[ROM][HLTE][UNOFFICIAL]OwnROM v4.0 [Nougat]{28-07-2017}

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    Please Be Patient And All The Features Will Find Their Way Back...

    I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
    thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
    do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
    before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
    you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you. 
    A lot.[/CENTER]


    Click HERE if you want to help translate OwnSettings to your desired language!

    (Join us on G+ (link below) to help us make important choices)


    All new Features in last build displayed in RED

    - 3 Minit Battery Hook
    - 100 % Working OOS camera (no snap camera)
    - 100% Up-To-Date EAS commits by @joshuous
    - Voted Apps:
    * Nova Launcher instead of Trebuchet
    * Amaze Filemanager instead of LOSFilemanager
    * GBoard instead of AOSP KeyBoard

    - No Root Access - Flash desired root zip if wanted!!!
    - Optional encryption
    - 100% Overlay manager service Compatible
    - Quick Tiles Customizations
    - Improved Colorpicker



    - Navbar Switch
    - Smartbar Settings
    - Fling Settings
    - Pulse Settings
    - Hardware Backlight settings
    - Hardware Keys Settings
    - Power Butten Settings
    - Volume Button Settings
    - Screenshot Type (full screen/partial)

    QS Settings

    - Brightness slider settings
    - Custom Rows and Columns
    - Small QS count


    - SystemUI tuner
    - Notification Count
    - Clock Settings (Position, AM,PM)
    - Quick open
    - Double tap to sleep
    - Hide Bluetooth battery status icon
    - Network Traffic (Color, BPS, Update Interval, Automatic hide)
    - Batterybar
    - Statusbar Ticker
    - Custom Charging Symbol (flash/tidle)
    - Data activity arrows (WiFi/LTE)
    - VoLTE icon switch
    - 4G/LTE Switch

    Notification Drawer:

    - Force Expanded Notifications
    - Disable Expanded Notifications

    - Recents Apps Screen:

    - Fullscreen,
    - RAM Bar
    - OmniSwitch (+ option to set as default recents screen)
    - Recents Clear All Fab + Location


    - System animations
    - Toast animations
    - Listview animations
    - Listview interpolator
    - PowerMenu animations
    - QS animations
    - QS interpolators


    - Selinux Switch
    Dashboard Columns

    OwnROM Center

    - OTA Updater (ROM, G-Apps, Kernel, Vendor)
    - OwnROM Changelog
    - OwnROM Walls (Download all kinds of OwnROM Wallpapers)
    - Share OwnROM
    - Github link
    - G+ Link
    - Official maintainers list
    Team List
    - OTA Update center


    - Link Volumes
    - Increasing Ringtone
    - Vibration Intensity


    - Brightness control
    - Live Display
    - Screen rotation(0, 90, 180, 270 degrees)
    - Active Display
    - DT2W (if kernel supports)
    - Immersive Desktop


    - Expanded Desktop
    - LCD Density


    - Battery light
    - Notification light


    - Heads up Switch


    - Live LockScreen
    - Lock Screen Message
    - Custom Corner Shortcuts
    - Music Visualizer

    Multi User
    System Profiles
    App Permissions
    Privacy Guard



    G-Apps (ARM32/7.1/Nano)

    Installation instructions:

    1. Backup whatever you have to, also do take a nandroid backup via recovery (Just in case)
    2. Erase '/system', '/data', Cache and Dalvik Cache
    3. Flash OwnROM
    4. Flash G-Apps
    5. Flash desired root zip - if wanted
    5. Flash Custom Kernel of your liking or keep stock
    6. Boot :)

    OwnROM Github
    OwnROM Devices and Kernel Github
    OwnROM Website
    OwnROM G+

    Thanks to:
    The Whole OwnDroid Team
    @OwnDroid for his dev guidance
    Most importantly YOU - the users

    Anybody left out please do feel free to PM me :)

    Source Code: https://www.github.com/OwnROM

    ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat
    Based On: LineageOS

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 20170728
    Stable Release Date: 2017-07-28

