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Do you want to see Xperia Ultimate JB by me?

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  • Yes, sure and continue JB Ultimate HD (only)

    Votes: 268 33.1%
  • No, Continue with ICS Ultimate HD (only)

    Votes: 47 5.8%
  • No, I have a locked Bootloader - No JB for me :/

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Dec 10, 2013
I reinstalled Ultimate HD for my Pro MK16i but got a problem: when I want to disable software buttons (display -> software buttons), the settings app will crash everytime. How can I disable the software buttons?


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Dec 10, 2013
well to whoever reads this, i dont really recommend this ROM above stock ICS. I've tried other 2 ROMS which are supposed to work with stock kernel and just get stuck at Sony logo.

But this one does work, whoever at first it works fine but later it just starts to get considerablt sloppy and laggy. Keep using stock ICS if you want a nice user experience and arewillin to sacrifice a custom rom the benefits. Maybe its just me and that i installed the balanced setting instead of performance. Will try that one and comeback later.
Edit. Late edit, but performance setting didnt improve much the user experience, i ended up with stock ICS working much better.

Edit2. Ok so performance issues have all to do with play services. Thing is, without them you cant really use the Phone too much, but imo completely Worth it since its much more smoother.
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link broken

XPERIA Ultimate HD 5.0.1

will be add later

- Opyimized all apps for better performance and Reduced system size about 50MB ,That took about 20 days of my time
- fixed dialpad problem
- fixed bluetooth problem
- Changed somethings in Settings
- New Themes (i optimize it and make it lighter and beautiful)
- Removed Google SetupWizard
- Replaced Xperia SetupWizard because it is lighter and Beautiful
- Faster Xperia Keyboard (optimized)
- New Honami Clock and Calculator
- So Smooth Xperia Launcher (i Optimized it)
- so Fast and Lite lockscreens (i optimize them )
- Added Best NXT Phonebook and Dialler
- Added Terminal Emulator
- Replaced Album with QuickPic , it is so better and lighter than Album
- Fixed Framework problems and make it lighter
- Facebook Integeration
- Changed app installer ,so you can install directly to sd card
- Updated Adreno drivers
- And Many more...

XPERIA_Ultimate_HD™_V5.0.1_Final.zip - 266.88 MB

1_if you want change lockscreen wallpaper : just copy your pictures in \system\etc\customization\content\com\sonyericsson\wallpaperpicker\wallpapers\
the pictures should have a thumbnail , look this : if your picture name is *****.jpg so thumbnail should be *****__small.png
convert png images to jpg , this make your lockscreen faster

Please perss thanks if you like my hard work , this is the only one way that you can help me , because i live in iran and can't recive your donation
Also you can donate for Jader13254 if you like it, also He really spend many hours to do this update


Apr 10, 2013
Hi I want to resuscitate an old arc s that cannot boot but can enter into the bootloader mode. Can someone please send me a twrp image that I can flash by fastboot? Many thanks in advance!


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Hi I want to resuscitate an old arc s that cannot boot but can enter into the bootloader mode. Can someone please send me a twrp image that I can flash by fastboot? Many thanks in advance!
Use this one (twpr) - View or download the folder 'LineageOS-11.0' https://disk.yandex.ru/d/lpKQ9AKk3eGGpA?w=1

Or cwm from any CM Rom.

Why you don't flash your phone with Flashtool to stock Rom and then any other custom Rom?

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    Working Download Links: I uploaded the file to xda: https://forum.xda-developers.com/devdb/project/dl/?id=26800 OR https://yadi.sk/d/A-x5xEwq3GsjWj - PM me if its offline.

    Beginners: Detailed Installation Guide - Please read the FAQ before asking anything - All important questions are answered there!

    We are proudly presenting you the smartest and most popular ROM ever for Sony Xperia Arc & Xperia arc S & Sony Xperia Pro
    Over 5 Mio Clicks and 750000 Downloads - Thanks everybody!


    Xperia Ultimate HD









    Big Thanks to otaupdatecenter.pro, goo.im and d-h.st for hosting my Over-The-Air updates.


    [FONT=""Verdana"]I spent many weeks into making this ROM. If you enjoyed my Work, feel free to give me something in return.
    I don't expect anything, but all donations are welcome and motivating for me to put even more effort into making this ROM.

