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Jun 17, 2012
latest version is 10.1

go to my page and download v10 and v10..1
extract both in the same folder
rename the forder READMES to README and the folder verifyMD5filesmain to verifyMD5files

and execute v10.1 and you will be good to go. Just select option 7

Pls, Post in fist page ! very hard to find it ! can't use new vesion !

But ! thanks U very much ^^


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Jan 26, 2011
Columbus, Oh
The stock ROM Kevin posted isn't a flash able zip right?
The ROM in the op isn't available to download cause all the links posted are dead. Can someone post a good link or a link to a flash able zip of stock HC?


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Mar 10, 2011
Yeah, use Kevin's tool. Last week I finally decided it was time to update HTC's pig of an operating system (HC) or ebay the tablet. Used Kevin's tool to downgrade to GB, then went S-Off, then upgraded back to HC. Kevin's tool made this do-able for me. Then I updated to YNC's build of Jellybean. Very happy with how it runs now. Should get me another year of use from this tablet. Definitely worth trying before you decide to sell it and move on.

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    Disclaimer: Flash this ROM at your own risk. I am not responsible for what you do on your device. I left this stock to provide a base for anybody that wants to use it. Mod this rom how you want. Just please remember to give credit where credit is due.

    This is a pure stock rom. I removed nothing. I only added system level tweaks. I.E. busybox, root, init.d support, and so forth. No apps were added or removed. Just something for people that like a stock looking rom with little to no changes.


    Copy to SD.
    Flash in recovery.


    First and foremost this wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for erishasnobattery and adrynalyne. These 2 guys helped me so much with all my problems.
    dsb9938 --- for bouncing issues back and forth and talking through issues
    Team BAMF --- for all the work they have done and all assistance
    Everybody from #Thunderbolt --- for answering my questions when the other guys were away
    I'm getting installation aborted?

    How are you flashing it?

    You need to flash it like this:

    0. copy the rom.zip to the folder of where fastboot is (my tools programfiles folder)
    1. Go to fastboot ( on the device)
    2. (if you have my tool go to the programfiles folder and right click while holding shift and select open command window here) If you dont have my tool you need fastboot.exe=find it
    3. Type Fastboot oem rebootRUU
    4. Once the system reboots to a black htc screen type: fastboot flash zip rom.zip
    5. Once it is done and the green line is all the way across then type: fastboot reboot
    6. the system will reboot and you will be good to go.

    And I'm unable to get it downloaded fully.

    Depends on where you are for the server. I am downloading at speeds up to 3.4mB/s. If you cant download it by tonight tell me and ill host it somewhere else just for you. And ill send you the link.
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