[ROM][HLTE\TMO\CHN][OFFICIAL]*** Resurrection Remix N 5.8.5 ***[13.03.2018]

Would you rather flash RR rootless or with Magisk integrated?

  • Rootless (I want to choose!)

    Votes: 199 37.7%
  • Magisk integrated (I use it anyways!)

    Votes: 329 62.3%

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Jul 13, 2004
OMG.... I still can't get this dern modem to load/ work! My main galaxy phone is dead dead so I went to try to resurrect my note 3 (see what I did there :D). The most recent time I did a facotry wipe with TWRP, pulled the battery, did a recovery boot and tried using odin 3.09, 3.10, and 3.12 to flashN900TUVUFQD2_N900TUVUFQD2_Baseband_Firmware.tar.md5 to CP without success (yes pulling batteries, etc)

Lucky for me, I backed up my stock rom with twrp. Restored it and nwo I can use my phone!
I would still like a vanilla/stripped rom, so if anyone has a suggestion on an idiot proof rom to load, or how to keep my tmo stock radio rom instead of having to install it after the rom change, I would sure appreciate it. It's super hard to learn new stuff when you seem to be following the directions but it isn't working. Which sucks, because this rom seemed super suhweet.

I used Magisk and Team Win to load Resurrection onto my note 3.
One alternative I have briefly looked into was [ROM][N9005][ALEXNDR] BPH2, POK2 * DevBase v3.8 * Multi CSC, Safe De-Bloat, KNOX 0x0

Sorry for alerting the quoted folks below, I wanted to put most of the relevant information in 1 post with click back links for convenience

TLDR> Missing sim issue because of bootloader/modem even though TWRP shows a successful flash.

I have skimmed this thread to find an answer, but there is a LOT to get through.

I have a HTLETMO N900T and my goal was to follow this thread to install RR HLTETmo, TWRP, Magisk, [Hlte][Xenial-b26x][02.01.18][N7.1-GSM].

I had some issues because I'm android noob, so I ended up doing a twrp wipe with all the boxes checked in advanced (not sd or usb storage). Then I installed everything but the bootloader/modem tar because it was already registered with my stock rom correctly.

Everything looked great! Except when I put in the sim to make a phone call. That's when I realized the baseband wasn't listed in settings/about phone. So I downloaded the N900T version from post #1 by StockholmSyndrome and flashed it (after removing battery before entering download mode), twice, but the sim isn't being recognized.

I found this post on redit and ran "# strings /dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/modem | grep N900" from twrp recovery and got back the correct response, indicating that the baseband is installed correctly.

"SM-N9005 This is for Data Device Only.

I have avoided modding/playing with andriod roms because i know almost nothing about them/linux.

I think I will really like this rom, if I can get the phone to work.

Does someone know what I need to do to fix this?
Thank you for your help and patience (with another annoying noob)

Okay. I am not going to answer your question, and you would notice that I have removed a large section of your post. I just want to say welcome, and stay with the group, read through, just ask your questions, be very patient and you will get your answers. You have come to the right place for your Note 3 phone. @vidwhal and everyone here will be chipping in and helping out.

You would soon be compelled to move to RRO, and would find even better experience with that ROM, but while here in RRN, learn a lot, and enjoy every step. Welcome!


When I enter that string of text in the TWRP downloader terminal I get the above response that (I think) is confirming that it was flashed. Also, I did install Phone Info and attached the screen grab of it.

YES! I had read that was a known unknown issue and had removed the battery both times before entering upload mode. The two attempts were separated by booting RR and checking to see if the sim was working.

Oreo vs Nougut? I have to be honest, the only reason I'm "upgrading" the aosp is for the added control and flexibility over permissions. In your opinion, why would I want to move up to Oreo? I know so little about them that I couldn't tell you the difference between them. FYI, I had cooked a few PPC roms back in the day, but all this is now soo different than I was used to (even though I forgot most of it, anyway). I started with this thread/rom because it seemed the most thorough explanation and stable rom for my first try.

