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[ROM]-[HI3660-Official][Kirin960 Treble Devices]-[07.10.18]-Havoc-OS-[8.1.0]

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Senior Member
Jan 17, 2011
I am on an older version of OmniRom and I haven't been too satisfied with battery life ....

Should I wipe and clear everything when flashing?

Regarding the Instructions: what's the fuzz with if having root proceed with 5) if no-root go to 6) ?

Isn't magisk manager included so that I can just re-install it from within? (was with my old version, but maybe that was added by the OpenKirin-Team ....)

(Huawei Mediapad M5 Pro, Processor is Kirin 960)

Edit: Oh, I thougt i was in a different thread...

However, I am thinking about flashing this ROM, but just to be clear:
Flashing when I am using Magisk is
fastboot flash ramdisk ramdisk.img (so returning to stock) and
fastboot flash system system.img
and afterwards I need to flash the patched_ramdisk.img for root using
fastboot flash ramdisk patched_ramdisk.img (with the necessary steps to create that file ...)
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Jan 17, 2011
something weird happened when I activated Pie gestures: Screenn went black, although not irresponsive - when hitting power for reboot the reboot menu appeared just as it's supposed to :-/

it stays so after rebooting ....
Bootanimation is shown however ...
Huawei Mediapad M5 Pro


Senior Member
Oct 29, 2017
something weird happened when I activated Pie gestures: Screenn went black, although not irresponsive - when hitting power for reboot the reboot menu appeared just as it's supposed to :-/

it stays so after rebooting ....
Bootanimation is shown however ...
Huawei Mediapad M5 Pro

SystemUI cant start, uninstall/disable pie gestures (is it a magisk module? xposed?) and it will be fine again. iv'e had this happen so many times to me, 95% when i'm not sitting at a computer, helps to know a few unix commands to delete packages from TWRP terminal.


Senior Member
Jul 3, 2014
How different is the HI3660 architecture from the HI3650? I'd LOVE to use HavocOS on my Honor 8 (using it on my KLTE and totally fell in love with it), but i kind of need the camera (doesn't have to be OEM Quality) and since i have nearly 2 GB of Apps to restore, i'd like to avoid "just test flashing" it. What are the chances, flashing the HI3660 Treble Rom and it "just working" on my HI3650 device?

(If this question has already been asked, i'm sorry for not searching but i'm on mobile and using the search on mobile without the app is very...tedious...sorry :( )

Edit: Okay - i just tried it. Everything works, including NFC. Except the Camera. There wasn't even a Camera app visible, so i copied the corresponding lib, lib64 and priv-app folders, the app is visible but it crashes the camera server completely. Apparently the Camera IDs are not correct (among other things, i guess)

I/chatty  ( 4132): uid=10119(com.huawei.camera) identical 1 line
D/osgi NCAM_Util( 4132): isStartingFromRapid:false
D/osgi NCAM_Util( 4132): recordStartTime: 1541540651090
D/osgi NCAM_CameraApi2Module( 4132): onCreate begin.
D/PlatformServiceManager( 4132): PlatformServiceManager [email protected] begin.
D/PlatformServiceManager( 4132): PlatformServiceManager [email protected] end.
D/PluginFactory( 4132): initCameraEnvironment begin.
D/PluginFactory( 4132): initCameraEnvironment end.
D/osgi NCAM_CameraApi2Module( 4132): initCoreControllers begin.
D/osgi NCAM_CameraApi2Module( 4132): initCoreControllers end.
D/osgi NCAM_CameraApi2Module( 4132): bindCameraEnvironment begin.
D/osgi NCAM_CameraApi2Module( 4132): bindCameraEnvironment end.
E/osgi NCAM_CamSrvImp( 4132): prepareCamera cameraIds empty
E/osgi NCAM_CameraApi2Module( 4132): prepare camera failed, just finish activity

Too bad - HavocOS is my absolute new favourite flavour of android....maybe it's fixable from OpenKirins Code?
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Jan 17, 2011
I switched back to Havoc and found some weird status bar behavior ...

(screenshot, look in the right corner ...)

Furthermore, I wanted to know whether it is possible to get stock fingerprint gestures on this rom?
resurrection and some others come with it, and all the apps I tried do not work as I want them to ... :D

(I am on a Huawei Mediapad M5 Pro)


  • Screenshot_LineageOS-Einstellungen_20181111-224019.png
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Senior Member
Feb 12, 2015
Hi @Wirmpolter ,i've just succesfully flashed thuis ROM on my Honor 9 lite (kirin 659), it's great, so far everything seems to be working.
I'll let you know if i come accros any buggs.
Thank you.

I will hit the thank you button as soon as i can, appearantly i'm at my limit of thanking people for today.
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Senior Member
Sep 9, 2018
something weird happened when I activated Pie gestures: Screenn went black, although not irresponsive - when hitting power for reboot the reboot menu appeared just as it's supposed to :-/

it stays so after rebooting ....
Bootanimation is shown however ...
Huawei Mediapad M5 Pro
With "Pie gestures" you mean that, in this ROM, is available the Swipe on Home Button for multitasking like on Pie ROMs?


