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I have a problem: on first boot it says Encryption error (in spanish). It tells me to perform a factory reset, and to try encryption again.

How are You flashing, clean or dirty? And what was Your previous rom? Also, do You use device encryption? If You do then You have to turn off encryption before You flash the rom. I also suggest, to avoid any problems, please perform a full wipe before flashing the rom (You don't have to wipe the internal memory).


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Jul 15, 2012
Samsung Galaxy S5
How are You flashing, clean or dirty? And what was Your previous rom? Also, do You use device encryption? If You do then You have to turn off encryption before You flash the rom. I also suggest, to avoid any problems, please perform a full wipe before flashing the rom (You don't have to wipe the internal memory).

Clean, even wiped internal storage, so no previous rom. I don't know if i'm using encryption or not :/
My last rom was cyanogen 9 or 10, can't remember xD.
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Jul 15, 2012
Samsung Galaxy S5
That's because You don't have the correct mount points. I hope downgrading android will fix that.

Soo i found a brazilian 3.2 image and flashed
On first reboot he was trying to install apps, but i saw logs saying it was unable to mount /data. But it booted. And now... it's asking me for a password?!

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Phew, I entered stock android recovery, performed a factory reset, and it's working now..


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Jul 15, 2012
Samsung Galaxy S5
Stock ics finally worked! Now flashing your rom
Good to see someone is still alive here :p

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May I ask you which kernel and which modem do you recommend? I see XXLQ8 is "Battery eater": should I avoid it?
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Well, I don't even have that tab - I use Ipad Air, but I feel some responsibility for this rom ;)

There was some kind of problem with the cpu governor on the XXLQ8, thus the warning about battery eating. Yoda's kernel author is my friend and I should suggest his creation BUT I'd rather use the A1 kernel as it's more up-to-date.
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Jul 15, 2012
Samsung Galaxy S5
Rom is working good so far, but my sim is not recognised!

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Updated A1 Kernel, switched modem to XXKK2, and now it's working! :)
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Aug 28, 2007
hello, nice rom, thank you.

any clue please how to "accces " kernel settings ? I cannot find anything related..

Thank you,

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    Back in the days. JellyBeanRom was a rom intended for OG Galaxy S. It wasn't very popular, and I've given up cooking, and changed my device. Now JellyBeanRom is back with the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and latest Ice Cream Sandwich build. For now, only basic modifications were done but still it's quite a good start. Hope you'll like the rom and have fun with it, as much as I had "fun" developing it. I'd like to thank here Task650 and Jamison904 for their latest, inspiring work for the P7510. Moving on...


    -base rom P7500XXLQ8 or P7500XWLP5 or P7510UELPL Android 4.0.4
    -rooted with latest SuperSU and su binary
    -battery percent or stock battery
    -light apps or dark apps (settings, calendar, messages, my files, alarm clock, contacts)
    -Face Unlock (addon)
    -init.d support
    -advanced reboot menu
    -Samsung Apps updated to 3.20.013
    -Google Play updated to 3.8.17 with no restrictions
    -Gmail updated to 4.3.1
    -build.prop tweaks
    -some unused stuff removed (also stuff that can be installed through Google Play)
    -Go Launcher HD or TouchWiz UX
    -patched hosts
    -added Flash Player
    -70 flipfonts to choose from ;) (Settings>Display>Font style)
    -removed apps installing on first boot
    -disabled boot sounds
    -Android Jelly Bean animations
    -added Yoda's Kernel, A1 Kernel or Stock Kernel



    GT-P7500 XXLQ8

    GT-P7500 XWLP5

    GT-P7510 UELPL

    Removed apk's - it's not a CWM package! (Google Maps, Google Plus, Pulse, Widget Stock Clock, AP Mobile, Music Hub, Ebook & all the test apk's, etc.)



    White apps CWM package

    Facelock CWM package

    JellyBeanRomICS debloater script CWM package


    v1, v2 - initial bugged versions
    v3 - finally quite bugfree
    - got rid of preloaded apps installing
    - removed some bloat
    v4 - added some tweaks
    - ported Face Unlock from P6800 - yeah, Samsung forgot about it in this stock rom ;)
    - added battery percent
    - changed some apps from light color to dark color (settings, messages, my files, alarm clock, contacts)
    v5 - added version for GT-P7510
    - advanced reboot menu
    - updated apps (Gmail, Market, Samsung Apps)
    - managed init.d scripts
    - added animations from JB
    - added Go Launcher HD
    - disabled boot sound
    - browser has selectable user agent
    v5.1 - GT-P7510 version rebased to UELPL
    - previous versions bugs fixed
    - added A1 kernel
    - SuperUser replaced with SuperSU
    - added package with light apps
    v6 - added XWLP5 version for good
     - Facelock as an addon
     - kernel updated to 2.2
     - lowered battery drain? (scripts)
     - added XWLP5 Lite (special version)
     - updated: Gmail, Maps, Go Launcher HD, SuperSU, Google Play
     - changed some app icons on better ones from osama_talha (hope you don't mind ;) )
    v7 - kernel changed to Yoda's
    - custom bootanimation
    - updated apps
    - flashing script cleaned up
    - small take on multicsc on P7500
    - minimized battery drain?
    v8 - added Aroma
    - kernel choice
    - modem choice
    - updated apps
    - reworked from scratch (again!)
    - Final candidate;)


    1. If you're on stock Honeycomb 3.2, please download stock ICS rom from samfirmware and flash it. Then flash custom recovery (f.e. TWRP), and then make a full wipe (system, cache, data, dalvik cache) and flash JellyBeanRom.

