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[rom] [hlte, hltechn, hltekor and hltetmo] crDroid 4, 5, 6 and 7(unofficial) (8.x, 9.x,10.x and 11.x)

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Jun 9, 2015
new builds (hlte, hltetmo, hltekor. hltechn): https://mega.nz/folder/zdQ1SCYL#rRXBvanH_wIIeIciXJK6ug

* Android July 2021 Security update
* Added option to disable pill (crdroid > UI)
* Added customization for rounded corners (crdroid > UI)
* Fixed up unlimited storage for Google Photos
* Fixed up quick statusbar padding and QS padding with header image enabled
* Updated SQLite lib to latest
* Under the hood updates for av and native frameworks
* Cleaned up dead shortcuts for power menu settings
* Misc system fixes and improvements
* Added back blur for Launcher
* Switched to crdroid pasty site for error crash upload
* Various under the hood updates and misc fixes
* Revamped Dialer dark theming
* Enabled cached app freezer
* SystemUI: fix NPE on ExpandableNotificationRow
- Initial crDroid 7.9 code base
- Updated to August security patches (android-11.0.0_r40)
- Updated kernel clang compiler to 13.0.1
- Updated lots of libs
- Improved Dialer dark mode
- Improved battery consumption in some use cases
- Added option to instantly/15 seconds/screen off lock app on closing for AppLocker (Settings -> Security -> App locker)
- Added rounded corners option
- crDroid Music: Fixed replaying same song if Repeat is off and Skip button is pressed while on the last song in the list
- Fixed some issue with lockscreen clock
- Fixed possible issue with unlimited photos upload for Google Photos
- Fixed some possible issues with volume panel
- Updated translations
- Removed unused libs
- Added ADB on/off toggle to game mode (some games check for adb status apprently)
- Some more different changes to stability
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