    Created 2017-07-28
    Last Updated 2017-07-28


       * kernel/samsung/hlte/
    0f1caf3  fs/exec: fix use after free in execve 
       * packages/apps/Calendar/
    c7912b5  Automatic translation import 
       * packages/apps/Camera2/
    c8ce5ef  Automatic translation import 
       * packages/apps/CellBroadcastReceiver/
    19f777a  Automatic translation import 
       * packages/apps/DeskClock/
    ffd4233  Automatic translation import 
       * packages/apps/Eleven/
    adeb6e5  Automatic translation import 
       * packages/apps/Email/
    7bf040a  Automatic translation import 
       * packages/apps/Exchange/
    b17bee6  Automatic translation import 
       * packages/apps/Gallery2/
    dd5d886  Automatic translation import 
    f60b01e  Revert "Gallery2: set module privileged in Android.mk to delete photos on SD card." 
       * packages/apps/Messaging/
    0b2d2eb  Automatic translation import 
       * packages/apps/Snap/
    bbb6ee1  Revert "SnapdragonCamera: Adding PRIVILEGED true" 
       * packages/apps/TvSettings/
    48bf259  Automatic translation import 
       * hardware/samsung/
    a322ea2  macloader: Drop semcove case and enum 
       * lineage/wiki/
    1fc9b5e  devices: remove Aquaris X5 Plus (gohan) 
       * system/netd/
    b2d5c79  SoftAp: Fix compilation in netd if  LIBWPA_CLIENT_EXISTS undefined. 
       * vendor/samsung/
    2b2c648  msm8916-common: remove unneeded firmware 
    0aefc1f  j7lte: decommonize qcom framework blobs 
       * hardware/qcom/fm/
    7e027bc  Automatic translation import 
       * lineage/mirror/
    54cda6c  Updated to 25-Jul-2017 20:31:01 UTC 
       * lineage/updater/
    932946b  Regenerate device dependency mappings 
    9b4ad6c  updater: devices: Better describe which SKUs go with hlte build 
       * lineage/wiki/
    0964d24  wiki: devices: Add details for supported SKUs in hlte build 
    6b3bc86  wiki: correct the path to extraction script templates 
       * packages/apps/CMParts/
    f41e5e4  Merge pull request #1 from SubhrajyotiSen/own-n 
    54501c1  ButtonSettings is not needed in CMParts 
    0fd1f16  Revert "CMParts: Rename button action list handlers" 
    fc95f7b  Revert "[3/3] Torch long press power: add auto-off function" 
       * packages/apps/Email/
    00af046  Automatic translation import 
       * packages/apps/Gallery2/
    93411ba  Automatic translation import 
    41241c1  Gallery2: Fix various issues and glitches 
    906a508  Gallery2: Fix potential crash 
       * packages/apps/LockClock/
    7a0cdc8  Automatic translation import 
       * packages/apps/OwnSettings/
    8d9b82d  Merge pull request #3 from SubhrajyotiSen/own 
    665a8cd  Maintainers: add missing declaration for OneplusOne 
       * packages/apps/SetupWizard/
    fe4f010  Automatic translation import 
       * packages/apps/Snap/
    9a17e64  Automatic translation import 
       * packages/apps/ThemeChooser/
    dcc2f12  Automatic translation import 
       * packages/resources/devicesettings/
    1550893  Automatic translation import 
       * system/sepolicy/
    54c2570  interfacer: Allow interfacer to find content_service 
       * kernel/samsung/hlte/
    8301a8f  msm: camera: Re-add IRQ-based bus halt acknowledgement 
       * lineage/updater/
    02217b5  updater: don't crash the whole app if Gerrit is down 
       * hardware/qcom/fm/
    41ccba0  Automatic translation import 
       * lineage/cve/
    a173cff  Regenerate kernel->device mappings 
       * packages/apps/AudioFX/
    530b16b  Automatic translation import 
       * packages/apps/Bluetooth/
    2cf33d5  Automatic translation import 
       * packages/apps/CMBugReport/
    11a2d62  Automatic translation import 
       * packages/apps/Camera2/
    8627c94  Automatic translation import 
       * packages/apps/CellBroadcastReceiver/
    607056c  Automatic translation import 
       * packages/apps/DeskClock/
    81651fb  DeskClock: Make sure int values are unique 
    3e8d52b  Use density independent units for the timer digits for sw360dp 
