[ROM] I love DFT (7392 ROOTED) [YukiXDA] [26/06]

What would you like in rom by default?

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;) Let's make HD2 the best Windows Phone 7 device ;)

My tutorial on porting WP7 sys (and update to NoDo) for HD2 is in my 2nd post, you'll find too my tricks and ideas

Thanks to Ruzzichella, DFT, bepe, cotulla,
ervius, AnDim, Nokser, ansar, OndraSter, airxtreme, misar etc. etc.


16/05 First release:
Porting HD2 WP7 rom to NoDo (see 2nd post)
New theme with transparency I've called Aero
HTC Hidden Wi-Fi works since I've updated some OEM packages. To have a wifi mac adress which don't change at reboot try to set it in the nvram.txt file (see my second post)
Rom is unlocked and prevented to relock.
A video demonstration: Youtube_WP7_NoDo_ROM_HD2 (thanks Jaxbot)
05/06 Update:
Green key is now hard remaped, I've chosen the function of bluetooth Headset: Play/Pause multimedia, Skip by pressing twice, Answer a call (when receiving), End call, (when in call), long press to rapidly call someone by speech input.
Replaced camera button by a software button with autofocus like on Androïd so no more blur.
Radio is working without the need of headphones.
Added keyboards layout for some other countries and added some cool features. More layouts to come soon.
Improve performances, localisation (assisted gps - agps), Bluetooth, battery consumption. (mine is between 3 and 6 mA)
Solving of certains difficulties to establish a link with some Wi-Fi routers.
Smooth gradients (no more 16bit banding bug) without lost of performances.
Backlight adjusted and set to never by default (work have to be done)
Changed volume settings and added a sound template to make it more clear.
Replaced all Microsoft and OEM wallpapers by transparent png, so a total of 41.
08/06 Update:
Replaced all overlaped modules of the 7392 base rom, so improve about everything
Speech recognition (long press Win key and Call contact Green key) works for every languages
13/06 Update + 16/06 minor Update:
Added direct access to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in start menu and home tiles.
Added direct acces to Airplane mode and Brightness (16/06)
Update of the HTC RIL manager module and added the last HTC Connection Setup for autodata config at boot.
Added keyboard layouts but there is a limitation of 20 keyboards so I split the rom in 2.
Added some other long press on keyboards layout ie w->www. f->ftp://ftp. (16/06)
23/06 + 26/06 Update:
Rom is rooted now (first WP7 rooted rom)
Optimisation of the policy database for root access (+live games fix) (26/06)
Added direct acces to Cellular and Location
Added direct acces to Sound and Lock and changed all icons added to real metro theme (26/06)
Added 2 extra themes (Aero variations with transparency): Aero Black and Aero Rich
The Rom Files: v5_lang1 and v5_lang2 - These are the roms, no language pack!!! :) see below

Rom is split in two versions with differents keyboards layouts
In both: Spanish, French/Canada/Swiss, German, English US/UK, Italia
Lang1: Finish, Hungarian, Swedish, Czech, Danish, Dutch/Belgian, Norwegian, Polish, Poruguese/Brazilian, Filipino
Lang2: Turkish, Malay, Arabic(as Ecuador), Hebrew(as Uruguay), Farsi(as Bolivia), Chinese, Greek, Korean, Russian, Indonesian, Ukrainian, Thai(as El Salvador)​

A xap to give back the 3rd option speaker/headset in FM radio (but you'll need Headphones): ProvXml-FMradio.xap (thanks to xboxmod, for use see his thread)

A pack with all HD7 radios (files part00.bin to replace in Data.zip before flash):
HD2 WP7 radios pack

If you want another hard keys remaping template see here

If you like my work, don’t pay me a beer, don’t thank me but just send as much “MISS U” as you want to +33 682732382 (France)
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Tutorial to port sys (update to NoDo)