Senior Member
Feb 12, 2015
With "Pie gestures" you mean that, in this ROM, is available the Swipe on Home Button for multitasking like on Pie ROMs?

Pie controls are not to be mixed up with Pie gestures. This ROM has Pie controls, pie shaped controls to be swipped from the side of the screen, but it also has something similar to the Pie gestures you mean when you set navigation bar in HAVOC settings to fling gestures as in the screenshots.


  • Screenshot_Settings_20181113-160339.png
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  • Screenshot_Settings_20181113-154421.png
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  • Screenshot_Settings_20181113-154416.png
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  • Screenshot_Firefox_20181113-153843.jpg
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Sep 16, 2010
I'm using the Mate 9. How is this Rom? Does it work better then the Stock Rom and what is with the Battery Drain? How are the Images?

I think to switch, because I have a DJI OSM Mobile 2 and the App has some issues with the Recording Quality ...
And I have also the Anafi Drone ... Does it work here also ?

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    Havoc-OS is an all new ROM based on LineageOS.
    So many features that you probably won't find in any ROM.
    Just flash and enjoy...


    System-wide Rounded UI
    Full OMS support
    System-wide burn-in protection
    Spectrum support
    Compiled using SDCLANG
    Razer Phone lock/unlock sounds
    OTA support
    Signature spoofing
    Micro-G support
    [SIZE="5"][B][U]Included Apps:[/U][/B][/SIZE]
    Google Calculator
    Google Markup
    Lean Launcher
    Battery performance profiles
    Sensor block per-package
    Wakelock blocker
    Alarm blocker
    Optimal charge level alert
    Live display (Day/Night/Outside)
    Colour profiles (sRGB, DCI-P3)
    Font manager
    Ambient display
    Always on display
    Expanded desktop
    [B][U][SIZE="5"]Havoc Settings:[/SIZE][/U][/B]
    [B][U]Status Bar:[/U][/B]
    Quick pulldown
    Smart pulldown
    Tap to sleep
    Brightness control
    Battery icon styles
    Bluetooth battery status
    Battery bar
    Battery saver color
    Clock & date options
    Statusbar logo
    No sim network hide
    Disable no sim icon
    Volte icon
    Network icon customization
    Net activity
    Custom carrier label
    System icons
    Power menu tweaks
    Volume dialog tweaks
    [B][U]Quick Settings:[/U][/B]
    Brightness slider customization
    QS panel footer customization
    QS layout editor
    Custom header images
    Disable fc notifications
    Force expanded notifications
    Disable immersive mode messages
    Kill app button in notification
    Screen-on notifications
    Toast icon
    Toast animation
    Toast icon color
    Toast text color
    Heads up toggle
    Heads up timeout
    Heads up blacklist
    Heads up stoplist
    Snooze timer
    Statusbar ticker
    Ticker animation
    In-Call vibration options
    Less annoying in-call notifications
    Stock recents customization
    Clear all button customization
    Memory bar
    Recent styles
    Hide apps from recents
    Icon pack
    Immersive recents
    Recents layout (Stock/Grid/Android Go)
    Slim recents
    Berry styles (Light/Dark/Black/Auto)
    Blur personalization
    Dashboard suggestions
    Dashboard conditions
    Screen stabilization
    Charging info
    Hide statusbar
    Lockscreen elements visibility
    Notification count
    Lockscreen colors
    Clock and date options
    Lockscreen alpha
    Double tap to sleep
    Wake and unlock
    Ambient display music ticker
    Ambient display bottom view (Weather/Battery/None)
    Music cover art
    Music visualizer
    Disable power menu
    Disable qs panel
    Fingerprint vibration
    FP unlock on boot
    Face auto unlock
    Custom bottom shortcuts
    Navigation mode(Stock/Smartbar/Fling)
    Dynamic navbar color
    Swap back and recents
    Awesome alert slider (Notification/Flashlight/Brightness/Rotation/Ringer)
    Accidental touch
    Power menu customization
    Long press power button torch
    Disable buttons
    Button backlight customization
    Hardware keys customization
    Swap volume buttons with rotation
    Volume keys for media volume
    Playback control
    Three finger screenshot
    Pie control
    App circle bar
    Gesture anywhere
    Screen-on gestures
    Touchscreen gestures
    System Animations
    Android P animations
    Disable animations
    QS tile animations
    Listview animations
    Custom Bootanimation
    Screen off animation
    SELinux mode Toggle
    Smart Pixels
    Suspend actions
    System app remover
    Allow untrusted overlays toggle (for Substratum Support)
    CPU info overlay
    [B][U]IME Settings:[/U][/B]
    Selector notification
    Auto keyboard rotation
    Disable fullscreen keyboard
    Weather service settings
    Statusbar weather
    Lockscreen weather
    Screenshot editor
    Wake on plug
    Pocket detection
    Camera shutter sound
    Disable safe headset volume
    Launch music App on headset Connection
    Scrolling cache