       * packages/apps/Eleven/
    06bbfac  Automatic translation import 
       * packages/apps/LockClock/
    6d962e1  Automatic translation import 
       * packages/apps/Recorder/
    5c6ba77  Automatic translation import 
       * packages/apps/SetupWizard/
    32892fd  Automatic translation import 
       * packages/apps/Snap/
    b32e764  Automatic translation import 
       * packages/apps/Terminal/
    9f5d391  Automatic translation import 
       * packages/apps/ThemeChooser/
    bd1e020  Automatic translation import 
       * packages/providers/ThemesProvider/
    a5da26d  Automatic translation import 
       * packages/providers/WeatherProvider/
    ba9f78f  Automatic translation import 
       * packages/resources/devicesettings/
    1ff6d8c  Automatic translation import 
       * packages/services/Telephony/
    947bfb6  Automatic translation import 
       * vendor/cmsdk/
    1319a28  Automatic translation import 
       * vendor/cmsdk/samples/weatherproviderservice/YahooWeatherProvider/
    53f0e73  Automatic translation import 
       * vendor/samsung/
    86bdfad  hlte: Move to variant blobs 
       * lineage/stats/
    8b0688e  Force unicode strings 
    0f8eab7  Only generate states if there are more than 1000 of the things we're generating 
    ff91c31  stats: pre-render all pages into redis 
    6bcd3f6  Include render date on page 
       * packages/apps/OwnSettings/
    1ad20d6  Merge pull request #2 from alistairholmes/own-n 
    d552eb3  Added Bacon Maintainer 
    7c07944  Added OnePlus One To List 
       * vendor/samsung/
    9eb26ef  msm8916-common: add j7ltechn and j7ltespr to guard 
    49ef16d  Import j7ltespr blobs 
    bd0863a  Import j7lte-common blobs 
       * lineage/updater/
    d26265e  changelog: Don't crash trying to parse change labels 
       * packages/apps/OwnSettings/
    b544234  Revised OnePlus One String 
       * kernel/samsung/hlte/
    8be776d  fuse: Add support for d_canonical_path 
    f08a975  sdcardfs: Remove stale dentries when reusing an inode. 
       * lineage/wiki/
    605a797  wiki: Standardize the templates 
       * android/
    1a49b45  Merge branch 'cm-14.1' of https://github.com/LineageOS/android into own-n 
       * build/
    23709d8  Merge branch 'own-n' of https://github.com/OwnROM/android_build into own-n 
    dc95aed  Merge branch 'cm-14.1' of https://github.com/LineageOS/android_build into own-n 
       * device/samsung/hlte-common/
    b54a1e3  hlte-common: mixer_paths.xml - low-latency-record 
    ca73c92  hlte-common: Clean up mixer_paths.xml 
    54a8675  hlte-common: Allow extract-files to pull from a variant blob list 
    fb3d9bd  hlte-common: setup-makefiles: Loop through device blob lists 
    a3faab6  hlte-common: sepolicy: Add file_contexts entries for variant blobs 
    f5096f4  hlte-common: Add releasetools extension to install variant blobs 
    e1f9b9d  hlte-common: proprietary-files: Update Adreno blobs 
       * frameworks/base/
    9d2ad70  Merge branch 'cm-14.1' of https://github.com/LineageOS/android_frameworks_base into own-n 
    af06f11  BootReceiver: check console-ramoops-0 
    d137184  PowerProfile: allow overriding default power profile 
       * frameworks/native/
    e331c2a  Merge branch 'cm-14.1' of https://github.com/LineageOS/android_frameworks_native into own-n 
       * hardware/qcom/fm/
    165ef42  FM: Use some sane colors 
       * lineage/cve/
    b68f3e5  Regenerate kernel->device mappings 
       * lineage/mirror/
    2f067c7  Updated to 18-Jul-2017 20:31:00 UTC 
       * lineage/updater/
    6ec5d41  Regenerate device dependency mappings 
    7ab7f0a  updater: devices: Better describe which SKUs go with hltetmo build 
       * lineage/wiki/
    7c755d0  Update Nexus 6P and 5X bootloader unlock commands 
    106d0be  wiki: devices: Add details for supported SKUs in hltetmo build 
       * packages/apps/CMParts/
    7cc671f  Merge branch 'cm-14.1' of https://github.com/LineageOS/android_packages_apps_CMParts into own-n 
