[ROM][ICS 4.0.4][19/09][XWLPT] SensatioN ROM 4.1 - Just got Updated!!!


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Sep 20, 2010

SensatioN 4 has come, after a long period of waiting, but I hope the result will satisfy the most of you. The user-experience offered by SensatioN ROM is unique, because even though it's based on a Samsung Firmware, it benefits of an unique interface. SensatioN bring also new functions in the addition of standard one, but without overloading the phone: it's balanced.

  • Siyah Kernel 4.1.5 (you can change it to whatever you want)
  • Based on XWLPT
  • SensatioN 4 themed apps:
  1. Dialer
  2. Phone
  3. MusicPlayer
  4. Memo
  5. SystemUI
  6. Framework-res
  7. twframework-res
  8. Samsung Keyboard
  9. MMS(work in progress)
  10. Video Player (work in progress)
  • 14 Toggles (thanks to lidroid framework)
  • 4 way reboot(thanks to kahvitara)
  • 14 new application icons
  • Root
  • Deodexed
  • Modded Samsung Keyboard (comma on first page)
  • Transparent Status Bar
  • Call Recording
  • TouchWiz UX (thanks to Smando)
  • Google Gallery
  • Added Google Now (thanks to cajunflavoredbob [MOD][ICS] The Google Now for ICS Project [ARMv6 & v7]
  • Removed SMS from logs
  • No Increasing Ringtone
  • Added ICS Keyboard
  • Kahvitara Mods:
  1. Torch on lockscreen
  2. Volume skip track
  3. ICS Lockscreen optional

Additional Apps:
  • -QuickPanel Settings
  • -SolidExplorer (a wonderful file explorer - Thank to Hannibal226 for suggestion)
  • -WhatsApp

  1. Torch on lockscreen
  2. Volume skip track
  3. ICS Lockscreen optional

Many thanks to:
  • wanam
  • lidroid
  • kahvitahra
  • Hannibal226
  • Smando
  • danieldmm
  • cajunflavoredbob
  • jobnik

SensatioN 4 DONATORS:

  • Steve Kim
  • Roman Vender
  • Georgi Radichev

SensatioN ROM 4.1
SensatioN_ROM_4.1_i9100_by_CRYSIS21.zip - 340.80 MB

SensatioN ROM 4

noskojv said:
Without increasing call.
Without delay after the call.
No sms in the call log.
Disabled denoising.
Replacing the gallery (no naplyvaniya folder names at each other.)
A host of advertising.
http://download75.files.mail.ru/0LZTVJ/d2b6dc3527341b401b3e08f640bdf9f6/SensatioN 4 .zip
Blue Dialer by churapa - http://forum.xda-developers.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=1329387&d=1347745527
SensatioN 3 battery by Leenks - http://forum.xda-developers.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=1329024&d=1347734942
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Sep 20, 2010
SensatioN ROM 1.9

Welcome to SensatioN ROM by Crysis21 – a ROM from another GALAXY


• I am working on my free time on SensatioN 3 theme, that will come with my 2'nd version of the ROM. I have in plan to bring a fresh air over the old SensatiN 2, but also I will maintain this theme for another couple of months.

• I also have in plan to release it for Christmas, so everybody can enjoy a brand new UI for Christmas :). At the proper time (with 1-2 weeks) I will need some testers because I want to release a well-tested project, because between Christmas and New Year's eve I don't think I will be available for support on XDA.

• I have restructured the SensatioN ROM Topic for easier acces.

In SensatioN ROM you will find a very stable and battery friendly ROM, but with awesome User Interface, featuring SensatioN 2.0 theme, developed specially for this ROM.

Because I wanted to solve once and for all the compatibility problems with different ROMs I decided to bring to life a new ROM along with SensatioN 2, so nobody will have problems applying using the theme.

The development has started on 1’st July and since then I made great efforts to bring SensatioN 2, SensatioN ROM for both Galaxy S and Galaxy S 2. I looked back for all the bugs remained unsolved in SensatioN theme and I tried to find a fix for each of them and mainly I succeeded doing that.
Designing the new theme was a challenge for me, as I had to take care of all the promises I made to the users regarding the visual parts they hated on SensatioN 1 and also I had to take care of my personal taste, as I hate to create something that I don’t like

