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[ROM] HighOnAndroid "TrainWreck" ROM v0.2 for Galaxy Note 10.1![GT-N8000][App2SD]

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Senior Member
Apr 17, 2011
after i flash this rom..
superuser have error.. Su binary not found.. ..i try check with root checker.. i lost my root access... now im using highonandroid..


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Nov 6, 2007


Senior Member
Apr 17, 2011
Go back into CWM and reflash the superuser.zip file you used when rooting your tab... Otherwise go here - http://downloadandroidrom.com/file/GalaxyNote10.1/rooting/RootGalaxyNote10.1.zip , unzip it and flash he superuser script.

Will get root back...:D

yup thank you very much.. got back my root.. but now i have a small problem... i just release tat the samsung keyboard dont come with chinese text input...

my stock rom is N8000DXLG4 which come with chinese input.. can any1 help?


Senior Member
Feb 22, 2012
Instead of starting a new thread ill ask here. Which tool are you using to deodex and zip align ... id like to do my rom...

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Sep 23, 2012
Is there any way to disable the Apps2SD feature without removing the SD on boot? That would be very handy and much more flexible. Thanks for the nice ROM!
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Apr 4, 2006
contacts edit fc

Sir first of all thanks for this wonderful rom i just want to know how come im having fc's when i edit contacts.. :( and mounting hdd cant be detectected or mounted. But the rest of the features seems to be working very well.

Thanks sir


Senior Member
Dec 10, 2011
Hey all. So I picked up the Note 10.1 but my model is the N8010. Haven't seen really any type of roms or even mention of it anywhere. Does anyone know if 8000 or 8013 are similar enough to flash their roms or do I need to create my own? I've been debating starting my own rom for a while. Is there somewhere that has tips or tutorials on how to go about doing this?


Senior Member
Jan 4, 2012
Next babystep ??

Hello Zedomax,

I have tested various Roms with my N8000 but always getting back to yours .. great work .. thx .... but when are you doing the next babystep? or do you wait for the JB release?

What are your plans for the Note 10.1?



Senior Member
Mar 23, 2010
Daly City, CA
Hello Zedomax,

I have tested various Roms with my N8000 but always getting back to yours .. great work .. thx .... but when are you doing the next babystep? or do you wait for the JB release?

What are your plans for the Note 10.1?


Sorry I just been swamped with work last couple weeks, hopefully soon but I just don't have time for development atm.


Apr 2, 2007
Hi Max, thanks for your all great rom, i just got a big problem with rom that sorry is ask from your site and here. i got the problewm when in desktop screen, alway have a hardware infor screen that overlap on all desktop screen, just when i open app this screen will not show, but desktop screen it will still here, can you help, i try many rom are the same problem.



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Oct 19, 2012
Hi, zedomax!
Hi all!
sorry for my english...
Zedomax ! wery great work ! thank you !
but some problem:
Root explorer sometimes have problem with SU...
SD Maid pro stop in some steep...
I'm newcomer and need some help:D.
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Senior Member
Oct 4, 2005
waht about the camera?

hi all! just tried this rom and I did realize camera was not working...don't know if is a problem related to something else than rom but this is what's happening: turn on the camera either for a video or a picture, everything seems working properly, shut the picture but than I can't open any picture or video from gallery...what's going wrong?

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    [ROM] HighOnAndroid "TrainWreck" ROM v0.2 for Galaxy Note 10.1![GT-N8000][App2SD]


    Hey Galaxy Note 10.1 users!

    I wanted to share my current ROM "in the works", it's not complete yet (and probably never will be) but this is a personal ROM I based off the stock ROM and adding new features as we go long.

    I used to do a lot of ROM reviews, and this ROM is "noob-friendly" and designed for people who want to experience custom ROMs without losing stock features.

    If you are a "purist" and want CM9/CM10, you are probably not going to like this ROM, just wait until another developer/Cyanogen/AOKP Team makes a ROM for you.

    It's a custom ROM with focus on couple things:

    1. Keeping TouchWiz, so you get all features of stock ROM like S-Pen.
    2. Adding new cool features one baby step at a time.
    3. Listening to users and improving upon every version update. I am trying to remove some of the bloatware (let me know which ones you absolutely think should be removed) and also add more features (let me know what features you absolutely think are necessary).

    *WARNING - You assume ALL responsibility by flashing this ROM, I will not be responsible if anything happens to your Note 10.1!

    - Based off Stock European XXALG5.
    - Custom Bootanimation support (place bootanimation.zip in /system/media folder)
    - App2SD support (When you have a microSD inserted, it will swap your microSD and internal storage on boot. To disable, simply take out microSD card during boot and insert after booting.) If you are doing this the first time, you might want to contents of your internal storage to microSD card to keep app data. This allows you to use up to 64GB for app storage instead of 16/32GB it comes with.
    - Google Now
    - Speed tweaks for 3G/HSPA+/WiFi
    - Power saving features
    - Graphic acceleration for your photos/videos
    - Deodexed/Zipaligned
    - More coming soon!

    v0.2 Added App2SD support, Jelly Bean Animations.
    v0.1 Custom Bootanimations, GoogleNow, speed tweaks for 3G/HSPA+/WiFi, power saving features, and graphic acceleration so your photos/videos should be higher quality.

    Installation Guide:
    - Easy install, just flash in ClockworkMod Recovery!
    - No factory reset/wipe needed if coming from a stock ROM. (You can always do that after installing ROM if you have problems.) Do a factory reset though if you are coming from CM9/CM10/AOKP!
    - No Cache/Dalvik Cache wipe needed, it's built into the ROM.
    - PLEASE MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR ROM BEFORE INSTALLING THIS ROM! It makes like much easier when you can do a one-click restore ROM in CWM Recovery. Backing up your ROM will backup all your settings and apps.

    *Note - This ROM is for GT-N8000! Please do not flash on GT-N8013 the wifi version, I will make another version for it soon.


    Downloads and ROM Details:

    See a quick video overview:

    cajunflavoredbob for Google Now

    Thanks to Donations: (You don't have to donate but thanks if you did! Makes me more motivated I guess,will try harder!)
    School is in session!

    I bought a GT-8013 today and decided to take a look around at what was out for the device. Not too much, but I happened to see you had a ROM for the 8000 and I wanted to take a peak at what you were doing. Since the mods list was pretty short, I assumed you pretty much just used the kitchen for pretty much everything...

    You may wanna take a look at some of the tweaks that you're doing to the ROM. Some of them just aren't necessary and some just don't work. Seems you're just copying and pasting things into build.prop and not modding things properly...

    #system tweaks
    #Forces your home launcher into memory

    Doesn't work on ICS and, in fact, hasn't worked on anything past GB.

    #Change the Dalvik VM heap size

    That value is already set in build.prop, better to not modify it after the fact and just modify it in place.

    #To make the phone ring faster when dialing out

    Phone? Yeah...

    #Render UI with GPU

    Hardware acceleration is already built into ICS and this shouldn't do anything that isn't already being done.

    I feel that as a "dev" you should know things like this and should be a little more into your "development" instead of doing "one hit wonder" things for 3,000 devices with 3,000 different websites. Just my opinion :good:
    zedomax, any chance that you specify the hacks you did (to possibly implement them without replacing the whole rom)?

    For Google Now, you can, flash this:

    For custom bootanimation, rest u will have to flash ROM.

    That's too bad

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