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[ROM] [hammerhead+caf] [7.1.2] [LOS-based] **crDroid**v3.8.3

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Oct 27, 2016
OnePlus 6
Thank you! Amazing rom. Crazy fast and stable. Couple things: is there anyway to disable the USB menu from opening whenever I plug the phone in? Also it seems I can't drag the Caffeine tile (and a few others) to the top for some reason. It just disappears before it reaches the top. Got it up there by filling the top section, adding it, then removing the rest.

P.S. Are there any custom kernels that work with this rom?
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Mar 24, 2012
Buenos Aires
Thank you! Amazing rom. Crazy fast and stable. Couple things: is there anyway to disable the USB menu from opening whenever I plug the phone in? Also it seems I can't drag the Caffeine tile (and a few others) to the top for some reason. It just disappears before it reaches the top. Got it up there by filling the top section, adding it, then removing the rest.

P.S. Are there any custom kernels that work with this rom?
on noncaf im using blu spark.

its preconfigured to maximuum juice, awesome.

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Sep 14, 2011
v3.5 is out !
* July 2017 security patched in. (Android 7.1.2_r24)
* Add toggle to remove dismiss icon in recents view.
* Configurable long press delay in smartbar settings.
* Toggle to display close button for longpress notifications.
* Auto off torch configuration after longpress power button.
* Fixes for livedisplay tile.
* Refreshed all tiles.
* Lots of minor fixes and optimizations.
* Updated libraries for performance.


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May 16, 2014
Liking the ROM. Great battery life. Has anyone noticed what kind of looks like screen tearing when typing? Bottom half of the screen starts jumping around everywhere. Can still type it's just odd.


Sep 28, 2012
Hi thanks for the ROM!
You mention pixel look and feel in the feature list, but i did not get the pixel launcher or the navbar when i installed. Am i doing something wrong? Im flashing:
1) crdroid CAF
2) Open gapps pico
3) Truesight caf kernel


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Dec 10, 2011
After trying almost all type roms for Nexus 5. I stayed on CrDroid. This one is the what I needed. The best customizable and faster rom than others. Only annoying is developer option missing.

Keep up this rom towards!

Best Regards

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    this is crDroid for Nexus 5

    crDroid is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device also attempting to bringing many of the best features existent today. We're mainly based on LineageOS so use custom kernels compatible with them!


    crDroid Custom Features:

    Pixel look and feel.
    OMS-rootless (theme engine) Supported. Install Substratum from Play Store.
    OTA support
    Google Assistant
    LineageOS 14.1 - all mods and features
    StatusBar: Network Traffic
    StatusBar: SU icon toggle
    StatusBar: Ticker
    StatusBar: Hide/Show icons
    StatusBar: Hide/Show data activity arrows
    StatusBar: 4G icon
    StatusBar:VoLTE icon
    StatusBar: BatteryBar customizations
    StatusBar: Date customizations
    StatusBar: Battery styles
    StatusBar: Tap to Sleep
    StatusBar: Clock styles
    StatusBar: Custom logo customizations
    QuickSettings: QS Header image customizations
    QuickSettings: Weather tile integration and customizations
    QuickSettings: Tiles customization
    QuickSettings: Brightness slider toggle
    QuickSettings: Optional brightness icon
    QuickSettings: Vibrate on Touch
    QuickSettings: WiFi easy toggle
    QuickSettings: Bluetooth easy toggle
    QuickSettings: Data easy toggle
    QuickSettings: Location easy toggle
    Navigation: Toggle navbar
    Navigation: PIE navigation and customizations
    Navigation: DUI - SmartBar / Fling Toggle, animations and customizations (+ One Hand mode)
    Navigation: Dynamic Nav Bar Color
    Navigation: Pulse - smart visualization
    Notifications: Power notification controls
    Notifications: Force expanded notifications
    Notifications: Toggle immersive mode messages
    Notifications: Breathing notifications
    Notifications: Headsup Snooze
    Notifications: Headsup Timeout customization
    Display: Ambient Display customizations
    Display: Transparency Customizations
    Display: Blur Personalizations
    Display: Expanded Desktop Customizations
    Display: Scroll Animation Customizations
    LockScreen: Screen shortcuts
    LockScreen: Weather display
    LockScreen: Toggle longpress for screen shortcuts
    LockScreen: Swipe shortcuts
    LockScreen: Toggle media cover art
    LockScreen: Toggle clock
    LockScreen: Toggle date
    LockScreen: Toggle alarm
    LockScreen: Toggle status bar
    LockScreen: Tap to sleep
    LockScreen: Toggle longpress torch
    LockScreen: Cutomize number of notifications
    LockScreen: Toggle power menu for secure lockscreen
    LockScreen: Toggle quick settings access and hide swipe shortcuts for secure lockscreen
    Powermenu: On-the-go mode - camera overlay.
    Recents: Immersive Recents
    Recents: Hidden apps
    Recents: Toggle OmniSwitch as default Recent view
    Recents: Toggle Slim Recents as default Recent view
    Sound: Charging Sounds customization
    Sound: Toggle screenshot sound
    Sound: Live customization for number of volume steps
    Sound: Less frequent notification sounds
    Sound: DND customizations
    Animations Customization for Toast, System, etc.
    Miscellaneous: Clock Widget
    Miscellaneous: Wakelock Blocker (experimental)
    Miscellaneous: Partial / Full screenshot selection option
    Miscellaneous: Toggle suggestions on Settings dashboard
    Miscellaneous: Toggle summaries in Settings
    Miscellaneous: Toggle auto-start music player on headset detection
    Miscellaneous: Show CPU info overlay
    Miscellaneous: Pocket lock
    Miscellaneous: Sensor block
    Miscellaneous: Disable Force Close notifications
    Settings/Sound: Increasing Ringtone
    15 New Quick Settings Tiles including Caffeine mode, Expanded Desktop and Sync.
    Settings/Security: Quick PIN/Password Unlock
    Default sounds from latest Nexus image.
    Stability and performance improvements.
    ART Optimizations

