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Jan 5, 2012
hi mates...

This development will be stopped (Jelly bean).

Just to inform you guys I've compiled an KK 4.4.4 rom. I am testing it now will post it up soon for those interested... maybe on a new thread.

Thanks everyone.

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May 17, 2008
hi mates...

This development will be stopped (Jelly bean).

Just to inform you guys I've compiled an KK 4.4.4 rom. I am testing it now will post it up soon for those interested... maybe on a new thread.

Thanks everyone.

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Make it rain!! Ill be waiting!


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Dec 29, 2012
hi mates...

This development will be stopped (Jelly bean).

Just to inform you guys I've compiled an KK 4.4.4 rom. I am testing it now will post it up soon for those interested... maybe on a new thread.

Thanks everyone.

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we will wait for it!

i hit thanks it's all I can give in return for now :D
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May 18, 2013
hi mates...

This development will be stopped (Jelly bean).

Just to inform you guys I've compiled an KK 4.4.4 rom. I am testing it now will post it up soon for those interested... maybe on a new thread.

Thanks everyone.

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oh i want, i want so hard.
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Oct 12, 2009
What about Gapps??

what about Gapps , is that included.. I ask on behalf of the noobville and also coz i have Gapps 4.4 and the RR 4.4 rom:confused::cowboy::eek:

so i got my Answer ,,Gapps is included in the installation.
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Oct 12, 2009
automatically restarts.

hey friends ,, firstly thank you all the guys who have put in their Time and effort to make this exceptional rom.. secondly I am not sure what i did incorrectly but after i installed the rom it seems to work fine but randomly reboots ,now im not sure what is going on here but im sure the pros know what probability is for this to happen.. please guide me through . thanks all :confused::good::highfive:


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Dec 29, 2012
hey friends ,, firstly thank you all the guys who have put in their Time and effort to make this exceptional rom.. secondly I am not sure what i did incorrectly but after i installed the rom it seems to work fine but randomly reboots ,now im not sure what is going on here but im sure the pros know what probability is for this to happen.. please guide me through . thanks all :confused::good::highfive:
do a clean wipe specially when you are coming from different rom.


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Apr 2, 2013
I'm finally back on this great ROM. I solved my camera failed problems by adding the firmware files (all of the SlimISP_xx) to " /data/cfw/" and rebooting.

However, I can't sign into my Google account (says "there was a problem communicating with google servers").

Is anyone else having this issue?

Oops- wrong topic. This is a rXtreme 4.4 issue. Thx
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Apr 4, 2014
Hello there

The Theme and APP archive for 4.1.2 is damaged. It says SMemo is damaged. Cause of that the whole archive is damaged. (tested with Winrar)

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    SAMSUNG S3 GT-I9305
    Fast smooth stable ROM for daily use. Added some cool features modified and tweaked according to what I believe is usefull and preserve the stock look as possible.

    rXTREME ROM is personalized, fast, smooth, lite and longer battery life. From latest Samsung Firmware added some tweaks and features, removed useless apps and bloatwares. You have an option how apps are installed to make rom lighter.

    Everyone is welcome to try and test for FREE and give feedbacks or suggestions for improvement. Comments or compliments are welcome.
    Don't just say it, hit the Thanks button if you like it or I did helped you in any way. If you're kind enough to donate I would be happy to accept, why not :laugh:

    Warning: If you have problems that I would be able to help I would be happy to. Although you must be aware that I am not liable of any damage that happened on your phone. Flash at your own risk. Please follow the guides properly and make sure your phone model is correct and you have all the requirements.

