[rom] [hlte and hltetmo] crDroid 4, 5, 6 and 7(unofficial) (8.x, 9.x,10.x and 11.x)


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Jun 9, 2015
- Initial crDroid 7.3 code base
Added Always-on display when charging toggle
* Added Ambient display pulse visualizer
* Added Battery temperature in Settings
- February security patch
- Fixed LED indicator
- Fixed picture adjustment option under Livedisplay settings
- Changed vibration configs
- Decreased BurnIn protection moving distance
- Added display modes option under Livedisplay settings
- Added back the delete action for the screen recorder notification
- Added option to suppress notifications sound/vibration if screen is ON
- Added option to enable AOD on charging only
- Added face Unlock animation
- Added option to disable QS footer icon visibilities
- Added 2 new FOD icons
- Added 4 new FOD recognizing animations
- Restored one-click to add/remove tiles after r19 merge
- Updated proprietary files
- Updated kernel
- Added Alert Slider SystemUI dialog
- Added QS tile styles
- Added deep sleep info in about page
- Added phone ringtone setting for SIM1 and SIM2
- Added low quality screen record option
- Added toggle to show/hide stop dot on screen record
- Added Sensor block per-package option (crDroidSettings -> Misc)
- Added OOS style notification clear all button (crDroidSettings -> Quick Settings)
- Added toast icon to toast notifications
- Fixed some issue with pulse
- Fixed an issue with apps that use 0.8 font scale
- Some more fixes here and there
- Updated translations


Aug 23, 2015
model hltechn

it feels like a little bit smoother than android 10, but a little bit than 10 ? (not really sure);
1.the crdroid setting-buttons-menu button setting doesnt work;
2.sometimes the phone will reboot using the app videoder or 1dm+ download files to sdcard or ext sdcard;
3.the status bar couldnt hide while using multi window: the app appon watching videos or pictures in fullscreen mode;
4.the battery drain fast
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Jun 9, 2015
- Added switch styles (crDroidSettings -> UI)
- Changed QS autobrightness icon to the one from OOS
- Added 404 IDE Clock (Settings -> Display -> Style and Wallpaper -> Clock)
- Changed to seekbar option for font size and icon size options on Launcher
- Fixed partial screenshot option
- Removed toast message for alert slider
- Allow user to add/remove QS with one click
- Updated donate link from about tab to point to our new page (support us if you like our work)
- Some other small changes
- Updated translations
- Fix can’t apply fonts
- Use gapps repository from Aopsa
- Fix screen recorder lag & built-in OPScreenRecorder
- FOD Improve from Manuel
- Enable smart charging
- Support Alipay fingerprint payment
- Better performance
- And more waiting for you to discover