• Current ROM Features
• Change Log
• Image Gallery
• Goodies
• Install Guide

Download Links


Special thanks to:
brightidea for the browser fix

Special thank to JKAY for letting me to use his 3 LS mod and Advanced Power menu. DONATE TO SUPPORT JKAY!!!
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Apr 25, 2010
yes, is true, but believe me that it's hard to make a theme work on tens of ROMs. And there are many ROMs out there with their own theme :)

seems to me like people around here hate competition... as the rom received a 1 star rating LOL. don;t think he even had time to download....:s
lol I was wondering what that was about :rolleyes:. haters gona hate


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Sep 20, 2010
Change log

Change LOG

12.11.2011 - Sensation 1.9

-Updated to KJ2 base
-New KI4 modem
-Speedmod s2-t15 kernel
-Browser with removed overglow on pages
-Gallery with no overglow also
-RTL Patched
-NO WIPE as 1.7 and 1.8
-Maxthon Browser Updated to 2.3.3
-Market updated to latest version
... in other words take it for a spin and you will see it at work :)

I have also updated the signature to 1.9 :)


24.10.2011 - SensatioN ROM Version 1.8 is out :)

OK guys, before I start to tell you all the improvements that have been made since 1.7 version, i would like to announce a beautiful partnership with MAXTHON Browser. For those of you who don't know already, MAXTHON BROWSER is one of the most advanced browsers for Android Mobile Phones, with a young and devoted team behind, working to bring a better web experience on mobile handsets.

I am glad to work with Maxthon Team and the more important thing is that if you find any bug in their browser, you just tell me and I will be talking to team so they can fix it ASAP, so we will have the best technical support.

Some of the main features of Maxthon are:
-Sync to the Cloud - Your bookmarks/favorites travel with you from desktop to mobile.
-Theme/Skin - Ever-growing collection of skins that can customize your browser the way you like it
-WWW/WAP switch - Switch between www and WAP versions of the web at your fingertip
-RSS reader widget - Find, manage and read your favorite content quickly and easily
-Speed Dial - Quick access of the best sites on the web.
-Download Manager - Makes it easy to sort, schedule and grab the downloads you need: wherever, whenever.
-Super Gesture - Use touch screen commands to surf with your fingertips.
-Tab browsing - Powerful tab management that puts your mobile screen to maximum use.
-Amazing speed - Get websites super fast.
-Powerful personalization - Avatars and more.
-Browse the web with a completely new experience!

CHANGELOG: 24.10.2011

-Added Maxthon Browser version 2.3.2
-changed overscroll glow to blue
-added fixed widgets
-added the latest TW 4.5 Launcher. this has new options (centered app drawer icon, 5 icons in dock. explore the app to see all options and please donate to fr4gg0r for his wonderful work)
-charger and volume sounds
-changed to speedmod kernel latest version
-improved camera version
-MusicPlayer from IceCream Sandwich included
-maybe something else that I forgot

-Updated to 2.3.5 FIRMWARE KI3
-Changed to Siyah kernel
-Added Latest JKAY mod v11
-Added Maxthon Browser
-Added EDT Tweaks
-Added CWM Application
-Added XDA App
-Added Tiny FlashLight
-No sms on call logs
-Arabic Patched
-Made No wipe as default, with new script.

-fixed phone rotation
-browser with user agent setting thanks to intronauta
-Jkay 9.1
-fixed wrong text
-new camera with no sounds thnks to potatoman
-removed chargin sound
-volume sound back
-the new battery
-new statusbar background
-removed zeam launcher
-TW 4.5 as default
-fixed widgets and missing apps
-MMs without conversion to Multimedia Message thank to muveszur
-Added CWM manager
-remove sound from discharge notification
-fixed the bluettoth icon confusion
-added gingerbread keyboard
-old market


-No Wipe fixed properly (checked personally and 2 testers)
-Added missing apps (DLNA and stuff)
-Proper RTL support
-Patched android.policy.jar for faster wake up
-Fixed Google Maps
-Fixed Swype
-Fixed the graphics for pop-up boxes (like the recent apps header)
-Old Touch Wiz Launcher, themed
-Added Zeam Launcher as an alternative


-Based on XXKH3
-ninphetamine 2.05 kernel
-Added back original Tw4 sorted alphabetically to fix widget problems
-Added new icon pack
-Updated youtube app
-small framework images fixes
-new Phone.apk with call recording + themed landscape
-Added JKAY's MOD
-3 LockScreens

-Customisable extended power menu

-Fixed browser
-Fixed dialer letters (no more shadow)
-Fixed Dialer small font problem
-Changed kernel to ninphetamine 2.05
-Fixed FC on phone.apk when open conference call
-Arabic support integrated in the fixed framework.jar
-Added TW4.5 Launcher by Fr4gg0r
-Removed BuddiesNow as it FC's with TW4.5
-NO-WIPE version with Criskelo's scripts
-Small update pack for 1.2 to 1.3

-Integrated Ninphetamine kernel 2.04 (BLN READY)
-Integrated BLN app by neldar
-Wipe/No wipe versions with fixed scripts
-Integrated RTL support provided by Death_Keeper


-Based on KG6 (kg6 modem)
-all samsung apps back
-added Maps 5.8 with online navigation
-Talk 2 with video
-maybe something else but I don;t remember.