Work is super busy, and I will be back to check the thread; please don't think I've abandoned this (I **really** want to get this working)
Thank you, all!


Thank you. Do I simply unpack the tar file I have to get the seperate n900t files?
I had seen a few places to get odin but wasn't sure which sources had reliable distributions (noob).

I'll try that and report back.

Thanks, again.

remove battery, put it back and start immediately in dl mode, then connect with cable and flash the modem..


not in AP but in CP for modem
if you want bugfree rom stop at 7.1....., 8.1 and 9.0 have BT problems...

Try another Odin version. I used 3.10.7.

Phone off, battery out, wait a few minutes, battery back, boot to download mode, plug USB cable, flash bl & modem, reboot.

I had issues before too caused by a not compatible Odin.

I'm going nuckin futs, here.
I tried to get my note3 loaded with this rom in april, got stuck on getting the radio working, and gave up.
My current phone is about to take a dump, so I need to get this Note3 with this rom fired up and running.

HTLETMO N9000, Magisk rooted, I followed this thread to install.

I followed the instructions from StockholmSyndrom in post 1.
I downloaded the N900T basebad from that post
I had to download Odin v3.12.10 from this thread because the link provided in Stockholm's post was dead.

I am using win7 sp3, I installed SAMSUNG_USB_Driver_for_Mobile_Phones_v1.5.65.0 drivers, launched Odin, selected N900TUVUFQD2_N900TUVUFQD2_Baseband_Firmware.tar.md5 into the AP slot, unchecked "reboot", flashed, success, reboot, check phone info and get the following screenshots.
Rebooting with a sim installed makes no difference.

The files contained in the tar.md5 don't match up to the fields in Odin, so I don't know what would/should go to which fields. Odin fields are bl, ap, csc, cp, user data AND md5 files are aboot.mbn, modem.bin, non-hlos.bin, rpm.mbn, sbl1.bin, sdi.mbn, tz.mbn

What do I need to do/try next?

Thanks in advance!


Odin 3.10.12, tar.md5 in AP slot, tnsert battery, plug in usb, enter bootloader mode, remove the battery, upload, unplug USB upon "success" in odin.
install battery, reboot, baseband is not installed successfully.

Tried the same proceedure with Odin 3.09.5

I also tried to unzip the tar.md5 but don't know which of these files go into which of these slots. modem.bin (goes to CP, duh), NON-HLOS.bin, aboot.mbn, rpm.mbn, sbl1.mbn, sdi.mbn, tz.mbn

Any further instruction would be very appreciated.

BTW, I'm in Fairfax Va, right now, live in Durham Nc, and will be in Birmingham Al this weekend. IF someone who knows what they are doing lives in one of those places and is willing to help me, I can come to you!

I would also accept recommendations for a different rom/setup that might be more idiot proof.

Ah, yes, I see what you mean, now.
I tried so many things that I'm not %100 sure.

I will try again tonight and pay closer attention.


Is that not waht I described? Falshing N900TUVUFQD2_N900TUVUFQD2_Baseband_Firmware onto my phone using odin?

No mention of removing battery.makes baseband stick.
CP for modem baseband.
AP full firmware.
BL bootloader.
CSC. For cac

Yeah you need to remove the battery before flashing to get the job done.

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Dec 27, 2014
hi can someone please help me... T/N Im SUPER NOOB. I flashed this RR Rom on my n9005 via twrp and got bootlooped, not just this actually i've tried many custom roms and got boot loop. Please help me.. I always get back to stock rom before trying to flash another custom rom but still boot loop. Please can someone assist me?


Jan 9, 2015
1. Is it correct rom for device.?
2. Wipe davlik, wipe all before boot?

If still not working,

Do other roms have issues? If not - use another rom.

Ok. You say other roms bootloop too. Did you root correctly?
Read the instructions again just to make sure you're not missing something out.