    2. If you're on stock Ice Cream Sandwich, please reboot to recovery (if you don't have one, please flash it), wipe system, cache and dalvik cache, and flash JellyBeanRom.

    3. If you're on CyanogenMod 9 or 10, please reboot to recovery, make a full wipe (system, cache, data, dalvik cache) and flash JellyBeanRom.

    If you want to use some of the removed apps, you have to add the desired apk's inside the rom zip, to system/app folder. Before flashing of course. Easy, right?

    For anyone that has the wifi not working issue after flashing the v7, please reflash kernel of choice (Yoda's or A1). That's the solution till I will find another one.


    It can be used on any JBR version, and it can be easily configurable!

    What it does? It removes all the stuff that I had removed in the lite version. For now it deletes:


    How to configure the script?

    Download CWM with the script, open it and copy META-INF/com/google/android/updater-script to some visible place. Then open it with notepad (I recommend Notepad++).
    That line represents one file that is removed (in this case it is Swype.apk):


    If you want to add a file to delete, you need to know its path and full name. It can be any file, in any folder inside the file system. You can also remove any of that lines from the script if you want a file left untouched.
    When you finish editing the updater-script, save it as it is without any extension, in most cases you'll just need to push Save button. Then copy the file inside the debloaters zip, copy inside your device and flash through recovery.
    I did this to save yours and my time. I won't waste a lot of time for uploading lite roms, and you won't have to wait for me to do it. I think it is a good solution


    -Samsung for the device and finally giving ICS update
    -dsixda for his kitchen
    -raziel23x for APK Multitool
    -AAccount for his kernel, and permission to use it
    -Ryrzy for his kernel, and permission to use it
    -may & Wall-E for extensive testing
    -XTeK for HUGE help with the rom!!
    -rest of the gang at my forum

    Donations are very welcome but not necessary (I'm raising money for a new device ;) )- button on the left (profile) or in the signature.
    You can help me also by buying premium access on Hotfile to download my files. Thanks.


    Thank you very much!

    -Carlo A. (xboy80)
    -anyone who bought premium on hotfile to download my files ;)

    Disclaimer!! I'm not responsible for any damages you do to your device by using my rom in a wrong way!!! And remember, if you don't understand any of the words here, then don't even think about flashing!
    It's because of the settings.apk. Here are the original ones with working wifi direct (copy to system/app, overwrite and set permissions to rw-r-r-, then perfomr a soft reboot):


    For the update, I'm at that very important moment of my life, searching for a job to make a living and finishing my studies (as I said earlier, fourth year fo masters degree), also I want to become more independet. Thus I have a little time to work on the rom, and also there's nothing much to change. I feel like the interest in stock modified roms is going down as more people prefer CM 10.1 etc. Anyways, please don't consider it a dead project. Right now it's more "asleep" but I will most likely return to it.
    I got some little time during holidays (Easter eh) and I did something ;) But I'm too tired at the moment to share it so you'll have to wait till tomorrow. All I can say is it is a final one (I hope).
    New version in the first post. Should be error-free and fast. Just remember to make a full wipe before flashing.

    If you want some apps, that were installing during boot of stock rom (like Kobo, Zinio, Readers Hub, etc.) You can still install them. Use a file manager with root access and go to /preload, there are all of them. Also, if you want to use Swype, you HAVE to install it from there because it seems to misbehave when it's installed with the rom.
    Alright, I decided to give a sneak peak at the features so I updated the thread, as the rom is uploading while I'm writing this. The uplading will take time till tomorrow because my uplink connection is weak.

    No revolution, but I did reworked the rom from scratch adding Aroma script so you can now be your own God while flashing. There's plenty to choose from. You can choose either Yoda's Kernel, A1 Kernel or Stock (please note that if you choose A1 or Stock there will be no custom bootanimation). Same with the radio - XXKL4, XXLQ8 & XXLQ3 (for calls), You can also choose stock battery or well-known white percentage battery, along with some apps - basically all apps that were by default removed by the debloater script, and also you can choose launcher: either TouchWiz UX or Go Launcher HD.

    I consider this quite a complete product now. You can call it a Final Candidate which it can turn out to be if there aren't any serious bugs.