       * packages/apps/Dialer/
    5409c02  Merge branch 'cm-14.1' of https://github.com/LineageOS/android_packages_apps_Dialer into own-n 
       * packages/apps/OwnSettings/
    96b589f  Add Bacon Maintainer 
       * packages/apps/PhoneCommon/
    5148e0b  Merge branch 'cm-14.1' of https://github.com/LineageOS/android_packages_apps_PhoneCommon into own-n 
       * packages/apps/Settings/
    471e0a2  Merge branch 'cm-14.1' of https://github.com/LineageOS/android_packages_apps_Settings into own-n 
       * system/core/
    a0d2dc0  Merge branch 'cm-14.1' of https://github.com/LineageOS/android_system_core into own-n 
       * vendor/ownrom/
    984cc49  Merge branch 'own-n' of https://github.com/OwnROM/android_vendor_ownrom into own-n 
    ad41902  Merge branch 'cm-14.1' of https://github.com/LineageOS/android_vendor_cm into own-n 
       * vendor/samsung/
    54728d5  msm8916-common: update graphics blobs 
    cf62efe  hltetmo: Move to variant blobs 
    32d3fb8  hlte-common: Update to Adreno blobs from LA.BF.1.1.3_rb1.12 
    4de14ad  klte-common: Update to Adreno blobs from LA.BF.1.1.3_rb1.12 
       * device/samsung/hlte/
    5d17529  hlte: Clean up TARGET_OTA_ASSERT_DEVICE 
       * hardware/samsung/
    72aac79  secril-client: Fix RIL client token management in SendOemRequestHookRaw() 
       * kernel/samsung/hlte/
    49b43b4  USB: mct_u232: fix usage of uninitialized variable 
       * lineage/jenkins/
    cfb84b4  Re-enable LG G2 builds 
       * lineage/wiki/
    a269375  wiki: Set G2 maintainer 
       * vendor/samsung/
    01091ec  manta: update widevine 
       * android/
    7e460b7  Remove ahbottomnavigation 
       * device/samsung/hlte/
    89664cd  hlte: Use hlte-common releasetools extension 
    b2de7d6  hlte: overlay: Add CarrierConfig overlay 
    d53e659  hlte: overlay: Add CDMA values to config_radio_access_family 
    00a8943  hlte: libinit: Add N900P to init_target_properties() 
       * frameworks/base/
    16c042a  ScreenCap : Add jpeg support 
       * lineage/jenkins/
    c02a01b  hudson: disable devices with unpatched dirty cow 
    1bff39d  Revert "hudson: disable athene for now" 
       * build/
    6397540  Merge pull request #1 from MZO9400/own-n 
    3a7e384  Makefile: Show MD5SUM and Zip size 
       * device/samsung/hlte/
    2e5c909  hlte: libinit: Refactor and add cdma_properties() 
    efa1e77  hlte: Use separate blob lists for N9005 and N900P 
    2119138  hlte: Include NFC-related packages, permissions, configs on this build 
       * device/samsung/hlte-common/
    83033b3  hlte-common: Move NFC-related packages, permissions, configs to variant builds 
       * lineage/wiki/
    cbb0af9  Corrected small typos. 
       * packages/apps/ThemeInterfacer/
    0fded63  JobService: Use a ContentObserver to check for force authorisation of packages 
       * build/
    d7aa03b  Fix printing when printing complete package 
       * device/samsung/hlte-common/
    251e256  hlte-common: adapt to FlipFlap overlay changes 
    4444c44  hlte-common: Add FlipFlap 
    67cb51d  hlte-common: proprietery-files: Kill liboemcrypto.so 
       * hardware/qcom/audio-caf/msm8996/
    f8fcd59  Merge tag 'LA.UM.5.5.r1-05300-8x96.0' into HEAD 
       * hardware/qcom/display-caf/msm8996/
    3005091  Merge tag 'LA.UM.5.5.r1-05300-8x96.0' into HEAD 
       * hardware/qcom/media-caf/msm8996/
    0273a64  Merge tag 'LA.UM.5.5.r1-05300-8x96.0' into HEAD 
       * kernel/samsung/hlte/
    afe5d0c  dts: Make hall_flip report SW_LID keycode 
       * lineage/mirror/
    266f50b  Updated to 14-Jul-2017 20:31:01 UTC 
       * vendor/ownrom/
    65719a7  Merge pull request #8 from MZO9400/own-n 
    e13ffeb  brunch: own it 
       * hardware/samsung/
    338942b  secril-client: return exact error code from blockingWrite() 
    1146f1a  Revert "power: Temporary logging fix" 
    7ad73bc  power: Allow for a dynamic cluster configuration 
       * packages/apps/Snap/
    5c51d47  Revert some permissions related changes 
