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[ROM][i9100][OMS][7.1.2][OFFICIAL]crDroid Android[13/07/2017]

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Lister Of Smeg

Senior Member
May 20, 2013
Hi guys,

Does this rom boot now, unlike the one bundled with Magisk? I've flashed it, but it goes through the splash screen, then sticks on the CrDroid logo, and stays theres.... Similary as does LineageOS, and RR now too...?

It boots SlimSaber 4.4.4 fine though....

Could my phone be faulty?

I've re-pit'd my phone, so it has 1.5GB System, and 6GB data, and whatever is left to the internal SD Card, which is around 6GB also....

Strangly, when i repit/format it using the repit script, it comes up with an error 11 on the sd card, saying faults found. This is internal sd, not ext sd. Could I be suffering from the BrickBug, and how will i know / find out??

Thanks, Lister


Senior Member
Mar 18, 2017
Salvador, BA
@GreekDragon, The ROM works great, no lags!
But it lack the codecs to play songs in .m4a and the videos in .mp4 =D
EDIT: Strangely, the battery percentage in less than 5 minutes was 13% to 53%. And it's not a problem with my battery, since I was using the ROM stock a week ago and the charging was normal. I cleared the cache to see if this was the case, and the problem persist.
When you can, take a look.
Thanks for the great work!
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New member
Mar 26, 2018
I have a strange problem. When I try to send the files using my bluetooth then nothing creates any difficulty and it sends files successfully but when any other person sends files to my phone then It fails to receive and it simply displays a message "File sending failed" in the mobile of sender . Please help?


Senior Member
Jun 3, 2016
I have a strange problem. When I try to send the files using my bluetooth then nothing creates any difficulty and it sends files successfully but when any other person sends files to my phone then It fails to receive and it simply displays a message "File sending failed" in the mobile of sender . Please help?

Has that ever worked with this ROM? The development has stopped (EOL). Take a current ROM like Lineage OS 14.1 or try ViperOS Python v2.1. This is a very stable and smooth ROM for the S2, for me the daily driver.


New member
Nov 27, 2020
what gapps should i install for above crDroid 7.1.2 on Samsung galaxy s2 (gt-i9100)? i.e platform - android (guessing 7.1) - variant?
thanks in advance.

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    Based on CM14.1 with extra goodies.

    Feature Highlights:
    • Pixel look and feel.
    • CyanogenMod 14.1 - all mods and features
    • StatusBar: Network Traffic
    • StatusBar: SU icon toggle
    • StatusBar: Ticker
    • StatusBar: Hide/Show icons
    • StatusBar: BatteryBar customization
    • StatusBar: Date customizations
    • StatusBar: Battery styles
    • StatusBar: Tap to Sleep
    • StatusBar: Clock styles
    • StatusBar: crDroid logo customization
    • QuickSettings: Tiles customization
    • QuickSettings: Brightness slider toggle
    • QuickSettings: Optional brightness icon
    • QuickSettings: Vibrate on Touch
    • QuickSettings: WiFi easy toggle
    • QuickSettings: Bluetooth easy toggle
    • QuickSettings: Data easy toggle
    • Navigation: Toggle navbar
    • Navigation: PIE navigation
    • Navigation: DUI - SmartBar / Fling Toggle
    • Navigation: Pulse - smart visualization
    • Notifications: Power notification controls
    • Notifications: Force expanded notifications
    • Notifications: Toggle immersive mode messages
    • Notifications: Breathing notifications
    • Notifications: Headsup Snooze
    • Notifications: Headsup Timeout customization
    • Display: Ambient Display customizations
    • Display: Transparency Customizations
    • Display: Expanded Desktop Customizations
    • LockScreen: Screen shortcuts
    • LockScreen: Toggle longpress for screen shortcuts
    • LockScreen: Swipe shortcuts
    • LockScreen: Toggle media cover art
    • LockScreen: Toggle clock
    • LockScreen: Toggle date
    • LockScreen: Toggle alarm
    • LockScreen: Tap to sleep
    • LockScreen: Toggle longpress torch
    • LockScreen: Cutomize number of notifications
    • LockScreen: Toggle power menu for secure lockscreen
    • Recents: Immersive Recents
    • Recents: Hidden apps
    • Recents: Toggle OmniSwitch as default Recents
    • Sound: Toggle screenshot sound
    • Sound: Live customization for number of volume steps
    • Sound: Less frequent notification sounds
    • Sound: DND customizations
    • Miscellaneous: Clock Widget
    • Miscellaneous: Partial / Full screenshot selection option
    • Miscellaneous: Toggle suggestions on Settings dashboard
    • Miscellaneous: Toggle summaries in Settings
    • Miscellaneous: Toggle auto-start music player on headset detection
    • Settings/Sound: Increasing Ringtone
    • 12 New Quick Settings Tiles including Caffeine mode, Expanded Desktop and Sync.
    • Settings/Security: Quick PIN/Password Unlock
    • Default sounds from latest Nexus image.
    • Stability and performance improvements.

    What's working :

    Probably everything.

    • CM14.1 is WIP. CM specific functions may not be completely functional. (CM Themes)
    Download Links :
    DL: Click Here
    Old Builds
    Root: Click Here

    How-to resize system partition Thanks to @channel48 :

    Please download and flash Open Gapps from HERE.

    Join us on Google+ community!

    Instructions :
    • Download the latest build and GApps. Gapps should be as instructed above.
    • Reboot to recovery
    • Coming from different ROM? Then do clean wipe
    • Flash the latest build and GApps
    • Reboot and profit!

    Additional ROM Features (apart from crDroid features) :
    • Enabled SNAP camera
    • No forced encryption + F2FS support
    • There is more...




    Source :

    Device tree [1/2]
    Device tree [2/2]

    XDA:DevDB Information
    crDroid Android N, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S II

    GreekDragon, Vatsal
    Source Code: https://github.com/crdroidandroid

    ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.0.x
    ROM Firmware Required: TWRP
    Based On: CyanogenMod

    Version Information
    Status: Beta

    Created 2016-12-05
    Last Updated 2017-07-13
    New build is up. Charge issue is gone.

    Updated ROM Sources.
    Updated Device trees.
    SELinux is now enforcing.
    And much more.
    New build is up. :)
    Updated ROM Sources.
    Updated Device Sources.
    Lot of things were changed since the last update(was on january).
    New build is up. :)
    Updated ROM Sources.
    Updated Device Sources
    New build is up. :)
    Updated ROM sources.
    Updated Device sources.
    SELinux is now permissive.

    The new update comes with magisk included. Unfortunately magisk doesn't work for our device. However, you're welcome to flash this SystemMode SU version https://forum.xda-developers.com/apps/supersu/v2-64-2-66-supersu-mode-t3286120