Encrpytion is untested, so it may fail.
    • Fingerprints will only work until a reboot. You can then enroll again. If you get an error in enrolling, the fpdata is "full", and you will need to do the following as root and reboot. You can then enroll again:
      rm /data/system/users/0/fpdata/user.db
      rm /data/system/users/0/settings_fingerprint.xml
    • Most likely safteynet will fail. This build is in permissive mode, unsure if anything can help to fake it (nor will I try).
    • Gamma Kernel will not work without updates to it. Camera will definitely break.

    Anything else NOT listed above might or might not work. I will adjust as necessary and reports. If anyone has any knowledge and can troubleshoot and fix the NOT working items, let me know.
    Here you go guys, the first Lineage 16.0 test builds for Gamma Kernel:


    Let me know what you guys find out ;)... I will create a separate thread after we know there are no weird things going on and the weird ones get fixed. Hopefully we can help out with a few things as we all begin testing LineageOS 16.0 for our beloved V20!

    UPDATE: Fixed link... oops!


    • May security update.
    • Fixed issue with deep sleep.
    • Added 3 finger swipe screenshot (settings/system/advanced/gestures to enable)


    NOTE: The h990 is the last in the build, it crossed the GMT date, so it labeled lineage-16.0-20190328-X86CPU

    • Brightness adjustment try.
    • I hope (and needs testing), that Bluetooth/WiFi work now on a clean (data wipe) flash. This means no more having to come from 15.1.
    It took way to much time to track down the issue with getting Bluetooth address on a reset.