    >> Beautiful User Interface | Blazing Fast | Great Battery Life | Super Stable | Great Support & Very Popular <<

    User Experience with Xperia Ultimate HD™


    "It's simply a brilliant ROM. Another masterpiece. Flashed 3.0 early in the morning. I came from another really good ROM but you topped it nevertheless. Don't know, how you do this. But that's not important as long as I can participate.",

    "This ROM is just supernova and blazing fast, just 10.000 galaxys better than other ROMs, and I tried every ROM, keep it up bro with this amazing ROM :D"
    Pandemic Recognized Contributor

    "One word to describe this Rom = Legennnndary!!"

    "Came back to ICS after switching between JB and GB for months. I must say that this rom is a beast in terms of performance. Ultimate HD 2.0.3 was good but 3.0.2 is simply amazing. I've been on this rom for 4 days now and there's still no decrease in performance. I dun know about others but i usually get 185+ free ram which is not bad for multitasking and gaming at all. And yeah HD games like RR3, NFS MW, Amazing Spidey, Sims Freeplay works amazingly well.
    Can't expect more from a device with 2 years old Hardware.
    Thanks for this Amazing Rom."

    "Thats the only ICS Rom where gaming is awesome
    Greater than GB Jader
    your work is not good....your work is more than awesome

    Looking forward to your next version "

    "Almost a week on this Rom and unbelieveibly my phone hasn't slowed down or lagged or done anything stupid. The best Rom broo respect and thumbs up :good:"

    "Simply the best rom for neo v. I've used xperia ice bean, ice cream pureness, cm9... all good, but no match for this rom. It runs like a dream. I don't have any lag while playing HD-Games (nova 3, nfs mw, batman etc..)"
    Facebook Comments

    "This ROM is just the best thing that happened to my phone. Lightning fast!!!
    Thanks Jader!"

    "Really great rom with amazing performance! The fastest one I ever used I use this rom in game mode and the multitasking is even better than the multitasking in other roms. It is as fast as a gingerbread!! :good: "


    Chuck Norris

    "I used CyanogenMod 10 for months, and I can confirm that this ICS ROM is much smoother.
    Compare this to Jelly Sandwich with the fake Android 4.2 logo."
    sdk16420 Recognized Contributor

    "It is the best ROM for arc. My arc is reborn. Wow"
    Paoul conetta

    "The speed is amazing, the ROM is fantastic, the best ever....
    I love this upgrade, thanks Jader"

    "This is BY FAR the best Neo V ROM every in XDA. Thanks to Jader ... you are a son of a gun... "

    "Pretty nice ROM, enjoying it."
    dinesh690 Recognized Contributor

    "EXCELLENT Rom. So Awesome! Simply THE BEST..."

    "Very good job jader....this v2 is the best rom ever...."

    "Jader, this is gold."

    "This has been a excellent experience. I'm loving using this rom. Fast. Slick. Precise."

    "Best ROM ever!"

    "This Rom is just amazing. Incredibly fast, smooth, well balanced and sleek UI. Very good work!"

    "My Arc S just took off my hands! It flies for real, Brilliant job and many thanks to Jader :D"

    "This ROM is so Amazing, its my favorite one of all times :good: "


    Xperia Ultimate HD is and will always be a free custom ROM, which greatly extends the capabilities of your phone. Ultimate HD gives you higher performance, a blazing fast user interface and a great battery life. And you can't just enjoy gaming, browsing and chatting more - with the latest aftermarket fixes your phone is more save, and your protected better than with any other ROM. It features a brand new redesigned UI, many new themes and features, and thousands of internal improvements for a more convenient and intuitive control. Do what you want - faster and easier, and better looking. Its constantly beeing improved, and the dev team is listening to requests by YOU. Try it now - you won't regret it.

    Benchmark, Battery Life and RAM

    Battery Life and Performance? Impossible? Not anymore! Here are some nice screenshots ;) :good:


    Gaming Performance and User Interface



    - Based on ICS
    - Slim & Lightweight
    - AROMA Installer for convenient installation
    - Supporting many devices: Xperia arc, Xperia arc S, Xperia Pro, Xperia Neo, Xperia Neo V, Xperia Ray, Xperia Mini*, Xperia Mini Pro*, Xperia LWW*
    - Redesigned framework with transparent elements and 7 unique and beautiful themes
    - Support application for beginners
    - Reboot menu
    - Disabled data-traffic message
    - Onscreenbuttons (can be disabled with 1 click)
    - Advanced install manager
    - New Walkman, Movies and Album application
    - Cybershot camera for better pictures than ever - with superior auto
    - New Lockscreens available to choose in Aroma Installer
    - New Clock Application and Widget
    - Faster and easier wheaterwidget
    - New Launchers (XZ/XT)
    - New calculator application
    - New Calculator and Email app
    - Redesigned widgets
    - New easteregg
    - Patched core.jar for more security
    - Notification LED working (***)
    - 2G/3G Reboot bugfix (***)
    - Ultimate HD advanced section
    - Supersmooth UI and blazing fast gaming
    - Busyboxed and prerooted
    - Full INIT.D** & CWM support
    - Many updated apps
    - All apps are zipaliged and optimized
    - Updated GPU and hardware driver
    - Project Butter
    - VM & RAM Tweaks
    - UI Tweaks
    - Updated Icons and UI
    - New "Notes" Application and new keyboard for easy writing
    - Tweaked Camera and updated libs
    - Xperia Z Statusbardesign
    - Support for Multi-Languages
    *MDPI Devices, port available by stanlin salu and sandy7
    ** may be kernel related
    *** sony bugs, fixed in this rom

    Xperia Ultimate HD Advanced Settings:

    - CPU Control
    - Statusbar Settings
    - Navigation Softkeys
    - Greenify

    AROMA Installer:

    - First Install/Upgrade
    - Launcher
    - Device
    - Bootanimation
    - Lockscreen
    - ROM Engine
    - Unlocked/Locked Bootloader

    Apps and Mods:
    - Button Backlight
    - Sony Car
    - ANT+
    - Gmail
    - XDA
    - File Explorer
    - Walkman









    XDA:DevDB Information
    Xperia Ultimate HD for Xperia arc, ROM for the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc

    jader13254, EAGLEBOOY
    ROM OS Version: 4.0.x Ice Cream Sandwich
    ROM Kernel: Linux 2.6.x
    ROM Firmware Required: ICS Kernel

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 5.0.1
    Stable Release Date: 2013-10-06

    Created 2013-10-06
    Last Updated 2017-09-27
    Changelog etc

    • All XDA-Rules are also valid here
    • Don't ask for Estimated Time Arrival (= ETA), Don't ask for Updates.
    • Use SEARCH before Posting
    • Don't SPAM my threads
    • Keep on Topic
    • Press Thanks if someone helped you
    • Don't mirror my work & If you are going to use anything of this ROM, firstly ask me, and give proper credit!
    • Please talk appropriate, respect other people and stay friendly.
    • Don't copy my images, I want to keep my threads unique.
    • Don't PM me Questions, use SEARCH, Q&A, or ask here
    • Don't post Warez, Cracked Apps, Ilegal Applications to avoid trouble
    If you stick to those rules, everyone can enjoy this ROM and XDA
    NOTE: I won't anwser any Questions posted in Thread, which are anwsered here.​

    Before asking anything....
    Read trough this Thread, Read this FAQ, Search this thread, Search XDA-DEVELOPERS-FORUM &
    Q 1: After flashing Xperia Ultimate HD my battery life is not good. What can I do?
    A: Please charge your battery to 100%, boot your device in ClockworkMod Recovery and go to Advanced ---> Wipe Battery Stats.
    If this didn't help, please read this ---> [How to] Brilliant Battery Life 100% working!
    Still Problems? Try to deactivate Auto-Sync, 3G Data when you don't use it, and the last thing you can do is, a kernel change // a new battery.
    Q 2: I don't like onscreenbuttons // the "home, recent apps and back" key on my screen. How to disable it? :confused:
    A: Go to Settings > Display > Softkeys, press "disable" and reboot. Now you can enjoy fullscreen
    Q 3: I'm using 2.0 on my phone, how to update to the next version?
    A: Download the latest version of xperia ultimate HD and then please boot to clockworkmod recovery and go to advanced > wipe dalvik cache and than wipe cache partition. Now select install zip > choose zip from sdcard > Xperia Ultimate HD xxx.zip. Choose "Upgrade" in AROMA, and wait for the Installation to be finished. Now untick "reboot", go to advanced > fix permissions and reboot to system. The Bootup shold take 1 Minute, +/- related to the apps you have installed.
    Q 4: My WiFi doesn't work. What can I do? :confused:
    A: Flash WiFi Modules for your Kernel. If you are on stock kernel, reflash stock WiFi Modules. If you use Lupus, reflash the kernel and make sure you have a few mb left on the /system partition. If that, doesn't work, reflash the ROM and Check MD5 Sums.
    Q 5: My Mobile Internet doesn't work. What should I do?
    Download the APNs for your service provider. (Settings > Xperia > Internet)
    Q 6: I have strange problems nobody ever had. lol. What can I do?
    A: Using the right device? :D Reflash the ROM. If that doesn't work check the MD5 sums found at the download page with your MD5. Still no sucess? Try different Kernels.. ;)
    Q 7: My favorite 3third party App doesn't work. Any Help?
    A: Send me the Name and a Logcat of the Error and contact the developer of this app.
    Q 8: I don't have much free RAM. What can I do?
    A: Remove Apps which you don't need, and which stay in RAM.. Timescape, Facebook, Whatsapp.. Than your Phone will run.. Like a BOSS. :D
    Q 9: I have a Bootloop. OMG what can I do ? Please help, I need my device in my job!
    A: Well, first you should think about what to do if you got problems BEFORE messing up your device. Understood? Good.
    If you followed the Instructions correctly you should be able to install it without any problems. If you did NOT, you may get a bootloop/problems, related to the mistake you did.
    For restoring your device from bootloop, please restore your CWM Backup, reflash the ROM, OR Reflash Software using Flashtool/Sony Update Service.
    Q 10: When You will release an Update?
    A: I won't anwser this Question. Developer Rule: Dont ask for Estimated Time Arrival (ETA) = Don't ask for Updates. Help us to work by reporting bugs and problems to get better updates. Please do NOT ask. I will announce the Update when its ready.
    Q 11: How do I make a proper bugreport?
    A: With Information about:
    • Device
    • Kernel
    • ROM Version
    • Baseband
    • Did you make a Full Wipe?
    • When the bug occured?
    Please Include also Screenshots and Logcats. It doesn't help me in ANY way, if you say: "my game fc". So don't exspect me to fix. Thanks :D
    Q 12: This ROM is very very slow and laggs what can I do?
    A: Do a Full Wipe and follow the Instrcutions related to OP. Than you can enjoy this ROM as much as we do. Also, a different Kernel, whit more up-to-date sources is recomnend.
    Q 13: I want to Overclock, but how?
    A: You need a Custom Kernel to Overclock, and for that you need to unlock your bootloader. Here: http://unlockbootloader.sonymobile.com/ you get inctructions. Than you can choose any ICS Kernel with OC Support (OC = Overclock). Use No-Frills CPU Control.
    Q 14: I love this ROM, how can I help you?
    A: There are a few ways to say thank you to devs, none of them are required but highly appreciated. You can support us by:
    • Pressing Thanks
    • Writing a Nice Comment about this ROM
    • Rating this Thread 5*
    • Advertising this ROM to your friends
    • Donationg
    Thanks for any kind of support.
    Q 15: Where is the Download Link? I can't find!
    Some Browser or Anti Virus Programms hide the download image. To check, press on "show content". You should see an Yellow Download image. If you can't see, your browser hides this picture.
    Q 16: Can I install this ROM on locked bootloader?
    Yes. You can without Problems.
    Q 17: I have a Camera FC. I can't take Pictures, what to do?
    Reflash the ROM. Some Mods related to framework can cause FC's on this ROM. Please don't blame me =) (Ex: Not proper Walkman Port ^^^)
    Q 18: I can't see OTA-Update! What to do?
    A: Clear data of "System Updates" & some Updates are "full" updates, please download the whole ROM, and select "Update" in the Installer GUI. It won't delete your data.
    1.0 (Full ROM Update ofc :p) > 2.0 (Full ROM Update due massive Changes) > OTA-Update 2.0.1 > OTA-Update 2.0.2 > 2.0.3 (Full ROM)
    Q 19: My Movies FC! :(
    Please search this Thread ^^ :D


    Version 5.0.1 - 4.1.B.0.587 based ,Slim ,Stable & Fast
    Note: Please don't just take our ROMs and leave. If you downloaded the ROM, please press "thanks" & rate 5* as it motivates. Thanks

    [FONT=""Verdana"]Changelog of Xperia Ultimate HD
    [*]more free space in system partition
    [*]lightweight walkman
    [*]lite framework for better performance
    [*]Fully themed framework to make it beautifull look like uhd5
    [*]New and Fixed Textfields
    [*]Selectable Album ,movie & Gallery in aroma
    [*]Fixed Gallery fc when opening image
    [*]Fixed PlayStore download problem
    [*]Removed QuickPic
    [*]Fixed Dock in Settings
    [*]Fixed WiFi and Bluetooth Switches
    [*]Fixed HDMI Errors
    [*]Fixed & lightweight in Browser & Calendar
    [*]Fixed com.android.acore when unistalling an app
    [*]Fixed RAM management
    [*]Fixed SoundPicker text color
    [*]Fixed ContactsImport text color
    [*]Fixed Reboot title text
    [*]Fixed Aroma save log option
    [*]and much more...[/LIST]
    [*]Opyimized all apps for better performance and Reduced system size about 50MB ,That took about 20 days of my time
    [*]fixed dialpad problem
    [*]fixed bluetooth problem
    [*]Changed somethings in Settings
    [*]New Themes (i optimize it and make it lighter and beautiful)
    [*]Removed Google SetupWizard
    [*]Replaced Xperia SetupWizard because it is lighter and Beautiful
    [*]Faster Xperia Keyboard (optimized)
    [*]New Honami Clock and Calculator
    [*]So Smooth Xperia Launcher (i Optimized it)
    [*]so Fast and Lite lockscreens (i optimize them )
    [*]Added Best NXT Phonebook and Dialler
    [*]Added Terminal Emulator
    [*]Replaced Album with QuickPic , it is so better and lighter than Album
    [*]Fixed Framework problems and make it lighter
    [*]Facebook Integeration
    [*]Changed app installer ,so you can install directly to sd card
    [*]Updated Adreno drivers
    [*]And Many more...[/LIST]
    [*]Brand new and innovative Designs available in Settings > Personalisation
    [*]New "Support" application with translation in various languages including: English, Chinese, Arabian languages, Netherlands, France
    [*]Completely redone Ultimate HD Settings
    [*]Reboot button in power menu
    [*]New framework style "modern" with transparency elements and new switches
    [*]Mix of uHD 2.0.3 and uHD 4.0, best of both worlds
    [*]Album 'n Movies
    [*]Updated Superuser
    [*]GPS-heating etc fixed
    [*]Many rethemed apps
    [*]Core.jar patched
    [*]New Easteregg
    [*]SmoothScroll+ ie. smooth scroll inside settings etc not like 4.0
    [*]New tweaks! better memory settings
    [*]New Infiniteview
    [*]Fixed Candycrush and browser closes
    [*]Thousand things I forgot[/LIST]
    [*]Fixed SystemUI
    [*]Fixed AROMA
    [*]Ultra Slim
    [*]Zipaligned and apkoptimized ALL included applications
    [*]Removed useless apps, Sony Album & Movies
    [*]New SMS Application
    [*]New Camera Application
    [*]New Dialer
    [*]New AROMA Selections (daily use/gaming, button backlight, ant+, lockscreen etc)
    [*]Fixed Webkit
    [*]Original Xperia Z Statusbar & Launcher
    [*]Removed Signsecurity
    [*]Redone Settings
    [*]Complete Xperia Z Framework
    [*]New CPU Control & OSB app
    [*]New Gallery App
    [*]Latest Adreno Drivers
    [*]New About Phone screen
    [*]New Easteregg
    [*]New Wallpaper
    [*]Updated Email App
    [*]New Statusbar Settings
    [*]New Setupwizard
    [*]New Launcher Setup
    [*]New Theme
    [*]New framework fixes
    [*]Fully fixed boot
    [*]Fixed Many Bugs
    [*]New Icons for Wallpaperpicker
    [*]New Default Launchersetup
    [*]2G/3G Toggle Fix, Xperia Z Launcher Theme FC, System UI Settings Fix..[/LIST]
    [*]Fixed Boot and Launcher[/LIST]
    [*]4.1.B.1.13 Rebase from scratch
    [*]Completely New Framework
    [*]New Tweaks
    [*]New Themes
    [*]NXT Settings
    [*]Xperia Z Theme
    [*]New Dialer
    [*]New Default Themes
    [*]Jelly Bean Multitasking
    [*]New AROMA Theme
    [*]New AROMA Options
    [*]Cyber-shot™ v.7.1.2
    [*]Many more...
    [*]Fixed Lockscreen Height & Font
    [*]New Framework & Font[/LIST]
    [*]Updated All Apps
    [*]Updated All Tweaks
    [*]Fixed Root Acess, PowerAMP, Browser Closes, Offline Charging, TTs and many more
    [*]Lightning Fast and super stable
    [*]Updated Icons
    [*]Updated Settings
    [*]Removed TB Pro
    [*]Updated AROMA
    [*]Updated UI
    [*]Added Basic Walkman[/LIST]
    [*]Faster, Smoother
    [*]Better Battery Life
    [*]Supremancy Script[/LIST]
    [*]AOSP JB/ICS SetUP Wizard
    [*]Over-The-Air Premium Update
    [*]Advanced Settings with New Options and New Icon
    [*]New Holo Themed Radio App and New Icon
    [*]Brand New AROMA
    [*]New ROM Engines
    [*]Fixed GPU & Gaming
    [*]JellyBean or Ultimate HD Theme
    [*]New Wallpapers App "Ultimate HD Wallpapers"
    [*]Speed Improvements
    [*]JB/4.1.2 Google Play
    [*]Google Calendar + White Sony Calendar 
    [*]CWM on Locked Bootloader Fixed
    [*]All 2011 Xperia Port (exept Play)
    [*]Very Light
    [*]Our Unique Easteregg & Build.Prop
    [*]New Tweaks
    [*]Xperia Tablet Album
    [*]Menu Key Tweak[/LIST]
    [*]First Release[/LIST]

    • For Unlocked Bootloaders: Flash any Kernel for stock ICS.
    • For Locked Bootloaders: Root your phone using this tutorial, than install CWM using this app
    • Place ROM on SD-Card
    • Back up user apps and data. (Various apps available, search Google Play. This is a popular one)
    • Power off phone.
    • Boot to CWM (Keep pressing the Volume Down key after the Sony logo appears)
    • Wipe Data/Factory Reset
    • Mounts and Storage --> Format /System /Data
    • Advanced > Wipe Battery Stats
    • Install zip from SD card > Choose Xperia Ultimate HD
    • Follow on screen instructions on AROMA.
    • After Complete Installation untick "reboot" and select reboot in CWM
    • Give the phone a good full charge, and enjoy your brand new phone!
    • Settings --> Ultimate HD Advanced --> System Updates
    • System Updates --> Check for Updates ---> Download
    • After the Download Finished, Boot to CWM
    • Install Zip from sdcard --> Choose Zip from sdcard ---> sdcard/OTA-Updater/HDx.x.zip
    • Reboot & Done :)
    • Download ROM and place in sd card
    • Install Zip from sdcard --> Choose Zip from sdcard ---> sdcard/xperia ultimate hd x.xx.zip
    • Advanced > Wipe Dalvik Cache
    • Wipe Cache Partition
    • After Complete Installation untick "reboot" and press reboot in CWM
    Frequently Asked Questions // FAQ // Xperia Ultimate HD


    This is pretty outdated, but here are some good mods to choose from. Almost every mod for ICS is compatible with this ROM as well, incase you are unsure, backup your system partition in cwm and restore it, incase it doesn't work.

    Septmeber 2014
    - None -

    • Tbx2012, Wahsauce, Gasparlperez, Cuese3 and Sk1lz for their awesome graphical designing work
    • Limeunlimited for his Bootanimations and his great banners
    • ThilinaC for helping me with developing and support. He is amazing, big thanks for his friendly help with porting and also his Walkman Mod
    • Iridaki for her Jelly Bean Mod
    • sandy7 for mdpi port together with stanlin salu
    • serjar for his support and the nice tabbed statusbar
    • doomed151 for using some stuff of his ROM as reference
    • 7oh for his great mods
    • Till-Kruspe for his Nice Themes
    • Rizal Lovins for Cybershot Camera mod
    • DdcCabuslay for his Theme
    • EAGLEBOY because he is awesome, for many help and files
    • arctarc for some files
    • jorobg for a lot help :D
    • Aeonworld for his awesome InfiniteView X2 Mods & more
    • Beng Ling for some themes
    • Swattw for translation in traditional chinese :)
    • Many thanks @auni for some pngs :)
    • If you think you should be here, please PM me. I'm sorry that I forgot you, but I'm trying my best to keep his List updated...