[ROM][ICS][26/05]★ Liteϟning ROM v3.2 ★[Fast as Lightning]

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May 9, 2012
Litening ROM doesn't exist in zip, you always have to flash using Odin, if you don't want to use a pc, flash using chainfires mobile Odin
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May 9, 2012
Thanks but don't really know how to use odin, wierd decision not to have a zip, so much easier!

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Yeah i know, however it isn't bad to do some research on how to use Odin, as I already had to fix my phone which was stuck at bootscreen, and I was unable to get into recovery, only in download mode.. So only thing I could do was flash stock through Odin, was happy to know how it works.. ;)
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Apr 26, 2012
Yeah i know, however it isn't bad to do some research on how to use Odin, as I already had to fix my phone which was stuck at bootscreen, and I was unable to get into recovery, only in download mode.. So only thing I could do was flash stock through Odin, was happy to know how it works.. ;)

Yes, its a pity, want to use this ROM but not gonna risk messing my phone up for it!

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May 9, 2012
Yes, its a pity, want to use this ROM but not gonna risk messing my phone up for it!

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I got it stuck while I got an error in restoring system partition of a nandroid, so Odin only saved me, never had any problems with it, only thing you have to be careful with is that it triggers your custom counter when you flash a custom kernel with it, so I always use mobile Odin, or when I use normal Odin I only flash stock kernels
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Oct 25, 2011
Is there another ROM similar to this one in terms of theme and speed updated to 4.0.4 or 4.1?

Can we still expect updates for this rom or has the developer permanently moved development to the S3?

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    Welcome to the Lite'ning Rom



    -Fast and stable SGS II ICS 4.03 ROM

    *Based on original Firmware
    *CF-Root kernel
    *Blue themed
    *Battery percentage
    *Overscroll glow
    *Better optimised apk's, framework for more speed and free mem.
    *Customizable 14 statusbar by lidroid
    *Camera silent
    *Large APN list
    *Fast GPS lock
    *Memory tweak
    *Kernel tweaks
    *SD card read tweak
    *Root + Busybox

    Downloads & Changelogs

    Extra Information

    Questions and Answers
    Q. E-Mail Doesn't work. Any ideas?

    A. Go to applications and clear data and cache of the email app. after that it works fine again.

    Review of the Lite'ning Rom
    special thanks to connexion2005 for this nice review

    User Feedback

    Works like a charm! Great work!

    I just flashed the Lite'ning Rom and i must say: WOW! i love it

    Thank you for this great Rom and keep up the good work.

    Have now flashed this and am loving it.

    Donation made. This is some great work - look forward to future tweaks!

    thanks for your work !!

    flashed this one on my girlfriends phone and on my own , works great , keep it up !!

    flash done, looking good!
    nice work LitePro...

    I really like this rom a lot, what you got in store for us next then litepro?

    Great work im loving all the work people are putting in to the s2.

    Loving the ROM so far. Just run a quadrant test (see attached screenshot) ROM itself feels smooth, the theme is great and seems faster than stock. Keep up the good work

    Many thanks Mate, works like a charm

    Rooted and amazing Theme

    Great Rom!!! I just love how it shuts off....freakin awesome. Keep up the great great work!

    Happy flashing :D

    If you like my work, then please consider a small donation. Thank you :cool: and don't forget to press the Thanks button ;)

    Common Issues
    Can I flash this ROM through CWM?
    Nope, you have to use Odin, sorry!

    The browser is seriously laggy!
    We know, and it's been addressed in v4.2 and above. Please use a recent version.

    Does this ROM support RTL languages?
    Yes, but not in 5.0, so please use an older version.

    Have the A2DP issues been resolved?
    Yes, use v4.1 or above!

    Help! SMS records aren't showing up on the call log anymore!
    Relax. This was actually a feature up to 4.2. In 5.0, your SMS logs should show up again.

