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[ROM] Hydrogen OS

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Mar 26, 2009
Hong Kong
0724 v9 on Android 5.1.1


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Mar 7, 2015
Be careful with this new version of HydrogenOS. It's not recommended to flash. Please read all the instructions of @CBpbxEcmecmBeH on Oneplus's forum (H²OS thread, page 73). But if don't want to kill your OPO, wait the next week for a new version.
You've been warned.

I flashed V8 with Multirom.
Seems Good.
Looks are good.
Beta, so not so smooth and devoid of some features.
Yet like the feel of it.
Installed Apps from Playstore.

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    Screenshots :

    5.1.1 Tutorial:
    -The Rom : [url]http://yunpan.cn/cdgrdxLXAgmYk[/url]
    pw : 8678
    -1st Recovery that you need to flash the rom :[url]http://pan.baidu.com/share/init?shareid=646799585&uk=1997324420[/url]
    pw : x169
    -Gapps : [url]https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=24052804347757015[/url]
    -Chinese TWRP : [url]http://www50.zippyshare.com/v/tiO50fva/file.html[/url]
    Make a backup before trying anything
    After downloading all those 4 things, copy the rom on your phone, extract the 1st recovery, plugg in your phone while it's on and click on install-recovery.bat, this will allow you to install the rom( wipe data and everything).
    -After installing the ROM and booting, you will be asked to put a code :0528-0728-0528-0728
    Congratz you finished
    -Now copy the gapps on your phone, flash the chinese TWRP, and then flash the gapps
    you're done

    [B][COLOR="Red"]Version 8:[/COLOR][/B]
    [B][COLOR="Red"]Version 7:[/COLOR][/B]
    [B][COLOR="Red"]Version 6:[/COLOR][/B]

    [COLOR="Red"][B]Version 8[/B][/COLOR]
    Hydrogen Windows comprehensive upgrade again! Animation more fluid, more immersive!
    Card-type messages back! More powerful!
    [Settings] Modify Click generic sound being given BUG
    [Settings] To modify the alarm list of audio list
    [System Update] System Update to increase the network status prompt
    [System Update] To adjust the system to update the interface and dynamic efficiency
    [ System Update] Download front display 2G / 3G / 4G network Tips
    [hydrogen Desktop] Repair switch language card package load failures cause problems
    [hydrogen Desktop] Change default wallpaper
    [hydrogen Desktop] Icon to go to solve the problem of hydrogen window
    [Calendar] Fix calendar reminder Click to go after retraction problem
    [Contact] Fix new 2G-SIM card contacts crashes
    [Contact] Contact details page, the call duration is zero, the display does not turn on
    [Contact] Press dial pad repair Number pop-up copy, cut issue
    [Contact] Fix duplicate pages Permissions dialog pop-up problem
    [Contact] Repair SIM card contacts editor crashes
    [Contact] Repair emergency dial pad and positioning information overlap problem
    [Message] Fix phone Number Identification not correct the problem
    [Message] Press and MMS can not be selected repair problems
    [Note] Fixes the problem has been read status and notification bar unsynchronized
    [OnePlus weather] Fix a problem plus weather stopped
    [Gallery] Fix batch delete Photos during the start multitasking or call other interactive operation resulted Gallery question of error
    [COLOR="Red"][B]Version 7[/B][/COLOR]
    1, hydrogen Windows fully upgraded! Cards come! Tickets, movie tickets, boarding passes and other information storage. 
    2, a comprehensive revision of the desktop dynamic efficiency, smoother and more immersive. 
    [hydrogen Desktop] table error repair switch languages ​​cause problems 
    [hydrogen Desktop] Applications folder within the folder can not be set aside, you can not drag and drop 
    [hydrogen Desktop] to replace a plus camera icon 
    [Album] fixes playback of the video screen and then put out the light Timeline screen issue back to 0 
    [Album] browse the top right corner to enlarge garbled repair 
    time and preview the video frame overlap [Album] fix batch editing 
    [Album] Press does not vibrate modify problem 
    [Album] fix to enter the camera, and then a black screen only display interface problems 
    [Album] Recovery from the camera into the library does not display the bottom toolbar problem 
    [Album] fix delete the picture does not refresh problem 
    [Album] Fix Photo words flashed problem 
    [Album] fix into the gallery crash 
    [clock] modifications added ribbon interface right scroll bar 
    [clock] [weekend] does not appear to solve the problem of traditional 
    [clock] fix animation is not smooth conversion World Clock 
    [calendar] fix the same event multiple reminders only the first bell of the problem 
    [Locker] Optimization Unlock Animation fluency 
    [Locker] is set to lock screen wallpaper screenshots will lead to stop running 
    [note] modify the MMS download is not successful, the message list to show 
    [text] fix SMS tone playback error problem 
    [contact] fix import contact Phone number format exception 
    [Control Center] on the WiFi connection, the control center does not show WiFi name 
    [Settings] adjust advanced settings layout 
    [system] to adjust the brightness of the background becomes transparent when 
    a lot of detail as well as other improvements -
    [COLOR="Red"][B]Version 6[/B][/COLOR]
    Fix menu key FC

    You can use OxygenOS kernels with this rom!
    You can use Xposed Framework with this rom!

