[ROM] IncDoes AOSP "Best of both worlds" [v2.3] Nov-8th

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Apr 20, 2010
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Disclaimer~ I have none, you are responsible for your own actions...

Credits: Unrevoked - Ziggy471 - koush - ejhart - cyanogen - adrynalyne - enomther - google - htc - chainsDD - ihtfp69 - wysie_soh - XDA - IncredibledCommuntiy.

*Clockwork Recovery.img
*Latest Radio.img
*wipe data/factory reset
*wipe cache before
(Always nandroid backup)

This might help you:
*Unrevoked Forever

Base Firmware:
- AOSP - 2.2.1_r2

Latest Release Version:

"This is not a sense ROM nor was it based on any sense ROM, built with the latest AOSP code"

Known issues:
- BT borked

"Wipe Required"
IncDoes AOSP v2.3:
MD5: 219ca8da321ed33476627b1d50666d38

Ziggy has AOSP kernels @ stock speeds and overclocked located

Visit my blog: http://incredibledoes.blogspot.com/

Follow me on twitter: http://www.twitter.com/IncredibleDoes


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Apr 20, 2010
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If bugs are found please report to me on my www.twitter.com/incredibledoes

Edits & Change log:

- based on latest AOSP code 2.2.1 FRG83
- ziggy471 kernel as default (1ghz default speeds)
- Network lost fixed (ril hacks)
- BT broke
- Wifi fixed
- htc music layouts fixed
- htc camera modules added
- htc camera fill 360* rotation
- HTC keyboard updated
- htc keyboard landscape fixed
- htc gallery and video viewer optimized
- flashlight now works with third party apps
- updated htc camera
- latest google apps
- latest launcher

- fixed camera
- fixed video playback
- added htc music player back on
- added htc keyboard
- added htc flashlight
- prop edits
- updated maps
- updated voice search
- updated launcher
- bugfixes

- updated to the latest AOSP code
- added all livewallpapers back on
- removed htc music player because lack of widget (ill make an add on for this later)
- added torch
- added all media files
- bug fixes
- camera optimization
- mms picture viewer fixed
- bt fixed
- tethering works
- wifi works
- added cm6 latest dsp manager
- audio fixes
- youtube fixed
- scld support
- kernel 720p modules added
- updated launcher
- music player fixes
- glallery fixes
- browser optimizations
- framework budfixes and optimizations
- genie widget fixed
- fancy animations
- in call volume is tuned and clear
- auto rotate fixed
much much more...

Best of both worlds, "AOSP makes SENSE now"... get it? ;)
- no apps to sd or ext4 needed
- this is based on the latest code
- full functional HTC-720p cam
- full functional HTC-gallery & videos
- full funtional HTC-music player (no ringtone trimmer)
- fancy new animations
- new gmail.apk 2.3
- new wallpapers
- new browser.apk
- new jit compiler
- new audio drivers for superb sound quality
- new dsp manager (full headset, speaker and Bluetooth support)
- libegl-mods
- stagefreight-mods
- ril-hacks
- added audio and video codec's added for 720p support
- kernel modules added
- updated frameworks
- updated superuser/su
- updated google apps
- updated launcher
- updated search
- updated build - FRG33
- kingklick kernel
- fixed autobrightness
- fixed screen auto rotate
- fixed proximity sensor
- fixed screen dim timeout
- screen calibrated
- removed bootanimation (theme devs can add one to a template)
- removed lockscreen music controls (for now) the music player was not supporting the functions, therefore removed.
much much more will be coming, sit tight!!

Cannot add new things without breaking some old things :( wifi broke (not connecting) and tethering is not added in kings kernel.[/QUOTE]

- reverted to koush kernel (wifi tether now works)
- apps to sd ext4
- notification sound fixed
- based on latest CM nightly with IncDoes mashup
--IncDoes v1.0
- market fixed
more I think...

- twitter post

- fixed LED's :D
- fixed usb connect not appearing at times
- added g2 wallpapers (2 of them)
- new deskclock (more alarm options + dock options)
- new bin
- new libraries

- su patch (updated 2.6.1)
- added some libs
- fixed voice search
- fixed su
- fixed dsp manager
- fixed hw hardware lights
- added torch
- updated build.prop

pre-release v1.0
- used FRG33 as base (FRG33 improved so much from FRF91)
- custom build.prop
- fixed wifi scan
- fixed bt
- fixed audio playback (i.e music player, browser)
- added spareparts.apk (by enomther)
- added dsp manager
- added lockscreen functions (can be applied using spareparts.apk)
- added lwpMOD (by ctso)
- added 720p htccam as default
- added musicMod (by eliotstocker)
- updated google voice (w/widgets)
- updated su/superuser (by chainsdd)
- updated launcher
- new gallery.apk
- new news and weather
- removed bootanimation (feel free to adb push your bootani of choice)
much much more done.... mostly fixes, added functions, and some custom edits.

-fixed su (updated to 2.3.3)
-fixed speech to text
-added torch
-added new wallpaper(s)
-reverted back to stock VK
-removed swype

0.3: "Fixed and cleaned update"
-cleaned out /system
-removed amazon, GoogleGoggles, googlevoice, facebook (all available in the market)
-removed livewallpapers.apk (many in the market)
-removed protips.apk (useless)
-removed voice dialer (use VoiceSearch instead)
-fixed market FC
-fixed choppy audio
-fixed music playback volume
-fixed lockscreen wake issue
-fixed MMS over wifi issue
-updated su/superuser to by ChainsDD
-updated frameworks AOSP-2.2r1.1
-added big/small analog clock widgets
-added new music widget with previous/play/next
-added few xbinaries
-added new binaries (Now clean shutdown and startup)
-added zipalign
-added scripts
-added rwsystem
-added rosystem
-added recboot
...more to come!

AddOn 0.2: BIG mistake :p
-added libs
-added 720p htccam
-build edits

-initial release
-AOSP 2.2
-theme template
-clean shutdown/reboot
-custom update script by ME (enjoy!!)
-kernel by koush (all credits to this man)
-gapps pre-loaded
-Battery percentage by ctso
-32m heap size by default
-added LWP by chris soyars from cm6
-default audio files have been changed
-su/Superuser by ChainsDD
-Phone MOD by CyTown
-Browser MOD by Wysie
-WyContacts by Wysie
-some scripts added
-added stream fix by adrynalyne
-swype w/voice input by default
-replaced launcher2 w/launcher pro
-droid 2 bootanimation

*added bin's
-busybox (linked up)

and others...

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Jan 4, 2010
outside of PHX, AZ
Im curious once again ...

This leak has been out for a day .... if that...
You cooked up a ROM Released it 10 min ago and you claim fast/optimized/ AND STABLE?
Im sure its fast... you made optimizations... but ...
How does this very short testing time prove stable??
Dont mean to be rude, but I find it hard to be a viable claim.
If it is indeed.. then well done...!!
but ill have to wait on this!


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Apr 20, 2010
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Hello, this rom is not deodex yet! But you will notice a speed and stability increase. Due to all the defaults removed, it is a very stable build. If you encounter any issues please do report back to me. Thank you!


for the update.zip, do you have to ruu or anything like that, or just apply normally.

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Jul 10, 2007
for the update.zip, do you have to ruu or anything like that, or just apply normally.

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Unless the latest CWM resolves the issue, it currently does not permit flashing radio images. It will give you the appearance that it worked, however radio remains the same.

Also- OP, let me know if you are able to deodex CalendarProvider.

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