    JB 4.3
    - GALAXY GEAR Support
    - TRIM Support (Makes the device much faster)
    - Core UI elements updated to the ones on the Galaxy S4 (Galaxy S4's theme all over)
    - New Samsung Keyboard
    - GPU drivers have been updated (Higher GPU benchmark scores)
    - New Lockscreen: Multiple Widgets, improved ripple effect than Android 4.1.2, ability to change clock size and set a personal message
    - New Screen modes (From S4): Adapt Display and Professional Photo
    - Daydream
    - Driving mode
    - Actionable notifications
    - Move-to-SD-card feature
    - New Camera mode : Sound and Shot
    - New Additions in Notification Centre
    - Completely revamped Settings UI (Tabbed interface – Exactly like the Galaxy S4)
    - Implementation of Voice controls (Let’s you control various parts of the phone using voice commands – Galaxy S4 feature)
    - New Samsung Apps: Calculator, Clock, Contacts, Gallery, Music
    - Full screen Samsung apps
    - New S-Voice (from Galaxy S4)


    • Custom Phone Settings for
    • incoming / outgoing call recording
    • delete record button option
    • end call delay option
    • remove increasing ringtone
    • remove Rec info option
    • incoming call notification option
    • Allow Ip call
    • No sms to mms autoconverting
    • Increased contact adding for message
    • Display sent time instead of received time
    • MegaBass Beats + DSP Manager Aroma option
    • Boeffla Sound on Boeffla Kernel
    • Wolfson Sound on Agni Kernel
    • Note 3 Keyboard
    • Note 3 Calculator
    • Note 2 Camera with fast/slow motion recording
    • Volume Keys toggle as shutter or zoom
    • Camera Shutter sound toggle on/off
    • Better GPS
    • RootAppDelete
    • Fast Dormancy Toggle
    • Exit browser menu option
    • Call/Message block
    • Skip tracks on lockscreen (xposed-volumeSkipTrack)
    • 3 Way Restart Option
    • Power Menu with screenshot, recovery, download and restart mode
    • Flashlight, ScreenTimeOut and more added on quicktoggle
    • Toggle for Flashlight on lockscreen
    • Lockscreen Shortcuts
    • LongPressMenu Kill app
    • Agni / Boeffla / Stock kernel Aroma option
    • EFS backup Aroma option
    • CSC selection Aroma option
    • Battery Life & Speed tweaked (init.d)
    • Build.prop tweaked
    • Rooted
    • SuperSU
    • busybox
    • Deodexed
    • Zipaligned
    • Internet Speedmeter
    • More Language Support
    • CRT Screen off effect
    • Watercolor, Ink and Light Effect on lockscreen
    • OneHand all screen
    • Blocked Ads
    • Xposed Framework with volume skip track module

    5.2 (18-08-2014)
    Added Speed Meter thanks to Dzol Cp
    Updated Boeffla kernel to 5.4 beta2
    Fixed CSC positioning
    and some minor fixes
    5.1.1 (04-08-2014)
    Fixed scripts and root errors
    5.1 (30-07-2014)
    Updated Boeffla kernel to v5.4 beta1
    Updated Agni kernel v3.8.3
    Added back CSC selection
    Fixed fonts list
    Fixed other known bugs
    5.0 (05-07-2014)
    Updated base to XXUENE4
    Updated SuperSU
    Updated Boeffla kernel to v5.3 beta7
    Fixed SMStoMMS
    Boeffla kernel v5.2 stable
    4.1.1 (07-06-2014)
    Fixed lockscreen shortcuts
    Fixed root issue
    4.1 (30-05-2014)
    Fixed NFC
    Fixed CRT OFF
    Updated Agni kernel to 3.8
    Updated Boeffla kernel to 5.3beta3
    Updated SuperSU
    Added Power,screen timeout etc on quicktoggle
    4.0.1 (17-05-2014)
    Fixes for 4.0 (lost apps and other fixes)
    Added Toggle for Flashlight on lockscreen
    4.0 (13-05-2014)
    Added LongPressMenu as built in mod (not on xposed framework)
    Added Power Options Menu with screenshot, recovery, download mode
    Removed Adaway (adblocking already on script)
    Added back Root App Delete
    Added back Fast Dormancy Toggle App
    Updated Boeffla-kernel to 5.2 stable
    Updated Boefla config
    Updated PSN Agni Kernel to 3.7
    Updated SuperSU
    Updated base to XXUENC2
    fixed contacts
    fixed camera bug
    Added scripts for more smoothness
    updated boefla config to 2.1.34
    installer restructured
    updated agni kernel to 3.5.4
    updated supersu
    fixed font picker
    fixed icon size
    other minor fixes...
    Updated base to XXUENA2
    Added Boeffla sound control
    Updated Boeffla kernel
    Updated Boeffla config
    Updated Agni kernel
    Updated SuperSU
    Fixed reported issues
    Updated base to XXUEML9
    Updated Boeffla kernel to 5.1stable
    Updated Boeffla config app
    Updated PSN Agni Kernel to 3.5.1
    Updated Wanam Xposed
    Added more Quick Toggle including Torch
    Installer reconstruction
    Fixes and adjustments
    Updated PSN Agni kernel to 3.4
    Updated SuperSU
    Updated Boffla app
    Some init.d adjustments
    build.prop tweaks adjustments
    Updated Boeffla kernel b13
    Added ScreenOff effects
    Few system cleanups
    fixed crash issues
    added PSN Agni kernel
    updated boeffla kernel
    updated boeffla config app
    fixed lockscreen effects
    some tweaks and fixes added
    Updated base to XXUEML8
    Updated Boeffla kernel to 5.1 beta9
    Updated wanam xposed
    small fixes...
    Updated Boeffla 5.1b7
    Added Note3 KB
    Added Note 2 Camera
    Added Phone Custom Settings
    Added More Language Support
    First release for 4.3 XXUEMKC
    Xposed Framework with wanam modules


    Frequently Asked/Issues.
    Q. My Camera crashes.
    A. Not all experience this but if you do try this solution tested by dani07 FIX
    I have not personally tested it since I don't experience camera issues.

    JB 4.1.2 rXTREME.v.14.1

    JB 4.1.2



    What's Included

    Key Features seems to work fine like:

    • Multi-View (Multi-Windows Multitasking, same as in Note II)
    • New Gallery App (Same as in Note II)
    • Brightness Slider in Notification Panel Can Be Disabled
    • Smart Rotation, Smart Stay
    • Motion Wiz
    • Direct Call
    • S Beam
    • Group Cast App
    • Page Buddy
    and more...


    • OTA Update
    • Long press Menu to kill app
    • Torch on lockscreen via home button
    • Ink effect on lockscreen 16 colours
    • AOSP Lockscreen optional
    • Custom Phone Settings for
      auto call recording,
      end call delay
      and remove increasing ringtone
    • No sms to mms autoconverting
    • Increased contact adding for message to 200
    • Display sent time instead of received time
    • Ip call
    • 23 Toggles
    • Extended Power Menu
    • Reboot menu with Recovery and Download
    • All apps for Multi-Window
    • Exit browser menu option
    • CSC Choice Aroma option
    • JKay Deluxe v14.95 Aroma option
    • Boeffla / Perseus.alpha35 / Stock kernel Aroma option
    • Nova Launcher optional
    • AC!D Audio Engine or MegaBass BeatsV2 + DSP Manager Aroma option
    • Change tracks w/ long press volume keys on lockscreen
    • Note II Keyboard
    • Note II Camera with fast/slow motion recording
    • Camera Shutter sound toggle on/off
    • Camera/Camcorder LowbatAlert Disabled when using flash
    • Volume Keys toggle as shutter or zoom
    • S4 Music Player
    • S4 Accu Weather Widget (optional on Themes & Apps)
    • S4 S-Translate
    • TouchWiz Grid Aroma Opttion 4x6 grid
    • SoftKeys NavBar Aroma option
    • Transparent Widgets Aroma option
    • CRT Off Animation
    • Icons/apps Themed Aroma option
    • Fast Dormancy toggle
    • Faster GPS
    • System/User App Uninstaller
    • SGS3-Easy-UMS-v1.8
    • Popup Browser
    • Floating Folder
    • Quick access Newmessage
    • EFS backup Aroma option
    • Battery Life & Speed tweaked
    • Build.prop tweaked
    • init.d tweaked
    • Rooted
    • SuperSU
    • busybox
    • Deodexed
    • Zipaligned
    • more language support

    rXTREME Utilities Contents
    *ROM Update (Update Me)
    - OTA Update
    - Applications (Removed/Default Apps)
    - Battery Themes
    - Clock Themes
    - Mods and Fixes (Remove SoftNav, Remove CRToff, Remove KillApp, Default BootSound, Remove BootSound, Default S3 KB, Multi-CSC)
    *Advance toggle (QuickPanel Power Widget Settings)
    *Remove App Delete (modify, uninstall system or user apps)
    *Easy UMS (mount extSD as usb mass storage device)
    *Fast dormancy toggle (fast dormancy settings)
    *Faster GPS (region and location selection for gps)
    *Call Block settings


    Useful Links

    Reminder:If you have questions related on other mods like kernels etc. please read on their respective threads. Thank you.

    JB Domination thanks to vertumus - VIEW THREAD
    Sensewiz thanks to bala_gamer - VIEW THREAD
    Battery, Clocks, Status Bar, 23 toggles and more themes thanks to raubkatze - VIEW THREAD
    other themes thanks to vegeta1, blAde and KIMBASINGER for transparent widget.

    Change Logs and descriptions
    Version 14.1
    Updated boeffla kernel to 4.0stable
    Updated SuperSU
    Few cleanups
    Updated themes:
    HTC Accuweather
    S3 Accuweather transparent
    Added to update me:
    hide sms from call log mod
    4.1.1 wifi driver
    Version 14.0
    Updated base to XXBMR8
    Updated Boeffla kernel 3.2b1
    Some apps on Xtreme lite moved to lite
    Fixed toggle settings on RXtreme Utilities
    Version 13.1
    Fixed google sync (contacts, calendar etc).
    Updated superSU
    Updated boeffla to 13.1_stable
    Camera/Camcorder "Unable to start while in a call" Alert Disabled
    Camera/Camcorder "Low Battery" Alert Disabled
    Camera/Camcorder "Can't use flash on low battery" Alert Disabled
    Camera/Camcorder Add Power button as a shutter to built in Volume keys
    Volume Keys toggle as shutter or zoom
    Version 13.0
    Base updated to XXBMG3
    Fixed Sim Card Lock
    Fixed Multi_app
    Added more language support
    Added Boeffla kernel 2.13stable
    Updated SuperSU
    Updated Faster GPS
    Updated Remove App Delete
    Added AC!D Audio back
    Themes & Apps updated
    Version 12.1
    Fixed Pattern Lockscreen FC on Jkay and other themes
    Added PureXAudioLite
    Removed AcidAudio
    Themes & Apps
    Few adjustments, fixes and changes on Alexander theme changed to rXTREME theme.
    Fixed and update Themes on Themes&Apps.
    Version 12.0
    updated to XXBMF1
    updated SuperSU
    Version 11.0
    updated to XXBME3
    updated Supersu
    updated uninstall app (RootAppDelete)
    removed nova launcher
    fixed ink effect name on lockscreen settings
    Version 10.0
    Base updated to XXBME1
    Added more csc choice
    few fixes
    updated some apps
    Version 9.1
    Added Brazil CSC
    Changed Apex to Nova launcher more features.
    Updated JKay to 14.95.
    Reverted back to S3 Svoice, S4 not stable yet.
    Transparent Accu Weather
    Fixed JB Dom Battery Color
    Updated JB Domination Theme
    S4 Transparent Weather Widget
    HTC Weather Widget
    Version 9.0
    Note II Camera with fast/slow motion recording
    S4 Music Player
    S4 Accu Weather Widget (optional on Themes & Apps)
    S4 SVoice
    S4 S-Translate (have FC on history menu)
    Updated Jkay to 14.94 with Jkay Deluxe Settings lite (must reboot for changes to take effect)
    Updated JB Domination Theme to 1.9 on Themes & Apps
    Added FTM-France CSC
    Added Google Translate (optional app on Themes & Apps under Google apps)
    Updated Themes & Apps
    Version 8.1
    Some fixes for more stability
    few tweak adjustments
    Changed Note2 keyboard to without auto correct.
    Changed modded secphone (call recording etc) to mythtrandyr's mod 
    thanks to talexop for porting it to I9305.
    Updated JB Domination theme to 1.8
    Added CSC choices during install (aroma option)
    Separate installer for ROM & Mods and Themes & Apps
    Version 8.0
    Updated base to UBBMC1
    Updated Perseus to 35.
    Updated Jkay to 14.93.1.
    Fixed Sensewiz theme compatibility.
    Removed Floating Folders
    Removed SMS Popup
    Version 7.2
    Fixed Google search bug.
    Changed Sms to mms autoconverting 200 to No autoconverting.
    Reduced lagginess on Editing flashbar contents.
    Updated MegaBassBeats Audio to V2.
    Updated Perseus to 34.2.
    Updated Jkay to 14.93.
    Change S3 Keyboard to Note2 KB.
    Updated DefaultApps.zip
    Added Multi CSC donwloadable on OTA
    Version 7.1
    Updated Jkay to 14.92.9
    Updated SuperSU
    Updated Perseus.alpha33.3
    Added more languages
    Added apex launcher
    fixed bugs on themes
    all previous mods included
    Version 7.0
    Base updated to XXBMB4
    Updated SuperSU
    Updated system apps
    Updated Jkay to 14.92.1
    Fixed JB Dom theme toggles
    all previous mods included.
    Version 6.2
    Added fastdormancy toggle (settings>rxtreme utilities)
    Updated Perseus kernel to 32.1
    Updated Jkay to 14.91.3
    updated supersu
    Updated Sensewiz theme
    Updated Adobe Flash
    removed 4x5-5x6 selection, changed to 4x6 grid
    Fixed some initd tweaks
    Added fastdormancy toggle
    sms to mms autoconverting changed to 200 (default is 4)
    Increased contact adding for message to 200 (default is 10)
    Display sent time instead of received time
    Version 6.1
    Fixed reported bugs
    All mods from v.6.0 included
    Updated SuperSU
    Version 6.0
    Updated Base to XXBMA6
    Updated SuperSU
    All mods from v5.1 included
    Version 5.1
    Updated Jkay Deluxe to 14.9
    Updated sensewiz theme
    Updated zipalign on theme options for those using twrp
    Added Call recording
    Removed ascending ringtone
    Fixed changing font bug
    Fixed changing lockscreen wallpaper bug
    Updated DefaultApps.zip
    Version 5.0
    Updated to XXBMA3
    Added rosemary fonts to Lite ROM as requested
    Fixed Faster GPS on Jkay
    added back Aosp lockscreen
    updated Jkay 14.7.4
    removed scrolling wallpaper
    added more theme selection (JB Dom) in aroma options
    Version 4.1
    Added Ac!d SoundMod / MegaBass Beats option in aroma
    Changed Fasterfix to Faster GPS
    Updated some apps
    Updated also apps inside DefaultApps.zip
    few cleanups
    Version 4.0
    Updated base to XXBLL5
    AOSP Lockscreen option on lockscreen settings
    torch on lockscreen via home button
    Perseus kernel updated to Perseus.alpha31.2
    Apps (quick new message shortcut)
    Jkay updated to 14.7.3
    Apps updated to latest
    Settings>rXTREME utilities
    -OTA Update
    -Advance toggle
    -Uninstall system app
    -Popup SMS
    -Mount extSD
    -Fix GPS location
    -Call/Message block Settings
    previous mods included.
    Version 3.0
    rXTREME Utilities: Settings>rXTREME Utilities
    Updated to the Latest 4.1.2_XXBLL3 Ported By Ausdim
    App Uninstaller on rXTREME Utilities- remove user apps or system apps
    GPS Location Fix on rXTREME Utilities - set your country location.
    SMS Flash on rXTREME Utilities - popup sms, reply by tapping 2x the sensor (front camera)
    Moved OTA Update to rXTREME Utilities
    All apps for Multi-Window
    Camera Shutter on/off
    Call and Message block settings
    Exit browser menu option
    Ip call
    ink effect on lockscreen, choose from 16 colours
    Updated Jkay to 14.6
    Added and fixed some more Build.prop tweaks for better optimization, battery life, 3G signal and network, camera, media and more・
    Added some more init.d optimizations
    Version 2.2
    init.d tweaked
    Audio Hacked
    Perseus kernel (optional) - you can choose from STOCK kernel or PERSEUS kernel.
    JKay Deluxe v14.5.4 (optional) - for more features and settings download Jkay Deluxe Settings on Google Play Store
    SoftKeys NavBar (optional) - still beta test, not done with settings yet.
    Version 2.1.1
    OTA Updater removed
    Version 2.1
    23 Toggles - choose toggles to be shown up to 23 thru "AdvanceS" (toggle settings)
    Google search fixed - (FC on Search with camera is fixed)
    Fixed Sim pin change in Settings menu.(thanks ausdim)
    Fixed emergency number call icon and res.
    Note2 Camera Video Recorder working - volume down pause recording, volume up to continue. Camera shutter on/off menu
    TouchWiz Added in Aroma Opttions: Default / 4x5 / 4x6 / 5x5 
    lite (slim rom) / Xtra lite(super slim) - removed "Std" option, other apps is now on a separate downloadable zip file
    Removed Samsung Update notification
    OTA Update feature - updates xTREME rom to latest for minor changes.
    Floating Folder - Folder always on top, easier access to favorite apps.
    Transparent Widgets - weather and music player transparent widget.
    Version 2.0
    Updated to the Latest 4.1.2_XXELKC Ported By Ausdim
    All 4.1.2 stock features working (multi window, popup browser, smart rotate etc.)
    All apps updated
    long press volume to change tracks on screenlocked
    Battery & Speed Tweaks
    Including all previous features
    Version 1.2
    Fixed Voice Search/Google Search
    additional tweaks
    added SGS3 Easy UMS v1.7
    Aroma options for standard, lite or extra lite ROM (more apps removed)
    remove more bloatwares
    updated SuperSU to latest.
    4.2 android browser
    4.2 android keyboard
    4.2 android clock
    Version 1.1
    Tweaked Battery saving
    kernel checking adjustments
    netspeed adjustments
    usage data adjustments
    bytecode adjustments
    few system clean up
    added Alexanders theme on Aroma
    removed old theme
    Version 1.0
    Modded XXELK4 (1st December 2012)

    Alexander the great

    if I forgot someone please remind me thank you :p
    Big Thanks also to those who donated.

    Jkay Deluxe - ORIGINAL THREAD | I9305 THREAD
    Perseus Kernel - VIEW THREAD

    Modems Flashable zip by tx33- VIEW THREAD
    GPS Fix for all JB Roms by Konceptz804- VIEW THREAD If the GPS fix in the rom is not effective you may check this fix.
    Changing CSC flashable zip by djembey - VIEW THREAD


    Download page


    Jelly Bean 4.3

    rXTREME-JB-4.3-v.5.2.1-XXUENE4>> DOWNLOAD
    MD5: 421267D28F0D5179258E4CFF549660DF


    Jelly Bean 4.1.2
    MD5: 0BD93A972C3309668A4A93CC8CB4AE29

    Themes & Apps for rXTREME updated 04/12//2013
    Themes & Apps>> DOWNLOAD

    removed apps is found here, so if you're looking for a feature / app that was included on default samsung rom then you can't find on this rom download this zip file and choose apps from aroma option which you want to add.

    Hi all!

    Sorry for the delay. Just arrived... Here's my version for JB 4.3 XXUEMKC. I think using Xposed framework is cool, those who want to try can start downloading.


    I'm still doing some tests and mods but this version is now kicking and great for daily use.

    1. Backup (nandroid)
    2. wipe data factory reset
    3. Install rom
    4. wait PATIENTLY for first boot.

    to enable some of basic mods
    1. after first boot open XPOSED INSTALLER >FRAMEWORK>Install/Update >OK >reboot (grant root access)
    2. open XPOSED INSTALLER >MODULES >tick on Wanam Xposed (grant root access)
    3. open Wanam Xposed then choose some basic mods you want to enable
    -Notification panel >Enable circle battery

    >Enable 4 way reboot menu
    >Add Exit button to browser
    >Enable camera during call
    >Disable low battery warning
    Phone >Disable increasing call ringer

    -Theme >Battery Icon Color >Saturation pull down to 0 (white) >apply

    and so on...
    reboot then your good! :good:
    Sure man it will work. Just make sure you are rooted and have cwm installed, and follow the instructions on how to flash the rom. Backup and wipe before installing.

    Sent from my GT-I9305 using xda premium