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May 14, 2018
I'm using v4.0 with the Tmobile ROM variant and also the issue with Netflix. It's not showing up in the Play Store when I do a search for it or if I backdoor it by going thru an associated app the Play Store version will say it's not compatible and not allow an install. In the meantime until this gets resolved, would it be possible for someone to share their Netflix apk? Perhaps sideloading it will work?

Try using Magisk manager to hide Magisk root for the Play store. Clean the app data and setup again. Also sideloading the APK is ok as well. Just less convenient.

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    NATF MegaROM V20
    Available for T-Mobile (H918) and AT&T (H910) Variants

    ROM Features
    • (H918 Only) NRD90M 10J Base (December 2016 Patch Level, released January 2017)
    • (H910 Only) H91010C 10K Base (May 2017 Patch Level)
    • Stock LG Kernel or Custom Kernel - selectable through Aroma installer
    • Choice of SuperSU, MagiskSU, or No Root
    • build.prop tweaks
      • Increased background app limit
      • Increased RAM utilization - make the phone use more of our 4GB RAM before dumping apps
      • Adoptable Storage - use SD card to seamlessly expand on the 64GB we've already got
    • Aroma Support
      • Almost 50 optional apps to choose from during a completely modular install
      • Google Apps, LG Apps, Carrier Apps - ALL optional
      • 3Minit Battery and Clock mods
      • Viper4Android
    • Google Assistant available natively with latest Google App update

    I would like to thank/recognize the following people for their contributions:

    @jcadduono - For the original 10d system dump, kernel, and of course for TWRP
    @Chainfire - For SuperSU
    @nyfl2004 - For our working Viper4Android, 3Minit Battery and Clock modded to the V20, and for all of his help with getting Aroma up and running
    @ivicask - For looking through my convoluted Aroma setup and helping identify why it was randomly breaking
    @topjohnwu - For his most excellent Magisk and MagiskSU apps allowing our rooted devices to pass SafetyNet and catch 'em all!
    @AllTheWay - For providing me with the AT&T system dump needed to port my customizations over, and being my guinea pig to get it booting
    @Tilde88 - For all of his work in getting a stable kernel going for the V20, and allowing me to include it in my ROM
    @USA-RedDragon - For his Werewolf kernel, and allowing me to include it in my ROM
    Current Known Issues:

    • Some people have experienced skips when listening to music over Bluetooth. I too have had it happen, but it is not at all common, and lasts less than a fraction of a second. Putting your phone either on vibrate or DND seem to help further reduce occurrences.

    • 4.0 is based on 10L, not M, as my dump of that one would not boot. WiFi Calling and VoLTE do work, however.

    All Variants
    • Data Wipe option in Aroma doesn't always work. This is a glitch related to newer hardware and Nougat, as verified on the HTC 10 as well. If you expected your data to be wiped, but it was not, please reboot into TWRP, perform a Factory Reset, and then flash the ROM again. You MUST flash the ROM again after a factory reset, or you will lost systemless root AND your internal storage may encrypt.
    • Netflix - They have blocked their app from unlocked/rooted devices. You can sideload it from APK Mirror, or use Magisk to hide root from Google Play Store, then clear data on the Play Store. Your device will then show as Certified and all blocked apps will be available.

    As any more come up, they'll be added here, and then fixed ASAP.

    v5.0 T-Mobile
    • Updated base to 10K (May 2017)
    • Added Google Pixel Launcher from Android O Beta 2
    • Updated all Google Apps except Maps
      • Reverted Maps due to GPS issues for some
    • Updated Aroma to 3.00 Beta Downgraded back to Aroma 2.70RC2 in fixed build
      • Cleaned up the app lists somewhat
      • If Aroma freezes during the install, pull the battery and start again - this only happened to me once, in over 30 test flashes
      • Rearranged some of the menus for better flow
    • Spent a good 4 hours rewriting the installer-script to make it look a lot less ugly
    • Added Werewolf kernel by @USA-RedDragon in place of NotSoStock
    • Available without root as well
    • Further tweaked the memory utilization in build.prop, allowing background apps to remain in RAM longer

    I think there's a few other changes, I just can't remember them at the moment. Roughly 20 hours into this update, brain is mush.