-Initial release
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Sep 20, 2007
Forgive my noob question but will this install kernels, modems and everything? If not can you let me know which ones are compatible as I'm still using a fairly out of date custom ROM. Thanks.


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Sep 20, 2010
SensatioN ROM 2

Welcome to SensatioN ROM 2 themed with SensatioN Theme 3.​

Dear XDA users,

I have the the pleasure to announce my 3'rd generation of SensatioN Theme and I want to tell that in this december I am making one year since I started theming on Android. From my first theme, Crysis RevolutioN, when I had no idea about theming and how flexible the Android Interface can be, I ended up making another 3 themes (the SensatioN series).

I want to apologize once again for some of the bugs you may find in this theme. I wanted to make it as good as I can but bugs may appear all the time. If you find them, please contact me at: [email protected]. I can't promise any ETA for a fix, but I can assure you that I will have it in my mind and when I have free time I will take care of it.

Also, I want to thank to everyone who has helped me when I asked your help for buying a laptop. I bought it for this Christmas and I am very happy. I hope that with SensatioN 3 I won't disappoint anyone who had supported and continues to support me. Thank you once again!

SensatioN ROM Features:

-Based on Samsung Firmware XWKK5 Android 2.3.6
-KI4 modem
-Siyah kernel 2.5.2
-JKAY mod 13.2.2
-Fancy animation for screen rotation
-Maxthon Browser 2.3.9
-TwLauncher 4.5 by Fr4gg0r
-Deluxe Settings app by JKAY
-RTL patch
-Modded keyboard (slightly changed UI and comma instead of settings button)
-Internet browser with no overscroll glow and User Agent Settings.
-Gallery with no overscroll glow in images
-and of course the classic craps that I don't think they worth mentioned but maybe someone will ask about thme(deodexed, rooted, zipaligned, bla bla bla)

When it comes to the new SensatioN 3 interface you will find:

-New MMS application UI
-New Logs layout
-New Phone.apk application fixed for video calling also and letters in in-call dialpad
-New Memo interface
-New Music Player interface
-New DropDown menu with 14 toggles controlled by JKAY app.
-redesigned tabs in applications
-redesigned framework elements: new volume pop-up layout - more compact and thinner volume bar, new pop-up panels, new advanced power menu icons, check boxes, radio buttons
-redesigned status bar icons (signal, wi-fi and almost all notification icons)
-ICS keyboard animation

So, because It's Christmas, I decided to make you a small surprise.I have made a quick Christmas Edition of SensatioN 3:

-animation in dropdown menu with snow flakes, snowed elements. Now the main disadvantage of this animation is that it lags the dropdown menu due the animation. I have also provided a small pack, containing the static dropdown menu if you like the way it looks but the lag is too bad for you to support. So, if you want to keep the Christmas look but with smooth Dropdown menu, download the SensatioN_3_Static_Christmas_Dropdown and flash it over :)
-new frozen icons for more applications

If I have time these weeks I will try to update my SensatioN 2 theme to be compatible with this ROM and also it will support the JKAY 13.2.2 mod (14 toggles).

With this being said, I hope yo like my latest release for Samsung Galaxy S 2 phones. If you want to support me and my crazy ideas consider donating for a cup of coffee :) in my sleepless nights.

Image Gallery

Dropdown Menu:


Dialer and Logs:



Music Player:


Christmas Pack:

Download Link

SensatioN 2.0 ROM:






Special thanks to:
brightidea for the browser fix
petsasj - for modded keyboard

If I forgot to mention anyone here, please feel free and PM me

Special thank to JKAY for letting me to use his 3 LS mod and Advanced Power menu. DONATE TO SUPPORT JKAY!!!

Special thank to my testers::
-Samitinjaya M
-Benedikt H
-Revaz A
-Simon D
-Ali M.
-Kevlar Source
-Kishore K
-Igor L
-Ashraf A
-Brian E
-Yogem M

and many thank to my special friend Mohhamad Ali, that will help me to improove this ROM in a future update at Sound Chapter.

Best regards,
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