       * vendor/samsung/
    cd70dd1  hlte-common: Kill liboemcrypto.so 
    e8ca251  msm8916-common: update GPS blobs 
       * device/samsung/hlte/
    2ef6197  hlte: libinit: Update build fingerprint for SM-N9005 
    e7e7758  hlte: libinit: Evict Korean variants from init_target_properties() 
       * kernel/samsung/hlte/
    df614de  __ptrace_may_access() should not deny sub-threads 
       * packages/apps/Snap/
    0dbf891  Add overlay for restarting camera preview for additional cameras 
       * vendor/ownrom/
    296008c  kernel: Add savedefconfig target 
       * kernel/samsung/hlte/
    09af513  BACKPORT: msm: camera: Add regulator enable and disable independent of CSID 
    321bc74  ashmem: remove cache maintenance support 
    49272db  msm: kgsl: Fix kgsl memory allocation and free race condition 
    7ce7583  msm: ispif: fix a bug in checking the validity of vfe intf 
    3387687  msm: camera: sensor: Add boundary check for cci master 
    bc0fe64  ipv4: keep skb->dst around in presence of IP options 
    663ec8a  selinux: fix off-by-one in setprocattr 
    289ccfc  ALSA: timer: Fix race between read and ioctl 
    f7f07d1  ALSA: timer: Fix missing queue indices reset at SNDRV_TIMER_IOCTL_SELECT 
    b8ac03f  fs/exec.c: account for argv/envp pointers 
    c6ddbf1  Allow stack to grow up to address space limit 
    557caa8  mm: larger stack guard gap, between vmas 
    01ce918  Revert "proc: smaps: Allow smaps access for CAP_SYS_RESOURCE" 
    6ef6694  net: wireless: bcmdhd: adding boundary check in wl_cfg80211_mgmt_tx 
    cfbe296  BACKPORT: fiq_debugger: restrict access to critical commands. 
    ecc391c  net: wireless: bcmdhd: fix use-after-free in _dhd_pno_get_for_batch() 
    9085c29  sctp: validate chunk len before actually using it 
    53927d1  net: wireless: bcmdhd: fix buffer overrun in private command path 
    25ca88c  msm: dma: remove dma_test from defconfig 
    6ea5165  msm: ipa: fix potential race condition ioctls 
    4c1a23e  arm: oabi compat: add missing access checks 
    ea2e61f  USB: digi_acceleport: do sanity checking for the number of ports 
    9d16f82  USB: mct_u232: add sanity checking in probe 
    103f2c0  USB: iowarrior: fix oops with malicious USB descriptors 
    8a35033  Input: gtco - fix crash on detecting device without endpoints 
    7b1000e  Input: powermate - fix oops with malicious USB descriptors 
    4a570fa  Input: ati_remote2 - fix crashes on detecting device with invalid descriptor 
    468006b  ARM: perf: reject groups spanning multiple hardware PMUs 
    ac27264  ALSA: compress: fix an integer overflow check 
       * lineage/crowdin/
    63d845b  crowdin: Move huashan to cm-14.1 branch for devicesettings 
       * lineage/cve/
    3070a6c  Regenerate kernel->device mappings 
    d508b8d  app: use continue instead of next in for loops 
       * lineage/mirror/
    547ffb0  Updated to 11-Jul-2017 20:31:00 UTC 
       * lineage/updater/
    64610d8  Regenerate device dependency mappings 
       * vendor/ownrom/
    c835d38  qcom: Enable TARGET_USES_QCOM_MM_AUDIO 
       * system/core/
    09daba9  logcat: Add missing newline to read failure 
    8f5449d  init.rc: setup console-ramoops-0 
    f6b1285  healthd: check console-ramoops-0 
    9e5657d  fs_mgr: check console-ramoops-0 
       * bionic/
    d207f78  Merge tag 'android-7.1.2_r24' into cm-14.1 
       * frameworks/base/
    e4cc3e9  SystemUI: Fix Notification Background Color Issue 
    ba5a9d2  frameworks/base: reduce the setTransactions 
    2447a28  SoundPool: decrease binder call when calling SoundPool.play 
       * hardware/samsung/
    ff86846  power: Temporary logging fix 
    775bce8  power: Print information on boot 
    0da5fbf  power: sysfs_read: Do not store newlines 
       * lineage/wiki/
    1ca2b57  wiki: Don't show devices with no maintainers on contributors page 
       * packages/apps/CMParts/
    375d943  Regenerate contributors cloud 
       * packages/apps/Gallery2/