    NOTE: Due to the changes to memory utilization in build.prop, your first boot after the update may cause the phone to lag. This will clear up within 5 minutes, and will not occur after subsequent reboots.

    v4.0 T-Mobile
    • Added New Options for No Root Installs
      • Stock and NSS kernels available without root
      • 3minit and V4A options still work
    • Updated all Google, LG, T-Mobile apps
    • Updated Nova Launcher
    • Updated Magisk to 11.6 (12.0 finicky on V20)
    • Removed Adaptive Brightness mod (was glitchy)
    • Several additional build.prop tweaks
    • Added Optional Apps
      • Google Voice
      • SMS Backup and Restore
      • Speedtest.net
    • Removed Pixel Launcher - Assistant interferes

    v4.0 AT&T
    • ROM base updated to 10L (10M won't boot)
    • Added New Options for No Root Installs
      • 3minit and V4A options still work
      • Removed Werewolf kernel
    • Updated all Google, LG, AT&T apps
    • Updated Nova Launcher
    • Updated Magisk to 11.6 (12.0 finicky on V20)
    • Several additional build.prop tweaks
    • Added Optional Apps
      • Google Voice
      • SMS Backup and Restore
      • Speedtest.net
    • Removed Pixel Launcher - Assistant interferes

    Now some notes and observations:

    • There was a report of the ROM not froze at the AT&T splash. If this occurs to you, first wait 5 minutes to make sure it really is frozen. Then, pull the battery and then boot up again. The Android is Starting screen will then come up as expected.
    • There was also one issue where the ROM wouldn't boot past the AT&T splash. For this, boot into TWRP, flash the AT&T boot.img (attached to the download post) using the IMG flash option, then flash Magisk 11.6 (also attached), then reboot as normal. I'm also uploading a patch to AFH, which should automate this process. Give it a try and report back.
    Pre-Install Steps

    • If you are not already on TWRP or higher, do that first! Bootloops and loss of access to recovery is possible with all older builds
    • Backup your existing ROM

    • I recommend wiping data and flashing clean, if coming from another custom ROM. This should not be required, but you may wind up with FCs if you don't. A clean flash is required if you're on an older custom ROM, or older stock based on 10d.
    • If you're already on an older build of my ROM, you can dirty flash future updates. However if you experience FCs, please do a clean flash



    H918 for T-Mobile
    AFH: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=673368273298960907
    MD5: d16b367b4ebdf8551001a32aa7d75636

    H910 for AT&T


    H918 for T-Mobile
    AFH - https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=817550096634766880
    MD5 - f4b1f90940c40dff3190250a5134f001

    H910 for AT&T
    AFH - https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=457095661767158881
    MD5 - 0f89637a0be11a711e61f95e324284a6

    See Notes here.


    H918 for T-Mobile UPDATED on March 24th
    AFH - https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=745425885120718875
    MD5 - aa0def523efbeb471ebdb850d7e9c4e1

    H910 for AT&T
    AFH - https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=745425885120718951
    MD5 - d3ce0ee5940ac4b203461eafd039f53d

    Older Releases:

    H910 AT&T ONLY

    https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=745425885120712176 - FIXED as of March 2
    MD5 - 75507cd0c72ae718e0ddd751ba6dea60

    H918 T-Mobile ONLY
    MD5 - 220b70d8ffaa9d8246df0f5e16fbda6a

    MD5 - 53c5da3c3eb264a0e8af5806b56cda25

    v3.0 Fixed (updated 1/24 to address Aroma bugs)
    MD5 - 98782147bbae32554a6d41e974442647

    See this post for additional information.