Ok guys, I don’t know why DFT haven’t release an update for HD2 earlier since it take only few days to a noob to achieve a working NoDo rom. Their first version was built on a test rom with developer’s certificates from Microsoft and HTC, debug tools, recompiled drivers for HD2 and a method to build SLDR and NK sections. They had before everybody a test version of Mango too. So I suppose they, or only one, is working for HTC or has good contacts and perhaps had a commercial interest or was more interested by the exploit than giving users a great experience of WP7 on HD2, updates as soon as it’s possible and tools/knowledge to members like ervius, AnDim, Nokser etc. to achieve that by themselves. Someone in another post suggest an agreement not to release their mango before the 24th, it’s quite possible. But I don’t know and I don’t blame, it’s life lol

Perhaps we’ll see a version of Mango for HD2 soon (and new exiting videos^^’) but since a lot of people are waiting for NoDo (some desperate posts made me cry XD) I’ll give you a first version, and better, the method to achieve that by yourself for the next coming.

!The trip isn’t how to flash an HD7 rom on HD2 like certain people seems to believe and we don’t need a new malgr for the moment!

What you need:

PS: open roms with an archive tool like 7-Zip and take the RUU_signed.nbh file, we only need this.

1. A new radio: (optional)

The radio is the part00.bin in the Data.zip
With HTCrie open the nbh which contains the radio you want, select GSM and extract the GSM.nb
Open it with an hex editor and search for 7F 45 4C 46 01 01 01 61, it’s the beginning of the part we need. The end is the series of 00 just after the last AMSS string you can find (refer to DFT part00.bin if you need help).
Keep only this section (delete the rest) and add some 00, for example if the files ends at the byte e004d0h go to e004ff.
Save the file, rename it part00.bin, you’ll have your new radio (in this case
Replace it in the Data.zip, you can flash now with DWI to test it.
You’ll show the new version in the Settings/About of WP7.

2. Change The SYS by 7392 Step 1: Common packages

With HTCrie open the nbh which contains the 7392 SYS build (or another you want), extend OS/IMGFS and select SYS. Extract it to a folder.
Do the same for other rom(s) containing extra languages in another folder.
Add the extra *_LANG_0XXX packages from the second directory to the first, after that you can delete it (the second folder lol, if only English was my native language^^).
You can use NabSync and NabSync_Lang_0XXX packages or not, if not delete them, just remember you’ll not need to add MOS entries in default.hv in this case.
Put the metadata package in another place, we’ll use it in step 2.
Put the content of all other packages in a new folder (for ex called IMGFS), with HTCRIE open the same 7392 rom, extend OS and in IMGFS content select .ROM and .VM modules, extract them in your IMGFS folder.
It’s your new SYS.
You could past/overwrite it in DFT IMGFS and build the rom now it will function (the DFT video of March) and YES it’s as simple as that, you’ll have new stuff from NoDo like copy/paste but not the possibility of Hidden Wi-Fi since it depend of OEM packages.

PS: It’s possible since there isn’t many changes in NK and SLDR sections made by NoDo, so we can use like that. dsm files are not very important (just to have good references of packages) and rgu content is added in default.hv

Modules that need to be updated are:

  • NK: cachefilt.dll, hd.dll and osaxst0.dll
  • SLDR: exfat.dll, filesys.dll, k.coredll.dll, k.fatutil.dll, kernel.dll, mtpuldrsvc.dll, pm.dll, sdbus.dll, sdmemory.dll and unifiedblock.dll

3. Change The SYS by 7392 Step 2: metadata package

With HTCrie extract the metadata package of the SHUBERT rom which contains OEM that you need, so we have to play with 3 metadata packages: DFT, SHUBERT OEM, MOZART SYS.
It could be a little simpler if we have a 7392 rom for SHUBERT but not for the moment.

Some files need to be updated, first is BasePolicy.xml, compare the new content of MOZART with DFT one, same for SCHUBERT (replace C:\WM700\release\LEO and C:\WM700_7392\release\MOZART by C:\WM700_7392\release\SCHUBERT). If you find new entries and you judge them useful (refer to dsm and find the package) then add them in MOZART one (it’s the most important for SYS).