    d537f68  Gallery2: Switch to navigationbar from support libs 
       * packages/apps/Settings/
    29aa061  Bring back some physical keyboard settings 
       * vendor/ownrom/
    63f767e  repopick: don't bail on drafts 
       * android/
    f68ed96  Various fixes to README 
       * hardware/qcom/audio-caf/msm8996/
    23d91de  Merge 69af59b8962261e89d3309fd17b28425a3c0170f on remote branch 
       * hardware/qcom/media-caf/msm8996/
    c62bab1  Merge 04555962a06fe17ba83f2419951b30482f5f7d1f on remote branch 
       * packages/apps/CMParts/
    e1423b0  CMParts: Move some strings from arrays.xml to strings.xml 
       * frameworks/base/
    b957d32  Automatic translation import 
    20a3c7c  PowerManagerService: add a config to light up buttons only when pressed 
       * lineage/mirror/
    44698ce  Updated to 07-Jul-2017 20:30:59 UTC 
       * lineage/updater/
    1ace8df  Regenerate device dependency mappings 
       * lineage/wiki/
    f5833e0  wiki: update oneplus2 maintainers 
       * packages/apps/AudioFX/
    4273aee  Automatic translation import 
       * packages/apps/CMParts/
    548cdbd  Automatic translation import 
       * packages/apps/Gallery2/
    fcb0620  Gallery2: Fix can't parse documents uri 
    6908e84  Gallery2: Fix views overlap 
    7eec976  Gallery2: Support GIF animation 
    c680ca5  Gallery2: Increase the size of the tiles when decoding images 
    3a5f316  Gallery2: Support the newly added media file types in MTP mode 
    1558d8c  Gallery2: Fix use of uninitialized stack variables 
    1373f5b  Gallery2: Remove unused renderscript class 
    ad27792  Gallery2: Fix spelling error 
    d74586b  Gallery2: Properly declare the own permissions 
    e302e2e  Gallery2: Remove more possible NPEs 
    0c0c020  Gallery2: Enable frames in the editor 
    380021a  Gallery2: Remove slideshow option if there are only videos 
    2f3ec5b  Gallery2: Remove 3D overscroll effect 
    940a741  Gallery2: Disable dummy starting window 
    0282804  Gallery2: Fix up audio effects dialog 
    e24c6de  Gallery2: Everyone or no one 
    538a212  Gallery2: Replace hamburger menu with bottom bar 
    e519983  Gallery2: Change all share intents to chooser style 
    8a74ac0  Gallery2: Update menu 
    3880fdc  Gallery2: Update theme 
    137b817  Gallery2: Move & improve CAF strings 
    2fd0adf  Gallery2: Make sure no NPE happens 
    ca73d74  Gallery2: Remove invalid comment from manifest 
    d82a03b  Gallery2: Cleanup renderscript flags in Android.mk 
    bcfdb5b  Gallery2: Reduce logspam in video player 
    6b7518a  Gallery2: Store DATE_TAKEN as milliseconds 
    42b94ca  Gallery2: Modify AOSP EL translations 
    20cf9a9  Gallery2: Remove CAF translations 
    3a59791  Gallery2: Add record time to details view 
    53818c9  Gallery2: Fix crash of gallery on showing details 
    db66c6c  Gallery2: Fix crash when Bluetooth service is disabled 
    99b7153  Gallery2: Try to open existing camera 
    e9cd418  Gallery2: New icon 
    bb72630  Gallery2: Bump minsdk and targetsdk version 
    e21dbb6  Bump API to match dependencies. 
    9c76501  Rename app back to Gallery 
    3f4cb4a  Revert "Gallery: support GDepth and new DDM API" 
    e4b904d  Revert "Fix DDM editor invisiable issue" 
       * packages/apps/LockClock/
    e0810ea  Automatic translation import 
    9f2ff45  LockClock: add option to suppress date on widget 
       * packages/apps/Settings/
    fd0321c  Automatic translation import 
       * packages/apps/SetupWizard/
    50da943  Automatic translation import 
       * packages/apps/Terminal/
    2e009e8  Automatic translation import 
       * packages/providers/WeatherProvider/
    37f067f  Automatic translation import 
       * vendor/cmsdk/
    464979d  Automatic translation import 
       * vendor/cmsdk/samples/weatherproviderservice/YahooWeatherProvider/
    8a9c801  Automatic translation import 
       * kernel/samsung/hlte/
    bfef317  arch: arm: Fix order of msm_reserve() vs persistent_ram_early_init() 
       * packages/services/Telecomm/
