[ROM][HLTE\TMO\CHN][OFFICIAL]*** Resurrection Remix N 5.8.5 ***[13.03.2018]

Would you rather flash RR rootless or with Magisk integrated?

  • Rootless (I want to choose!)

    Votes: 199 37.7%
  • Magisk integrated (I use it anyways!)

    Votes: 329 62.3%

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Apr 19, 2008
Can anyone report if the cellular signal issue with the hltespr device has been fixed in this latest build?

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Unfortunately, it's a matter of testing and letting others know (you may be the only one trying :)
According to the HLTE device tree, Sprint is a supported\listed device but maybe asking @haggertk to have a closer look at it might be the way to go. He's shown to have the best brains for tackling these issues.
Jan 6, 2016
this rom is really awesome ..
only one issue i have in all cm or linage os roms
the camera itself has improved very well specially the front one but the night mode in the rear is not stable all the time .......also when i use apps that use the cam the quality become so bad i don't know why .
anyway i appreciate your big effort in the rom ?


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Aug 27, 2008
Foshan, China
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chris rock

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Jun 27, 2017
Hey guys,
does your screen mirroring work?
Mine not with my Samsung TV.
My Galaxy S4 from Buff works fine.
And Letters deleting and writing in some internetpages is slow and reacts later.
Anyone same bugs?


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Nov 22, 2011
Hey guys,
does your screen mirroring work?
Mine not with my Samsung TV.
My Galaxy S4 from Buff works fine.
And Letters deleting and writing in some internetpages is slow and reacts later.
Anyone same bugs?
Screen Cast to Chromecast works fine on my SM-N900W8

From Down the Rabbit Hole by:
My SM-G930W8 ??


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Dec 26, 2013
Sounds like around the time the device trees we're realigned by other devs. I'd guess that your particular variant has been one of the unlucky ones to have been dropped and isn't supported as a result of those changes that occurred.

Oh my...I guess I'm one of the few unlucky..Thanks tho', I'f I would have an international version, will be trying your rom soon.

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    Resurrection Remix N - Galaxy Note 3


    Resurrection Remix Home

    Resurrection Remix G+


    I'm building Resurrection Remix for myself now and thought I'd share it for those flashaholics that just need that 'one more' ROM :p
    Now that I've been building this for a little while, I'm in the process of trying to get approved as the new official maintainer for this device. I'm now tha guy. ;):eek:

    This is intended to be a vanilla build without any changes from the default though I do have intentions of making my own minor tweaks down the track.
    I hope to provide fairly regular updates to builds with the latest repos.

    ROM includes Magisk Manager & root so if you want to flash an alternative, you'll need to flash the magisk remove tools beforehand.
    OTA has also been implemented but the first Official build will need to be flashed to be able to be notified of future OTA updates.

    As usual, any bad flashes are not my responsibility if anything goes wrong with your device.

    Install instructions coming from a different ROM (ie. TouchWiz\LineageOS\MIUI etc...):
    1. Download ROM, GApps & favoured root method (Magisk / SuperSU)
    2. Do full backup in recovery and Internal\SD Card data (at your own risk if you don't)
    3. Full Wipe (Caches (Dalvik & Cache), System, Data(Wiping DATA will clear your Apps & App Data - BEWARE!))
    4. Install ROM followed by GAPPS & ROOT method.
    5. REBOOT!!

    Install instructions for updating from an earlier version of this ROM:
    1. Download ROM & GApps(if flashing newer gapps).
    2. Do full backup in recovery (at your own risk if you don't)
    3. Dirty Wipe (Caches (Dalvik & Cache), System)
    4. Install ROM followed by GAPPS. (Root should be retained but reflash root zip if necessary)
    5. REBOOT!!