Second is DefaultCerts.dat, these files contain certificates. In hex each one begin with 30 82 ?? ?? 30 82 so you can cut this file in x parts, one for each certificate.
The common build is Microsoft root, oem roots, Microsoft Windows Mobile PCA0, oem, Microsoft Mobile Device Unprivileged PCA0.
We’ll keep DFT one as bas as it’s include Qualcomm infrastructure development, Microsoft Corporation CE Image Update Test and HTC_Develop_Test, useful for later (we never know^^). DFT has included HTC_Develop_Test twice (like in dsm beside Microsoft Corporation CE Image Update Test) so you can remove the second.
What you need is to take DefaultCerts.dat from other metadata packages, extract OEM 168 or/and OEM 169 (personally I’ve included both from other roms so I’ll never have to touch this file again) and insert oem/oem root certificates in DFT one.

packages.cif and packages.sof are certainly updated but you can edit them with Imageinfo.bin, packages.cif/sof Tool.
Compare the imginf.txt you obtain for each roms you use (you can sort this file to make it more simple).
Like with BasePolicy.xml, if there is an entry that you judge useful, just add it in packages.cif and .sof (refer to this tool’s post in forum to know how use it well, but it’s quite simple).

The last two files but more important are default.hv and user.hv
To edit them just drag them onto HVEdit.exe by AnDim, you’ll obtain default.hvm and user.hvm which can be edited like rgu files.
To rebuild hv just drag hvm onto HVEdit.exe
I suggest keep the 7392 ones as base, compare them with DFT originals and modify entries you want.
For some you need a little knowledge (refer to forum) but for most it’s language entries and some tweaks.
You can refer to rgu files which differ and take a look at NoDo and 7392 pku to know which files/rgu are concerned (see forum to know how obtain pku for each zune update and extract them but don’t use files as they are in your build since most of them are not suitable (except dsm), they only contain information to update files/modules)

You can add for exemple your LiveID useful for HD2 users:
Copy the content of the new metadata package in your IMGFS folder. Now you have a fully functional SYS that you can use instead DFT one :) Let see OEM packages.

4. Change OEM packages Step 1: common packages

With HTCrie extract in two folders (like for SYS before) the OEM packages, one for DFT (for most you’ll find them at the wrong place: in SYS - like for most of TEST roms you can find) the other for the rom with most updated HTC packages.

You don’t need HTC_8x50_OS_UI_LEO as we replace it by HTC_8x50_OS_UI_SCHUBERT

You don’t need StartKitl and kitl.dll from DFT as it’s debug tool (we’ll see later) and HTC_CSPOSDrivers is new stuff so don’t search it in DFT rom.

Other packages which can be used without modification beside HTC_CSPOSDrivers are CSConn_DB, HTC_Global_Customization, OEM_8x50_BLDR, OEM_8x50_BSP, OEM_8x50_LOGO, OEM_8x50_MODEM, QC_8x50_OS_MM_CFG_2 so just delete them like for HTC_8x50_OS_UI_LEO in DFT folder to see more clearly.

5. Change OEM packages Step 2: updated packages

Like I’ve said we could use DFT OEM packages as they are but we won’t have new stuff from HTC like Hidden Wi-Fi. So we have to update some modules.
We could update the most of them (certain drivers are HD2 specific) but since we can’t update NK/SLDR sections for now you’ll got some troubles (I’ll speak of that later).
So for each package we change all files,rgu and dsm but we have to keep some modules from DFT.

  • For HTC_AppDrivers and HTC_OSDrivers don’t keep anything (so delete them from DFT folder) but remove HTCConnectionSetUp.dll since it is in SLDR and have some dependencies so you’ve got some troubles to connect secure wifi networks.
  • For HTC_8x50_OS_UI_COMMON, OEM_8x50_OS, QC_8x50_OS_GPS, QC_8x50_OS_MMRIL overwrite all modules with DFT ones
  • For HTC_8x50_OS_WIRELESS overwrite all modules. wl_server_serial.dll and wlan_oem.dll were files, we need updated ones in modules from new oem package for HTC Hidden Wi-Fi, the other thing to do is to verify in default.hv that BtOem, RSS and WLANOEM entries are in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Drivers\BuiltIn\ sections like in new roms and not in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Services\ like DFT’s one (and never both) otherwise it won’t work.
  • For OEM_8x50_OS_CAMERA replace modules and add camerasettingsmanifest.0XXX.xml from DFT in new one (since these files are normally in SLDR in new roms we have to add them). Use DSM editor to edit c6158f86-ef71-4a8b-8c04-0cf57c158b2f.dsm and add entries for these files (refer to this tool’s post to know how use it but it’s easy too).
  • For OEM_8x50_OS_SURF replace all modules. But you don’t have to add Backlightmdd_htc_6541.dll, just be sure you have backlightmdd.dll instead in default.hv like in new roms.
  • For QC_8x50_OS replace modules. You have to delete windiag.dll or verify in default.hv that “dll”=”windiag.dll” is replaced by “dll”=”” like in new roms.