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  • hi can someone please help me... T/N Im SUPER NOOB. I flashed this RR Rom on my n9005 via twrp and got bootlooped, not just this actually i've tried many custom roms and got boot loop. Please help me.. I always get back to stock rom before trying to flash another custom rom but still boot loop. Please can someone assist me?
    The MOST important question to ask here I feel is: is your TWRP up to date?
    Known conflicts exist with new ROMs and older TWRPs.
    3.5.1 9-0 I believe is the most current https://dl.twrp.me/hlte/


    Senior Member
  • thanks ill try to flash with this one
    No problem!
    2yrs ago when I bought a 7509mHa battery for the Note 3 and resurrected it(for my home automation, as for some stupid reason manufactures have STOPPED installing IR blasters!), I had your issue of being bootlooped no matter what I installed.
    I was on the ancient 3.1.0-0.
    Upgraded, and have run every offering of android 10 based rims without any issues!


    Dec 27, 2014
    Download a fresh copy of whatever RIM your trying to install.

    What r u trying to install?

    Should that fail, please list steps you have taken to try to install.... Like, what method your using.
    Just a point form of your steps please
    ok heres what im doing, i reflashed back to stock rom, then flashed the latest twrp via odin, then copied the rom and gapps to my internal storage, gone to twrp, wipe cache,dalvik,system and data, install RR, install gapps and wiped cache and boot.

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      Resurrection Remix N - Galaxy Note 3


      Resurrection Remix Home

      Resurrection Remix G+


      I'm building Resurrection Remix for myself now and thought I'd share it for those flashaholics that just need that 'one more' ROM :p
      Now that I've been building this for a little while, I'm in the process of trying to get approved as the new official maintainer for this device. I'm now tha guy. ;):eek:

      This is intended to be a vanilla build without any changes from the default though I do have intentions of making my own minor tweaks down the track.
      I hope to provide fairly regular updates to builds with the latest repos.

      ROM includes Magisk Manager & root so if you want to flash an alternative, you'll need to flash the magisk remove tools beforehand.
      OTA has also been implemented but the first Official build will need to be flashed to be able to be notified of future OTA updates.

      As usual, any bad flashes are not my responsibility if anything goes wrong with your device.

      Install instructions coming from a different ROM (ie. TouchWiz\LineageOS\MIUI etc...):
      1. Download ROM, GApps & favoured root method (Magisk / SuperSU)
      2. Do full backup in recovery and Internal\SD Card data (at your own risk if you don't)
      3. Full Wipe (Caches (Dalvik & Cache), System, Data(Wiping DATA will clear your Apps & App Data - BEWARE!))
      4. Install ROM followed by GAPPS & ROOT method.
      5. REBOOT!!

      Install instructions for updating from an earlier version of this ROM:
      1. Download ROM & GApps(if flashing newer gapps).
      2. Do full backup in recovery (at your own risk if you don't)
      3. Dirty Wipe (Caches (Dalvik & Cache), System)
      4. Install ROM followed by GAPPS. (Root should be retained but reflash root zip if necessary)
      5. REBOOT!!

      UPDATE: I've made the ROM rootless despite the poll numbers. Found that users were experiencing issues. It should be easier if people flash Magisk/SuperSU separately.
      AFH - HLTE - 13/03/2018
      AFH - HLTETMO (SM-N900T, SM-N900V, SM-N900W8) - 13/03/2018
      AFH - HLTECHN (SM-N9008V etc...) - 13/03/2018
      (I only have the HLTE variant so I cannot test HLTETMO or HLTECHN builds. Any attempted fixes will also only be purely speculative until confirmed by users)
      (Also, Sprint users should be able to flash the HLTE build going by some reports from users)
      Sprint support has officially been removed from the device trees (Sorry!)
      Magisk / SuperSU

      Known device specific issues:

      * Night Light feature not working due to supporting Live Display
      * Camera Panorama mode crash when processing image
      - should be fixed in build 17-09-2017


      Confirmed working on my n9005:
      *WiFi (possibly not the wifi disconnect when asleep issue)
      *GPS (works personally, others reporting different)
      *Ext sd card
      *Rotation (not sure of weird glitch with some apps - I haven't experienced this for a fair while)
      *Auto brightness/brightness adjust
      *Camera switch rear to front - no delay

      If you experience your SIM not being detected from build 9/7 & onwards it will be because of changes to the HLTE repo device trees in Github and you WILL need to update your Bootloader/Modem to correct it.

      Follow @StockholmSyndrome's instructions below. Thanks @StockholmSyndrome :eek:

      Updated: Specifically for N9005\HLTE models, use the Nordic baseband uploaded by @svbarbosa
      to get a very good GPS lock speed instead of the one linked in the below instructions.

      His thread is HERE if you would like to also read about other ways to improve your experience or:
      Click the link to go directly to the Nordic Bootloader\Baseband AFH download.

      Once again, I updated and clarified the instructions.
      Thing is, only with baseband update the SIM card will work.

      Here are my instructions, feel free to copy&paste them as you like:
      1.) Download the latest baseband that matches your phone (duh):
      for N9005: vidwhal: Recommended links are in the above text for n9005\hlte
      for N900W8: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=673368273298969743
      for N900T: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=673368273298969970
      2.) Download a copy of Odin (3.12.x): http://dl.sammobile.com/Odin3-v3.12.7.zip
      3.) Power down your phone completely, take out the battery for a few seconds
      4.) Go into download mode by pressing Volume-Down + Home + Power simultaneously for several seconds
      5.) Connect phone via USB cable until Odin says "Added"
      6.) Click on "Options" and uncheck "Auto-Reboot", then load your Baseband file (_Baseband_Firmware.tar .md5) into the "AP" slot
      7.) "Start"
      8.) Wait for success and green light
      9.) Unplug USB cable, reboot phone by holding down Power button

      You are now clear to install the latest official LineageOS\RR for your Note 3!

      Changelog for current build:
       ▼ Resurrection Remix Nougat Ver 5.8.5 Changelog
       ▼ 03/07/2018
       ▪ project hardware/samsung/
       ▪ b057e8b audio: Update mixer knobs after re-applying output route
       ▼ 03/05/2018
       ▪ project hardware/samsung/
       ▪ 276108c audio: Guard mixer path dependency fix
       ▪ project packages/apps/ResurrectionOTA/
       ▪ 6d414a0 Merge pull request #21 from anoop44/nougat

      Source code:
      Resurrection Remix Github
      HLTE LineageOS Device Tree
      HLTETMO LineageOS Device Tree
      HLTECHN LineageOS Device Tree
      HLTE LineageOS Kernel
      HLTE Common LineageOS

      Credits go to @trader418, @Lord Eko for providing some inspiration to delve into the world of building :good:
      @svbarbosa for working hard to find the optimal setup for GPS etc... :good:
      Last but definitely not least:
      *Do not report issues if you are using mods or alternate kernels!
      *Please supply logcats with issues being reported!
      How to logcat tutorial
      Sweet. Thanks for the update ??
      I'll try and build it. As soon as I get one successfully compiling I'll apply to be the maintainer ?
      HOHOHO!! Merry Christmas! :)

      New 23/12 builds (24/12 for TMO - no difference)
      AFH - HLTE - 23/12/2017
      AFH - HLTETMO (SM-N900T, SM-N900V, SM-N900W8) - 24/12/2017
      AFH - HLTECHN (SM-N9008V etc...) - 23/12/2017

      Includes December security updates
      Bumped to 7.1.2 r36
      Other assorted device tree changes.

      Enjoy :)
      New builds 15-10-2017
      AFH - HLTE - 15/10/2017
      AFH - HLTETMO (SM-N900T, SM-N900V, SM-N900W8) - 15/10/2017
      AFH - HLTECHN (SM-N9008V etc...) - 15/10/2017

      Contains commit to fix issues with APK package installer & Oct. security updates.

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