    Does AdFree work with this ROM?
    Only in 5.0, but there is a fix for older versions (thanks to adz63):
    1. Download this file, unzip it and place the hosts file on your sdcard.
    2. Then, open up a command prompt, load up your recovery menu and type:
    adb shell
    mount /system
    mount /sdcard
    cp /sdcard/hosts /system/etc/hosts

    Does this ROM support PPTP-VPN over 3G?
    According to toxic-tonic, this does not work, and causes reboots.

    What's the deal with overscroll glow anyway? Why does it keep appearing and disappearing in different versions?
    Long story short, it interferes with other functions and features of this ROM. For a more technical description, read sewe's post with info from LeoMar.

    Does this ROM support Wiimote connections through the Wiimote controller app?
    According to ionious, no, sorry.

    Downloading and Installation
    I'm too scared of bootloops to flash 5.0!
    Don't worry, yupo72 has you covered. Before you flash 5.0:
    1 - disable start on booth of SetCPU (Speedmod kernel does not support it)
    2 - disable LaunchePro as default launcher (you'll not fin it in 5.0)

    These actions alone should avoid bootloops, but in case...

    3 - backup your data (to recover from bootloop you'll need hard reset and full wipes)
    4 - be ready to flash a stock KG3 rom if you want to go back to 4.x or lower

    How do I access Download mode?
    With the phone powered off, hold Volume Down + Home and then press Power until a screen comes up. Press Volume Up to access Download mode.

    How do I access Recovery/CWM?
    With the phone powered off, hold Volume Up + Home and then press Power until the Samsung screen comes up. CWM will load immediately after.

    Why doesn't Odin find my phone?
    Make sure you have Samsung Kies installed on your PC. If not, download it from here and install it, and make sure no Kies processes are running on your computer

    I keep seeing an old version instead of the current version in the download link!
    You need to do a browser hard refresh - press CTRL-F5 or CTRL-R (depending on your browser) and the download page should refresh with the correct link.

    Do I need to do a full wipe if I am coming from a different version of Lite'ning?
    No, but it may be preferable to do a cache and dalvik cache wipe using CWM before flashing the new version through Odin. After you wipe cache and dalvik cache, select power off to turn off your phone, and then reboot into download mode.

    Can I upgrade directly from 1.2/1.5/2.2/any older version of Lite'ning to the latest version?

    Do I need to do a full wipe if I am coming from a stock rom?
    No, but it may be preferable to do a cache and dalvik cache wipe using CWM before flashing.

    Do I need to do a full wipe if I am coming from a different custom ROM?
    Yes - do a factory reset, wipe cache and wipe dalvik cache. These options are available in CWM - use volume up+home+power to access CWM.

    Help! I keep getting bootloops after flashing 5.0!
    Cooltide has an elegant solution:
    1. First flash the KG6 2.3.4 firmware in 3 parts (including repartition) as decribed here.
    2. Then flash the CF-Root-SGS2_XX_OXA_KG6-v4.1-CWM4 kernel as PDA (also /w Odin).
    3. Boot the phone, power off, re-boot into dowmload, flash Lite'ning 5.0, and there you are ...

    Advanced Configuration
    Can I change the splash screen on this ROM?
    Yes, please see this. But you have to get rid of the yellow triangle first (see below)

    How do I get rid of the yellow triangle on bootup?
    1. Download the CF Root Kernel from here and extract it until you have a zImage file. Put this file on your phone's internal memory.
    2. Using the PDA option in Odin, flash the Stock XXKG6 Kernel from here. The password is intratech@XDA.
    3. Go to CWM, and select the Flash Kernel option. Use this to install the zImage file.
    4. Download the SpeedMod Kernel (basis for 5.0) or Ninphetamine 2.0.5 Kernel and extract it till you get the zImage file. Put this file on your phone's internal memory and flash it using the Flash Kernel option in CWM.

    Is there a custom boot animation for this ROM?
    Yes! Download it from here and use the following steps:
    1. Flash a CF-Root Kernel through Odin.
    2. Flash the zip you just downloaded through CWM.
    3. Flash the ninphetamine kernel through Odin.

    How do I reset battery stats?
    After a full charge while the phone is still connected to the charger, delete the batterystats.bin file by:
    (a) deleting the file by ROM Manager OR
    (b) using CWM to clear battery stats

    What does changing the screen density mean?
    According to jcompagner:
    You don't really change the resolution, thats impossible... the only resolution you have is 800x480 no way around that.

    What you can change is the DPI setting and that fakes how many dots there are in a inch.. By default the samsung with its 4.3 inch and 800x480 pixels has 240dpi.

    When you lower that to 200dpi what you do there is tell the system if they want to draw an icon that is 1 inch big, that it should use 200 pixels instead of 240 pixels. That means that everything draws itself almost 20% smaller..
    So i guess in Android almost everything is not really drawn on screen by hard pixels but by the inch/cm size.

    Click here to see what it looks like.

    How do I change the screen density?
    Use the app LCD Density Changer, available here or here. Or, if you want to do it the hard way (thanks to kingshonen):
    1. use root explorer go to /system/
    2. (enable RW) long hold file build.prop ->open in text editor
    3. look for
    ro.sf.lcd_density=240 (original line)

    4. change to:
    5. save and reboot for changes. Enjoy!

    I'm going to die if I don't use a density of 200! Is there any way to fix the dialer and calculator?
    If you must, just see Sattero's post.

    Does TegraK work?
    No, TegraK is not compatible with the ninphetamine kernel or the speedmod kernel in 5.0.

    Where can I find SetCPU?
    WARNING: SetCPU does not work with the Speedmod kernel in 5.0! Please install ninphetamine if you absolutely have to use SetCPU! Learn more about SetCPU here (thanks yupo72!). SetCPU 2.2.4 is available for free for XDA members here. WARNING: the default kernel for 5.0 does not support SetCPU, so try ninphetamine instead.

    What SetCPU values should I use?
    h20pt swears by the following values:
    1600 MHz - 1425 mV
    1400 MHz - 1250 mV
    1200 MHz - 1150 mV
    1000 MHz - 1050 mV
    800 MHz - 950 mV
    500 MHz - 850 mV
    200 MHz - 800 mV

    You can set these values using the Voltage tab.

    WARNING: This will not work with Tegrak Overclock.

    Help! I used SetCPU and now I'm stuck in a bootloop!
    According to yupo72:
    "In the rare event that your phone cannot boot because you left this checkbox checked at unstable frequencies, create a file called "setcpu_safemode" (with no extension) and put it in /data/local or /sdcard. If SetCPU detects this file, it will ignore all start up settings."

    How do I turn off Fast Dormancy?
    Dial *#*#9900#*#* in your browser and click on Disable fast dormancy. However, please check with your mobile operator to find out if it is required before you do so!

    Help! I broke the phone and now need to send it back to Samsung for repair. What do I do?
    The Galaxy S2 has a binary counter that counts how many times you have flashed the phone. Unfortunately, you need to reset this counter before you send your phone in, or else Samsung may not agree to service it. To reset the counter, you need to get yourself a jig from here.

    My phone's battery drain is insane! How do I fix it?
    As a first step, try calibrating your battery by doing the following (thanks darkmax1974):
    1. Plug in and charge the device to maximum.
    1.1 OPTIONAL: Turn off the phone and charge again.
    2. Reboot the device into Recovery with the plug still attached.
    3. Go to "Advance" and select "Wipe Battery Stats".
    4. Reboot system from the Recovery main menu (1st page).
    5. Unplug and use.

    Usability Tips
    Are the black and green themes compatible with version 5.0?
    The black theme is compatible with 4.2, and you can download it here. The black and Mojito themes are now compatible with v4.2. The steel blue theme is ready for 4.1; get it here. Vertumus's Gingerbread themes also work with 4.1.

    Does Lite'ning support pan-European keyboards for Swype?
    Yes. Download it from this thread. WARNING: This may remove root access!

    thebiker proposes an alternative approach:
    0. Flash back the orig 4.X rom
    1. Download the file.
    2, Unpack and copy to your phone.
    3. Copy the "app" and "lib" folders to the /system (Use RootExplorer or other app) to overwrite the files!!
    4. Reboot!
    5. Choose Swype. First time it will close. The second will be ok!
    6. Set your language.

    I really need the call recorder function! What do I do?
    For all those who miss the call recording feature on this fantastic ROM, follow these instructions (thanks dullguy)!:
    1. Get the CallRecord.zip from here
    2. Get the Telephone audio hack from here
    3. Flash the CallRecord.zip as an update using CWM.
    4. Flash AudioHack_01_UPDATE.zip as an update using CWM.
    P.S. The installation must be done in the same sequence as mentioned above.
    WARNING: apache86 warns that this fix might stop video playback, so use at your own caution and make sure to do a nandroid backup beforehand!

    How do I take a screenshot?
    The Galaxy S II screenshot shortcut is Home button + Power button, and this works well in Lite'ning!

    I hate the new market! How do I go back to the old one?
    Download the APK from here and use Root Explorer to copy this file into system/app.

    Help! I use Launcher Pro, and every time I reboot the phone and unlock it, it takes two minutes for things to work!
    According to sewe, this is a current bug with Launcher Pro, so stay tuned to see if it is fixed in future versions!

    Why does LogsProvider keep crashing?
    This is another small issue. To resolve this, go to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > All > LogsProvider and click Clear Data and Clear Cache. Make sure you backup your contacts first. And always remember to clear cache and dalvik cache before flashing a new version.

    Latitude eats up a lot of battery! What do I do?
    The first thing you can do is click Maps > Menu > Latitude > Menu > Settings > Log out of Latitude (thanks ICDeadPpl). Alternative, you can freeze Maps (and unfreeze it only when you need it).

    Why doesn't my GPS get a fix? What do I do?
    Use Fasterfix from Market to choose an optimised region for the server pool. This apk changes the configuration in root/system/etc/gps.conf
    Use GPSfix to search and fix all the available satellites.
    Use GPS Status to see with how many satellites your gps is connected.

    I love LauncherPro more than Go Launcher. But when I install Launcher Pro i get force closes! Help!
    You first have to uninstall Go Launcher before you install Launcher Pro.

    How do I disable AdFree?
    Thanks to Copaco, all you have to do is flash this file through CWM.

    I really really want a data toggle on the notifications in 5.0!
    Again, thanks to Copaco, just flash this file through CWM. But remember to make a Nandroid backup first!

    How do I enable BLN on 5.0?
    WARNING: If you use GO SMS, remember to turn on LED notifications in settings.

    The easiest way to do this is:
    1. Flash this file through CWM (thanks to Gawis).
    2. Install the BLN App (free or paid version) and activate BLN.
    3. Reboot

    If this does not work, thanks to monx, there's an alternative and more difficult way:
    1. Make sure you are on a ninphetamine kernel.
    2. Get liblights for SGS2 from here.
    3. Rename lights.PRODUCTNAME.so to lights.GT-I9100.so
    4. Copy it to \system\lib\hw using Root Explorer and set owner & group to root, but remember to back up the original file just in case.
    5. Reboot and enjoy
    3. Get the BLN app from here.

    Help! I can't hear any sound on the FM Radio!
    According to James_Doe, just use the music player and sound should start working on the radio as well.
    What features?

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    added it to the first post :)
    Yeah that would be nice :)

    @LitePro When will v1.1 come out?

    yes there is a big update coming soon :)

    but I am little disappointed in the support and thank you's
    only 63 thank you's over more then 2500 downloads in six days :confused:
    Looks interesting. will give this a try today... it doesnt wipe my apps or data..right?

    You are right, it doesnt wipe your apps and data :)

    Happy flashing