    021cadd  SensitivePhoneNumbers: Fix number comparison 
       * vendor/ownrom/
    ff7a5e4  sensitive_pn: Enter full list of Indian MCC codes 
    168bca4  sensitive_pn: Enter full list of GB MCC codes 
    112ffc1  sensitive_pn: Enter full list of US MCC codes 
       * android/
    6c8d659  manifest: android-7.1.2_r17 -> android-7.1.2_r24 
       * build/
    644d84d  Merge tag 'android-7.1.2_r24' into cm-14.1 
       * external/boringssl/
    c9d9e0b  Merge tag 'android-7.1.2_r24' into cm-14.1 
       * external/skia/
    7c2dfdd  Merge tag 'android-7.1.2_r24' into cm-14.1 
       * frameworks/av/
    9295880  Merge tag 'android-7.1.2_r24' into cm-14.1 
       * frameworks/base/
    bf088b8  Merge tag 'android-7.1.2_r24' into cm-14.1 
       * frameworks/native/
    f83381f  Merge tag 'android-7.1.2_r24' into cm-14.1 
       * kernel/samsung/hlte/
    913f2f1  msm8974: ..and update the devicetree 
    41bc195  netfilter: idletimer: Fix trivial lockdep warning 
    dd3d961  netfilter: xt_HARDIDLETIMER: Fix use after free condition 
    ec7200e  nf: IDLETIMER: Fix possible use before initialization in idletimer_resume 
    4f998a9  nf: IDLETIMER: Adds the uid field in the msg 
    c9085b4  netfilter: IDLETIMER: fix invalid deference of timer 
    5dd5417  nf: Remove compilation error caused by e254d2c28c880da28626af6d53b7add5f7d6afee 
    f16fca1  nf: IDLETIMER: time-stamp and suspend/resume handling. 
    749b262  msm8974_sec_defconfig: enable UTS,IPC,USER,PID,NET namespace support 
    e80cdea  msm8974: Reserve memory for ramconsole 
       * libcore/
    30ff118  Merge tag 'android-7.1.2_r24' into cm-14.1 
       * packages/apps/Settings/
    eaf55d5  Merge tag 'android-7.1.2_r24' into cm-14.1 
       * packages/providers/DownloadProvider/
    d20a3a2  Merge tag 'android-7.1.2_r24' into cm-14.1 
       * packages/providers/MediaProvider/
    03abed5  Merge tag 'android-7.1.2_r24' into cm-14.1 
       * vendor/samsung/
    f826279  hltetmo: Update blobs 
       * lineage/cve/
    ee8d2a3  ContextMenu: let the selector be a DOM element 
    c56417b  cve_tracker: Remove circular dependency in utils.py 
    ccb2dec  cve_tracker: add new landing page 
    02e74c2  cve_tracker: fix navbar double row 
    c514c3d  cve_tracker: fix footer force positioning 
       * frameworks/base/
    82e0cb1  Automatic translation import 
       * hardware/qcom/fm/
    2e20c17  Automatic translation import 
       * lineage/cve/
    9ae66ee  cve_tracker: add dark theme 
       * lineage/website/
    9a7e92a  Changelog 12 
       * lineage/wiki/
    fa988bc  devices: Add Shield Android TV (foster) 
    d4a5049  wiki: Hide cameras and screen if device has none 
       * packages/apps/CMParts/
    9be3492  Automatic translation import 
       * packages/apps/DeskClock/
    5fef2c6  Automatic translation import 
       * packages/apps/Dialer/
    ebaed92  Automatic translation import 
       * packages/apps/OwnSettings/
    fcfa8ba  OwnSettings: Fix build 
       * packages/apps/PhoneCommon/
    d7bb21c  Automatic translation import 
       * packages/apps/Profiles/
    9d14b09  Automatic translation import 
       * packages/apps/Settings/
    e354e84  Automatic translation import 
       * packages/apps/Terminal/
    7c34511  Automatic translation import 
       * packages/providers/DataUsageProvider/
    6637927  Automatic translation import 
       * packages/providers/WeatherProvider/
    d5ebc76  Automatic translation import 
       * packages/resources/devicesettings/
    bc9d3c1  Automatic translation import 
       * packages/services/Telephony/
    282384c  Automatic translation import 
       * vendor/cmsdk/
    497a8e8  Automatic translation import 
       * vendor/cmsdk/samples/weatherproviderservice/YahooWeatherProvider/
    fb40ce0  Automatic translation import 
       * vendor/ownrom/
    302c065  Add LTE support for China Telecom Macau. 
       * vendor/samsung/
    9986046  gprimelte-common: Update audio blobs from J500HXXU1APE5 