    Always Have a full functional Backup. Just in case



    First time installing crDroid to your N5, or coming from another ROM:
    - Make sure you're running a proper working Recovery (CWM or TWRP)
    - Copy GApps and crDroid zip to your internal SDCard
    - Boot into Recovery
    - Wipe system,data and cache
    - Flash crDroid zip
    - Flash GApps zip
    - Reboot

    Upgrading from earlier version of crDroid:
    - Copy crDroid ZIP to your internal SDCard
    - Boot into Recovery
    - Wipe system and cache
    - Flash crDroid zip
    - Flash Gapps
    - Reboot

    Don't expect any support if you:
    - are not running stock crDroid-kernel
    - have installed any mods such as Xposed!
    - have modified system files

    Thanks to:

    - Google
    - LineageOS
    - SlimRoms
    - OmniRom
    - NamelessROM
    - Many others... (if you're feeling upset being out of the thanks list just send a PM )


    crDroid G+ community


    XDA:DevDB Information
    crDroid, ROM for the Google Nexus 5

    Source Code: https://github.com/crdroidandroid

    ROM OS Version: 7.1 Nougat
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
    Based On: los

    Version Information
    Status: Testing

    Created 2015-08-19
    Last Updated 2015-08-19
    new build up!

    What's new:
    * 7.1.2 upgrade (April security patched in.)
    * Entirely refreshed projects - fixed minor glitches.
    * Custom carrier label customizations.
    * New Ambient display customizations using sensors. (This is hardware dependent; works on most devices)
    * Improved weather placement in status bar.
    * AOSP recents: Membar customizations.
    * Improved PULSE in smart bar.
    * Improved AdAway - now can be launched via crDroid Settings > Misc.
    * Switched back to LOS stock root. To enable: Dev Options > Manage Root.
    * New default material wallpapers.

    clean install this one and use latest gapps
    new builts up !

    What's new?
    * Improved default SystemUI colors.
    * Ability to disable auto-DND during calls. (crDroid > Misc)
    * Ability to disable roaming indicator in status bar.
    * Ability to enable Bluetooth device battery status in status bar.
    * Ability to enable VoLTE icon in status bar.
    * Improved SlimRecents - now with icon pack support.
    * New status bar weather support and customizations.
    * Fixed custom left logo color transition issue.
    * Fixed overlapping in AOSP recents view.
    * New featured-pack File manager.
    * New crDroid material wallpapers.
    * New default wallpaper.
    * Switched to Magisk root. It auto installs with most ROMs.
    * Few more fixes and improvements.
    new builds up !

    * Fix OmniSwitch issues and bring-in updates.
    * Prevent Magisk breaking Developer Options.
    * Add toggle to use 4G icon instead LTE icon.
    * More Smartbar customizations
    * Fix GIF/Video issues for apps like Twitter on some ROMs.
    * Update crDroid file manager.
    * Fixes and improvements for libs.
    * Updates for Substratum support.
    * SlimRecents updates.
    v3.8 is coming,
    from now on builds will be automated and therefore i cannot say when they are online but all devices i build (32) will come in some order
    only thing is i'm not sure when yours is :)
    this will probably be the last N Rom before O comes