    ROM: https://sourceforge.net/projects/ha...avoc-OS-20181007-hi3660-Official.zip/download
    Telegram Support Group: https://t.me/havocofficial
    Telegram Announcements Channel: https://t.me/Havoc_OS
    Feature Request Form: https://goo.gl/forms/b8rY79XtUZnd5ji42



    * Initial Release

    -Havoc-OS hi3660 rom - designed for all kirin 960 devices
    -Unified device tree to allow all kirin 960 devices to boot this rom
    -GPS: gps.conf added for GPS initialization.
    -Fast charging working (doesn't display fast/rapid charging on lockscreen though, working on that).
    -Modified gapps is included (barebones for necessary gms services and playstore).
    -Havoc: synced with the latest Havoc-OS changelog
    -System: UI fix to stop screen tearing issue.
    -System: Cell signal strength improvements/adjustments
    -Display: adjusted/modified values to improve automatic brightness


    -Currently, the stock EMUI camera is not included. (Currently though, there a couple magisk modules available for 960 devices on XDA)


    *Must be running EMUI 8 / Oreo.
    *Must have an unlocked bootloader


    DO NOT USE TWRP (*Currently on the most of the kirin 960 devices, there isn't a fully functional TWRP.)

    1. Whether coming from another custom ROM or EMUI, it is highly recommended that you have your current stock ramdisk, recovery_ramdisk, and kernel IMG files.
    2. Download the Havoc-OS hi3660 img file (which is currently compressed as a .zip file) and extract the system.img from it once the download completes.
    3. Boot your device into bootloader mode. (Power off phone. Once off, hold Vol Down button while connecting your device to the computer).
    4. If you have magisk (or root of any kind) or currently have twrp installed, proceed to the next step (Step 5). If you have not used magisk or root, nor
    have you installed or used TWRP, proceed to step 6)
    5. Fastboot flash stock ramdisk, recovery_ramdisk and stock kernel first (especially if you are currently rooted with magisk).
    6. Fastboot flash the system.img extracted from the Havoc-OS hi3660 image file.
    7. Reboot into stock recovery.
    8. Wipe cache and do a factory reset.
    9. Reboot and profit.

    *Fastboot commands

    fastboot flash ramdisk ramdisk.img
    fastboot flash recovery_ramdisk recovery_ramdisk.img (might be recovery_ramdis.img, as sometimes the "k" gets cutoff)
    fastboot flash kernel kernel.img
    fastboot flash system system.img






    LineageOS Team (https://www.lineageos.org)
    AICP (https://www.aicp-rom.com)
    MSM-Xtended Team (https://forum.xda-developers.com/on...nt/cardinal-aosp-5-0-android-8-0-pre-t3693585)
    Crdroid (https://crdroid.net)
    Omnirom (https://omnirom.org)
    And all the other Developers, Testers, Donators and Users.



    @Wirmpolter, @ZeNiXxX, @SKULSHADY
    ROM OS Version: 8.x Oreo
    ROM Kernel: Linux 4.x
    ROM Firmware Required: EMUI 8
    Based On: LOS

    Version Information
    Current Stable Version: 1
    Stable Release Date: 2018-08-05
    New build available

    Changelog - 20180816

    - Updated with latest HavocOS sources
    - Ambient/Always-On display fixed (AOD disabled by default).
    - Potential fix for vendor mismatch error on Honor devices (Honor users please test and report)
    - Added stock Huawei camera (has a couple issues but works)
    - Removed AudioFX (sound distortion problems should be fixed now)
    - Sepolicy fixes

    Download: https://sourceforge.net/projects/ha...avoc-OS-20180816-hi3660-Official.zip/download
    Sorry everyone for not getting back to the past messages for the past week. I've been busy working on bring up for P. I will definitely be addressing a couple issues and have a new build out in a few days.

    Should address audio related stuff, home button on p10.... And will look into video issues.
    New build available

    Changelog - 20181007

    - Updated with latest HavocOS sources
    - September security patch merged in
    - Removed stock emui cam (was causing issues)....Use a magisk module again for now to use huawei emui camera.
    - Fixed video sending in snapchat (possibly facebook too/hasn't been tested on facebook)
    - Slight tweaks to device tree.

    New Release Available


    - Completely revamped auto and manual brightness levels, as well as lowered allowed minimum brightness
    - Reduced board size of system image (hopefully should fllash for all users now).
    - Initial framework for fingerprint gestures (WIP) *not fully working yet

    Download link: https://sourceforge.net/projects/ha...avoc-OS-20180809-hi3660-Official.zip/download