    Thanks @natheux for mirror.
    Thanks @jbejaranogarcia for mirror.
    Thanks @alex.inthi for mirrors.
    Thanks @NisseCool for base.
    Thanks @Chinaroad for tutorial.
    Hydrogen OS Mirrors:
    Mega.co.nz > https://goo.gl/ZqwRKV
    Google Drive > https://goo.gl/EYIFHz
    DropBox > https://goo.gl/XqLIru
    FileConvoy > http://goo.gl/OCbcxe
    FileDropper > http://goo.gl/oydeY8
    FileHosting > http://goo.gl/NuI04F
    Full 012 changelog:

    1. a new calendar interaction and visual design.
    2. the new page is displayed using the update log and the log link functions to share.
    3. the new control center mute switch and you're switching.
    4. two new hydrogen Windows clock style.
    5. when the new growth drag the icon, you can slide the screen at the same time achieve fast across the screen to move the icon function.

    • Optimize the effect of indoor shooting, image quality improved;
    • Optimization of the slow-motion noise, optimized autofocus trigger speed;
    • Optimization of the folder title animation;
    • Desktop automatic color optimization algorithms;
    • Optimize the dynamic display icons;
    • Fixed T9 keyboard and display the wrong question;
    • Fixes some cases the desktop display is blank screen problem;
    • Optimize the interaction effect new folder, experience smoother;
    • Cause problems duplicate icons fixes some cases;
    • Fixed Date hydrogen window display abnormal position of certain operating problems;
    • Fixed update application from the store, the icon does not show the effect of the update problem;
    • Fixed some cases remove application dialog covering the issue T9 search interface;
    • Updated ringtone resources system;
    • Optimize the system speed screenshots;
    • Fixed ringing volume unusual problems;
    • Fixed positioning contingency crash;
    • Fixed asmall problem headset maximum volume;
    [Status Bar]
    • Fixed notification bar message automatic sliding problems;
    • Adjust the position of WIFI icon and signal icon to display more reasonable;
    • Optimization of the edit page to edit click to expand the animation;
    • Fixed schedule list does not update in question;
    • Fixes an issue not on account of the probability of selection;
    • Fixed a calendar reminder ringing non-stop problems;
    • Fixed accidental crash search interface;
    • Click to go to fix the schedule detail black and white issues;
    • Fixed a new schedule, the project abnormal display problem;
    • Fixed clicking the first day of the schedule is not a problem;
    • Fixed schedule editing the wrong question when prompted to save changes not;
    • Fixed when creating multiple schedule prompt notification bar display problem exception;
    • Fixed into the search interface, keyboard and Contingency search cursor does not appear;
    • Fixed create duplicate schedule, the schedule will be met outside the box prompted out of the question when editing;
    • Fix download updates will continue to download after completing occasional problems;
    • Contacts optimized default avatar loading;
    • New on the Edit contact interface optimized back key functional logic;
    • Optimize the startup speed, performance and fluency contact interface;
    • Sort optimized T9 search and search results, while adding a number of restrictions;
    • Fixed repeatedly call after a certain number, T9 searching the number is displayed multiple results question;
    • Fixes from a group into the contact details page, edit the replacement head even now not refresh problem;
    • Optimization of the dial pattern;
    • Optimization of the countdown, stopwatch screen display;
    • Fixed beeping during a call, hang up the telephone from the notification bar can not suspend / cancel the alarm problems;
    • Some applications can not fix the problem smoothly set picture;
    • Being number attribution optimized performance, higher recognition efficiency;
    • Fixed error message identifying the problem and improve the recognition accuracy SMS;
    • Fixed a share of more than 10 pictures to contacts, messages being given problem;
    • Fixed muting calls without vibration problems;
    • Optimization of the call shock logic, more in line with user habits;
    • Fixes an issue Bluetooth probability of collapse;
    • Fixed Account character display problems;
    • Fixed problem VPN account input interface layout wrong;
    • Fixed OTA upgrade, Bluetooth will automatically shut down problems;
    • Traditional repaired, the copywriter two WiFi connected not unified;
    • Fixed extinguishing screen state, the recording to the lack of storage space, the problem is not to save the file;
    • Fixed a tape recorder recording, resulting in open recording video recording stops without prompting problem;
    Other large number of detail improvements, forced to feel it!
    i made a guide
    -The Rom : http://yunpan.cn/cdgrdxLXAgmYk
    pw : 8678
    -1st Recovery that you need to flash the rom :http://pan.baidu.com/share/init?shareid=646799585&uk=1997324420
    pw : x169
    -Gapps : https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=24052804347757015
    -Chinese TWRP : http://www50.zippyshare.com/v/tiO50fva/file.html
    Make a backup before trying anything
    After downloading all those 4 things, copy the rom on your phone, extract the 1st recovery, plugg in your phone while it's on and click on install-recovery.bat, this will allow you to install the rom( wipe data and everything).
    -After installing the ROM and booting, you will be asked to put a code :0528-0728-0528-0728
    Congratz you finished
    -Now copy the gapps on your phone, flash the chinese TWRP, and then flash the gapps
    you're done