    fbc1abd  gprimelte-common: Remove unneeded firmware blobs 
       * android/
    c9079fb  Revert "cm: add custom tiles    *" 
       * frameworks/base/
    4826824  Disable Dashcharg for every device 
    4825fbc  SystemUI: Fix heads up tile off color 
    29c48ef  Added show volume panel tile to QS 
    f82cc7e  SystemUI: add USB Tether tile 
    2d3c433  QS: add Sync tile (1/2) 
    ceb91b8  SystemUI: Add heads up tile (1/2) 
    4e964de  SystemUI: add caffeine qs tile (1/2) 
    aa10679  SystemUI: Readd AmbientDisplayTile. 
    3413642  SystemUI: Add adb over network tile 
       * hardware/qcom/audio-caf/msm8916/
    5578c76  Merge remote-tracking branch 'caf/LA.BR.1.2.9_rb1.22' into cm-14.1-caf-8916 
       * hardware/qcom/audio-caf/msm8994/
    9cddbb8  Merge remote-tracking branch 'caf/LA.BF64.1.2.3_rb1.14' into cm-14.1-caf-8994 
       * hardware/qcom/fm/
    7a29d93  FM: Fix helium hal build 
    0df98d3  Change rename_dialog background color to default 
    f62c66a  FMStats: fix GetFMStatsForFreq error for non-cherokee 
       * packages/apps/DeskClock/
    44b2580  Alarm: fix database indices 
       * packages/apps/OwnSettings/
    902e7d5  OwnSettings: Update button backlight brightness in real time 
       * vendor/ownrom/
    e27e11b  Revert "cm: build custom tiles app" 
       * vendor/samsung/
    dd46113  gtesqltespr: Add qcom framework libs 
    cf05435  gprimeltespr: Add qcom framework libs 
    cc7f38f  gprimelte: Add qcom framework libs 
    662e631  gprimeltexx: Add qcom framework libs 
    83984de  gprimeltexx: Remove unnecessary firmware 
    c8050cd  gprimeltexx: Remove unnecessary libs 
    ee462bd  gtelwifiue: Add qcom framework libs 
    98b4461  gtelwifiue: Remove unnecessary library (libQjpeg) 
    5ba3f8f  gte-common: Decommonise qcom framework libs 
    aa996d7  gprimelte-common: Decommonise qcom framework libs 
       * device/samsung/hlte-common/
    faee476  hlte-common: proprietary-files: Re-add alternate BT FEM blobs 
    995f429  hlte-common: Grant rmt_storage proper unix perms 
    4ddd88d  power: Cleanup spacing 
    e058324  hlte-common: proprietary-files: Misc updates 
       * hardware/ti/omap4/
    030bec5  BUGBASH-733 Memory leak in system_server caused by suspend / color fade 
       * vendor/samsung/
    f20d44a  hlte{,-common}: Update blobs
    Been testing this rom for two days, man this thing flies, rom installation is fast, startup is a breeze, no process fails or ui bugs following startup.

    Ram management in stock android vs touchwiz, even slimmed down ones is night and day, in tw free ram is just around 800mb contrast to this ROM I barely used a gig in its ram. jesus.

    What I noticed is that the camera can't recognize an sd card, I formatted it into a portable storage, rom formats it in a fat32 one which shows up at the rom's myfiles, but camera doesn't recognize it as an external sd card.

    -Facebook messenger video calling works fine, but a pop up video feature is missing, as I never had a problem with it in galaxy tw roms, video calling can pop up and continue through an overlay in the background and I can still perform other tasks while using the camera.

    -data and wifi works fine, fast and smart ram management, heat minimal even dowloading heavy files.

    for daily use it is more than enough, hopefully pop up videos and the sd card-camera issue will be fixed in the official builds. This rom is fiiine
    I want to know is it possible for hltespr user to have Nougat rom?
    so many hlte roms but no hltespr.

    Please Be Patient And All The Features Will Find Their Way Back...
    Actually, quite possibly. I don't have a sprint device to test with but the recent changes to the device tree alignments show that HLTESPR was added to the hlte tree. If you're willing to test to confirm.....☺️

    Edit: this also applies to the RR rom I build too btw. If you're willing to test I can update the descriptions to make others aware sprint is supported. :good: