[ROM][ICS] Team Eos ICS 2.0.0 [Updated 2012/4/27]

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Apr 30, 2009
does this recognize my 1TB external hard drive? because cm9 doesn't.... which roms do fine with external hard drives?


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Nov 7, 2010

Been running this for the last couple of days and love it..really snappy and responsive. Great work guys!!

One small issue is how do I get NTFS support? I have a 32GB Micro SD card that was formatted to NTFS and so the ROM does not seem to pick it up. :(

Cedar Mill

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Nov 16, 2022
Motorola Xoom
goo.im is down. Anyone still have this ROM so I could flash this? I got this device in order to take a look at the tablet version of Ice Cream Sandwich.

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    Motorola Xoom | Asus Transformer | Asus Transformer Prime

    Welcome to EOS.

    With the AOSP release of Android 4.0 begins the next dawn of the Android operating system.

    It is the goal of Team EOS to develop and maintain the highest performing and most stable AOSP based rom for an array of platforms.

    For the latest news on Team EOS releases make sure you follow @teameos on twitter.

    EOS is an AOSP based rom. It is developed and maintained by Team EOS and is the culmination of our own in house development efforts.

    Installation notes
    1. Download the correct rom for your device.
    2. Download the google applications package
    3. Place these two files on your sdcard, or somewhere where your chosen recovery image can access them
    4. If you're not flashing from an EOS nightly build, you will need to perform a factory rest within recovery (wiping /data and /cache)
    5. Install the rom by selecting the zip file through the menus.
    6. Install the google applications package IMMEDIATELY after.
    7. Reboot your device and have fun with ICS

    • AOSP 4.0.4 based rom
    • Busybox
    • Enable / Disable stock ICS status bar settings
    • Enable / Disable EOS ics status bar settings
    • Enable / Disable Battery percentage text in the status bar
    • Enable / Disable battery icon in the status bar
    • Enable / Disable rotation on the lockscreen
    • User friendly overclocking settings that will detect if the tablet has restarted too often, and disables the overclocking
    • Enable / Disable the automatic brightness to decrease the brightness level
    • Enable / Disable the charging light
    • Define Rotation angles (Full, 90 Deg, 180 Deg, 270 Deg)
    • Face unlock
    • Face unlock retry button on the lockscreen.
    • Last accessed time and date in Browser history
    • Wifi Direct
    • Ability to hide the status bar
    • Show development settings in the browser by default
    • Ability to show and hide the clock in the status bar
    • Lockscreen actions
    • Statusbar clock can have its colour changed
    • Statusbar can have its colour changed


    Downloads (also available in Goo Manager)

    Google Applications (Required for all devices)

    Asus Transformer (TF201)

    Source code

    Old releases

    installed this and it seems to run fine, but as a danish user it seems to need the asus keyboard program for the dock keyboard to work with danish characters, but that dont seems to be included here

    thanks for your great work :)

    everything works great except default keyboard setting. although i set it as Turkish, still doesn't work...beside this sooo cool for first trying

    Have you tried changing the keyboard layout in Settings - System - Device Settings?

    It needs a reboot to change the layout at present but that will be addressed in a future version.
    thanks for your great work :)

    everything works great except default keyboard setting. although i set it as Turkish, still doesn't work...beside this sooo cool for first trying
    No wifi issues here. I have more bars than other roms.

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    I unlocked my TF201 using Asus tool. Then I installed CWM (multiple versions) but it won’t let me read from sd card. (micro sd). My TF201 is encrypted. But don’t know how to unencrypt it. Any one knows a solution?
    I probably need to install a rom using fastboot. But don’t know how or what rom. Well any will do as long as my device is then unencrypted. So I can use CWM and install the rom I want.

    How many times will it need to be repeated: RECOVERIES DON'T HANDLE EXTERNAL SDCARD YET.

    So if your internal sdcard is encrypted you can't flash with cwm or twrp

    What does that mean: I don't know how to unencrypt it? How was it encrypted?

    Have you tried to adb push the zip file on internal sdcard directly when cwm is launched? As cwm doesn't use Android kernel and OS it could bypass encryption.

    Before that backup the content of internal sdcard.

    To install new ROM wipe everything, format /system.

    Edit: you should look at WSG unbricker tool thread if you can't do anything else, it can flash through fastboot wsg ROM, hoping that it will get you rid of encryption.