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[ROM][ICS][4.0.3][3-22-12][WIP] ics-deck-evo [pre-beta7]

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Sep 9, 2010
S. Austin Tx
i'll give it a shot... i havent flashed anything in forever!... stuck on that CM7/SZ combo...with ics theme!.. love it.....

.. but deck was one of the first aosp roms i tried~... .. nice to come back around...
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    i will update this post when the time comes. for now, feel free to run any of my test builds located here:
    pb7 - fixed camera preview.

    Sounds good! Hardware acceleration?

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    holy mother of god please get 4g on this already! everything seems legit but that.

    Here's the thing. Our legacy device is not even supposed to be running ICS. ICS does NOT come with WiMax built into the framework, thus it will take someone building it from the ground up to ever be integrated. At this point, we're still in the ALPHA stages (i.e. getting everything that's supposed to work on ICS working on our device), so we're definitely not there yet. We don't even have the front camera or video working yet, nor the ICS-stock facial recognition lockscreen. Why don't we focus on getting the base running smoothly before we worry about adding things that weren't there in the first place?

    Perhaps you're thinking to yourself, but the EVO 4G is a 4G device, so it's a feature that's supposed to exist on the device! That may be true, but if you're running this, you're not running the ROM your device came with, which I'm certain does have working WiMax. So, to sum up, don't expect this ROM to ever have 4G. If you can't live with that, then you'll have to move along. And if it ever DOES have WiMax, I'm sure you'll see it on the front page and then you can come back and join us.
    Thread cleaned.

    Cut the crap......
    One warning, that is all.....
    This is my first post since i became a memeber here back in 2008. Everyone needs to grow some balls and man up lol no more immature sh*t :D