    UPDATE: I've made the ROM rootless despite the poll numbers. Found that users were experiencing issues. It should be easier if people flash Magisk/SuperSU separately.
    AFH - HLTE - 13/03/2018
    AFH - HLTETMO (SM-N900T, SM-N900V, SM-N900W8) - 13/03/2018
    AFH - HLTECHN (SM-N9008V etc...) - 13/03/2018
    (I only have the HLTE variant so I cannot test HLTETMO or HLTECHN builds. Any attempted fixes will also only be purely speculative until confirmed by users)
    (Also, Sprint users should be able to flash the HLTE build going by some reports from users)
    Sprint support has officially been removed from the device trees (Sorry!)
    Magisk / SuperSU

    Known device specific issues:

    * Night Light feature not working due to supporting Live Display
    * Camera Panorama mode crash when processing image
    - should be fixed in build 17-09-2017


    Confirmed working on my n9005:
    *WiFi (possibly not the wifi disconnect when asleep issue)
    *GPS (works personally, others reporting different)
    *Ext sd card
    *Rotation (not sure of weird glitch with some apps - I haven't experienced this for a fair while)
    *Auto brightness/brightness adjust
    *Camera switch rear to front - no delay

    If you experience your SIM not being detected from build 9/7 & onwards it will be because of changes to the HLTE repo device trees in Github and you WILL need to update your Bootloader/Modem to correct it.

    Follow @StockholmSyndrome's instructions below. Thanks @StockholmSyndrome :eek:

    Updated: Specifically for N9005\HLTE models, use the Nordic baseband uploaded by @svbarbosa
    to get a very good GPS lock speed instead of the one linked in the below instructions.

    His thread is HERE if you would like to also read about other ways to improve your experience or:
    Click the link to go directly to the Nordic Bootloader\Baseband AFH download.

    Once again, I updated and clarified the instructions.
    Thing is, only with baseband update the SIM card will work.

    Here are my instructions, feel free to copy&paste them as you like:
    1.) Download the latest baseband that matches your phone (duh):
    for N9005: vidwhal: Recommended links are in the above text for n9005\hlte
    for N900W8: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=673368273298969743
    for N900T: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=673368273298969970
    2.) Download a copy of Odin (3.12.x): http://dl.sammobile.com/Odin3-v3.12.7.zip
    3.) Power down your phone completely, take out the battery for a few seconds
    4.) Go into download mode by pressing Volume-Down + Home + Power simultaneously for several seconds
    5.) Connect phone via USB cable until Odin says "Added"
    6.) Click on "Options" and uncheck "Auto-Reboot", then load your Baseband file (_Baseband_Firmware.tar .md5) into the "AP" slot
    7.) "Start"
    8.) Wait for success and green light
    9.) Unplug USB cable, reboot phone by holding down Power button

    You are now clear to install the latest official LineageOS\RR for your Note 3!

    Changelog for current build:
     ▼ Resurrection Remix Nougat Ver 5.8.5 Changelog
     ▼ 03/07/2018
     ▪ project hardware/samsung/
     ▪ b057e8b audio: Update mixer knobs after re-applying output route
     ▼ 03/05/2018
     ▪ project hardware/samsung/
     ▪ 276108c audio: Guard mixer path dependency fix
     ▪ project packages/apps/ResurrectionOTA/
     ▪ 6d414a0 Merge pull request #21 from anoop44/nougat

    Source code:
    Resurrection Remix Github
    HLTE LineageOS Device Tree
    HLTETMO LineageOS Device Tree
    HLTECHN LineageOS Device Tree
    HLTE LineageOS Kernel
    HLTE Common LineageOS

    Credits go to @trader418, @Lord Eko for providing some inspiration to delve into the world of building :good:
    @svbarbosa for working hard to find the optimal setup for GPS etc... :good:
    Last but definitely not least:
    *Do not report issues if you are using mods or alternate kernels!
    *Please supply logcats with issues being reported!
    How to logcat tutorial
    Sweet. Thanks for the update ??
    I'll try and build it. As soon as I get one successfully compiling I'll apply to be the maintainer ?
    HOHOHO!! Merry Christmas! :)

    New 23/12 builds (24/12 for TMO - no difference)
    AFH - HLTE - 23/12/2017
    AFH - HLTETMO (SM-N900T, SM-N900V, SM-N900W8) - 24/12/2017
    AFH - HLTECHN (SM-N9008V etc...) - 23/12/2017

    Includes December security updates
    Bumped to 7.1.2 r36
    Other assorted device tree changes.

    Enjoy :)
    New builds 15-10-2017
    AFH - HLTE - 15/10/2017
    AFH - HLTETMO (SM-N900T, SM-N900V, SM-N900W8) - 15/10/2017
    AFH - HLTECHN (SM-N9008V etc...) - 15/10/2017

    Contains commit to fix issues with APK package installer & Oct. security updates.

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