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[rom] [hlte, hltechn, hltekor and hltetmo] crDroid 4, 5, 6 and 7(unofficial) (8.x, 9.x,10.x and 11.x)

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Jun 9, 2015
new builds (hlte, hltetmo, hltekor. hltechn): https://mega.nz/folder/zdQ1SCYL#rRXBvanH_wIIeIciXJK6ug

* Android July 2021 Security update
* Added option to disable pill (crdroid > UI)
* Added customization for rounded corners (crdroid > UI)
* Fixed up unlimited storage for Google Photos
* Fixed up quick statusbar padding and QS padding with header image enabled
* Updated SQLite lib to latest
* Under the hood updates for av and native frameworks
* Cleaned up dead shortcuts for power menu settings
* Misc system fixes and improvements
* Added back blur for Launcher
* Switched to crdroid pasty site for error crash upload
* Various under the hood updates and misc fixes
* Revamped Dialer dark theming
* Enabled cached app freezer
* SystemUI: fix NPE on ExpandableNotificationRow
- Initial crDroid 7.9 code base
- Updated to August security patches (android-11.0.0_r40)
- Updated kernel clang compiler to 13.0.1
- Updated lots of libs
- Improved Dialer dark mode
- Improved battery consumption in some use cases
- Added option to instantly/15 seconds/screen off lock app on closing for AppLocker (Settings -> Security -> App locker)
- Added rounded corners option
- crDroid Music: Fixed replaying same song if Repeat is off and Skip button is pressed while on the last song in the list
- Fixed some issue with lockscreen clock
- Fixed possible issue with unlimited photos upload for Google Photos
- Fixed some possible issues with volume panel
- Updated translations
- Removed unused libs
- Added ADB on/off toggle to game mode (some games check for adb status apprently)
- Some more different changes to stability
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Jan 5, 2012
I got the ROM going, and really like it!...Coming from a very old Lollipop ROM! lol.

I'm noticing that the battery life is way worse on this than my old Lollipop ROM though. One thing I am noticing is the brightness level on the very lowest slider setting is a lot brighter on this ROM than on my old Lollipop lowest brightness settings. I think this might contribute to the faster battery drain. I've looked thorugh the settings and lowered brightness as low as it can go and its still pretty bright. Is there by chance an app or settings I can perform where I can lower my phone brightness level lower than what is stock? I know they have that with audio/speaker levels....It would be great if there is something similar with brightness?

I have already changed the settings to the lowest performance setting and it is still draining extremely fast and a lot faster than when i was on LP. In about 45min of screen on time just browing the web, my battery dropped 48%.

Just as a comparison, when I was on LP, I could browse the web while charging, and my battery continue charging towards 100% and not drain any, whereas now while I'm charging while browsing the web, battery drains quite quickly.

Are there other settings in this ROM possibly that can help this or other apps?

The only things I've added since I did the install last night was: Google voice, Brave, Magisk, Titanium backup

Pretty sweet ROm though other than that!! Its been prettty flawless so far, haven't seen any issues. Lots of options, settings, customizations!
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