6. Change OEM packages Step 3: extra packages (optional)

HTC_OEMAPPS contain OEM software.
You can add from different roms and operators. Just add the *.xap and * _License.xml you want, edit mpap_HTC_MASD_01.provxml to add/have only entries for these files and use DSM editor to edit 47c557c0-08b2-493c-a380-08c72d78e3ba.dsm and update the list of files in this package.

operatorpkg contain the HTC or Operator personalization files. Like for OEMAPPS, keep/add what you want from different roms, Email accounts/providers, Browser favorites are useful, MNS_Cust_xxx too, I’ve personally built a new theme with transparency called Aero, added the entries in the default.hv and add the 02XX*.xaml in this package.
A picture with transparency in png format for the lockscreen too.
After use DSM editor to edit 438abf0c-b691-4259-a742-1f224fa3b5ba.dsm like before.

You can add developer stuff/kitl and HTC tools packages too: AutoDeviceConfig, CommsDogfood, CoreOSDogfood, dogfoodDM, EtwChannelDefaultInternal, KitlShell, LoaderVerifierTestCerts, NetDrvVMINI, QC_8x50_OS_TEST, SensorView, SirepForPlatDev, StartKitl, TouchTools. GPSxxx from HTC_8x50_OS_WIRELESS.
Extract them from a test rom and add the content and entries in default.hv you find in rgu files.
HTC_TEST tools are xap files: DebugFlagEdit, GCFSettings, HTC BATTERY TOOL, HTCGPSTool, RegisterEdit, StopWatch, StressTool, USBModeSwitch. Refer you at the HTC_OEMAPPS explanations.

You have finished the job with OEM part, just extract the content of each of these packages in your IMGFS folder.

7. Wi-Fi problems: (optional)

Some people had some troubles with the old roms and wifi. In forum most were speaking about the SD-card but it didn’t solved the problem (and gone back to android^^).
It’s not the only problem. If you examine the file nvram.txt which is used to enable the built-in wifi chip there are some differences between files from DFT, HD2 3.14, SCHUBERT operators.
EDIT: macaddr=00:11:22:33:44:55 in its file seems the place to put a mac adress for routers with some mac filters.
I list it below, so i use a mix from HD2. When I was using the original, I didn't reached secured networks, I had to remove battery for hours.
DFT:            SCH:TMOUS/WWE/TIM/O2UK   HD2 3.14:           SCH:Orange + MOZ:O2UK
boardrev=0x32   boardrev=0x36            boardrev=0x32       boardrev=0x36
pa0b0=5747      pa0b0=6003,6003,5576     pa0b0=6003          pa0b0=5552
pa0b1=64128     pa0b1=64086,64086,64172  pa0b1=64086         pa0b1=64245
pa0b2=65195     pa0b2=65195,65195,65155  pa0b2=65195         pa0b2=65200
pa0maxpwr=72    pa0maxpwr=82             pa0maxpwr=72        pa0maxpwr=78
opo=20                                   opo=16
                ofdmpo=0xAAAAAAAA                            ofdmpo=0xAAAAAAAA
mcs2gpo0=0x6666 mcs2gpo0=0xAAAA          mcs2gpo0=0x6666     mcs2gpo0=0xCCCC
mcs2gpo1=0x6666 mcs2gpo1=0xAAAA          mcs2gpo1=0x6666     mcs2gpo1=0xCCCC
rssismf2g=0xa   rssismf2g=0xa,0xa,0xa    rssismf2g=0xa       rssismf2g=0xa,0xa,0xa
rssismc2g=0xb   rssismc2g=0xb,0xb,0xa    rssismc2g=0xb       rssismc2g=0xb,0xb,0xa
rssisav2g=0x3   rssisav2g=0x3,0x3,0x3    rssisav2g=0x3       rssisav2g=0x3,0x3,0x3
                rcal_flag=0x61                               rcal_flag=0x61
rxpo2g=2        rxpo2g=1                 rxpo2g=2            rxpo2g=0
                btc_params6=20                                btc_params6=20
I suggest to modify this entries in default.hv too
    "11nModeDisable"=dword:0     ; Wifi n
     "PowerSaveMode"=dword:0     ; 0: Best Performance  1: Best Batterry  2: Between
     "IBSSMode"="0"     ; set the connection type in an ad hoc network (b/g)
     "LegacyPowerCycle"=dword:0     ; new rom entry
     "FrameBursting"="1"     ; communication protocol (higher data transfer throughput)
8. Build your rom:

All this process can be found in the forum for more explanations:

Rename the your IMGFS folder to dump (yes you could have done it at the beginning^^) with HTCrie open the part04.bin from DFT you find in Data.zip, select IMGFS and extract IMGFS.bin
With ImgfsFromDump recompile the new IMGFS, the command line is: ImgfsFromDump imgfs.bin imgfs-out.bin
With HTCrie replace the IMGFS in part4.bin: select IMGFS, click on add files, choose imgfs-out.bin, it take only few seconds.

Replace part04.bin in Data.zip by the new one and flash it with DWI, you’ve got it! :)

If you like my work, don’t pay me a beer, don’t thank me but just send as much “MISS U” as you want to +33 682732382 (France)
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26/06 working great for me!

No issues other than the usual bugs!

To increase the speed, download Advanced Config Tool here: http://forum.touchxperience.com/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=890 and then in the "tweaks' section, check 'Don't dehydrate apps on pause' and UNckeck 'Enable Wi-Fi 802.11n Mode' or wifi won't work. (may or may not work, try not to fiddle with the settings too much ;))
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Hi YukiXDA,

I don't think you are a "noob" by any stretch of imagination. :)

I must admit most of it is too intimidating for me to even think of attempting. :eek: so I will, like I'm sure a lot of other users, will be waiting patiently for you to upload the ROM. :)

If I understand the last part right - All I would need to do to update my phone to NoDo is flash your updated ROM using DWI, isn't it?
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Not noob but I begun from scratch lol
Imagination and thinking it's possible without DFT tools and new malgr. I regret the fact that there isn't a groupware at xda to achieve such of things (and a way to update SLDR/NK) since some guys have a lot of knowledge here. I hadn't but I didn't understand and not like that we are all waiting DFT tools and release as they have it from several months. So I tried ^^

Yes I've put my Data.zip beside DWI, same way as before for now
Remeber it's a first test version, we need reports...
It's uploaded :)


I hope It 'll encourage other people to develop more WP7 stuff on HD2 too.
The problem of updating XIP is for any phones not just ours. But new drivers for future updates yes.

"btw what do you mean send "Miss U" to the number? " -> Just send a sms with "MISS U" as text (for my private life^^)
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Jul 10, 2007
Is this the real deal? Gotta get home & try this out. Anybody tried it yet?

Sent from my HD2 using XDA Windows Phone 7 App

Just installed now - only just got started and i don't have a code for sign in, so cant test live etc but so far looking good.
Says version is 7.0.7392.0.
Copy and paste is available and working..
wifi working...
It DOES appear to be unlocked - tried installing apps with toms XAP installer..
Says it fails after a while-but checked phone and app is on phone and working
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Jun 1, 2007
Usti nad Labem
this ROM


I got an questions ?

1. How fast is this ROM ?
2. Is this ROM unlocked + prevented to lock again ?
3. Did you fix the green/yellow color after shot with flash ?

Thanks a for info and good work !
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